Stacey stood on the porch starring up at the stars, the sky was so clear, you could see every little star sparkle, the moon was full and lit up the sky like a huge fire fly.

the gang had gone to buy Hyde's 'get away' car as she was calling it a few hours ago and she guessed he was just going to get his things then leave.

He's running away, he was running away from me. He's scared of getting hurt or hurting me so he's running away from it. He's following in his moms and dads footsteps, when things get hard they bail, and that's what he's doing. He never actually wanted me, he wanted comfort, that's all I was a one night stand. She closed her eyes and sighed loudly. Stop it you idiot, get over it. She told herself. He's going, he's probably gone already.

She knew he hadn't heard her last night when she told him he loved her. She wanted to tell him, something told her that if she did tell him that maybe he would stay, but then again maybe he wouldn't and if he did stay she would feel like she had stopped him from doing something he wanted to do. That would be selfish and unfair to both of them.

Hyde packed his things in to the duffle bag that he had under his bed. Donna, Eric, Kelso, Jackie and Fez were all stood in his living room talking, he couldn't really hear what they were saying just the muffled mumbles.

I should just tell her. He told himself. Tell her then let her decide what she wants, she can come with me. But it'd be wrong to put her in that situation. She has a future set out for her, she has a future, she's gonna go on to college and marry a lawyer or something and have gorgeous kids that grow up in a white picket fence house, in L.A or somewhere like that. Her big shot husband will come home from a business trip with presents for them all and kiss her like she has never been kissed before, I can't hold her back from all that, it wouldn't be fair. He shook off the thought and continued to pack. He walked out of the room with his bag ready to leave.

They all turned around and starred at him.

"I'm off" he said, never was one for long goodbyes. He walked outside to the car he had just bought a $800 banger, it wasn't a passion wagon but it would get him to wherever it was he was going.

They all hugged him goodbye, he got in to the car turned on the ignition looked up at them all once more saying a silent goodbye then he drove away.

Stacey was still starring at the stars when Eric came out of the back door.

"so he's gone then?" she said not taking her attention from the stars.

"bout 20 minutes ago" he told her. They stood in silence, Eric figured she wanted to be alone so he went back inside.

One tear dropped from her eyes "bye Hyde" she whispered into the night.