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Chapter Fourteen: Opulence in Darkness

"Touch me (touch me)
I wanna feel you on my body
Put your hands on me

Come on and love me
You wanna get it boy
I'll give it to the count of three
Hold me closer
Don't wanna take it slow
I wanna go somewhere where we can be alone

Touch me (touch me)
I wanna feel you on my body
Put your hands on me"

-"Touch Me" by Katherine McPhee from SMASH


Upon leaving the VIP Lounge, Malice turned around to see Jonny coming across the way.

"Jonny!" She beamed, walking over and hugging him. "What a surprise! It feels like it's been forever."

"I know." He hugged her tightly, taking advantage of Joker not breathing down their necks. "How are you doing?" Jonny asked as he pulled away, his hands on Malice's shoulders.

"I'm having such an awesome time! Ask J to let you hit the dance floor."

Jonny chuckled. "Ha, I doubt it. Except for I mean are you ok? You know, after what happened."

"Oh." Malice's smile disappeared, seeing the sadness in his brown eyes.

"I don't think any less of you, Malice, and it broke my heart to deliver the news. I can tell you right now it was the same when I told Joker and Harley. She got teary eyed and he punched a huge hole in the wall."


Harley was different, she was capable of kindness, but this was the freaking Joker that was being discussed. This had to have meant that he genuinely cared for her like he said, that he wasn't lying, right?

"Yep. Given the chance, we all would have killed him for you, but you did the right thing. I'm glad that you can move forward now."

Malice nodded. "Yes, so am I. Thank you again." She hugged him one more time before leaving. "I'll catch you later!"

Even though it was inevitable, Jonny was well aware that Malice was officially polyamorous with Joker and Harley. Quite frankly, it killed him to see. Why, why couldn't things have been different for them? Hanging his head down, he walked off in the opposite direction.

Malice waited until Jonny was gone and ran outside to the balcony, the cold October air hitting her skin, which was much needed from the sweat she had broken out in.

The kill was still too fresh, she couldn't stop replaying it in her mind. Growing up, Angelique always wanted a sibling, to have learned that she had one but that he was the reason her life was destroyed, she didn't know how to process it.


She turned around and smiled at the voice behind her. "Heyya."

"She's 12 now, straight A honor student, certainly better than I did in school."

Malice smiled, looking at a picture of Zoe, Floyd "Deadshot" Lawson's daughter. "She's so cute, looks just like you." He had gone outside for a smoke when he found Gotham's soon to be princess on the balcony, and twenty minutes later they were back inside talking.

"Thanks. I miss her like crazy. Her mom started dating this douchebag Darnell, and he's swept in, raising my kid and acting like she's his own." Deadshot shook his head in shame. "There's days where I feel like I've really let her down. I mean, I wouldn't take the money back for anything, but why couldn't I have been a regular 9 to 5 schomoe? Maybe things would have been different."

"Hey," Malice leaned in closer, stroking his arm, her words slurring slightly. "don't-don't think like that, man! Ever. I swear, you are such a good dad. Look how much you care for her. It could be worse, dude! My dad sold me off to the highest bidder who then turned around and shipped me to that hellhole Arkham. This is my father I'm talking about, not my daddy. Daddy would never do that to me, at least I don't think he would..."

Deadshot nodded. "Do you ever miss them?"

"I mean, I don't know. Sometimes? Maybe?" She looked up at the assassin, her eyes already tearing. "I am soooo fucked up, Deadshot. My own brother raped me and I've fallen for a clown! Not just any clown, the most infamous clown in Gotham if not the world!" Malice threw her head back, simultaneously laughing and crying. "Wow, I sound like I should be on Jerry Springer or something!" She wiped her tears, still giggling. "Can you kill them for me, buddy?"

He heavily sighed, shaking his head and put his hand on her shoulder. "Listen, kiddo. We're all a bit fucked up in one way or another. Just know that you have a lot of people in your life now that care a great deal. You're not alone anymore."

She nodded, wiping her tears again. "Thank you." Malice wrapped her arms around him in a hug, which he returned without hesitation.

"I know." Deadshot rubbed circles on her back. "It's ok."

Joker walked out of the lounge to see Malice and Deadshot looking rather cozy. What was going on?


They looked over to see the King of Gotham himself, Malice taking a step back.

