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Chapter VIII


They had been walking for what felt like hours and to be quite honest, Eleanor had grown tired of walking. She had become bored of the endless, unless chit chat provided by the Task Force members. She had grown to hate Flag and his persistence to keep secrets from them. The colonel had kept the squad on a need to know basis, and the lack of information was driving her insane. She did not enjoy being kept in the dark, and Flag wasn't the only person keeping her there.

Ever since Harley had left her, Eleanor had a lot on her mind. She had offered her a solution to her problem, a proposal that no rational person would say no to. The proposition had sounded all fine and dandy at the time, but that's all it had been, a proposition. Harley hadn't gone into any detail about how exactly they were suppose to escape. She had only said two things: The two of them would be leaving soon and that she would receive a text when it was time. It wasn't that she didn't trust Harley. Eleanor just found it hard to keep faith in someone who told her nothing. She needed to protect herself and she was determined to stay alert. She could not allow herself to sell her soul to two devils in less than forty-eight hours.

Another topic among her thoughts was the name Deadshot. A voice in her head told her that she should be angry with him, but another convinced her otherwise. She tried to create excuses for his unusual behavior, rationally, she knew there was no reason Deadshot would be caught dead being besties with Flag. Eleanor couldn't believe that Deadshot, a man who seemed to despise Flag, would ever choose to side with him. Maybe, Harley had overheard a portion of the conversation and her paranoia caused her to jump to conclusions. Perhaps, Flag really did offer him a deal, but out of the goodness of his heart, Floyd had denied.

She was hoping that it was the latter.

She promised herself that she would ask Deadshot about the entire thing later; she wanted to refrain from jumping to any conclusions, just in case Harley was wrong. She then convinced herself that she would be safe with Harley, and whether Deadshot was a rat or not, she would be escaping with her. There would be no debate about that.

Eleanor was glad to finally be alone in her own mind, no voice or concerned thoughts to bother her into worrying. She thought that she could perhaps relax and remained calm until the rescue; that dream was crushed when she heard Digger's annoying voice ring close to her ear. At that moment, she would have traded the opportunity to listen to her own make believe voices rather than the infamous Captain Boomerang's blabbering.

"Oi," Digger shouted, nearly busting her eardrum due to his closeness. Eleanor scooted away from him and crossed her arms, closing herself off from him. "You and her are getting kind of buddy-buddy. You know that she's cracking fruities, don't ya'?"

Eleanor's face scrunched up as he spoke; she could barely understand any of the words that he uttered with that ridiculously thick accent. His voice reminded Eleanor of some short of cartoon character, but she couldn't quite place what she had in mind.

Oh...she thought, he reminds me of a Looney Tune.

When he continued to talk, Eleanor cut in and said, "I can't understand a word that comes out of your mouth, you know?" She had meant to be honest, but it had come out rather rudely.

He rolled his eyes and pointed one of his metal boomerangs at Harley. She was currently strutting over to the crocodile man, KC. "You and her," he said slowly. Digger was acting as if Eleanor was a small child who could only understand things with the aid of hand gestures. "You two seem to be best mates."

"What? Are you sad that you didn't get invited to join the best friend group," she joked. Digger didn't find her joke very funny, and his face showed that. "But honestly," Eleanor continued in less of a joking mood. "I don't understand why Harley and I being best mates concerns you."

Eleanor had noticed that the way she spoke to Digger was always different from the way she spoke to anyone else on the team. Every conversation with him had left her irritated and in an awful mood. Her remarks were sarcastic and rude. It was as if Captain Boomerang brought out the worst in her.

"It doesn't, ankle biter," Digger snapped. He suddenly came very close to Eleanor. Feeling as though her personal space had been invaded, she tried to move away quickly. Digger grabbed her around the waist and dragged her back to him. His grip didn't hurt, but she did let out a quiet yelp. That caught the attention of Diablo.

"Aye, chica?" he called back to her from ahead of the line. It was hard for him to see her through the crowd of soldiers. "You alright?"

