A/N: Arbitratrix Diaboli - Latin. Worded like a person's job title; Arbitrary of/to/for the Devil; Devil's Arbitrary. (Arbitrary: 1. Subject to individual will or judgment without restriction; contingent upon one's discretion; 3. Having unlimited power; uncontrolled or restricted by law.)

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Summary: "I bite; you bleed. You may fight, but I must feed." Adam and Eve had a daughter after their two sons. You don't remember? With a punishment from God as bad as mine and with the evolution of scripture, that's not surprising. It's a good thing I made a deal with the devil. AU. BPOV. Rated M for Non-cannon lemons, violence, and dark vampire themes.

The Devil's Mistress

I stalk closer, my eyes trained on him. He's not going anywhere and I can feel his fear is at its peak. I moan lightly at that fact and in perfect Italian, I ask if he's scared. "Hai paura?" He says nothing, but I can see in his eyes that he's beyond frightened. "Mordo e sanguinera. Si può combattere, ma devo nutrire."

"No. Per favore, no." The man pleads, hands up, showing me that he doesn't want me to come closer. Unfortunately, it won't work. I'm hungry and too tired of searching for the perfect one.

"Your heart is beating so fast, pumping so much blood through your veins at a delicious rate." I moan again, only louder, "Il tuo cuore. Il suono la mia acquolina in bocca." I lick my lips in anticipation of what's about to come.

His back hits the alley wall, leaving him with no way out. I lunge at him, careful not to knock him out or send us through the wall. I'm the master at this, but if I go too long without, I can get carried away. My teeth sink into the flesh of his neck, spilling his blood into my mouth. The first pump always gushes out, so some squirts and spills down his neck onto his clothes. He fights me, like they all do, but I'm stronger. My venom courses through his veins, giving off an effect like the poppy, and soon his grip loosens until he goes limp. I hold him to me as I finish taking what I need.

The sound of a couple of strangers walking by hits my ears. I'm sure they notice us, but nothing should seem out of the ordinary to them. It isn't unusual to find a man and a woman in a back alley in close proximity like we are. He would just be thought to have paid me for my services and no one would think to bother us.

Now, with my prey completely dry and my hunger sated, I prop him up into a sitting position against the wall. He looks like any other drunken man who's had too much. Satisfied with my work, I take my leave, moving unnaturally fast out of town. A young woman such as myself is a target if she's alone at this time of the night. Of course, that would be the case if I were as fragile as a mere human. I'm flesh and blood, but not human, therefore I'm not fragile. You see, when God punishes you for disobeying him by making you immortal, you end up doing anything to make it better.

Even taking a deal from the devil.

I suppose this would make more sense if you knew how I came to be.

Back then, in the beginning, things were done differently than they are today. God made us and He wanted to be involved, so we spoke with Him, praised Him, and abided His rules. My family was the first of all. My parents' names were Adam and Eve and I had two brothers, Cain and Abel. While my brothers had their problems, I had an obsession with trees and their beauty. I loved the way their limbs waved in the breeze and how the leaves made it look almost like an ocean, even on the ones with fruit. God forbade me to leave my family's land in search of more fruit. Our land was plentiful thanks to Him, and we never seemed to be without. One day, my curiosity was too strong and I left. When I came home from wandering, our evening meal was to be served. Once I had my plate, He asked me why I wasn't eating. I replied, "I wandered away and ate from a tree not of my mother and father's land." I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I was too curious and became hungry, so I ate.

God then asked, "What tree did you eat from?" His voice was firm and I became afraid, for I knew I couldn't lie. I told him it was the apple tree where a serpent had told me that if I were hungry, then it would do no harm to eat. God turned angry and said, "You have disobeyed me as your mother did before you. You ate from that which I commanded you not to eat from and now are cursed. You will have fangs like the serpent that deceived you, and you will be a night creature who can only survive on the blood of others. All will know of you and you will spew sinful words to all who dare speak to you, cursing them. You are banished from your family's lands and will roam the earth for all eternity in darkness."

Suffice to say, He meant it. When God commands you to do something—or not do something—you're expected to follow. When you disobey, He punishes you. I've had some say that He's a good and loving God, but that's hard to believe when all you can remember is His wrath. When the serpent slithered up that fateful tree, I was captivated. He curled around a luscious red fruit and carefully dangled himself in front of me, letting the fruit drop into my outstretched hand. I knew to take it would be a sin, but it looked so good. When I took that bite, the delicious juices exploded in my mouth and I had to finish it. Only then did I feel fear, for what I knew was to come would not be pleasant. I couldn't seem to regret eating the apple because it was so enjoyable, however.

