"We never should have trusted you to kill Robin, it was an idiotic decision" The blurred figure on the screen said "The clown did better than you"

Black Mask looked up in pure fury "That was two years ago! I almost had him! He looked pretty dead to me!"

The figure growled "But he is still alive, Sionis" but kept it's calm tone.

Roman turned to leave and walked straight into the unmasked figure of Deathstroke "Move"

"No" Slade responded looking at the silhouette of his employer. The person seemed to nod their head in approval "You won't be leaving yet"

"And why not!?"

Deathstroke didn't respond with his mouth, instead he pulled a dagger from his belt and thrust it deep into Sionis's torso. His eyes immediately went wide and blood started pouring from his wound.

"This is why" Slade explained as he pulled the dagger out and watched as Black Mask fell to the floor, writhing in pain as a small pool of blood grew around him.

"This is what happens to failures, Sionis, be glad we spared your life, fail again and it will become worse"


In all honesty, this is one of my favourite of my own stories. Just felt like saying that.

Epilogue mostly written by Miminififi