There it was again, his signature question that made Eleanor's heart warm. She was happy to know that someone in this squad genuinely cared for her well being. Eleanor opened her mouth to shout that she was definitely not okay, and that this Australian heathen was bothering her, but Digger took it upon himself to answer on her behalf.

"She's alright, mate! She had a bit of a cough; just making sure she's okay." Digger pretended to pat the teenager on the glanced down at her with a look that could have killed. Not wanting any trouble, Eleanor replied that she was fine, and Diablo hesitantly turned around.

"I just thought I'd do ya' a favor and let you know that Harley...well, she's a bit...off," he said to Eleanor as they continued to walk very closely together.

"And you aren't?"

"Listen," he hissed, "I just wanted to warn you be-"

"Why do you eat people?" Harley asked Killer Croc with a playful smile on her face.

The question had shocked Eleanor and she had tuned out the Aussie's yapping. She didn't know why Harley's inquiry had been such a surprise for her to hear; she had heard Diablo warn someone earlier about KC being a cannibal, but no one had actually addressed it. Eleanor's stomach clenched at the thought of him actually eating a person. She had to admit, out of all the crimes that the members had confessed, cannibal had to be the worst of them all.

Eleanor noticed that she wasn't the only one who was curious about the question Harley had asked. The entire task force, besides Digger who was still chatting her up, had turned their attention towards Harley. She was prancing around the Killer Croc's large figure, her bat secured behind her head.

"He e-eats people?" Eleanor stuttered out.

"What?" Digger asked, obviously not on the same page as the rest of the squad. He had been so concerned about warning Eleanor that he hadn't even focused his attention on Harley. He looked up to see the blonde bothering KC.

"Who? Killer croc? Ya' the blokes a cannibal," he said rather quickly in order to dismiss her question and regain her attention. It didn't work. "Are you bloody listening to me?"

Croc snarled at Harley before finally answering the million dollar question with an incomplete sentence. It was as if he could barely speak english. "Give me power."

She stepped in front of him, temporarily halting him from walking. She seductively looked at him, batting her long eyelashes, and flaunting her feminine charm. "Would you like to eat me?" If Eleanor had not known that KC was a cannibal, she would have regarded Harley's question as a dirty one.

"Hell. No."

That was not the answer Harley wanted to hear. She put on a fake sad face, as if she felt rejected by his reply. "Aw," she whined. "Why not?"

"I don't want your crazy." His answer was blunt and made both Eleanor and Deadshot laugh a bit.

"Says the guy who lives in a sewer," Harley shot back in a rather rude manner.

"At least I know it's a sewer," he growled.

"Oh, I get it," she exclaimed before swinging her bat to gesture to the shops that lined the alley's pathway. "Because it's like this is a sewer too. Only with nice shops and restaurants, right? You hate mankind much?" She patted his arm lightly. "Let me guess. Mommy didn't take you to Chuck E. Cheese on your sixth birthday. I can recommend a good therapist."

Croc lifted his fist, ready to punch the living daylights out of Harley but he stopped himself. Eleanor guessed that he decided that Harley wasn't worth his time. For a moment, his fist lingered in the air, but he then growled and retracted his arm. Harley let out a laugh. She seemed to be the only one humored by the event.

"You see," Digger whispered to Eleanor. This time, his sentence had actually been heard by her. "She's a psycho, a ticking time bomb. Do what' ya' want, ankle biter, but that girl is crazy, and it would do you well if ya' stayed far away from her. Ya' know, before she blows up and ya' get hurt in the process."

Eleanor didn't reply, because she didn't have one. He removed his hand from her waist and took his leave. She watched as the Captain walked away from her and made his way to the front of the line. His words rang in her mind for a short minute before she convinced herself to silence them. She trusted Harley more than she trusted Digger.

Diablo was the only member to question why Harley was playing these useless mind games. "Why?" he asked, obviously disapproving of her behavior.

Harley's face twisted into a nasty snarl. "Because," she spat, "I'm bored. I need a victim, a mind to pry apart and spit in!"

