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Summary: Embracing the life of a vampire was easy for Edward, especially when the feelings between sire and sired excel way above the norm. But even vampires aren't immune to jealousy, not when the Mistress finds her mate. AU. Rated M for lemons and dark themes, perhaps some Possessiveward? Lol.

Our Violent Delights

As a human, I remember the blushing of women who were attracted to my looks, or when my father would get angry. I used to hate the latter. Now, as a vampire, I crave the physical reaction when a person experiences certain emotions; when their blood rises to just below the surface of their skin. Venom pools in my mouth and my fangs start to extend just thinking about it.

I swirl the wine in my glass as I watch, waiting for Isabella to pick our meal for the week. We obviously don't drink the wine, but we have it to keep up appearances. While she sits next to me, picking apart their memories, I read each thought they currently have. It's a difficult task, as I prefer to read Isabella's as she digs, but over the years I've become better at multitasking. Of course Isabella was a tremendous help in teaching me how to control my rapidly changing emotions, and hone in my mind reading capabilities.

Since that fateful day nearly sixty years ago, Isabella and I have been almost inseparable. In the beginning, she would leave to get our food, simply because I was too new and volatile to go out and roam the streets. Being apart from her was painful. That pain gave me the will to learn quickly, faster than any of her previous creations. Eight months after the change, I accompanied her on feeding trips. Two years after the change, we moved to America to start a new life together as mates.

It gave me great pleasure and pride to be her mate. It was extremely difficult for Isabella to accept our bond, though. To truly love another wasn't supposed to be in her nature and she'd grown rather used to the absence of love in her life. I'd seen her thoughts and memories of other lovers when certain things would remind her of them. She'd told me that she always felt something for each one, woman or man, but they ultimately didn't have what it took to hold the place. Their hearts and morals couldn't change enough for her to even try. She'd told me once that there were only a few that pained her to say goodbye to. It was then that she realized that we had something stronger than what she'd had with them. It hurt her to be away from me, even if it was just to hunt for us. That night, she did something that she said she's never had to do before—she asked anyone who'd listen for her one and only favor. She wouldn't tell me what she asked for, and I still don't know if it was ever granted.

It's the only thing I'm forbidden to ask her about, or even try and read her thoughts on. She makes it easy though, by never thinking about it around me.

"I have settled on two options," Isabella says. I read her thoughts quickly, looking at the two when I see them in her mind. "Which do you prefer?"

I read the men's' thoughts, seeing that they both have a particular interest in their waitress. She's declined their advances, and they don't like feeling, in their terms, emasculated. "Can't we have both?" I ask with a mischievous smile. It's my way of asking her to choose since she can see their past and I can't.

"I suppose it wouldn't be such a horrible thing. They've had plenty to drink and one is bound to need use of the facilities soon. Or, I could speed things along?" I read her thoughts on that, not liking them, but agreeing. Our own selfish reasons are what drive the need to be alone with no clothes. She stands and walks between the tables of the high rollers gambling joint, her floor length green gown showing her beautiful curves as her sexy hips sway with each purposeful step.

She's as old as humanity and has never needed someone to take care of her, nor has she wanted that.

I want her all to myself, so naturally I don't like seeing her flirt with anyone. I've gotten much better at not showing it and realizing that she only does it so we can eat. It's actually pretty fun to see the effects of her gifts as she dishes them out. One time, she truly released her libido enhancer in a bar. It was entertaining to watch couple after couple start kissing and groping. She had to stop when I wanted her too badly; we had to eat first. After, though, we raced back to the house and tore it apart. Broken tables and chairs, our bed, and even a wall was destroyed. It's a good thing that we really have no use for human necessities.

She eyes the one closest to her, making sure his eyes stay on her while she walks to the women's restroom. They do and he soon bows out of the game, getting up from the table and walking to the men's room, only to change direction for the women's. Even after all these years, a part of me feels the need to go to her aid, but I never act on it. I have yet to see her wrath at its fullest, but I don't doubt that Isabella's rage can hold all the power of a wildfire. I still remember one of the first nights I went out with her to hunt. It was the one and only night out where I lost control, my gentlemanly ways clashing with my hunger.

The burlesque lounge is filled with men and women who want to enjoy the show. As I sit here, waiting for Isabella, the smell of their blood starts to overwhelm me. She said I could handle the short time away from her, that she trusted me to. I have to refrain; I have to keep her trust. Finally, after what seems like hours, I see her emerge from the back alley door. On her way back to me she passes a man holding a cigar between his lips, and receives a firm smack on her ass. She pauses, but I can't see anything but him. My eyes turn black with anger, for he has touched what is mine and that is no way to treat a lady. I'm out of my seat and have lifted him from his in a matter of seconds, hauling him out to the alley where Isabella had just returned from.

Once outside, I hold him against the brick wall. "That was my woman you just assaulted in there," I growl out. "I'm not in the business of giving second chances, you know."

"Who … are … you?" the human chokes out.

I smile. "No one. I don't exist." Then, my teeth sink into his neck like a knife in butter. His blood gushes out, quenching my thirst for his lack of respect. He squirms in my hands as he tries to fight me off. All too soon, his body goes limp and I drink up the last remnants of his life, dropping him to the ground when I've finished. I'm immediately taken by the arm and dragged away from the alley by my love.

"We need to hurry home." Her tone is a forced calm. We run as fast as we can, looking like nothing but a blur to the human eye. When we reach the house, we're able to slow to a walk. "That is not how we do things, and you know it." I look at her, seeing a scowl marring her beautiful face. "You caused a scene, Edward. I won't stand for it, mate or not. Is that understood?" Her tone becomes harsher as she speaks.

