Author's Note: So this is late and I apologize. Yesterday devolved into a bunch of wasps in the shape of Tuesday. Probably won't hit all the prompts but I love Hyuroi so here we are.

Day 2: Photograph

The photo was wrinkled, dirty, and barely holding itself together. Its white scalloped edge was caught in the joints of his bottom most left desk drawer. Roy stared at it. His fingers dug into the corners of the box in his arms. He should've just let Hawkeye clean out his desk.

Roy left the box on the desktop and reached down to tug the photograph free. Hughes was smiling. The man had always been an insufferable smiler. Roy was smiling too but not at the same wattage. Their standard white, military academy issue t-shirts appeared to be crisp and clean – unlike Roy's memories.

Maes Hughes lurked in just as many corners of his mind as Riza Hawkeye, and meant just as much. He'd never had to explain anything to Maes, and Roy needed that. He needed the people closest to him to infer and understand.

At the end of the day Roy's memories of Hughes tended to solidify into one solid, grinning mass. All of the immature rivalries, the obnoxious pictures of Alicia, the grasping of skin and smearing of sweat, the way he'd poke at his glasses, and the empty phone booth molded into the shape of his best friend.

And when Alicia asked him for the umpteenth time about her daddy – and when Roy knew Gracia could hear – he always answered,

"He was the very best."