Digger walked past the two, acting as though Harley wasn't even there as he did so. "You just leave it, mate," he advised to Diablo. "She's a rabbit hole. Don't fall in."

As Harley moved onto her next victim, Katana, Eleanor felt herself become quite uncomfortable. She had to agree with Digger's last comment; Harley had been acting strange ever since she spotted Deadshot and Flag talking together. She had switched from playful crazy to an obnoxious. Eleanor was hoping that Digger's warnings about Harley hurting her had been false. She was hoping that the personality Harley was displaying at the moment wasn't her true one.

"And here's one now," Harley said, referring to her previous comment about needed a victim. "Japanese, female, mid-twenties, five foot five, good health, athletic, and...an only child with deep seeded father issues. Daddy wanted a son, so she has to hide behind a mask."

Katana, who was not one for Harley's games, halted and stared at the psychiatrist turned psychopath. She unexpectedly removed her mask, revealing her rather youthful face and a stern expression. "I am not hiding," she declared, making sure that everyone knew that mask was not a shield.

The reveal of Katana's face had not been the reaction that Harley was expecting, but it did please her. "Yeah," she said with a smile on her lips. "That was ganster!"

"Harley," Deadshot shouted. "Why don't you stop acting like a drunken stripper."

This is not going to be good, Eleanor thought to herself.

If Eleanor's theory was right, and Harley's drastic personality change was because of Deadshot, she doubted that any conversation between them would end in anything less than a verbal or physical fight.

Harley turned on her heel and made strutted over to Deadshot. Her heels making loud clacks with each heavy step she took. The others minded their own business and continued along, but Eleanor listened in. She wanted to know if Deadshot was really what Harley said he was to be.

"You want to tell me what the hell is going on then?" She growled at him. "Becauseā€¦" she pretended to sniff around. "I smell a rat!"

He pretended not to hear her last comment. "If they don't blow our heads off, we'll have to fight our way out of this city," Deadshot tried to explain to her. He sounded more like a father scolding a bad child. "I need you to play nice with the other children.

"And quietly return to my cage? Sure, okay. Hey, that's okay. Sellout, I get it. I know how the world works, okay? And when it comes to the heart, everyone for themselves, right?" Harley spat out her last words before walking off in a haste. She did not want to look at the sellout longer than needed.

"Wha' did I tell ya'," she said as she passed a baffled Eleanor. She didn't wait for a reply. Harley kept walking, leaving Eleanor with Deadshot.

At this point, Eleanor didn't know exactly how to feel. She thought that maybe she was perhaps a bit too gullible to think that a criminal would do anything but sell out other criminals. Out of all of the members in the squad, she would have thought that Deadshot would be the least likely to switch teams mid mission. MAybe she expected more; maybe she hoped that there was more to each one of the members besides being criminals.

"Is it true?" she questions as she slowly walked alongside him. "Harley told me that you're selling us out and getting buddy-buddy with Flag."

"Well, the two of you seem to getting buddy-buddy yourselves." Deadshot didn't even look at her when he replied. Eleanor assumed that his guilt wouldn't allow him to look her in the face.

"What did he offer you?" She asked. "Your kid? Your freedom? A big, fat wad of cash?" When he didn't answer her, she continued to talk despite the fact that the conversation was one way.

"Listen, Mr. Floyd."

He looked at her when she said his actual name.

"I'm not mad," she began. "I am however disappointed. After Harley told me, you know, I actually tried to convince myself that she was a paranoid freak who had misheard a conversation between you and Flag. You know, I wanted to believe that the fatherly Floyd that fought Flag and calmed me down on that helicopter was the real you, but he's not."

"I know that whatever they offered you is probably really appealing and I know that you are probably desperate to get back to your daughter, but selling out these guys is not the answer. Waller is not going to give you money, your freedom and she sure as heck isn't going to give you your daughter back," she tried to convince him. "She's a liar and she's using all of us in her power play game. She made this team, and I doubt she needed us for one mission. Think about it. She went through the trouble to bring us all together. She's going to use us until we all drop dead. I don't trust people like that, and neither should you. I don't hate you, but I do hate what you're thinking about doing."