"Yes, I understand. But he touched you in a way that should have made you feel less than what you are. How could I not defend you? How did you not feel lesser when he did that? How is what I did not part of the freedom I've gained from being your mate?"

Her glare hardens. "You let me violate your justice and desecrate what you love. You let me penetrate your soul and complicate who you are. You think you can still be free from my rules just because you're my 'mate'? Think again, love. I own your soul. I am not human and I never was. So why are you expecting me to act like one? And had you not interfered, he would have seen that I am not lesser." I don't speak another word. She's right—as she always is—and it's my turn to stop acting like a human when I no longer am one. She is my mate, whether she wants to admit it yet or not, but I belong to her. Even if I can only get her to embrace the human emotion of love, I still have to start embracing her ways as well.

I'm pulled from the memory when my meal stands and makes his way to the restroom. I stand, follow him, and take what I need. During my feeding I hear my love's thoughts, saying that she has finished and is waiting out back for me. My need to be with her grows by the millisecond and I drink faster, finishing rather quickly. I race out the doors, no one the wiser, standing by her side by the time the restroom door closes completely.

"I'd like to go home, but I feel this need to get dirty with you." Give me your bloody kiss and fuck me against this wall. Her voice and thought holds so much want that I'd be an idiot to ignore. Since her acceptance of our mating, not long after that night in my memory, she's felt freer and loves to hand over the reins of control. She loves it when I dominate her.

Capturing her mouth with mine, I walk us until her back hits the wall of the building across from the one we were just in. The blood of our meals mix together as our kiss continues on its hungry path. Isabella's hands make quick work of the buttons of my pants. As soon as I've lifted her dress up over her hips, my dick is free from its confines. I grip her ass, lifting her up, her legs locking around my waist. Panties are never an issue, since she never wears them. I rub the head of my cock through her folds, feeling her wet and ready for me. A flash of light in the sky illuminates us for a half second and I thrust up and in at the same time the boom of thunder is heard.

We don't care about that. We just care about what we want, and what we want is each other, like this, right now, regardless of who sees us. The rain starts to fall lightly, then soon it's like the sky is trying to drown us with its tears. Some people run from the rain, trying to stay as dry as possible. We dance in it, bask in it, wanting to be drenched in it like our hearts and souls have been by the blood of wrongdoers.

Isabella comes hard, putting a death grip on my dick. "Fuck. You're so tight and I can't stop it," I say, feeling the tightness in my balls. She pushes us away from the wall, telling me with her thoughts to drop to my knees. I do as she says, and she fucks me until I'm coming a few short moments later, biting her shoulder and drawing blood from the intensity. Because biting is arousing, Isabella comes again, only lasting half as long as her previous, just as I finish. I help her ride it to the end by rubbing her clit with my thumb, thoroughly enjoying the way she looks and feels.

Once we've regained our composure, we straighten our soaked clothes and walk out of hiding. Not one block away from where our passion was explored, I hear a thought that puts me on edge.

What is he to her? That was never acceptable when I was hers.

I tilt my head, knowing he must be like us, but not wanting to alert him to my gift. Instead, I whisper to Isabella that we have company and he does not like what he saw in the alley. She changes our direction, leading us and our tagalong down another street where she can get an upper hand. We stop to look at a darkened display in a storefront. She catches the man's reflection from his spot across the street and hisses her displeasure at his face.

"Demitri." He's been nothing but a pain to me for over three hundred years. "He needs to be dealt with." The fucker doesn't know when to let go sometimes. I hum in agreement. I can see clearly in his mind that he wants her and wants me dead, for good.

"I'll follow your lead, love," I express, glancing over at her, even though it's not needed.

"Then, shall we?" she asks, just before she leaves my side, racing to catch Demitri. She barely reaches him, tearing his jacket in half when he briefly slips through her hold. Once her hold is firm, a hand goes to his throat and squeezes as she pulls him back away from the wall, only to smack him back against it. Cracks form in the wall, spreading out a foot from where his body collided with it. "Hello, Demitri. I'd say it's nice to see you, but I don't lie. Why are you following us?"

"I just wanted to see you, Mistress. I've missed you and no one can live up to your greatness." Not to mention stamina. I involuntarily growl at his thought.

Isabella smirks and tilts her head, eyeing him closely. "Aww, isn't that sweet? I'm sorry to inform you —well, actually, I'm not—but I do not miss you." She digs her nails into his skin, drawing blood and making his face twist in pain. "And, as you can see, I've moved on to bigger and much better things." She turns her words to me, now, without taking her attention off of her ex. "Edward, my love. I know you'd like to have a bit of fun with our guest here, but alas, I need him to do something for me first."

"And what do you want from him, my Isabella?" A mixture of confusion, fear, and curiosity pass over his face. By speaking her name in the presence of a former, I've stated that I've earned the right. He's hurt by this knowledge and not sure how he should feel about what she needs from him.

"He speaks your name, Mistress. Why him and not me?" he whines.


She smirks before answering. "Because he's something you never had the chance to be. He's my mate. As far as you are concerned, you can do a job for me. You see, I want to throw a masquerade ball on All Hollow's Eve in a long overdue celebration of my mating. I want as many vampires in attendance as possible. Inform them that they are welcome to bring a dessert, but they must be to my standards. If they don't know them, tell them. To ensure the exclusivity, we will be at the rundown Jewish Synagogue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and attendees must arrive with a red rose in hand as their gift. You've proven yourself obedient before, Demitri. Do this for me—your Mistress—and I'll spare you. If you return for my ball, you will be respectful, or I'll let Edward have some fun."