"Oh, hey, you."

"J, what's up?" Deadshot walked over, extending his hand out.

"Breaking necks and cracking skulls." He gave the assassin a bone crushing handshake. "Beat it. NOW." Joker hissed under his breath, to which Deadshot nodded.

"I get the drill, man." He turned around and waved at Malice on his way out. "Later, Mal. Take it easy, ok? Listen to some Phil Jackson."

Malice laughed with a sniffle. "Ha, you've got it, Floyd."

Joker watched her the whole time, waiting to speak once Deadshot was gone. "What was that?"

She cocked her head to the side. "What was what, J?"

"Have you been crying?"

"What?" Malice snorted, wiping her eyes. "No, I'm not crying, you fag." She looked at herself in the hallway mirror, trying to wipe away her mascara streaks. "I was outside, it's cold out, ya know." She smoothed her hair out. "Man, you really fucked up my hair, and after-"

Joker shoved her up against the mirror and leaned into her ear. "You're quite a sassy little bitch, ya know that?"

Malice was surprised by his movements, but she found herself smirking. "Of course I do. That's how you made me. Is it turning you on?" Her hand reached back to the front of his pants. "All signs point to yes."

His hands traveled down the front of her dress, grabbing her breasts before she heard him unzipping his pants . "Oh, yeah. Especially now that I know you're sans panties. That really got Frankie going, but I know it's making me hotter."

She looked over as he shoved his pants to the floor, giggling when she saw his purple silk boxers. "Those are too cute, J."

"Well, what I'm about to do won't be so cute."

Just as he was about to pull his aching member through the hole of his boxers, Malice perked up when she heard a familiar techno/electric guitar tune and squealed.

"It's our song, JoJo!"

"What song?" Joker asked as he pulled away.

"The one I told you about the other night. Come on!" Malice grabbed him by the hand, he was barely able to pull his pants up as she zipped down the stairs and onto the dance floor. The neon lights were still flashing and the music mingled with the sounds of the jungle.

Harley smiled as she walked up to them. "I'm so glad you heard the song! It took forever to find!" She shouted over the music.

"Dude, Harley Quinn, I friggin love you!"

They threw their arms around each other in a neck hug.

"I love you!"

Malice pulled back and made Joker's mouth fly open as she kissed Harley on the lips. Everybody around them hooted and whistled, Joker's eyes widening and his cock further hardening.

The girls separated with a giggle.

"I'll leave you two to it. Bye, Pudd."

Harley gave him a kiss before leaving, Malice grabbing his hands to the beats of the music.

"Come stand a little bit closer

Breath in and get a bit higher

You'll never know what hit you

When I get to you"

"What is this?!" He shouted.

"Savage Garden, aka the Australian version of Simon and Garfunkel!" She shook her hips back and forth in a downwards motion as the song led into the chorus. "I know you know how to dance, so bring it on, PapĂ­."

Malice giggled at where that had come from. "Just no cock pounding. It's such a cliche dude move."

The Joker smirked. "Oh, honey, when my cock pounds you, you'll be pleading with me for more."

"Ha, we'll see about that."

He wasted no time, grabbing her hand and twirling her in every which way, surprising her with his moves.

"Ooh, I want you

I don't know if I need you

But, ooh, I'd die to find out

Ooh, I want you

I don't know if I need you

But, ooh, I'd die to find out"

Her leg in between his and wrapping around the back of his knee, her being dipped, her head rolling seductively before leaning back up again, every twist and turn, executing the perfect salsa. The floor was cleared and all eyes were on them, while Malice and Joker only had eyes for each other. They could feel their attraction and tension growing by each step, it was beyond electric. Her wild hair, how their bodies were pressed up against the other, it was absolutely sex on fire.

By the time the song finished, they were panting heavily, more from the heat of their lust than the dance itself. They just stared, blue green into lilac blue, not noticing "Tonight I'm Fucking You" by Enrique Iglesias was playing. These two had waited long enough, all the ducks were in a row and every stone was turned over, especially with Harley. The time was now.

"Here's the situation, been to every nation

Nobody's ever made me feel the way that you do

You know my motivation, given my reputation

Please excuse me, I don't mean to be rude

But tonight I'm fuckin' you"

Oh, you know that tonight I'm fuckin' you"

"You wanna get outta here?" Joker asked, to which Malice nodded.

