God Made Serendipity

Total story revamp! Previously titled "For Keeps", but because last night (14 Feb) I was able to brainstorm a new fic that works more under the title, "For Keeps", I changed the plot. Find out more as soon as I release the new "For Keeps",a TOTAL AU.

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Seventeen -year-old Tohru opened her journal and began to write.


When you are not looking for something, but somehow you find it.

This is what I experienced, when I met the men that changed my life. Yet I didn't ask the heavens for them. But Kami-sama was kind enough to give what I didn't seek at all.

God made serendipity for people like me.

Why? How?

Tohru capped her ballpen and began to recall the details in her life.


"Poor thing. Why don't you look up at me and tell me your name?" asked the silver-haired man dressed lavishly in a long mandarin coat.

Young sixteen-year and a half Tohru looked up at him blindly. He was passing by the cemetery when he saw her sitting by another grave, her eyes glassy. When he saw her, she had already been sitting there unmoving for some two hours already, hungry and drained.

She couldn't find the voice to refuse his sudden invitation to eat in a Chinese restaurant, and she still couldn't speak to him now that he was asking her name.

"Ah, don't worry. After you get a good night rest, I'm sure you'll have the energy to chitchat with me. But now, eat as much as you want! It's' on me!" said the mysterious man cheerfully.

His smile made it hard for her not to smile back and dig in the delicious food before her.

Before she knew it, she had already told him her name and her story. He nodded sympathetically as she burst her story out.

"I have an idea. Come and live with me. You can work in my shop as an assistant. What do you say?" asked the man who introduced himself as Sohma Ayame.

What else could she say?

"Sure, Sohma-san."

"Ah, call me Aya."

"Aya-san then."

"You'll start working tomorrow, but as of today, you will be my lady companion. I'll take you around the city and we'll have fun! Whatever your problems are, we'll drown in an intoxicating day of merriment!" said Ayame brightly.

She smiled. His happiness was slowly rubbing on her.

"Thank you, Aya-san."

It's been a week ever since kind Sohma Ayame, designer extraordinaire, adopted me under his wing. I had assured my grandparents and relatives that I would be fine. Although they objected at first with the idea of me living with a man, when they saw what kind of man Ayame-san is, they grudgingly allowed me.

Life in the dress shop is fun. I get to help Aya-san design the outfits, and I can even try some outfits on before the customers come and get them! I also like how warm Mine and Aya-san are. The three of us are like a real family!

However, one fateful afternoon, just as Aya-san is chirping about his latest fashion design, he suddenly fainted. I asked Mine if he has any other relative we can contact, and she suddenly had this odd look in her face...

"There is one person he has closest blood relation to, but I doubt if he would want to come." Mine's face lit up. "I know! Let's call Shigure-san!"

"Shigure-san?" Tohru's forehead creased. Aya wasn't the secretive type, but she couldn't remember any incident of him mentioning other relatives, let alone this Shigure person.

"Don't worry! He's as warm as Ayame-sama!" said Mine. "Here." She gave her the keys of the shop. "Stay with Ayame-sama and I'll go fetch Shigure-san."

"R-Right!" She nodded.

"I'll be right back," said Mine, waving.

Tohru looked at the designer worriedly. "Aya-san, what happened?" She had no choice but to carry him to his room. She hugged him, and he instantly turned into a snake.

As she walked to his room, she smiled as she recalled the first incident where she discovered the strange curse that Ayame was suffering.


"Aya-san, what do you think?" asked Tohru eagerly as she twirled the wedding gown she was wearing.

"Very lovely indeed, dear Tohru-kun!" praised Ayame, clapping. "Come here and I'll fix the veil."

She nodded, but her high heels wobbled, so she crashed on Aya.


When she opened her eyes, she was stunned to see a snake looking directly at her.

"Uh-oh," said the snake.

Her scream nearly shattered the glasses of the display windows of Ayame's shop.


"But then, Aya-san explained to me the curse that he and his family has to endure their entire lifetime," she said to herself, opening the door of the bedroom. "And in the end, I found the curse of him transforming into a Juunishi snake amusing and cute!"

There were times that she had the urge to just hug Ayame, and the Sohma wouldn't mind even if he transforms into an animal. It was the first time that he felt someone shower him affection that way, and he was vocal to her about that.

"You are the little sibling that I had but lost," he once said as she embraced the snake.

That was the first time that he mentioned something about his family besides the fact about the Juunishi curse.

"You have a younger sibling?" she asked.

There was a faraway look in his eyes. "A younger brother." His gaze returned to her. "And you know what, he's your age by now!"

"When will he visit you? I would love to be friends with him!" she said excitedly.

