A/N: This challenge consists of 20 prompts dealing with the end of summer…. I'm going to try to make them all into one 20 chapter story…

Booth rolled over and pulled Brennan close, "Bones, let's get the kids to school and spend the last day before they're out of school until September together."

"Booth, school being out for the summer isn't going to change our routine that much. Summer day camp starts Monday it's the same hours as school is. It lasts nearly the whole summer. Plus Christine has her 2 week science camp at the end of June. I think Hank will be lonely not having Christine at camp or at home for two weeks."

"I know, but today is Tuesday that means we have to entertain them until Monday. Plus that gives them ample time to drive us crazy."

"I can't believe that Christine is going to be in fifth grade and Hank in kindergarten…."

"I know. What do you say to not sending them to day camp after Christine finishes science camp and taking a long vacation somewhere? Let's give the kids a summer of memories. We have a ton of vacation days sitting there not being used…"

"Where would we go?"

"Anywhere we want. We could go camping…"

"Christine wouldn't do well without indoor plumbing, Booth."

Booth laughed, "We can rent a cabin on the lake with indoor plumbing and electricity and go fishing and stuff."

"That sounds nice. Not the fishing part, but a lakeside cabin would be nice…"

"I'll throw them back, Bones. What do you say, Bones?"

"I say go start breakfast while I call Cam and take the day off to plan a vacation. Then I'll get the kids up. We're not going to tell them until we get ready to go, in case something happens and we can't go. I'd like to go see Russ too."

"We can do that. We can go to the lake for a week or so then head to North Carolina and spend some time on the beach. We could rent a beach house and maybe Max can come visit for a while. Hodgins, Angela and Michael Vincent too."

"Let's have everything ready to leave as soon as Christine gets back from camp. We should go see Russ first for at least two weeks then then we'll come back and go to the lake."

Booth looked at Brennan in surprise, "you'd be willing to take three weeks away from the lab and go on vacation, Bones?"

"Yes. The children aren't going to be small forever, Booth. Plus we never went on vacations when I was a kid, Mom and Dad always had to 'work'. I want Christine and Hank to have better childhood memories than I do."

Booth kissed Brennan, "they will, Bones. I promise."