It's been centuries, millenniums, since that day. After that first year as a creature of the night, things became better, but only slightly. I was mad at God for his punishment, mad at the serpent for the temptation and deception, but most of all I was mad at myself for falling for it and sinning. It wasn't until three years later that I realized that I would forever be a night monster whose only life source was to consume blood. I had made my bed, and now I had to sleep in it.

It's funny, now that I've had a long time to think about it. The lives of the living are hell on earth because of my mother and me. She ate from the Tree of Knowledge and now all know sin. I ate from a forbidden tree and now all know to fear the night. Heaven still accepted her, but won't take me. Hell made me, but is afraid I'll take over. Earth is both my prison and dominion. I'm forever stuck in a limbo of life and death, but ruling it all as its dark queen.

My name is Isabella, but my birth name is Lilith. I've had many names to fit the changing times and popular choices, no matter their heavenly meanings: Mary, Sarah, Abigail, Deborah, etc. I once went by Eva, even though it was derived from my mother's name, which meant "living one." Oh, the irony makes me smile.

Both Greek and Roman Mythology have given me the name Medusa. No, I don't have snakes for hair—my hair is just like everyone's—but that doesn't mean I don't adore my friends. They serve me well in my hideouts, keeping away wanderers or keeping watch over my human playthings.

During my sixth year as a lonely, bloodthirsty night creature, I heard a voice. It was the same deep voice I'd heard years prior. The only difference between the first time and the second were the words. This time, he was offering me a deal, a contract of sorts. He said, "Lilith. I will give you the abilities to make you better in this eternal punishment if you do one thing for me." When I asked what that one thing was, he said, "Serve me and do my bidding. I will show you the way and soon you will know. Nothing and no one will stand in your path." He gave me until just before sunrise to consider, a mere three hours. When his voice came back, I took his offer and never looked back.

His gifts came with time. First came flawless skin, excellent hearing and smell, and a beautiful voice to lure my prey in with. He made me a Siren, beautifully deadly in every way. Next came speed at which nothing could escape from nor see. These gifts are always passed down from me. Later came the ability to manipulate people's sexual emotions. The good thing was that it only worked when I wanted it to. Eventually, and most recently, came the ability to find the evil in this world by searching minds. It's not mind reading, but more like mind digging to reveal past actions. I won't intervene and stop a crime, nor will I change or kill a person, if they have not yet committed one. The indiscretion must be completed before I take action. I am Karma.

I waited anxiously for each new gift to present itself. I was having so much fun with the ones I had that I wanted to do more damage. Temptation and curiosity are dangerous things, I know, and I had started to understand why the devil had done what he did.

The waiting. The chase. The rapid thump-thump, thump-thump of a human's life source as the blood and adrenaline pump through their veins from the realization of what poor decision they'd made. It was a game I fell in love with.

I'm doing the world good by ridding it of murderers and rapists and other terrible people by killing them for the devil himself and sending them to Hell early. The devil is only the Lord of Hell because God made it so when Satan went against Him, earning Lucifer as one of his many names. His only purpose now is to seek vengeance for his outcast by latching onto a human's weakness to separate oneself from God, with the ultimate goal of destroying the relationship. Despite the fact that Lucifer is a shape-shifter, inhabiting another to do his work, I was created as his first physical right-hand demon to bring together as much evil as I can. Even as what one would call "damned," I still do good for humans. Of course, that is until Satan has all he needs for the end-of-days.

It's said that God does not make mistakes. When He placed the curse and banishment on me, it was like he delivered Satan his most prized possession and a great accomplishment on a silver platter, to be placed right next to the original sin pedestal in his trophy room.

Finally, at the tree line half a mile away from the nearest house, I slow down to a walk to enjoy the forest that surrounds and hides my home. I let my fingertips brush across the tree trunks and their leaves, occasionally breaking off a branch and plucking at the faded, hanging greens. They litter the ground with their fallen bodies much like the humans of a small village I decimated three millennia ago. Autumn is upon this town, making my trail of dying leaves that much more beautifully deadly. The earthy colors of brown, orange, yellow, and red make this my favorite time of the year.

Time means nothing to me anymore; only blood and companionship do, along with the occasional little things like falling leaves. I enjoy my walk and know I'm close to my place when I hear the dirt moving under the bellies of my snakes and their hissing. They slither away, opening up a path for their lady, only to close it behind me as I pass. Once upon the naturally made wall, I walk through the dangling vines that hide the doorway, going straight through the long opening and into my bedchamber. Though the front of my home is hidden the back is not, and it's completely void of trees so the sun can shine. Now that I've fed, I have the strength not to kill my two vampire companions.