He looks over to me and I give him a sinister smile. From Isabella's thoughts, I know he can't tell what "fun" would entail, since his gift is only a heightened sense of smell for tracking. He's basically the vampire version of the blood hound dog breed. I snort at the analogy, earning a raised eyebrow from my love and an odd look from Demitri. "I'll let you in on that thought when he gets on his way."

"Yes. I think you should be going now, don't you?" Her tone sounds both light and condescending, matching her smile. She releases his throat and takes a step back.

Demitri straightens his clothes and complies. "Yes, my lady." He glances my way for a split second and then sets out on his journey.

"Should I feel insulted by his lack of respect towards me? I mean, I am the Mistress' beloved, after all."

She shakes her head in amusement at my half serious words. "Not yet. Once the introduction has been made at the ball, then you can put others in their place when appropriate."

I offer her my arm and she loops her own through as we start walking again. "I'm going to assume you have some friends who are willing to secure the location?" She nods, telling me with her mind that she plans to speak with them tomorrow. "I'm curious to see who and how many will show. Has there ever been a reception of sorts to recognize other mated pairs?" How many of her previous creations will express their hatred for me?

"There has, but none by me and certainly none on the scale that ours will be. I haven't gone to all I've been invited to for various reasons, but I have been to several, even if I was only able to make an appearance and congratulate them. If I couldn't attend, I always sent a congratulatory letter along with a brief reason as to why I'd be absent." Speaking of absent… "I still don't know what humored you earlier." I smile and tell her my blood hound thought. She laughs too, agreeing that it is funny.

We hurry home after that to spend time naked, drawing lazily on each other's bodies and creating love notes on each other's skin with our lips and teeth.


"What color should we wear? I prefer red, black, or blue—or black with one of the others." Isabella asks from her spot at the end of the lounge chair. She's been watching me tickle the ivories of our piano for the last hour. "I think I need something new, but the style of this age isn't my absolute favorite."

"Hmm. Well, I love you in nothing, but I don't want anyone but me to see that." She laughs and it's beautiful. I live for her happiness. "You're stunning in anything, love. But, if I had to choose," I pause to think, "red and black is perfect. It suits us well. May I go with you?"

We could go on an overcast day when the sun's rays are hidden, but it's not necessary for the upscale stores. I've braved the sting before, but the needle pricks and itching all over the exposed skin is so annoying that it's disorienting and makes it hard to focus. The burning pain I feel if the true light touches me is excruciating, but I had to try it once. It was after I had asked Isabella for something that I wasn't allowed to ask about. Suffice to say, I can't be caught in the daylight rays.

"Yes, of course. We'll go as soon as possible."


Two nights later, we shop for our attire. We first acquire mine, and then hers. As we browse for her dress, a couple enters and their conversation draws my attention.

"How do you know that man?" a female voice asks.

"He's a friend of Maria, not to mention her maker," the male voice grits out. His thoughts do little to hide his dislike for this Maria and the man who—

Fuck. Demitri.

"Well, I'm very proud of you for not killing him," the girl praises. "Now, do you know who this Mistress is? I know we can meet up with Carlisle first and go together."

"No. I've heard rumors from eavesdropping, but I've never met her. Demi seemed afraid of her, though."

I choose then to calmly walk over to Isabella, who is in the back corner of the room looking at jewelry. I quietly inform her of the couple and what I've heard. As I suspected, she's not happy with the mention of Demitri and the potential chaos he's caused. She wants to have a word with these two.

I follow in step behind her as she makes her way over to them. "Hello. What are your names?"

Taken a little off guard by her straight-forwardness, they quickly regain themselves, but it's the girl who happily takes charge. "Oh, hi. I'm Alice Brandon and this is Jasper Whitlock. And you are?"

My love smiles politely. "I'm Isabella and this is Edward. Forgive me, but I couldn't help it and overheard some of your conversation. What is Carlisle's last name?"

"Um, Cullen. Do you know him?"

Isabella gives a look of recognition and a small smile plays on her beautiful mouth. 'No need to get protective, Edward,' she thinks and I inwardly roll my eyes. I'm not that bad. Aloud she says, "It's been nearly four hundred years, so I went by a different name. When you do see him, please, do tell him that Lily sends her love, and I hope to see him at my celebration."

There's a pause as Jasper and Alice study her. Then, Alice straightens up a little, and wears a tight smile. She's made the connection and her attitude changes. "Forgive me, but we've heard stories. Demitri made Maria, and she made Jasper. He says she wasn't kind."

"I hope you don't mind my boldness, but I was under the impression that you weren't nice, either," Jasper says, a hardened face in place to try and show he's not afraid. His eyes, though, give him away.

"There's no need to be so formal and I don't mind the boldness. I may be the oldest, but you aren't one of my previous subjects, nor are either of you in the line of fire. Demitri was obedient, but he liked to test me. I can assure you that he will be held accountable for his unsanctioned actions. This Maria as well … if you want, of course." She looks expectantly between the two.

"You'd do that for him … for us?"

Isabella nods. "Yes. While Maria was never mine, Demitri is my responsibility, as are all those I create or even take in." Her face turns a little darker and I smirk at her errant thoughts. I get to have some fun with him after all. "Anyway, I really need to get back to finding my gown. I hope to see you both again at the party."

Not long after separating, she finds her dress. When she steps out from behind the curtain, I suddenly want to be alone with her. If I needed to breathe, she'd take my breath away with how sinful she looks. "You are exquisite, love. I'm going to have a hard time controlling my temper with all the thoughts everyone will have, not to mention keeping my hands from wandering. I'm beginning to think you love to get a rise out of me."

