At first, I wasn't going to post this here...and then I realized this site is seriously lacking in Arrow/Chicago Med crossovers. So here's a crazy brain child I had. Let me know if you want more!

A Second Chance


"Are you sure about this?"

Tommy pulls the black hood back as he sifts through the duffel bag in front of him. His movements are stiff, stilted as his movements pull at his stitches. He's not used to this pain, not used to the strength it takes work through his pain.

"You can stay, you know," the woman offers in a quiet voice. "No one has to think you're dead."

"It's better this way," he whispers, his voice rough from disuse.

She looks doubtful, but holds out a packet of papers. "The identity you asked for."

"Thank you. For doing all this." He meets her blue eyes through the thick-framed glasses. "You didn't have to."

"Yeah, well, I have to disagree." She presses a cell phone into his hand. "A burner phone. Just in case. If you ever need anything."

"Why are you doing this?" He asks as he adds the papers and the phone to his bag. "You don't have to. You don't know me. It wouldn't have mattered to you if I'd died."

"You're wrong."

Her voice sounds light for the first time and the smile she offers him is genuine. She shrugs at the simple truth, but Tommy's not buying it. He only saw her for the first time when he woke up in the middle of her cluttered apartment with her and Oliver's bodyguard.

"This is what we do. We save people." It's matter-of-fact for her, purely statement of fact.

Tommy shakes his head. "Oliver killed my father. And you keep insisting that all you do is save people. He's a murderer."

Felicity purses her lips. "He's trying. Besides, we don't know where he went."

Tommy spins at the dark turn of her voice, the quick movement causing a pang of pain. "What?"

"Oliver disappeared around the time of your funeral. John hasn't seen him since, no one has. Just like the rest of the world, he thinks you're dead and he couldn't handle it." She notices the hint of judgment in her voice. "Not that I'm judging! Totally non-judgmental. Even if I don't get why you're not telling your girlfriend..."

He snorts. "Girlfriend? You know what I saw the night before the Undertaking? Oliver and Laurel doing the nasty through her window!"

Felicity winces. "Yup. I can see how that makes things problematic, even if you do love her. Don't you just want to smack him upside the head sometimes?" Her face twists into a frown. "Maybe throttle him just a little. Violence seems to be the only way to get through to him. The problem is those muscles. They're so...big."

The laugh bubbles up unexpectedly as she gestures just how large she finds Oliver's muscles. It pulls at his wound, but sadly Tommy's body is adjusting to the constant pain. Felicity blushes sheepishly.

"Sorry. I tend to babble."

"Yeah," Tommy nods. "I got that."

She brushes a stray strand of blonde hair back from her face. "So...what are you going to do now?"

The bad starts to slip down his should and Tommy adjusts it as he contemplates. "I was thinking I'd go back to school. Ollie dropped out of four schools, but I actually got a degree."

She raises her eyebrows. "I didn't know that. It didn't come up in my searches."

Tommy grins. "You didn't look up Connor Rhodes, did you?"

"You already used this alias?"

"Rhodes was my mom's maiden name. Connor's my middle name." He stares down at his hands. "I was pre-med. I never told anyone because it didn't fit with my image. Dad thought I was a liberal arts major. As long as it wasn't business, he really didn't care."

It feels good to finally tell someone. He hadn't even had the guts to tell Laurel. "I've been working on med school. Almost done with it. I even worked a couple rotations at my mom's clinic before Dad decided to shut it down."

"Where will you go?"

It means the world to him that she doesn't laugh, doesn't tell him it's stupid, pointless. He thinks about it. "I'm going to find somewhere to do my residency. Maybe travel for a bit. I'm thinking about going back to Chicago. My mom was from there. I used to spend summers there."

"That sounds like a good plan." Felicity grins at him. "You're going to do amazing. And I reserve the right to check in every now and then."

A smile tugs at the corner of his lips. "I think I can live with that." Some connection to Starling would be appreciated, after all, He doesn't want to completely leave his life behind. He just needs a fresh start, somewhere that won't scorn him forever, somewhere he's not surrounded by the whirlwind of Laurel and Oliver romance.

"Good. I won't tell anyone. Digg won't either. Promise!" She holds her hand up in the mimic of a swear.

Tommy smiles warmly. "Thank you, Felicity, for everything. I'll call when I get settled."

She walks him to the door, pausing on the threshold for a moment before jumping on him in a hug.

"oohf!" He grunts at the pain resulting from the impact.

"Oh, sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to do that. Are you okay?" She winces, reaching out like she wants to touch him in comfort, but is too nervous to do it.

Tommy clenches her hand. "Talk to you soon."

With that, he walks away from Felicity and leaves Starling behind in the dust.