Author: Stacey Mclean

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the wonderful show That 70' Show! But I do own Justin Fox and Stacey Foreman.

Spoilers: set during and after the episode where the gang throw a 'Find A Girlfriend' Party for Hyde!

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"Hyde wait" Stacey Forman called running after him out of the basement. Stacey was Eric's twin sister (not identical thank god!)

"No Stace" Hyde called stopping and looking at her "God, who the hell do you all think you are?" he asked "maybe I'm happy with out a girlfriend"

"We thought we were helping" She told him

"Helping with what?" he asked "you don't get it do you? I don't want a girlfriend, I don't need the trouble you guys bring" he said sitting on the bonnet of Eric's Vista Cruiser. Stacey sat beside him.

"if you get a girlfriend, I know you probably think she'll walk out on you like your mom did to you, or she'll cheat on you like your dad did to your mom, but your gonna have to realise that not everyone is like your mom and dad, and the sooner you figure that out the better" Stacey told him jumping off the Vista Cruiser and walking back down in to the garage.

Hyde hated that she knew him way to well. They had been friends going on 10 years so it was no surprise that she knew him. He sat on the bonnet of the car and realized she was right, although there was more to it than that, he didn't want any random girl, or any girl that was at that party, he wanted someone he trusted, someone who knew him, someone who knew how to make him laugh (which was a challenge as he was Hyde). He jumped off the car and walked back in to the basement.