She smirks. Oh, yes. Your rise in temper is as hot as the rise in your pants.

I shake my head. "You truly are an evil temptress. It's a good thing I love you that way."

"As I love you."

I groan. "Go change before I rip it off of you and we have to look for another."


The night of our ball and our formal announcement has come. Many are out and about in costume, holding up the now evolved tradition of confusing demons into leaving them alone. It's the one night in the year where a masquerade on such a large scale is seen as just another way to have fun while deceiving demons away from attacking human souls. Little do they know that their thoughts are flawed, that the demons see right through their mentality and that nothing can hide you from their sight.

At sunset, when the sun's rays disappear, Isabella and I fasten our masks and start our walk to the rundown building. We aren't in too much of a rush, so we take our time, admiring the decorations and costumes the humans have chosen to showcase. Laughter, screams, and more laughter from realizing what the scream was for not can be heard everywhere. When we reach the synagogue, a man and a woman stand in close proximity to each other in front of the door. Their attire says they're there for us, so they have to be the two who have set everything up for us.

We cross the street and Isabella greets them without letting her hold on me go. "Ah, Chelsea, Afton. How are you two this evening?" They reply in the positive and express their excitement over tonight's event. "I assume everything's in order and ready to be seen?"

"Of course, my lady," Chelsea says. They open the double doors, holding them until we've passed over the threshold.

Inside, everything is lit by lanterns, and hundreds of candles on the scattered tables and in the chandeliers. Garlands of white roses with streaks of red drape the balconies, with black and red petals decorating the table-tops. Since there's a possibility that we may have some human attendees, finger foods are out and wine glasses have been placed on the tables, along with plates and utensils and three bottles of red wine. With the twenty tables that each seat six in two long rows, the center of the room is clear to serve as the dance floor. At the front of the room where there's a raised section, two chairs sit side-by-side. They're both different from all the others, but match each other with the only difference being the color of fabric. A few other chairs are set up on the side by the piano, reserved for our violinists and cellists.

It's a good thing money is very much available to us.

"What do you think, Edward?"

I smile and look down at her beautiful face, lifting her hand to my lips. "I think it's perfect," I say just before kissing her knuckles. "I'm sure I don't need to ask, but which one will you be sitting in?"

"I'm already wearing red, so I can make an exception for tonight and take the black chair."

"Switching things up, I see," I tease.

"Well, I can't always be predictable, my love. Where would the fun go?"

I want to kiss her, but the interruption from Chelsea has me stopping. "Pardon us, my lady. Your guests should be arriving shortly. Would you like to greet them as they enter, or would you like Afton and I to do it?" I hear a slight tremor in her voice, matching the fear in her thoughts from the need to intrude.

We've discussed what we thought was best for the night, choosing to have me greet along with these two, but without Isabella present. It would give me time to read people, see their thoughts on her and tonight, and see how many are human as well. She tells them the vague plan and then leaves to roam about the building. I follow Chelsea and Afton to the front entrance, where they take their previous spots outside the doors. I take my place down the hall, in front of the main doors of the room.

One by one they come and fill the room. Most are delighted for the mistress, but others are either indifferent, wondering why they were invited, or are former subjects here to see what her mate is made of. No matter their thoughts I always play it off, giving the impression that I hadn't heard them. Same goes for all the thoughts that were directed at me from all the unmated vampires who found me appealing. Demitri does show up, unaccompanied and with unhappy thoughts towards me. We're both short in our greeting, not bothering to mask our dislike. Sometime in the middle, when there's a pause between guests, Isabella sneaks into the room, blending in with the crowd. By the time it seems everyone is present we're at capacity, with two hundred and fifty bodies all gathered on the main floor and in the balconies. With vampires taking the majority, the fifty-six humans have no idea what's in for them. As requested, no human who didn't deserve death was brought. Once Chelsea and Afton have entered the room I follow, closing the doors behind me.

Casually walking through the clustered bodies, I hone my hearing for the one voice I will never tire of. When I hear it, I head for the front. I see her chatting with a blond-haired man who has a woman with caramel-colored hair at his side. They're among those whom are pleased to be here. I immediately go to her, not wanting to be apart any longer.

"Isabella," I say, gaining her attention. She turns her gaze to mine briefly, then back to the couple. She slips her hand in mine, smiling. "Everyone has arrived."

"Good. Edward, this is Carlisle and his wife, Esme. They live in Alaska for the moment."

"Ah, yes. I've heard wonderful things about you," I say with a smile, sticking my arm out for a handshake. "A doctor, are you not?"

He takes my hand, giving it a nice firm, but quick shake. "Yes. It used to be difficult, but with practice it has become easier to handle."

"Mr. and Mrs. Cullen are vegetarians," Isabella states, then in her mind says that they drink animal blood instead.

"Yes, well … it's my way of giving back," Carlisle says. I can see that he really didn't want this life, but found that he could do good with it like he was doing before the change.

"It's been a pleasure to see you again, but I think it's time to make introductions," Isabella states. They bow their heads quickly, like a single slow nod, and we turn to make our way over to the side of the platform. We stand there, looking at the mass, taking them all in. I start looking for those whose thoughts aren't positive towards myself or their lady, memorizing their mental voices for later.