"Mistress," my female love says as she gracefully walks around the corner and into view. "I'm happy to see you back from your trip. Is there anything you require?" Victoria is a sweet woman, always making sure I have everything I need. She's twenty-two years of age and has natural red hair with tight curls that fit around my finger like a lace glove, hence her nickname Sweet Red.

"Not at the moment, my Sweet Red," I reply. "Please prepare yourself and the mister for my company. I'll be with you shortly." She curtseys and leaves to do what she was told. My standards are high, so speaking formally is a rule when I am addressed. I love a dirty mouth, but only in bed. Formality is a hard habit to break sometimes.

The mister I refer to is a gentleman also in his early twenties, with a strong, toned build and dirty blond hair. He's not what I would call a gentleman though; always thinking a woman is equal to a street rat. Of course, in this era, many think that; although others have learned that women hold a respectable value. Some have learned that we women are better, even if it took a little persuasion from me. I don't usually give my male playthings nicknames, but there have been a couple. James is not one that lucky.

Thirty minutes later I decide that now is better than waiting for daylight to rear its blinding face. I don't undress myself, but simply walk out of my chambers, down another hall and some stairs, into Victoria's room. I find both her and James waiting in bed. When they see me, they get up and walk over, waiting for my words.

"I'm tired of my clothes. Remove them," I demand. Now, I'm quite capable of taking off my own clothes—I do it every day—but this is part of our play. They know how I want my garments removed. A pair of hands slowly undoes my corset whilst two mouths and the second set of fingers descend upon my skin, licking, kissing, and caressing. When my breasts are free from their confines, Sweet Red cups them, toying with my hardened nipples and sending pulses of desire through my body.

James makes quick work of my skirt and it pools around my feet in no time. He kneels behind me, tracing up the outsides of my exposed legs with his hands, while outlining the curves of my ass with his nose before nipping my right cheek. The combination of James' movements with Victoria's sends waves of need straight to my pussy. I moan loudly when Red flicks her tongue over my nipple and sinks her teeth into my breast two inches above. James, in time with Victoria's bite, slides a hand between my thighs and strokes through my folds, rubbing my clit with each pass.

Red pulls away, only to lick the blood from her bite. Gripping her hair at the back of her head, I pull her mouth to mine. Our tongues tangle and the taste of my blood in our mouths is intoxicating. Tugging on her hair again, I force her away.

"On the bed, my loves. I need more." James lies on his back on the bed and Victoria strokes his dick. "I'm going to fuck your face and I want to feel both of you, your hands everywhere," I say as I straddle his head. James wraps his hands around the top of my thighs and licks my pussy like an ice cream cone, then comes back to suck, swirl, and flick my clit. Over and over again he does this, making my hips move like they have a mind of their own. Weaving a hand into his hair, I grip and pull it in pleasure. It's not long before I'm coming on his handsome face and he drinks it up, like a man dying of thirst. All the while my free hand holds onto my Sweet Red for support as she caresses my body with her mouth, teeth, and hands, just as she was told.

"You taste delicious, Mistress," I hear James say, slightly muffled from between my legs.

"Of course I do," I say, and then I grip his face with my hand, holding him in place. Moving so I'm eye-level, I lick his lips before kissing him with force. Victoria's movements don't stop; in fact, they become more desperate. I pull her down beside James without pulling away from him, and then I let him go so I can satisfy her need. I kiss down her neck, biting to draw out her blood, only to lick it up and seal it with my venom. When I reach her pussy, I devour it like James did to mine. Using my tongue, lips, and fingers, I stay only long enough to bring her to the brink, then leave her to get up and sit on our James' face. She straddles him backwards for him to finish her off, so my beautiful Sweet Red can please me while I fuck his cock.

I ease down onto his length, taking a couple of deliberate slow motions before going faster. Victoria wraps her lips around my right nipple as her hand goes to my left. It's hard to see what James is doing, even with my perfect eyesight, but I know he's doing what he needs to do to pleasure my Red. Pleasing women is the only reason he's around. I hold her to me, even playing with her nipples, and soon I'm closing in on another euphoric moment. The walls of my pussy clamp down and pulse around his dick. Somewhere in my clouded, blissful mind, I hear my sweet Red's moans escalate, a sure sign that she's coming. I keep moving, though slower, until she has come down from her high.