"Oh, hell yes."

Taking her by the hand, he led her off the dance floor.

"Wow, what a view."

Malice looked out into the city from their spot by the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the bright lights shining.

"I found it with my dad when I was a kid, and no matter what, I've always come back."

"How come you never talk about your family, J?"

Joker shrugged, even though she couldn't see him. "I just don't, baby."

Joker leaned back on his car watching Malice, her hair blowing in the breeze, eyeing her body up and down and up again, remembering how she felt against him when they were dancing. Their incredibly sensual dance...

"Very secluded and beautiful."

"Yeah? You're beautiful, too."

He roughly turned her around by the shoulders, his hands on her face, smashing his lips on hers. She hadn't even heard him walk up, but she certainly didn't mind.

Joker slightly dipped her face, having a death grip on her cheeks, his tongue probing even deeper into her mouth, devouring it. Malice's eyes widened and she groaned, gently shoving him back.

"Whoa! How'd you like what I had for breakfast last week?"

"What?" His knuckles graced her cheek, that infamous smirk on his face. "You getting shy on me now, pumpkin? I've already seen you naked."

She shook her head. "No, that's not it. If only you knew."

"Knew what?"

Malice began stroking his Jester tattoo, looking into those hypnotically deranged eyes, not wanting to hold back.

"Whenever I think about you, all I see is fire. You're irresistible, Joker. All I can imagine of is the feel of our bodies as one, your lips on every inch of my skin, the lightest touch from your fingers sending sparks throughout me."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

He leaned in to kiss her again, only for her hand to stop his lips.

"I'm not done yet."

Joker jerked his head back and practically roared, making the ground shake.

"What else could you possibly have to say?! Malice," he grabbed her face, his fingernails digging into the skin behind her ears. "I'm about ready to pop. If it doesn't happen soon, I could die."

She chuckled. "Oh, my gosh. You are so melodramatic, J! Haven't you ever heard that patience is a virtue?"

That statement earned her a harsh slap across the face and being slammed into the Lamborghini.

"You talk," he started making talking motions with his hands. " and it's blah blah blah blah. I'd like to see you talk with my dick in your mouth."

"Thank you for that lovely yet immature speech. If you would have shut the fuck up, I was about to finish."

Without warning, Malice kicked Joker in the ankle, sending him to the ground with Malice now on top of him.

"What the motherfucking hell?! You little-"

She smacked his hand over his mouth.

"I'm not done talking! Are you going to shut up and listen?"

He nodded, to which she grabbed his hand and helped him up. Malice took a deep breath before resuming.

"Ever since that night years ago, I had been traumatized but it's odd. I want it. To have a man force and take charge, the rush of some hot body against me. Honestly, since breaking out of Arkham, there's nobody else that's more fitting."

She blinked slowly as she looked up at him, ready to finally break free from the confinements of her past. "Joker, please take me. Make me forget about all this tragedy and move forward. Open me up to pleasures beyond my imagination, make me feel what you've made all the others before me feel. Touch me, ravage me, but don't forget to make it hurt."

There no longer needed to be any words between them, the repressed lust would now emerge and act as their language. Joker put his hands back on Malice's face, their lips connecting slowly before things heated up.

His kiss continued to further possess her and there's not a single thing she wouldn't do for him. He had resurrected her true self from the confines of her parents and discarded all shame. Strength was for the lonely, her mind in that moment becoming vapid and docile, succumbing to the power of his lips as her soul was sucked out of her body.

Pushing her back on the hood of the purple Lamborghini, he dove underneath her dress, smiling to himself about her lack of panties, Frankie would kill to be in his position now. Malice gasped over the feel of his metal grill and skilled tongue invading her fortress, devouring her wholly. Joker's hands slid up her quaking body, nothing stopping his feast. Her taste enticed him to keep going, making the flickering of his tongue and the nibbles of his teeth incredibly precise, until all of Gotham heard her cries of pleasure.


"Nobody has ever done that to me before, Joker. Wow, you're something else... you're a freaking god!" Malice jumped up in his arms, ferociously kissing her clown king, for if she didn't she would surely die. The taste of metal and scotch, the touch of his hands, it all had her on top of the world, out of her mind without a care for anything or anybody.