Eleazar walks over, giving my mate a kiss on her hand. "My lady. Are you ready to begin?" Isabella had told me about this man's gift and said that he'd be a great speaker and help deal with any executions. Eleazar has the ability of gift-reading, meaning he can see what ability a vampire possesses. Knowing the specialty will help determine their threat level when faced with death. Isabella says yes, and he steps up onto the platform, standing a few feet in front of the throne-like chairs. We, however, make a sneaky exit in order to enter from the back, like our guests had when they arrived.

"Ladies and gentleman," Eleazar starts off, and the room goes quiet as everyone focuses their attention solely on him. As we stand behind the doors, we hear him continue, "We have gathered here tonight to pay respects to our mistress and her mate, so let's show our love and appreciation as she has done for us." An applause breaks out and we open the doors. The crowd turns to watch as we enter, parting like the Red Sea as we take our place in the middle. "My lady, master—the floor is all yours."

We take our dance position and when the violins start, the magnificent voice of the opera singer Isabella befriended in Rome begins. With our eyes locked, we bow to each other. Then with our right arms out, Isabella's hand resting on mine, we circle around once, bringing her back to my front. I guide her around once more, slowly spinning her out to the side and then back in, making our chests meet. She reaches up with her free hand and removes my mask, and then I remove hers. Once they've been tossed towards the front, our feet move in step to a waltz. The slow and haunting tune soon picks up speed, our eyes and thoughts never leaving each other.

"Have I told you yet how absolutely breathtaking you are?" I whisper to her.

"Mmm. You may have mentioned it a time or two," she whispers back with a delicate smile.

"Well, that just won't do." She laughs lightly. "You laugh now, but if you're not careful, I may show our guests just how irresistible I find you."

"Oh, I'll laugh if I want. You seem to have forgotten that I know you, my Edward. You don't want to share that which you love most." I smile because she's right. Releasing my hold on her back, she spins once around, then comes back to me.

"That may be true, but I can still show my worthiness if I kiss those luscious lips," I hedge on. I remember back to the first night I spent with her and decide to take a page from her book. "C'mon, my sweet beauty. Just a taste?"

Her thoughts are loud and she's aroused by the words I've thrown back at her, but her voice stays at a whisper. "I look forward to the end of our first dance."

The music seems to be dragging and never ending, making the anticipation we feel grow every second. Finally, we've come close to the end. I guide her to place her back to my front, never letting her hand go as her arm goes across her middle. Her neck is bared and begging my lips to touch it. My nose skims up to her ear as I drag my other hand across her stomach. I refrain from doing more—barely—and turn her to face me once more. The moment has finally come and I lean forward as she arches back for the dip. Her head falls back and I lean over her, running my nose and the tip of my tongue up her throat. My hand goes to the back of her head where I raise it up and attach my lips to hers. Being mindful of our surroundings, I stand us up seconds after our kiss starts, only to end it once we're upright. An applause breaks out and we walk hand-in-hand up to the chairs on the platform, taking our seats.

Eleazar makes his way up to us, a small smile on his face. "You two really know how to start things right." He turns to address the crowd. "Why don't we continue the dancing in honor of our lovely couple?" He claps twice, signaling the musicians and our guests to get ready.

While some dance, those who pause to take a break come over and greet us, giving their congratulatory words and placing their roses into one of the six large vases. While everyone has nothing but nice things to say, there are still some who have ill thoughts towards me and inappropriate thoughts about the woman at my side. Garrett is one of them, still wishing he had my place.

I lean over to whisper in her ear, "When may I put some in their place? Their thoughts are aggravating."

"In an hour when the humans have been taken care of. Then, we will address those who have a problem with us." I nod, letting out a sigh. She gives my hand a squeeze, then says, "We could always sneak off for a quickie?" I laugh lightly at the appealing suggestion, but shake my head, telling her we have a duty to stay visible. "Okay. How about we dance some more, then."

Now, that I can definitely get on board with. I'm always up for some foreplay. Keeping her hand in mine, we stand and join the other couples on the floor. We dance the entire hour, the whole room seeming to fall away as we rarely take our eyes off one another. With one final dip, we close the hour and the time for dessert opens.

Eleazar makes himself known, bringing everyone's attention up front once again. "Our final dance for the evening has arrived. Those of you, who have brought a little something extra, please make your way to the center and you are welcome to it at the end … and there's no need to be greedy. If you're not participating, please go to the outside of the floor," he says with a knowing smirk.

Our opera singer starts out low, bringing in the violinists at the same tone. Those of us on the floor start out as we had for the first dance, bowing to one another before starting. The piano and cellos come in and soon the tempo picks up speed a little to continue playing their last devilish sound. We all move our feet, seemingly floating on air. Moving erotically like vertical sex on hardwood floors, our tango builds both the anticipation of feeding and pure lust. As the song comes to a close, the final dips are accompanied by the cries of pain from the humans as teeth sink into their flesh, blood spilling onto clothes and the floor. It wouldn't be a vampire party without a little blood and the scene is marvelous. Isabella and I take any offered to us due to the fact that it's rude to turn down a gift.

When all is said and done, Isabella calls over Eleazar, telling him that we would like to see Demitri. As he goes to find him, we stay on the dance floor, not wanting to look like how we feel most days: royal. We hear a commotion from our left and look to the source. Eleazar has found Demitri and has him by the collar of his shirt as he forces him our way.

Finally in front of us, he looks scared and tries to reason with his mistress. "My lady, please. I did what you asked of me. Why does it seem like I'm in trouble?"

"You're not here because of that. No, you're here because of Maria and the result of that mistake." His eyes widen and his mouth falls open in surprise. "You know my gift, so don't try to hide it from me. I see that you're not as innocent in her war as you'd like me to believe. Tell me, did you really think I wouldn't find out?" He looks back and forth between her and I, his thoughts everywhere. "Edward, would you do the honors of taking from his neck?"

