For my stories, Harvey's birthday is in September and Lloyd's is in March. This takes place in October, and the year is not set. Even though the show came out in the nineties, and the books were before that, all of my stories are in modern times, with no set dates.


It was early afternoon and time for the Headmaster to browse the shops at the Mall, in search of a new desk for his office at home. He had spent the morning drawing up the first drafts of his 'Master Plan' to take over the country, then the world, as the ultimate Leader, which meant that his plans for shopping had been pushed back to after Lunch.

Per usual, the Headmaster had only eaten a small portion of food for Lunch, as he didn't need a lot of nutrients to keep himself going throughout the day.

When he was ready, the Headmaster departed from his home and made his way to the Mall.

Striding through the doors, the Headmaster towered over the majority of the shoppers, satisfied that he was intimidating them, judging by the wary looks that he was being sent, as well as people in front of him scuttling out of the way.

As he approached the first shop he needed, the Headmaster spotted a group of pupils from his school. The five of them were perfectly in synch and utterly silent. Smirking to himself at the sight of his hypnotised pupils, the Headmaster nodded at them as they passed, before turning to enter the shop.

As he turned, the Headmaster suddenly stumbled forwards as something from behind knocked into him. Managing to regain his balance, the Headmaster whirled round, eyes narrowing as he saw that a person had bumped into him.

And to top it all off, the person was small.

The young child, the Headmaster guessed that he was a toddler, possessed curly red hair and was dressed in a pair of dark denim overalls, with a striped t-shirt underneath and had on a pair of blue trainers.

The toddler stared up at him, and to the Headmaster's astonishment, the child abruptly narrowed his eyes and drew back his right leg.

The Headmaster doubled over as the toddler delivered a solid kick to his left kneecap, rendering him utterly speechless.

As he panted and attempted to straighten himself up, there was a shout from behind the toddler;


A woman, in her late twenties with cropped dark hair and wearing a baggy jumper and jeans, raced over in her trainers, her arms occupied with both a full bag of shopping and a baby.

She came up beside the toddler and scowled down at him, snapping: "Lloyd! Apologise to this gentleman! RIGHT NOW!"

The boy, Lloyd, glowered up at the Headmaster, before turning to his mother and whining in a petulant tone:

"But Mummy! That man is EVIL!"

"Don't be ridiculous! Now, apologise! Or we're not going to the Disney Store!"

At once, Lloyd's eyes widened and he returned his gaze onto the old man before him. Clearly not happy at apologising, he mumbled:

"Sorry…. Mr. Man. Hope your knee's okay."

"Good boy." The woman's expression softened as she smiled at the child. As Lloyd smiled back, the woman's gaze snapped up to rest on the Headmaster's concealed eyes. Hastily positioning the baby so that the child was balanced on her hip, the woman said:

"I am so sorry, Sir! Lloyd is never usually like this, he's normally so well-mannered and polite, though he can be a bit hot-headed, I guess. Is your knee alright?"

The Headmaster blinked at the sudden gush of the words, then forced himself to smile as he responded:

"Quite well, thank you. I presume, these are your children?"

The woman beamed. "Yes, this one is Lloyd." She gestured to the red-headed toddler. "He's four in a few months."

Suddenly, the baby on her hip gurgled. "Ma-Ma! Ma-Ma!"

The woman chuckled and cooed to the baby; "Yes, Harvey. Ma-Ma's here." Addressing the Headmaster once again, she said: "And this is Harvey, he celebrated his first birthday last month."

The Headmaster's smile widened painfully, as he extended a spindly finger towards the baby, who was chubby in both face and body, had a small tuft of fair hair spouting out of his head and was dressed in a onesie decorated with cows.

"Hullo… Harvey."

Shuddering internally at the two awful names, the Headmaster promptly released a yelp as his extended finger was bitten by the one year old. Cradling the finger to his chest, the Headmaster bit back the lecture and smiled through the pain as the woman fretted.

"Oh, Sir! Are you alright?! I am so sorry! I have no idea what has gotten into my children today!"

Once the Headmaster had assured the woman that he was fine, she directed her gaze onto her baby son. Waggling her finger in front of him, she said sharply:

"No bite-bite, Harvey!"

"Bite-Bite, Har-E!"

Setting the heavy shopping bag down, the woman ruffled her baby son's tuft of fair hair, then spoke to the Headmaster.

"Lately, he's been trying to eat everything. He's never been fussy, unlike Lloyd."

"Indeed." The Headmaster drawled. "May I ask you, your name?"

"Oh! Yes, I should introduce myself… Erm…."

Hauling Harvey up higher, she extended her free hand and chirped: "Teresa Hunter. Pleasure to meet you, Mr….?"

"Mrs Hunter, I am the Headmaster of St Champions. It is a… pleasure to meet you too."

As they shook hands, Teresa gushed: "Oh, wow! I've heard about St Champions around the neighbourhood, it sounds like a fantastic school!"

