It's the end of Tuesday's fifth year class and your nightly sessions with Ava trickle down into a bi-weekly thing rather than meeting up every week, nearly every day. In a way you're disappointed but it makes sense, the bits of affection you showed the little redhead were sure to make things awkward. This is worse than you expected. Seeing her in the halls she never make eye contact and as the end of the year approaches you want to speak to her, to clear the air if nothing else.

"C-Can you please stay a-after today?" You both ignore Lacivi who makes a face before skipping out as the bell rings. "Y-You're not in t-trouble or anything."

She nods, hiding her mouth with the thick red non-school regulated scarf she always wears. It's endearing but hides everything far too well for anyone to tell what she's thinking and not knowing what she's thinking is far too unnerving for your tastes. "Yes Professor Arrow?"

Pedri looks at you but doesn't comment as he sweeps out of the room, leaving the two of you alone. "Y-You don't need to c-call me that, y-you known that A-Ava." Pedri hasn't made a sound about your tutoring session nor a comment about the extended time you spend with Ava. You know he thinks about it, he's always watching you.


You focus back on Ava who is now sitting on her desk, legs dangling off the edge. "I-I wanted to talk to you about what h-happened before." You bite your lip and pause for a moment. "What I d-did the other day. I-I didn't mean to make you… u-uncomfortable or anything nor did I want to, uh, want to imply anything."

"Oh." You both turn red at the admission and for a moment nothing is said, the sound of students in the background seems closer to thunder than anything else. "It's not that I'm trying to avoid you to be mean or anything, but –" she pauses for a moment nibbling one of her lips "– you're still a professor here and Pedri is looking for whatever way to get me into trouble. He already dislikes me enough as it is. It's not that I don't think you're attractive o-or anything like that I just don't think this is a good time right now."

Now you are completely red and there is almost nothing you can say to that. She is right and there isn't much to say in that case, it doesn't stop you and you're willing to wait at least for a time. "I-I'm not trying to dive straight into a relationship or anything like that. I, you, it was," you're scrambling to try and find a reason for your action. "You were looking for a happy memory and all I could think of was wanting to give you one."


"Odin, it was a real sweet memory," she smiled shyly at you as though not used to doing so. "And I wouldn't mind waiting a while but we've got to, uh." You take a step forward and she slide of the desk to stand in front of you. Pale hands grasp your own and Ava clasps them to her chest. "I think we should take a step back and wait this out."

You nod. "A g-good relationship isn't built on lying to o-others. You're right Ava. So we'll wait." She nods back before taking another step closer place our clasped hands against my own chest. Another step forward and your lips meet.

A chaste kiss your hands trapped between the two of you. There are no sparks or magic and the stars don't align for a single impossible moment. It's a little awkward and it takes a moment for both of you to figure out where to place your hands or how to tilt the head but it's nice.

"Something to remember me by until graduation."

You're left alone in the classroom with the smell of cinnamon, ashes, and cloves.