The haunted look returned in his face. "II'm sure you and Yuki will be good friends," he said softly. "I don't know though when will he visit me. He'sbusy."


And after that, no more was mentioned about the Sohma family and Yuki Sohma.

Tohru laid snake Ayame on the bed and ran her fingers across the snakeskin affectionately. "You're working too hard," she murmured.

Her eyes then strolled in the room. It was only her second time to be in Aya's room, and that was only to find a missing folder for the files. It was only now that she was able to take a really good look around.

She then noticed a picture frame sitting on Ayame's desk. She approached it and looked at it curiously.

A young boy wearing a gray robe was staring at the camera, purple eyes wide as saucer. He was holding a small scroll and a paintbrush, and it seemed as if he was not exactly posed and ready for the shot.

This must be Sohma Yuki, Aya-san's younger brother.

Why, they really are brothers! He's like a younger replica of Aya-san!

She paused when she heard Aya moan. She stood up and returned to the bed.

"Aya-san, what happened?" she asked as the snake's eyes seemed to move.

"Idon't know. One minute I was fine, and then suddenly, my whole world seemed to rotate so fast," said the snake, voice feeble. "I then lost my balance."

"You were dizzy.," said Tohru. "Must be vertigo." She propped her elbow on the bed and laid her face next to the snake's. "You work too hard, Aya-san. Don't push yourself to exhaustion."

"ButI don't know what else to do if I don't work," said Aya sadly. "If my body stops working, my mind would do the working. And Idon't want to think. I don't want to remember."

"You don't have to think of bad and sad things," she told him comfortingly. "Think of good and happy things, like your younger brother."

She gasped when she saw his eyes well up with tears. "Aya-san?"

"Don't mind me," sniffled the designer. He nodded and smiled. "I must not be depressed. I still have you."

"That's right, Aya-san," she said, burying her face on his cold skin. "You still and always will have me, so you must not be depressed. You helped me out in my depression when I lost Mama, so I don't want to see my pillar of strength to crumble right in front of me."


"Because I do not know where else will I get the strength to live if that happens," she said softly. Her own eyes welled up with tears.

The snake returned to its human form and patted her. "Come here, Tohru. My sweet child." He kissed her forehead fatherly. "I don't know what I would do without you."

"Same for me, Aya-san. So don't make me worry again, ok?" she said. She cupped his face and dried the tears flowing from his eyes. "Be strong. For me."

Just then, the door opened.

She and Ayame turned to the door, and saw a young man with ebony hair and quiet purple eyes gaping at them openly.

"Sick?" asked the stranger. "Mine was exaggerating. I thought at first that you were dying. Too bad." His gaze turned to her next. "So, are you his nurse, his lover, or what?"

Her face flamed. She turned to Ayame, asking for defense, but she could see that he was frozen in his place.

I'll have to defend Aya-san!

She stood up and turned to the stranger. "Why did you barge here and accuse Aya-san and me with all those nasty things? You don't even know the circumstances!"

His brow raised inquiringly. "Circumstances? I opened the door of a bedroom and found you sitting on the bed with him, naked, so how do you think should I assess the situation?"

"Aya-san doesn't deserve such rude treatment!" she burst out. "Go ahead and be mad at me, but Aya-san is sick! Don't involve him! He just regained his consciousness and I hope you can allow him a full, quiet rest."

"With you in a bedroom? Well, that would be some kind of a rest," said the stranger sarcastically.

"Look, I don't know who you are," she said. "But please, leave. Give Aya-san a break!"

"I'll leave, alright," said the stranger. "This scene is too disgusting." He was about to shut the door when Tohru stormed towards him and slapped his face. Hard.

"Don't ever insult Aya-san this way!" she shouted before slamming the door on his face. She turned to Ayame. "Aya-san, are you ok?"

To her utter shock, the Sohma merely doubled over with laughter!

She sweatdropped. "W-What's so funny?" she asked cluelessly.

"Y-You.." He wiped a tear of laughter from his eye. "just met my brother, Yuki!"

Her eyes grew big. "H-He'syour brother, Yuki?"

Yuki stormed out of the dress shop furiously.

I knew it! Visiting here is a totally bad idea!

He touched the cheek the lady stranger just slapped a few minutes ago. He cursed silently.

I hate her. Damn it! No one had ever slapped me before! And the first one who did so was my brother's whore!

He then recalled the blazing eyes of the brown-haired girl who looked like she was just her age.

Looks like she truly cares for him.

Phooey. He must be paying her a great deal of money that's why she "loves" him that much!

He touched his cheek again.

And I got thrown out of my own brother's territory!

Got slapped. Got yelled at.

What a day!

What a girl.


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