"Finally," I say with a sinister smile.

Eleazar holds one of Demitri's arms behind him while the other is held by Isabella. He struggles and pleads for mercy, but when we bite, he stops, knowing it's a lost cause. I attack his neck as she takes from the elbow crease, and together we drain about half his blood supply. We pull back, watching him sway on his feet. Eleazar pulls the arm Isabella had back to hold him, then Isabella's hand collides and punches through his chest. A grunt of surprise escapes Demitri's throat from the force and his body hunches over slightly. When she pulls her hand out, his heart comes with. Eleazar kicks the back of his knees, making them buckle and he falls to them. I grip his face and twist, breaking the bones in his neck and either pinching or severing the spinal cord. I let go, stepping just off to the side when Eleazar releases his hold, letting Demitri drop to the floor. His body won't have enough venom and blood to fix that, especially without that vital organ to pump it. Besides, once the sun rises, there won't be a body left. She crushes his heart in her hands, turning it to dust.

"El, why don't we have some more dancing and conversation," Isabella says, wanting to move this party along. As we make our way to the platform and stand in front of our chairs, Afton removes Demitri's body to dispose of out the back of the building, where no one but the sun will see it.

Those who didn't come up during the dancing before do so now, congratulating us. I notice Garrett is a few people ahead of Alice and Jasper, which I find a little unfortunate. I would have preferred to have talked to them first.

"Ah, Garrett. How have you been?" Isabella asks, only to state pleasantries.

"I've been well, my lady. I do hope this doesn't offend you and your… mate … but I'd be better if I could have one last dance." Perhaps a little time with me will remind you of what we had.

"I don't think so … what was your name again? Jared?"

He looks at me with thinly veiled hate. "Garrett."

I wave my hand dismissively. "Whatever. You had your time and from what I know about it, it wasn't all that special for her. Perhaps you should stop thinking that you can change her mind. She has me now."

He huffs out a laugh. "Yeah … for now."

"Garrett," Isabella warns. "Don't push it."

"Please, my lady. Him, really? I had you before and I'm free to try again. I've changed and you'd see that if you'd let me—"

"Free?!" Isabella's voice raises in anger. I look to her, seeing her eyes snap with fire. "I will tell you again what I did on that day all those years ago. You were nothing to me but an old flame whose fire went out a long time ago. You think you are free to push my buttons and not feel my full wrath?" Her harsh tone leaves no room for argument. His mouth hardens into a thin line, but his eyes show a bit of fear. "Have you forgotten your place with me?" A calmness is attached to her voice, which only means to tread lightly. His next words will determine his fate.

"Excuse me, Garrett, is it?" The voice and intrusion of Alice disrupts the tension. "Forgive me, my lady, for the intrusion, but I have a solution." She swallows, waiting for a sign that will let her continue.

Isabella nods at her. "You may proceed."

Alice looks back to Garrett. "If a mate is what you're searching for, Kate Denali is who you need to find." Confused, he asks her how she could know that. She smiles, happy to have shifted his focus and stopped a potential killing. However, I'm equally disappointed as I am curious. "I can see the future, but I can't see when exactly in time things happen, just that they will. I see you with a long blond-haired woman by the name of Kate Denali. I may have a friend who knows her." We all stand there, waiting for the next move to happen, whatever it might be. After he thinks about what Alice had said, he takes a step back and walks away with a huff.

"Although I hate being interrupted, I have to say thank you, Alice," Isabella states, turning away from Garrett's retreating form.

"Major conflict can be disastrous. Besides, he's jealous and needed to know that there's one out there for him. I believe everyone should feel the power of a mated connection."

"You have a kind heart and I hope your life with Jasper is well with the Cullens."

Alice and Jasper, along with Carlisle and Esme, leave shortly after, but not before speaking with us one last time. It turns out that the Cullens are the one who know the Denalis. They leave with the hope of seeing us again in the near future.

A few short minutes later, a man by the name of Santiago approaches us. "Mistress, Sir," he greets, barely glancing at me. His mind shows that he has no respect for me, regardless of things that have transpired tonight. I'll have to change that.

"Santiago, how are you this fine night?" Isabella asks.

"I'm superb, My Lady. Of course, if I had someone as beautiful as you on my arm, I'd be happier."

"Well, you'll have to look elsewhere. Isabella is taken, in case you've forgotten what this party is about." I interject before she can. I'm already so sick of others trying to convince her of what they think she's missing. It's fucking pissing me off.

Respect and lust leave his eyes as he finally turns his attention to me. "I do believe our Mistress can speak for herself, Sir." He spits out my informal title like it's poison.

"You are correct, Santiago; I can speak for myself. However, Edward is also correct. He's my mate, thus your Master and has just as much power here as I. Submit and show respect to your Master as you would me, or you will suffer the consequences." Isabella's tone is firm and commanding, leaving no room for argument…at least for the smart ones.

Santiago's lips curl into a snarl as we stare each other down. "I have the utmost respect for you, Mistress, but I cannot and will not hold the same for him," he says.

I don't wait for Isabella's approval as it was already given. My right arm lifts and my hand flattens against his chest and I push him. The force of my shove forces Santiago backwards, landing on his back on a table fifty feet away. The table breaks, but who really gives a shit? I race over to him and before he's picked himself up, I have my hand around his throat and his feet off the floor. I slam him back down into the broken table and straddle his waist, my shins pinning his legs down. He tries to punch me, but I'm faster. Catching his fist and twisting, I break his wrist, delighted when a yelp escapes his mouth. His free hand grabs the forearm of the hand squeezing his throat and he tries, in vain, to pull it away.

