Black Mask had swapped the lighter for a match, so the flame was easier to move about.

Tim let out another whimper when the intense heat travelled along his arm, leaving a large burn mark.

"Aww, is the heat getting to you?" Roman faked concern.

"It was just one shipment, you probably have tons!" Robin yelled out in defiance, a few more tears escaping.

He mentally sighed 'Really? Why can't you just stay inside my eyes? What is the point of tears anyway?' Tim silently questioned.

"True, but I was really looking forward to that one. I've been waiting for almost a year and then you come along and destroy it, so I'm sure you can understand why I'm angry" The flame was put even closer.

Tim hissed and tried to back away, but there was nowhere to go to. It kept slowly creeping closer, dancing along the little bit of wood, until the whole flame was against his skin. A cry escaped him. Black Mask smiled and managed to get the flame even further in.

"Please! Stop it!" Tim cried out, losing all control of his tears.

Roman's smile only grew at the boy's desperate pleas and used another match to make it even more painful.

Tim bit down on his tongue in an attempt to stop himself from screaming. The more heat that was added, the harder he bit down and the more blood he could taste. Another flame was brought up and Tim couldn't keep it in anymore. He screamed. The flames continued to tear at his flesh.

"Please" He barely managed to choke out through the extreme pain and tears.


Another scream pushed it's way through Tim's mouth.

He sobbed and whimpered as Black Mask continued to add more matches, still only focusing on his right arm. He no longer had the ability to plead, his tears and screams prevented any normal speech. The flames were suddenly pulled away, like Roman just had a great idea.

Tim watched, eyes wide with fear, following the eleven matches all with dancing flames. They travelled down to and against the bullet wound in his leg. The pain was so intense, especially with the metal heating up inside, that Tim's next scream even made Black Mask wince. He backed up against the wall, trying to move but getting nowhere. The tears gushed down like little waterfalls, until all the pain disappeared. Along with everything else.


Batman walked into the smelting chambers just in time to hear the blood-curdling scream of his partner. He ran over to the rail and looked down to see Black Mask holding fire up against Tim's leg. He made an animalistic growl and jumped down, kicking Roman away from his boy.

Black Mask looked up, terrified. He was supposed to kill the kid and get away before Batman could ever find him. He looked over to the child and smirked. He may not have been able to complete the offer, but he got to have his fun and that was all he really cared about.

Batman's well placed punch had Roman out cold. He took in a deep, shaky breath before hurrying over to his bird.

"Tim?" He cupped the boy's face.

He seemed to lean into the touch, despite being unconcious. Bruce sent a glare to Black Mask before leaving, with Robin cradled in his arms. The heat from his inflictions starting to burn Bruce.

"It'll be alright" He spoke softly, holding Tim tighter.