Words From a Father and Uncontrolled Anger~

Rin's eyes were drawn to the side for the seventh time that morning. His eyes landing on the girl that sat only a space away from him, the same girl that haunted his mind day and night for the past week. She was quiet this morning, eating her breakfast slowly as she read a dark red book with scorch marks on the cover. But he didn't care much about the book, he was focused on her face and the cute expression she made as she read. Her brow was draw together with her pink lips pressed together in what looked like a pout.

'She's so cute' Rin thought to himself.

He didn't expect to hear a howling voice in response to his thought. 'She'll make a perfect mate'

Jumping in his seat in shocked caused him to choke on his unchewed food. Forcing himself to swallow he continued to cough in his attempt to force it all the way down.

"Rin are you okay?" Kagome was next to him in a second looking at him with large eyes as she looked him over. She was clearly concerned, but was wary in touching him from how her hand hovered over his shoulder, she no doubt didn't want to be burned.

With his hands just under his neck, he coughed repeatedly before looking at her. "I'm fine," He whispered, but as he looked at her he found himself lost in the pools of her beautiful blue sapphire eyes. Once more he felt the primal need he had felt before, a need to touch her and bring her close to him. At this moment he had her full attention, it was only for him, and that pleased him pushing him to want more.

'Touch her,' the voice caught him off guard. 'Touch her and know that she is ours,"

His hand moved on his own, reaching for her. He needed to touch her.

But didn't. He was afraid to hurt her like Yukio had, he could probably hurt her worse because he was a full demon and had little control over his flames. Yukio burnt her hand, he could set her on fire.

Clearing his throat he looked back to the red book that landed on the table when she turned to him.

"What are you reading?" He asked pointing to it with his chin.

"Oh," she turned and picked it up from the table and turned to him and handing it to him. "It's a book about Mazoku Demons, you and your brother are the first one's I've ever meet in person, so I was hoping that this book could help me help you," she said with a small laugh.

"Can I see?"

"Of course I've read it a few times now,"

Taking the book from her he began flipping through the pages, seeing several pictures and symbols with every chapter. But he stopped at one page with a symbol of a three pointed shape looking like a twisted triangle and a heart going through the lines. Looking at the shape he read what was under it.

"Mates?" He read aloud, thinking back to the growly voice.

"Hmm?" Kagome looked over his shoulder at the image on the page. "That's the Triquetra, it means unity to many warrior demons, this one is in reference to mating," she told him as she followed the line of the heart with her fingertip. "Mating for demons is spiritual, mates are a destined couple or soul mates. They are perfect for one another, it's not rare but it's also not that common. If I remember this chapter is about what happens when demons find their mate-to-be,"

Rin pressed his lips together as he looked at the page.

"Mind if I borrow this?"

"Yeah go ahead,"

He turned and left to go read. Wandering into one of the vacant dorm rooms, he made himself comfortable in the corner. That's where he would be for two hours as he combed through that tiny book with its hand written pages that seemed to hold the key to his problems.



In the corner top-half of the page was a side note in different hand-writing. Finding a mate is the same for all demons so in this chapter it's more of a generalized description of finding a mate.


There comes a time in a young male demon's life when he becomes uneasy, this can be tied to the desire to mate and continue his legacy through his pup.

Often times a male will take several temporary mates in his lifetime to insure that he has as many strong and able children as possible or for need of release in the runting season when he and others are all in heat. This temporary mating will be superficial in both the cases of the male and female, both of whom are looking to produce strong pups. These matings were often used between clans to form alliances or for other political reasons. They would stay together for short periods of time. In some cases the couple will choose to stay with one another for more than that, such as in cases of them falling in love or coming to care deeply for one another. The couple will be recognized as mates but will not be able to mark one another as they would with their destined one.

But there does come a time when a demon can find their one destined mate. Although this is the ideal match for any demon it is uncommon but not unheard of. Many have waited centuries or died before they could meet them. This being, no matter the species, is the one thing in this universe that can tame the wild beast in the hearts of all demons. Side note:(Ch. 2 in reference to a demon's primal beast). This is more so for any young demon who hasn't been able to control their beast or primal nature.

The beast is what will first recognize when the demon has come across their destined mate. If the demon is young this will lead to the wakening of the beast and the primal needs of his species. The demon will be filled with a need to be around his destined mate, even dream about her, this need will continue to grow and become painful if the demon ignores the cries of his beast and denies his instincts. The only way to know for sure if the being is their mate is for them to touch, this will bring out the primal side of the other and they too will begin to feel the need to be together. Things will continue to grow intense between the two until they have mated and marked on another.

Another side note lining the paragraph:This could be different for male Inu demons, to which Mazoku demons share the same mating process, they are filled with a need to dominate their female while the female must fight to prove she is strong and will not be dominated so easily. Mazoku demons are similar to the Imiko fire apparitions to which they can mate with any female and produce a male, or two, with the same powers. It is rare, almost unheard of, for a Mazoku's mating to produce a female. There is no information about them.

And at the bottom: Do not let this opportunity pass you by. This is your one chance at happiness. Do not do what I have regret everyday of my life.


Rin read that whole book, each word jumping off the page and helping him make sense of his situation but nothing jumped off the pages more than the mating chapter. Every time the word mate came up he could hear the voice that he had distinguished as his "beast" whisper "Kagome".

Could she really be the one, his destined mate, his soul mate?

He then went about reading the book for the fourth time when he took his time to actually look at the cover page that had dozens of names scribbled into the yellowed pages.

Written by: Senketsu Sugi

Followed by lists of what could only be the names of the people who last owned it but then he came to the last name that flowed in the same fashion as the side notes that littered the book's pages with advice that he didn't know he needed till he had read the little notes.

Renkei Raizen

~And to my son's Rin and Yukio, for when they come into their powers and are in need of a father's wisdom.


Rin raced through the dorm opening every door in search of Kagome until finally racing up the steps to roof. Flinging open the door he raced over to her, the bang off the door against the wall caused her to jump and when he was in front of her, she looked up at him with large trembling sapphire eyes.

"Rin what's wrong?" She leaned away from him in her seated position on the ground.

"Where the hell did you get this book!?" He roared, unknowingly allowing his blue flames to surround him in his burst of anger. This book belonged to his father, everything in this book was a reminded of him being the son of satan, of being a demon that was capable of killing. This book had been last owned by his father and then purposefully been given to him.

She had known, she had to have known when she had given it to him.

He had felt a connection with the person that had written so kindly, that had interpreted the writing for him. Now it felt as if he was like his real father, capable of killing everyone and anything. He felt used and more like a monster than he ever had before.

"WHERE!?" he roared loudly, throwing the book to the side.

Kagome threw her arms up creating a shimmering light that surrounded her as she turned away from him in what looked to be fear.

"Rin! Stop look what you're doing!" It was Yukio, calling from the door. He turned catching sight of his tail tipped by blue flames. His eyes widened as he looked down at his own hands to see the lengthed claws and flames that scorched what grass had been covering the roof. And then he looked to Kagome who looked at him with her large sapphire eyes that trembled.

'Mate is scared. We have scared mate, we must calm down,' came the growly voice of his beast. He didn't even need his beast to say that because the look in her eyes was enough to get him to calm down. She couldn't have known, she's only been wanting to help him and his brother.

"I'm sorry Kagome," he said softly before turning away, leaving the scorched book as he went back to his room. How could he ever possibly make this up to her.

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