"Are you ready to submit to your Master?" I ask through clenched teeth, but loud enough for him and our onlooking guests to hear clearly.

Santiago closes his mouth and his lips fall into a hard line. His thoughts are clear before he vocalizes them. "I will never."

"So be it," I say as I release his broken wrist. I thrust my fist into his chest, breaking his ribs on the way in. I find his heart less than a half second later, ripping it out. I lift my hand so it's between us and he can see his heart. Then I squeeze and crush it, letting the dust settle on the rubble beside his head. "Have fun in Hell," I say, then break his neck for good measure.

I stand and address the crowd, "Is there anyone else who wants to test your Master or Mistress?" There's a collective of 'No, Master' or 'No, Sir's. Satisfied, I turn and take my place next to Isabella again.

Conversations start up again like nothing happened and our party goes on until three in the morning with no other problems. Suffice to say that most of those who had any problems with either of us decided to leave after Santiago's death and hearing about Garrett. They were either scared of their potential fate if we came to know their dislike, or came to the conclusion that I was good enough. As we make our way back to our house, we snag up a snack to share, filling our bodies with energy.

When we walk through the door, she stops our steps from going further in. She turns to me, a knowing look in her eyes as she walks towards me and backs me up to the door. "You were very hot back there with Santiago and Garrett."

"Me?" I shake my head. "Not as hot as you, and please, can we not speak their names anymore?"

She smiles. "Never again. But apart from that, you've been in my thoughts all night. You know I've done nothing but think about how much I want you." She slides her hands up my chest and under my jacket, sliding it over and off my shoulders. "How much I want your mouth on my pussy." Her fingers undo the buttons on my shirt. "How much I want your dick inside me." Her hands loosen my pants and free my cock. I moan at the feeling of her hands on me. "And how much I want to just be consumed by you." Her hand keeps the slow up and down pace as she leaves open-mouthed kisses on my chest. "We've had slow and sweet just as much as fast and hard, but I don't think I can take it slow."

She doesn't even need to think it for me to know what she wants. "You want to break things?" She hums in agreement, flicking my nipple with her tongue, then blowing on it. "Well, then, I only have one last question."

"And what would that be?" She thinks.

"Do you want to keep your dress intact?"

"Do with it what you please. Just fuck me already."

I waste no time in ripping the satin, crisscrossed ribbon in the back of her corset and throwing it to the side. She, in return, tears my pants off, effectively freeing my legs and more importantly, my cock. Next I rip her skirt right off, throwing it somewhere in same vicinity of her discarded top. Picking her up by her ass, she wraps her legs around my waist, locking her ankles as her hands grip my face as our lips mold together in a heated kiss. I slam her against the wall, putting a decent dent in it, I'm sure, and earning a grunt from her.

"You want me to fuck you, yeah?" I take my dick and rub it through her wet folds, coating me in preparation and teasing her.

She moans, thinking, "Yes!"

"You want me to dominate you?" I just need to hear it.

"Yes, love. Show me what you're made of, my Master."

I growl at the new name that I've earned. I line myself up and thrust hard into her as I bite down on her shoulder, tasting her blood. Isabella screams out at the duel feelings of surprise and pleasure. I feel her nipples harden further against my bare chest, her love for me marking her evident in her physical reactions as well as her thoughts. I pull out only to thrust back in just as hard. She claws my back, tearing my shirt into shreds until it's useless and scratching my back in the process.

I lean back, slightly pulling her away from the wall. I take my hand, placing it just below her throat to keep her upper back and head against the wall as I start to pound into her relentlessly. With a hand holding my bicep and the other on my forearm, her nails dig into me as she nears her orgasm, which crashes down on us with little warning. Her cries are like music to my ears. When she comes down off her high, I pull her back to me with every intention of kissing her, but she forces my head to turn and she bites me in the same spot where I had bitten her. I hiss at the pleasurable pain and I tighten my grip on her, walking us to the dining room and sitting in a chair.

"I love you, and I promise to fulfill your demand, but right now, I want you to take your pleasure."

And does she. Bracing her hands behind her on my knees, she lifts her hips and sinks back down, swiveling and moving her body like a wave over me. My hands can't find one place to stay, so they move over her thighs, hips and ribs before settling on her breasts. I roll her nipples with my fingers, making them pebble and sending jolts of pleasure all over her. I take one hand a way and bring my thumb to her throbbing clit, rubbing it in fast, tiny circles, making her legs shake. A hand leaves my leg and grips my shoulder as her pace quickens. I look at her face, watching as she comes undone, doing exactly what I told her to do.

"Ah! Fuck!" she whimpers out, slowing down a bit.

She stops moving, then gets off of me. I immediately feel the loss of her. Isabella grabs my hand, pulling me up to stand. She doesn't speak, but is wearing a devious smile, and then launches herself at me. We topple over onto the table, breaking it in half and giggling. I guess, to her, we hadn't done enough damage. I roll us over so I'm pinning her down and slide into her once more, moaning at the feeling of being home. I bring one of her legs up, hooking it over my shoulder and she hikes up the other to lock around my waist. With the new angle, I'm able to go deeper and hit that special spot, and she comes a third time not long after.

I pull out and lift her leg from around my waist, putting it on my other shoulder. Sliding my hands under her back, I pick her up to have her sitting on my shoulders, her pussy at my lips. I move us to another wall so she can feel a little more supported as I lick and suck her lower lips, tasting her arousal and drinking it all up like a man dying from thirst. Her fingers weave through my hair, gripping and pulling as she grinds against my face.