"That's right, and don't you forget it." Joker threw her on the bed, towering over as he looked down on her. "Oh, my precious, beautiful, perfect little girl. You're about to make Daddy very very happy."

Unable to wait any longer, Joker pulled Malice to her feet and grabbed the biggest knife in his collection, gliding the outside delicately across her skin before slashing the dress in every which way, the material falling to the floor.

Malice resisted the urge to gasp and cover herself, thus was how she was meant to appear before her king. Stepping forward, she took the knife out of his hand and threw it into the wall, ripping the shirt off his back, revealing his exquisite canvas of stark white skin, unique tattoos and rock hard abs.

With that wicked smirk on his face, Joker pushed her back on the bed, unbuckling his pants and shoving them to the floor.

Standing above her in his God like hubris, he kissed her ankles and parted her heavenly thighs, nipping the tender flesh of her youthful neck as he slid inside her tightness.

Most girls would have flinched from the pain of such an impressive length, but all Malice did was grab his face, kissing Joker heatedly and rolling him on his back so she could be on top. This didn't last for long as he flung her over pounded into her.

"Oh, yeah! Joker, do me harder. I said make it hurt!"

It was all so raw and animalistic, knowing she'd be scratched up and bruised in the morning, the rough pounds of his body into hers, the way his clown cock was perfectly fitted for her.

Clutching onto his back, it wasn't even painful... not in an agonizing way, it was painful in the most delicious way imaginable. It was everything she had ever wanted and she could do this for the rest of her life. She only wanted him, not Rick Flag or Bruce, just her Joker.

"Baby, I'm gonna fuck you into the moon and back. Ya hear me, princess?"

She nodded. "Of course, and I want you to do that. Joker, I-I..."

"Yeah?" He looked down, his arms on either side of hers as he pumped away. "What is it?"

Malice wiped the innocence off her face when she realized what she was about to say, and raised an eyebrow with a smirk, providing herself with the perfect save. "I'm not going to say it, not until you do."

"ARGH!" Joker growled and smacked her across the face, leaning her over the bed and grabbing her by the hips as he stood up, thrusting deeper, smiling at her moans and screams, ultimately resulting in their climax. It had taken a long time for him to tell Harley that he loved her, Malice hadn't earned it yet... or had she?

Malice woke up and looked at the Darkwing Duck clock on Joker's nightstand, which made her smile. For as menacing and sexy as he was, Joker still had a childlike quality to him.

They had been passed out for at least 3 hours, the room was pitch black, one of the downsides of being underground. Malice tried to get up, only for Joker's hold on her to tighten.

"You're not going anywhere until I say... so..." he murmured in his sleep.

"I need to brush my teeth. I'll be right back." Prying his hands off of her, she threw on his shirt and got up, buttoning it as she made her way to the bathroom.

"Hurry back or I'll make you pay." Joker once again mumbled before falling back asleep.

Turning on the light, Malice gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She still looked the same but somehow felt different. This wasn't a horrific experience, it had been replaced by one of more substance and emotion, she actually felt more connected to Joker after this. Malice smiled to herself and started brushing her teeth. Perhaps there was some opulence in their darkness after all...


"What else is there that we could possibly do?" Naomi asked. She was sitting at a table with both Bradfords, Bruce and Commissioner Gordon in Bruce's den. They were strategizing on ways to find Angelique.

Ever since it was announced on the news about Alberto's death, Naomi had been even more distraught. She hadn't seen him in years, but now her only two children were gone (one confirmed dead and one presumably dead) and the pain was unbearable.

All Commissioner Gordon did was shrug. "I honestly have no idea. We've exhausted every resource, she's pretty much vanished without a trace, yet no bodies have turned up yet."

"Which means there's still hope." Naomi said.

"Master Wayne, Master Flag is here."

Bruce nodded. "Send him on in."

They watched as a tall and fit man with buzzed brown hair and brown eyes walked in.

"Mr. Flag, welcome. I'm Bruce Wayne." Bruce walked forward, shaking his hand.

"Nice to finally meet you." Rick said. "No need for formalities, feel free to call me Rick." He looked over at Bradford II. "Hello, sir. It's been a while."

"Hi, Rick. Thanks for coming." Brad stood up, shaking his hand, giving a subtle smile.

