Set during the climax of series one, episode three.


SPLAT huddled together, the forgotten fuse box hanging behind them, the wires hastily shoved back in. The six of them were faced with the Headmaster and the majority of the entire school, and SPLAT understood that there was no escaping from their fate.

But it didn't mean that they had to stand there and TAKE IT….

As Ingrid started up a chant about why the Headmaster SUCKED, Harvey prepared his own brand of insults. Upon selecting one in his mind, Harvey cried:

"You're so old, you walked into an antique shop and THEY SOLD YOU!"

As Ian burst out laughing, Ingrid stopping her chant to follow suit, the Headmaster's nostrils flared. Straightening himself up fully, the Headmaster snarled:

"Really?! Well, I have some information for you, Mr Hunter! When YOU were a baby, I was forced to change your nappy in a public changing area!"

Instantly, Ian and Ingrid fell silent, Harvey himself slowly turning beetroot. Jeff clutched his sides as he barked with cruel laughter, and the rest of the gathering behind the Headmaster chuckled as he raised his hand.

Whilst his friends turned to look at him in horror, Harvey's face suddenly drained of all colour as he lifted his index finger up to shoulder height and whispered:

"Excuse me."

Before fainting in front of everyone.