The Headmaster retracted his hand, dismissing the urge to wipe away the germs and puffed his chest out. "Indeed, it is."

Mrs Hunter beamed cheerily. "You know, that's the kind of school I would like for my boys to go too, when they're old enough."

At this, the Headmaster's false smile melted away, only to be replaced with a shark-like grin.

"Oh, really? Well, I would be delighted to have your children at my school."

'The more influx of children I receive, the more I can use in my new regime.'

Teresa's face lit up. "I'm glad you feel that way! Obviously, it wouldn't be for a few years or so, but I appreciate the thought, I- Yes, Lloyd?"

Tugging at her jeans, was her three year old son. "Mummy, I want to hold Harvey!"

Mrs Hunter shook her head sadly. "Oh, I'm sorry honey, but you're not big enough to hold your little brother at the moment. Maybe in a few months, ok?"

Wrenching his hand free, Lloyd stamped his foot and pointed a finger at Harvey.

"But it's my duty to look after my brother!"

"Aww, aren't you mature?" Mrs Hunter cooed. The Headmaster forced the bile down his throat. "Tell you what, you can hold Harvey when I feed him his bottle later. How does that sound?"

Lloyd grinned. "Cool!" Suddenly, he glared at the Headmaster and said: "Mummy, can I go and look at the Halloween stuff?!"

"Not yet, sweetie. Mummy has to go and look for a new pram for Harvey." Teresa cooed down to her eldest son, then addressed the Headmaster again. "Before Lloyd disturbed you, we were about to go into this shop. The pram that Harvey was using got all sticky, so we have to buy a new one. Are you going in here as well?"

"Oh, yes. I am browsing for a new desk to replace the old one at my house… And pray, how did the old pram get sticky?"

Mrs Hunter huffed and bent down to pick up the shopping bag. "Well, as well as eating everything, Harvey here is a very messy eater. Aren't you, baby?"

She nuzzled into Harvey's neck, the baby shrieking with laughter. The Headmaster winced at the loud noise, then quickly moved aside as Lloyd barrelled forwards into the shop.

Teresa stopped nuzzling her baby and sighed. "Oh, Lloyd!" Frustrated, she muttered: "Why did you have to act up today, of all days?!"

Sighing again, she said to the Headmaster; "Do you mind if I tag along with you? It would be nice to get a second opinion."

Although he would rather be struck in the knee again, the Headmaster could only give in to a reasonable request.

"Certainly… Shall I take your shopping for you?"

"Oh, would you? What a gentleman you are." Mrs Hunter handed the bag over to the Headmaster, then entered the shop, babbling to her baby as she went.

As soon as the bag was in his grip, the Headmaster nearly fell flat on his face. The bag was so HEAVY! He had no idea how she had been able to carry both the bag and a thirteenth month old baby, without breaking a sweat.

"Headmaster? Are you coming?"

Bristling, the man hurried into the shop and over to Mrs Hunter, hefting the shopping bag with all of his strength.

As the adults talked about St Champions, its reputation and what it could offer the Hunter children, Lloyd was in the middle of entertaining his little brother. Even though their mother was holding Harvey, the thirteen month old had twisted himself round so that his chest was pressed into his mother's shoulder and his face was peering over so that he could see Lloyd.

The three year old grinned and exclaimed: "Hey, Harvey! Who am I?" He thrust a finger at himself and grinned even more, as Harvey suddenly gurgled:

"Llo! Llo!"

"That's right! I'm Llo! Good baby! Clever boy!"

Harvey gurgled in delight and Lloyd felt pride well up in his chest. However, all of that changed when Harvey screwed his face up, and a waft of something unpleasant swiftly spread around the area.

Whilst the Headmaster proceeded to gag, as Harvey's backside was aimed in his direction, Lloyd wrinkled his nose and shouted:


Mrs Hunter tittered and cooed to her youngest: "Who's a stinky boy?"

As Harvey shoved his thumb into his mouth and sucked happily, Mrs Hunter said to the Headmaster: "My handbag's in the shopping bag. Do you mind?"

"Not at all." The Headmaster blustered amidst the devastating smell.

He went to pass over the shopping bag, when suddenly, there was a commotion nearby.

Lloyd, having spotted something, raced off, causing his mother to whip her head round and scream after him. As everyone in the shop turned to look, Mrs Hunter panicked and faced the Headmaster.

Passing Harvey over, she cried: "I won't be long! I need to catch Lloyd before anything happens! Please look after my baby!"

The Headmaster grappled to get a hold on the baby, and only when he had, did he speak.

"W-Wait, Mrs Hunter! I do not know anything about looking after c-children!"

"Of course you do!" Teresa snorted, as she headed towards the exit. "You're a Headmaster!"

Soon enough, she was gone, and the Headmaster was left, literally, holding the baby.