"Of course." Rick said, patting him on the arm. "She's a good kid, she needs to come back home and I'd like to help. My sister is very distressed over this. Angelique means a great deal to her."

Having been in the army and now being a Special Forces government agent, Rick had really gained the respect of Bradford, who had also been an army man for a brief time. At one point, he had pondered about inquiring a marriage arrangement for Rick and Angelique from Rick Flag Sr., but his son had already arranged a marriage for her with Bruce Wayne.

"Oh, and Master Wayne, this arrived for you earlier today." Alfred handed Bruce a thick Manila envelope with no address label. "Don't worry." He whispered under his breath. "I checked it in the lab, its copacetic."

Bruce nodded. "Thank you, Alfred."

He opened the envelope and shook out what appeared to be a DVD burn disc in a plastic case.

Wonder what this could be. He thought to himself as he popped in the DVD.

The Joker appeared, wearing a purple shirt and black pants with a shimmering silver blazer, gold chains around his neck and gold rings decorated his fingers. "Hell-llo, Brucey and Godric family." he slurred, rolling his words. "I need no introduction, for I am The Joker, Clown King of Gotham!" He snickered as Bruce rolled his eyes.

"Always the humble one." Commissioner Gordon said.

"Now now, I've been hearing a lot lately about your Angelique Godric, heiress to the carwashing fortune! Forced into a loveless marriage arrangement and then thrown in with the psychopathic animals of Arkham!" Joker glared into the camera, intimidation and rage on his face. "That was the last place she needed to be. Violated, tortured and nearly raped is what happened to her in there while you all went about your lives of luxury!"

"What?" Naomi started tearing up and looked at her husband, smacking him across the face. "You did this! I told you not to send her there!"

"ME?!" Brad shouted. "Don't you dare put the blame on me, it was your idea every bit as it was mine!"

"Stop!" Bruce instructed, resuming the video.

"Luckily, after starting some chaos of my own, I got her out just in the nick of time. She's alive."

Naomi put her hand to her heart. "She's alive! Thank goodness!"

"But..." Joker's face broke out into that infamous smirk and his eyes narrowed. Bruce had seen this look before in person, and he knew that something bad was about to transpire.

"Your little precious ain't an angel no more."

What the video cut to next made Naomi loudly gasp and cover her mouth. They saw a naked girl moaning, her long hair covering her breasts, riding The Joker, his hands on her hips.

"Ahhh, Joker!"

"Oh, yeah, baby! That's it, ride Daddy's cock, take it all!" He laughed manically, smacking her ass and grinding her on him harder, her eyes rolling as she grabbed onto his arms to steady herself. "That's Daddy's good little girl."

"Fuck me harder, Daddy! You're so good."

"Don't worry, princess. Daddy ain't never gonna stop fucking you."

Joker yanked her down and gave her a searing kiss before she continued riding him. He looked behind him at the camera and smirked.

"Hope you enjoyed the show!" He laughed his famous sinister laughter before the screen went fuzzy.

Naomi fainted in her husband's arms and had to be laid down on the couch. Alfred and Commissioner Gordon looked away while Bruce and Rick were simply in shock, the billionaire stammering.

"H-h-h how?! How the hell did she get affiliated with the scum of the earth?"

"W-Wait a second," Rick cleared his throat and held his hand out in a pause, trying to rid his mind of what he just witnessed. "How do we know it's really her? She doesn't even look the same."

"It's her." Brad I spoke up. "I'd recognize her anywhere."

Commissioner Gordon was gobsmacked, not knowing what to say at this uncomfortable moment, only the truth. "She's with the Joker, he always manages to escape wherever we throw him in. We could sentence him to the moon and he'd find a way back to Earth."

Brad looked over at Bruce. "There has to be something that can be done, both of you. Please. We can't have what happened to Dr. Harleen Quinzel happen to Angelique."

Bruce just shook his head. He had let himself down, he had let the Godric family down, but most importantly, he had really let Angelique down. "It's too late, Brad. The Joker's gotten to her. We've taken back Harley Quinn and tried to sway her to the good side, but she was too far gone and now so is Angelique. With him, she'd be better off dead."

All Grandpa Godric could do was bow his head in shame.

I should never have let them take her back.