"I've had my fill, darlings," I say as I climb off. "I take my leave. Do what you wish with each other." I pick up my clothes, not caring that James didn't get to come with me this time. I'm about to walk out when Victoria calls out.

"But Mistress, you've only just returned. We have missed you." I can hear the hurt and the pouting that must go with it.

I turn back to them and give them a reason. "Do you wish to eat?" They nod. "Then I must feed you." With that, I turn to leave for my room. It's time to dress for a speedy capture.

My most recent creations are still so new that they cannot retrieve food for themselves quite yet. They're too volatile for the hunt and have yet to understand the need for subtlety. If they can't figure it out in the next few months, when their first year has passed, I will have no more need for the services they provide, nor will they be permitted to exist. They know this and have done little to show me they fully understand. I give the same amount of time to everyone I take in, whether I create them or not, and most have taken me seriously. Some, like Victoria and James, have not and need to be reminded of whom I am. After they feed, they will heed my last warning or they will have had their last meal. I've delayed feedings before because they needed to be reminded that we may be damned animals, but we don't have to act like it for however long we live. I'll wait to see how Red and James will handle the human. I don't hope for anything, only for their sake.


I race through the trees, barely leaving any evidence of my presence on the ground. Sunrise is almost here and I don't wish to get caught in it. It may not kill me, but it does sting. It was Lucifer's greatest gift to me, no matter how late into my punishment I received it. I have yet to find something dangerous enough to do lasting harm to me, though I'm sure the sun could if it never went down. I've seen my creations suffer burns from the daylight rays, however. They are free to look upon it, but aren't allowed to step foot into it. I have yet to meet a single creature equal to me.

Finally, I reach the town and see the early morning hustlers setting up for their day. I scan the ten men I see, as children aren't on the menu, and find the right one. He looks to be selling faux holy water. I internally laugh at that. These people are so gullible. Even for those I sire, holy water does nothing but succeed in sufficiently draining any remaining hopes the thrower has left.

It's delicious.

I wait until he goes back around the corner before going in for the blind hit. I run up behind him and wrap my hand around his throat, squeezing his pulse points and lifting him a few inches off the floor. His hands claw at mine and his dangling feet kick, trying to injure me or find traction to escape. He'll do neither. It's impossible. Finally, after a few more seconds, his heart slows and he falls into a sleep, and I race back to my awaiting lovers.

The man starts to wake as I walk through my door. I call out to Victoria and James. They meet me in the front hall and follow me into the dining room, where I drop their meal like a sack of potatoes. His body makes a thump as it hits the dirt and a groan escapes his throat from the impact. I quickly explain his fraud crimes at a volume only the two can hear. As I go to sit in my chair at the far end of the room, I walk past the long table that's pushed against the left wall. The clean, human dinnerware still sits there from when these two chose my deal. I couldn't care less about all the plates and utensils, so I never removed them from their spots. I can see the entire room from the spot in my chair. Sitting, I give off the notion of indifference in order to catch my children off their guard before I attack.

The man becomes more aware of his surroundings and his heart rate spikes, sending blood speeding through his body. Red and James lick their lips and pull them up, individually revealing four extended teeth. The man becomes terrified, like they all do, and starts begging for his life. As I look upon his life-ender's faces, I see they have no intention of telling him his last moments were because of fraud. They waste no time in their attack as James goes for the neck while Victoria bites the inner thigh close to the groin. The insignificant human thrashes as eight sharp teeth pierce his skin, sending his hot, thick blood into their mouths and on the ground. Their attack is violent, with the snapping of bones from their hold and the tearing of flesh, muscle, and tendons from their teeth. It's only been a few days and they have chosen to act like wild beasts that have gone months without food. While the first couple of feedings can be this way, they know it's not what I expect after this long.

When they've succeeded in mutilating and have sucked him to a near dry, they stand and pull each other into kiss, tangling their tongues and drinking up any last remnants from their meal. It's like they've forgotten about my presence, and that sends my anger over the edge.

"Enough," I hiss. They break apart rather quickly.

I fly out of my chair and straight over to them, gripping a throat in each hand. I squeeze like I did the human on my floor not ten minutes prior, only now my fingernails dig into their skin, leaving deep marks from the pressure. "How many times have I told you to read your meal the wrongs you have witnessed of them!? How many times have I told you not to act like a savage?!" Victoria lets out a hiss and I level her with a hard glare before speaking to both again. "How dare you take my words without a care and discard them as only a suggestion! This is your final warning: make use of my instruction, or you have just eaten your last meal." I release their throats and push them away from me.

