Miminfifi helped quite a lot with this story (as she does with most) and it's 6 in the COTR series, if I remember correctly.


~Earlier that night~

"What the hell do you mean, you lost it!?" Black Mask screamed through the phone "How could you lose an entire shipment to just one kid!? He's a child and you're an idiot!" He continued "Find the damn brat and bring him to me, got it? Or he won't be the only one dead!" He angrily slammed the phone down "This could be a great oppprtunity to complete that offer" He muttered to himself "But not without punishing the kid first first"


As another one of the untrained thugs threw another punch, Robin evaded masterfully, using his boa staff to knock him out. "You should've learnt by now" Another thug dropped to the floor, after Tim punched him out "I'm just too good for you" He stared at all the unconscious men laying about on the ground.

"But not for me" A deep, familiar voice called out.

Tim spun around to face the speaker "Slade, how's the whole apprentice thing going for you?"

"I'm doing just fine on my own" Deathstroke growled in response.

"Clearly not helping your anger issues much" Robin muttered, only just loud enough for Slade to hear.

"If you think I have anger issues, you're in for a surprise" He smiled under the mask "You'll wish that I was the one that had you"

"If you can even capture me" Tim challenged.

'Children, always so obnoxious. I got enough disrespect from the previous two Robins' Slade thought in annoyance and followed the agile boy.

After a lengthy chase through the docks, Deathstroke lost his patient and pulled his gun out. Robin jumped off a red crate and Slade fired two shots from atop a Queen Industries container. The first in the leg to incapacitate him, the second reaching it's mark in his shoulder to teach the irritating boy a lesson.

Slade slowly made his way to Tim who was still trying to limp away "Caught you" He said mockingly, grabbed Tim's cape and pulled him to the ground, kicked him in the head and started driving to his employer.


Deathstroke dragged an angry Robin into the Sionis Steel Mill.

"Now stay here, like a good little bird" Slade instructed, in a taunting tone.

Tim only made a small growl as he watched the cruel mercenary walk off 'Jerk' Was the only suitable word he could think of to describe Deathstroke. He heard the faintest sound of clicking, which grew louder with each passing second. He subconciously pushed himself up against a wall, fearing the worst and tried to unknot his bonds.

A dark chuckle resonated through the room "How did a little runt like you manage to take out almost all of my best guys and stop a whole shipment of goods from getting to me?"

"You underestimate me" Robin spoke, his genuine offence showing.

"Not so much that I didn't manage to get you"

"Actually, Deathstroke did that, not you"

"But I knew to hire him for the job" Black Mask defended, his cruel eyes locking with Tim's hidden ones.

"Ok, yeah, you've got a point there"

The clicking noise resumed. It was from a lighter.

'Oh crap' Was the only coherent thought running through Tim's head.

As it got closer and closer to him, he could feel the heat of the flames that were so eager to hurt him. He let out a small whimper as it reached his face.

"Don't like fire, eh?" Black Mask taunted as he lit a small piece of his hair on fire, leaving it burning for a short while before putting it out.

"I can already tell I don't like you" Tim replied defiantly.

"Same here, kid"

He flicked the lighter back on and put it up against Robin's cheek causing a burn mark to slowly appear. Tim's eyes started to water at the extreme heat and he wondered how much longer it would last.

"I thought you were the I'll-gut-you kind of guy"

"I am, unless you destroy an entire boat load of weapons, then I'll have my fun"

'Wonder when Bruce will notice I'm gone, if only I could reach the distress button'

Tim sat there quietly, waiting for Black Mask to lose his awfully short patience and pull the lighter away, but he had no such luck. The flame kept burning him until a tear unwillingly slipped beneath the mask, cooling the scorch mark, somewhat, while Roman laughed and the heat died down.

"How many tears are hiding behind that mask of yours?" He wondered aloud.

"What's it to you?"

"Just a question of interest"

"One you won't get an answer to"

"Oh really?" He lifted the flame up beside the curve of the mask.

It was way too close for Tim's liking and all he could think about was how much longer he would have to endure.


Bruce was down in the batcave, waiting for Tim to return. He should've been back twenty minutes ago. He was very rarely late and definitely never this late. Bruce quickly activated his comm.


No response.

"Robin, are you there?" The worry began to rise, when, again, there was no response.

He shut the communicator off, knowing it was no use and used the signal from Tim's belt to track him.

"Sionis Steel Mill?" Bruce whispered to himself "But that means" His eyes went wide "Black Mask has him"

He quickly changed into his night outfit and pulled the cowl up, eyes narrowed in anger, with a hint of worry behind the lenses.

"Hold on Tim, I won't let you down" He promised as he started the batmobile's engine up.