The lack-of-sleep madness continues...

Ever wonder why...

... Evas have their cores centered, right below their chest armor?

Evangelion prototype phase...

Gendo: Here are my plans for the Eva's core system.

The young Gendo hands his plans over to Naoko and Fuyutsuki, with a happy grin on his face. The two look over his plan and look skeptically at Gendo.

Naoko: So...why does it have two cores?

Gendo: For back up, just in case something happens to the first.

Fuyutsuki looks at th eplans again.

Fuyutsuki: I think we'll stick with the original plan of one.

Gendo frowns.

Gendo: Why? What's wrong with my idea?

Fuyutsuki: I don't think having the cores located, er, um, one under each cheat armor plate will work...

Gendo: Oh...

... What the 10th Angel REALLY dropped?

During the briefing on the Angel...

Misato: So what do we know about this Angel?

Ritsuko: It appears to be dropping a piece of itself.

Maya: We're still waiting on the MAGI's analysis.

Misato: If it is dropping pieces of itself, the entire Angel is basically a giant bomb.

Ritsuko: True. It appears to be correcting itself with every failed attempt.

Misato: So the next one may be for us?

Maya: The results are in!

Both women huddle over the console.

Misato: Is..that right?

Ritsuko: I guess so. All 3 MAGI agree...

Maya: That is just disgusting...

Misato: I you're right about one thing, Ritsuko. It's dropping pieces of itself alright; it's own crap!!

...the Rei clones are in a giant tank?

Gendo and Fuyutsuki stand in the dummy plug room. The shielding of the tank is gone, allowing the empty clones to gaze at the pair as they smile and giggle.

Fuyutsuki: Gendo.

Gendo: What is it, professor?

Fuyutsuki: ...the clones...

Gendo: What about them?

Fuyutsuki: I know your parents never let you have those pet fish you wanted, but isn't this going just a bit overboard?

Gendo: ...