Neither looks happy about my chastising, but neither looks remorseful either. In fact, they look like they're contemplating my words and whether or not to fight me to the death. It may be low of me—I never said I played fair—but there's a reason I picked sunrise to do this; the light is the final blow. To any human eavesdropping—which would be absurd with how well hidden my home is—what happens next would look like nothing more than a blur. James and Victoria glance at each other and then take their stand. James goes for a knife on the table while Victoria flings her arm out, trying to slash my face with her own nails. I dodge her swipe and the next two before blocking her fourth by gripping her arm and twisting it behind her back. I kick her away and she goes flying across the room, hitting the wall before landing in a crumple. James, the imbecile, grips my hair and pulls me back against his front, then plunges the knife into my chest before backing away.

I pull the knife from my chest, turn around and smile. "Was that supposed to hurt?" The look on his face is one of utter disappointment. "You really haven't learned much of anything from me, have you? Because if you had, then you would know that there's nothing that can kill me." I toss the little blade to the ground, stalking towards him as I hear Victoria pick herself up. "Let me remind you, silly little pet. I am Lucifer's Mistress. I am his chosen one, picked to do his bidding on earth. There is nothing on this planet that can kill me, for I am the dragon who cannot be slain. I made you of my own free will, gave you the tools and helped you with them to succeed in this life. You and Victoria have disgraced my gift, that of which you begged to have in place of death. Now I will destroy you, for you are not worthy."

I lunge at him with all my strength and throw him against the wall. The force breaks my wall, sending him out into the daylight rays. I watch as his body slowly starts to burn and I soak up his cries of agony. Before Victoria can enact her vengeance on her lover's tortuous and eventual death, I grip her throat once more, pulling her in front of me and holding her in place, her back to my front. "Watch as he burns to ashes, Sweet Red," I hiss into her ear. "I may not be a mind-reader, but I know love when I see it. Your love to each other is second to the love you should have for me, not above it. I gave you plenty of chances to do as told, but your love is blindness." Victoria lets out a cry of pain, like a tearless sob. "Now you can die with the lover you hold higher than your maker." Then, I toss her out of the same hole in the wall.

James, still thrashing on the ground, flesh almost charred black, looks over at me as I step into the light. "For-give … me, Mistress," he grits out hoarsely.

"Your request falls on deaf ears, for forgiveness can no longer be given to you. Beelzebub awaits you in the final journey to Hell. You will see me as merciful then." His body ceases to convulse a few seconds later and I watch Victoria as she writhes from her own burning until she, too, stops. Like He was watching, waiting for the two new additions, a gust of wind blows by. It picks up the ashes of their remains and carries them into the air to never be seen again.

I retreat back into my home, the body of their last meal still lying in the dirt. I pick him up and hang him from a few chains so I can drain the tiny amount that's always left over into a decanter. Then I drag him through the opening and out into the light. Going back inside, I take a lit torch from the dining room and walk back out to the heap of flesh. The best way to hide a death is to get rid of the body and, despite my living since the dawn of time, burning is still the best way. Once the fire has started to spread, and the bitten and dead flesh melts away, I walk back to my home, where I clean up the mess.

When all is said and done, I take the decanter and my goblet into my room. I pour myself a cup of his blood and sit back in my chase to drink. As I relax, heal, and regain my strength, I ponder my next move. Living near Poveglia Island in 19th century Venice is wonderful, but I've become bored with this place and I'll need to find a new plaything at some point. My subjects and I have been in this area for too long, hence the commoners buying into the faux holy water.

I need to go deeper into Italy and further into Europe. It's simply busting at the seams with humans.

A/N: ICYMI over on facebook - I'm also trying something I think is new. It may not be, but both myself and my beta haven't heard of it, lol! I'm calling it a one-shot trilogy. I have decided to band them together as a very long 3-chapter fic, instead of posting each one separately as their own like the original plan was. They would have stood alone if I hadn't changed some of the wording in the beginnings and ends, lol. I changed how I started and ended them so that it would be easier to read as a 3-chaptered story. I know, I'm wordy right now.

Interesting Fact: Google "Lilith". I took some creative liberties from pieces of info I found from wikipedia and other sites on her name.

Italian to English translations:

Hai paura? (Are you scared?)

Mordo e sanguinera. Si può combattere, ma devo nutrire. (I bite and you will bleed. You may fight, but I must feed.)

Il tuo cuore. Il suono la mia acquolina in bocca. (Your heart. The sound makes my mouth water.)

If these are off, blame my iTranslate on my iPad, but Google had almost the same wording, only slightly different, so it's not my fault. Lol. I also don't have Italian downloaded into Word to check it.