When I've brought her to the brink, but not all the way, I let her legs slip off and down. Standing her up on her shaky legs I take her hand, dragging her to the bedroom. "Bend over the end of the bed, baby." She does as she's told, bracing her hands on the footboard, feet a little wider than shoulder-width. Keeping her eyes on me, she smirks and arches her back a little.


I take my place behind her and kneel, skimming my nose across her perfectly round cheeks, indulging in a few nips here and there. I decide to sample her sex once more, licking up and down a couple times, teasing her.

"I will never tire of your taste, love."

She wiggles her ass at me, pushing back against me for a little friction, thinking, "Hurry up."

I chuckle at the anxiousness I hear in her words. Deciding that I've teased her enough, I line myself up and slide in once more. I lean over her, wrap my hand around her chin, pulling her head back to kiss her forehead. "You are the best thing to ever happen to me." I slide out and back in, then intertwine my free hand with one of hers on the footboard. "The darkness brought me to you." I pull out and push back in, twice, harder, and she moans. Letting go of her chin, I intertwine our fingers of the other hand. "And I can't live without either."

"Fuck," she whispers out. I start to thrust faster, chasing my impending bliss. "You and me and the devil makes three." She stutters as I feel her body tensing.

I release her right hand, wrapping my arm over her chest to grip her left shoulder. "Yes. Come, Mistress. Show me how good I make you feel." I grit out as my own orgasm closes in.

Her cries and whimpers of pleasure escalate as her pussy walls clamp down and pulse around me harder than before. My balls tighten, my movements become erratic and I come with her, biting the opposite shoulder. She drops her head and sinks her own teeth into my wrist as we both come down from our euphoric highs.

"Fuck, I love you, Edward."

"And I love you, Isabella."

I pull out, dropping my forehead to her shoulder blade, groaning and missing the connection already. She laughs and I look up at her when I stand. "We broke the footboard and put a nice dent in the wall."

I look and sure enough, our hands had smashed—disintegrated—and created two dips in the wood of footboard, and there's a distinct outline of the headboard in the wall, not to mention it's actually in the wall. I smile at our handy work.


The next few days, we basically go through another honeymoon period. We never leave the house and never leave each other's arms. A letter arrives, informing us the disposal of Demitri and Santiago's bodies, as well as the humans'. Tonight, though, we need to eat. Apparently, it's supposed to be cloudy at sunset, only giving off the colors and no other light. I want to take a walk in the park with my love. There's just something even more beautiful, if possible, about her in that kind of light. We set out and the weather is perfect. It's so perfect that I barely feel the usual discomfort that comes with it still being light out.

As we walk, we come upon an opening in the trees where a still lake sits. I take her over to it, wanting to absorb its complete stillness that reminds me of a perfect night so many years ago.

"The stillness of the water reminds me of the quiet I heard that night back in London," I tell her. "I remember that I was afraid, but now, I crave it. I desire it like I thirst for blood, like I yearn for you."

Just then the clouds part, revealing the sun, and its light shines on us. I gasp, preparing for the burning pain that's worse than the burning in my throat when I was reborn. Isabella's eyes widen and she stands in front of me, blocking as best as she can while I duck down behind her. My love is too small to hide it all and some light still hits me.

But, nothing happens.

I feel pain, but it's minimal, less than what a cloudy day normally feels. I look up at her, the love of my life, speechless. Her eyes are wide, showing her astonishment to what she's witnessing, her mind blank.

"It can't be. How…?" I finally get out in a whisper.

She blinks a few times, her gaze roaming every inch of light that still lingers. "Stand," she says. I do, slowly, and expose my face to the sun. I squint at the brightness, although it's not as bright as it could be. "What are you feeling? Any pain?"

I shake my head. "No, but it stings a little, and it's not nearly as uncomfortable as a pure overcast day. It's … barely noticeable in comparison."

A big smile stretches across her face, one I only get to see when something makes her beyond happy. "My request was answered," she says, her voice a whisper. "The one I forbade you to ask about—it was answered!" She pulls my face down to hers, kissing me fiercely. When she pulls back, she says the one thing that truly makes me her mate. "You were always equal to me, but now? We truly are equal in every way. No one will ever be like us, for no one but us can walk in the light; no one will ever take our place as the Devil's Mistress and Master, His Arbitraries, and we will reign the night together … forever."

My hands frame her face as I smile and say, "I really love the sound of that." I pull her mouth to mine, kissing her with all my love poured into it.

We decide to sit on the bench and soak up the sunlight. Once night falls, we take our leave and do what we do best, thriving off the blood of those who deserve their fate.

A/N: Well, that's a wrap! I hope everyone enjoyed my twisted words throughout these three storylines! At this moment in time, this is all I can give you. I'm not saying I won't write a fourth, because I'd like to and ideas have already started forming for it, but since I'm officially a full time college student, I won't have anything new out for a while. So much love for everyone who has read and reviewed, or even just read and been a silent fan! *hearts*

The Jewish Synagogue that held their masquerade was (I think) established in 1949, but I'm not positive. It was abandoned at some point before an artist found it in the '70s and put it to use for his art. I obviously took creative liberties and made it abandoned earlier. There was a 'Dracula' inspired wedding held there and the photos were perfect for this story. I was imagining that it was bigger for the story than what it might actually be. I don't know how big/small the building is in real life, so, again, some creative liberties might have been taken. Plus, I didn't want them to have to travel back to Europe, lol.