"No silly. Of course I did not tell her anything about us. After what happened in Paris I don't think mom would ever approve of our relationship."

Cassidy's voice was merely a whisper, as she was sitting at the kitchen table, the phone stuck to her ear. The once cute little redhead had grown into a beautiful young lady. The fashionable haircut and designer clothes suited her well, as she had clearly inherited her mother's grace and beauty. She sipped her coffee and sighed.

"I know, I know. It was five years ago, but still…it hurt her a lot…and this…what we have between us would hurt her even more."

Cassidy listened intently and her tone became apologetic when she spoke again.

"Sorry babe my battery died and I couldn't find the charger. Caroline must have stashed it somewhere. That's why I called you from the land line…Listen we have to finish now. Mom will be home soon…I miss you too babe, but I see you tonight, right?"

There must have been some kind of reconfirmation on the other end because Cassidy's face lit up and her voice dropped an octave as she breathed into the phone.

"I love you Andy."

Cassidy put the phone down onto the table and headed upstairs to her room, excited and with a dreamy smile that she didn't notice her mother standing in the pantry, with shocked expression on her face.

Miranda had escaped from work early. She had wanted to spend some time with Cassidy before her daughter left for summer camp, where she worked as a camp counselor. Caroline had already left. She was on a tour in Europe with her drama group. The girls were seventeen now. They had their own lives, friends and programs. Although in the last five years their relationship with their mother had become closer and more intimate. The three of them spent lots of time together and Miranda flattered herself with the thought that her daughters were her confidants and that they would never keep any secret from her. However her belief had just been shattered when she unintentionally overheard Cassidy's phone conversation.

Miranda had been in the pantry looking for ingredients for dinner when Cassidy had rushed into the kitchen and started to chat while making coffee. Not wanting to eavesdrop, Miranda was just about to make her presence known when she heard Cassidy mention her and Paris. She froze in place and tried to follow the words her daughter was speaking. Unfortunately, Cassidy had spoken too soft, so she couldn't catch everything but what she did hear made her think the unthinkable. She grabbed the edge of one of the selves to steady herself, her fingers whitening, her heart hammering in her chest.

After Cassidy passed her, Miranda pulled herself together and stepped into the kitchen. She eyed the abandoned phone for a few seconds, before reaching for it with a trembling hand.

She pressed the redial button and slowly lifted the phone to her ear. After five rings, she was about to hang up, when the voicemail picked up and her worst suspicion was proved true when she heard the way too familiar voice on the other end.

"Hello. You've reached Andy Sachs. I'm not available right now, so please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."