Eleanor left before he could say anything. She rather that he didn't say anything to her. She did not want to hear something that Deadshot would have regretted saying later.

"Take a knee." Everyone followed Flag's command and lowered themselves onto their knees. "Our body's at the top of that building. We get up there, pull them out of the vault they're hiding in. From there, Helos extract us off the roof."

The group nodded and head out. Eleanor felt a twinge of panic surged through her veins. Once they got that person out of the vault, this entire mission would be over. In other words, if Harley's plan didn't speed up, the two of them would soon be back at Belle Reves and back in cells. She needed that text to be sent now; Eleanor wasn't going back to a cell.

"Waller?" Flag whispered into his walkie talkie. "We're about to enter the building. Get the chopper ready."

Deadshot, who had grown impatient from the long drawn out mission, walked ahead of Flag. "What do you say we get this over with?" He pulled at the glass door until it shattered. Without looking back, he strutted into the building, not caring if he left the entire team behind.

"What the hell?" Flag yelled, upset that he would choose now to be rebellious. "Deadshot, fall back!" He kept walking.

Grunting, the colonel was forced to follow him into the deteriorated building. He signaled for the rest of the group to moved inside with him, and they did. "You mind if we tag along?" Flag asked Deadshot sarcastically.

With one look, any member of Task Force X could have told you that this building seemed to be vacant. Other than a couple of large rubble pieces, there weren't any obstacles obstructing their path to the target. "Looks like we have a spot of luck, eh?" Digger told the group, flashing a rather toothy grin. "Be a walk in the park. Easy peasy."

Deadshot turned to him, annoyed that he was talking. "Don't make me shoot you," he warned.

His comment only made Captain Boomerang laugh.

Harley's lips brushed Eleanor's earlobe, causing her to shudder from the unexpectedness. "Move closer to that door over there," she whispered, hoping that nobody would hear her. She was cautiously looking around. Stay where you are, and don't move for nothing," she whispered. "I'm gonna go check a text." With a wink, the blonde was gone. Eleanor didn't question it, despite her desire to.

What exactly does she mean by not move? Eleanor thought to herself. She noticed that she was falling behind the group, but she didn't want to go against Harley's instructions.

She moved towards the door and stood for no more than five seconds. Suddenly, a clothed hand wrapped around her mouth, and an arm was wrapped around her waist. She wanted to scream, but something stopped her. Eleanor glanced up to see Harley in an elevator and waving goodbye. Maybe it was the chloroform in the cloth, but she could have sworn that Harley gave her one last wink before ascending.

"Goddamnit!" Flag shouted in anger as he watched Harley go up.

The crew glanced up to see that Harley was in an elevator, waving goodbye. "Harley!" Deadshot yelled to her as she continued to go up and away.

Harley's making a distraction, Eleanor realized before everything turned black. The team was so focused on Harley, who was more likely to escape, that they didn't see the unknown stranger taking her away.

"Go," Flag ordered to the group. "Go, go, go, go!"

Everyone one rushed up to the fifth floor using the had warned her not to move for anything, so she waited as the crew ran in the opposite direction. Surprisingly, they had reached the top before Harley had. Task Force X was encircled around the elevator exit, awaiting her to make her grand entrance. It was silent except for the occasional growl that came from Killer Croc. A ding was heard. The elevator opened and there was Harley, looking like she had just fought a bear.

She stared at the group with an innocent expression. "Hey, guys!" She exclaimed happy to see everyone. She stepped over the body of a dead creature. Eleanor could only assume that she had been the one to kill it. Harley made he way past the baffled group. She turned around when she saw that no one was following. "Come on. Let's go."

Harley briefly looked past the group and over the railing. Eleanor was gone, just as planned; and to Harley's surprise her distraction had worked. No one had noticed that they were missing a certain individual.

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