Kylo had been silent for most of the walk back. Rey wasn't positive, but she suspected he was in shock. She doubted he had ever seen a force ghost; she had the same reaction.

It had to be important for Obi-Wan to appear to them. After all, Luke had said months ago that she would eventually meet him. She felt herself being drawn to the force tree, aching to finally have the last of her questions answered. Luke had already showed her its power: the vision of the first two Jedi. She wondered what they would see today.

Placing the crystal in her satchel, they pressed on. The walk back to camp seemed much shorter. But as they got closer, Rey realized she was going to have to face Luke after the explosion incident.

"That was quite an experience." Kylo finally spoke up as they walked down the steps. "Never thought I would have the pleasure of speaking to wise ol' Kenobi." He said sarcastically.

"He was only trying to help, you know." She insisted, getting a bit annoyed.

"So… the prophecy he talked about? Who do you think it is?" he asked.

They had finally gotten to the bottom of the ridge when Rey stopped. She had a gut feeling of who Obi-Wan had been talking about but… no. It couldn't be. And she didn't want to share her thoughts with Kylo either. "I don't know." She lied.

"I would like to know. Especially because my own grandfather was the Chosen One."

"Let's just stop talking about it, okay?" she insisted. "We'll find out soon enough." Ever since leaving the Temple, she had a sinking feeling in her gut. She didn't know whether it was just the pain from her head, or her hunger, but it wasn't good.

"Fine." He gave up, throwing both hands in the air. The duo walked the rest of the way back to the camp in silence.

Finally, Rey saw the glen and the rings of smoke in the air. Chewbacca had reparked the Falcon, and it was now a few hundred feet away from the huts. Or she should say 'hut', because hers was now in rubble.

Luke was now collecting items and placing them in bags. He stopped when he saw the two companions approaching. He walked over with caution, probably trying to avoid setting Rey off again.

"I see Kylo came back without a fight?" he said, making small talk. Rey crossed her arms and stood her ground.

"Yah well, there really isn't many places I can go on this Force-forsaken island, is there?" he remarked.

Luke and Rey both ignored his comment, having their own stare down. Luke was the first one to speak.

"Rey, I'm sorry."

"For not telling me? Or getting caught?" she demanded.

He massaged the back of his neck. "To be truthful… probably both. I think eventually I would have told you but… you were doing so well in your training. And you exhibited none of the dark side abilities you had as a child. So I believed that when the time was right, I could tell you the full story."

She shook her head. "But only after I faced Kylo right? I had no say either way! Don't you think I deserved to know before I had to kill him?!"

Kylo cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"I know. But we need to go, if we don't want to be caught by the First Order. Where did you guys run off to anyways?"

Kylo and Rey glanced at one another. "The temple. We saw Obi-Wan. And there is something we have to do before we leave."

Within minutes, the three Force users were in front of the Force tree.

"And you are sure about this Rey?" Luke inquired.

She nodded. "Yah… I think it has to be me."

Luke took Kylo back far enough so Rey could concentrate. She calmed herself, willing the force to flow through her. And then she touched the tree.

Her vision transported her back to a familiar scene: the brother and sister, now grown up, fighting in a duel. The brother made a fatal blow to his sister, and her soul rose from her body and into the tree. It was all the same, and at first Rey was confused. But then something more happened.

Everyone except for Rey disappeared. She was left alone in the grassland, with a setting sun and the original Force tree. She jumped as something moved out of the tree. It was the sister.

Suddenly, her face and body began morphing into a little boy. He had blonde, messy hair and was wearing tan robes. She watched, awestruck, as the boy turned into a man. A man with a scar across his left eye and a robotic hand. All at once, his eyes turned demon-like and his face became a black mask. The familiar mechanical breathing became so loud Rey covered her ears.

Darth Vader. I've been hearing Darth Vader. She perceived. It took all her strength to keep her focus. She closed her eyes, never wanting them to open. She slowed her breathing, willing herself to leave the vision, so she opened her eyes.

To her relief, Darth Vader had disappeared. But what shocked her the most is what had replaced the Sith lord.

It was Rey.

He didn't disappear… he transformed into…

She fell out of her vision, the reality too much for her to handle. Letting go of the tree, she stumbled back, gasping. Very slowly, she turned her head to the two men standing wide eyed, waiting for her to speak.

In that moment, she realized their destinies— the Knight, the Jedi, and the Scavenger— had been catapulting to this very moment. And it was too much for her too handle at the moment.

Don't run away again. She reminded herself.

A look of concern, Luke walked over and crouched down. "Rey, tell me what you saw."

Kylo took a few steps forward, becoming antsy.

"The prophecy… it was about me." She choked out, tearing up. "I am the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. I'm the Chosen One."

The current storm had ended, but Rey knew that the real storm was yet to come. And as much as she wanted to disappear in that moment, she knew there was a mission to complete. And only she could do it.