This is my 2nd ever story so take it easy on me, I am still very dyslexic and i have trouble writing. But please tell me where I messed up so I can go back and fix it.

*Rise and shine boys!" Sargent came barging into their CHU. (Where the soldiers sleep)

Everyone got up quickly in formation, "sir yes sir!" they all shouted as Sergeant walked down the CHU.

"I need everyone on of you worthless scum washed up and ready be 0430 do I make myself clear!"

"Sir yes sir" all the men started heading towards the washroom as quickly as they could, but there were all so tired they were exhausted from a intense fire fight last night that lasted tell 2400. Having only gotten four hours of sleep, they all looked a little dreary. Lendan, Mills, Holm and Rogers finished washing up along with all the others.

They all met up at the mess-hall awaiting breakfast.

"One hell of a fight last night," Landen started out with, as he sat by his friends. They were all still a little shaken up about the whole ordeal.

"You can say that again," Holm and Mills both chimed in with a slight sound of sarcasm, they both all let out a laugh as they waited for there food.

"God, really again boiled eggs and toast you think they would have given us something better then this. We went through hell last night and only got 4 hours of sleep." Mills said as he let out a sigh.

"Quit your whining," Holmes said with a bitter tone. "Be glad we have food on the table it's better than what most people here are getting," he said as he took out a lighter and a cigarette, He lit his cigarette with a flick of his lighter, he took a second to breath in the smoke and let it out in a deep sigh.

The table was quiet for awhile. Landen broke the silence. "So what hell do you think they have in store for us today," Landen now snarfing down his eggs and toast.

Mills took a bit of toast. "I hear headquarters has gotten Intel on a enemy base," Mills said mouth still full of toast, he swallowed. "You know the guys who shot at us last night?"

"Don't remind me," Roger's quickly replied.

"Well news is that they are going to send in a small recon team to take them out," Mill's said setting down his cup of coffee. "It seems like a bad idea to me, but hell if I'm in charge."

Landen got up. "See you guys around."

"Hey where the hell do you think you are you going Landen, we got drills at 0530." Roger's said in a surprised tone, now looking at Landen.

"I Know I know, But I half to go feed Paco." Landed said apologetically, making eye contact with Rogers.

"Fine just make sure your not late to drills. you know I the Sargent wrath if your late, Me being the corporal of this team and all."

"Sorry guys I'll talk to you all in a couple," Landen said running off with a bowl of dog food.

All the other men were done with breakfast they all them still pretty dreary, almost looked like a couple of them were about to pass-out but none of them did they all quickly marched off to morning drills.

Paco being locked in his kennel, he lifted his ears he heard someone coming. Paco turned his head to see Landen coming. Paco let out a couple barks now standing up practically bouncing off the walls.

"Hey there Boy how's it going buddy," Landen said in a cute voice. He open up the cage paco instantly jumped onto him. Paco was a big dog being a German shepherd and all.

"I know it's been to long.. But look what I brought you," Landen set down the bowl of dog food. Paco quickly jumped off of him towards to food. Landen let out a chuckle and gave Paco a scratch on the head as he snarfed his food. "Good boy."

"One would almost think you like your dog more than anyone else here" Landen looks behind surprised to see Mill's. "but he seems to have prioritize food over you."

"Shouldn't you be at drill practice" Landen replied jokingly, with a smile on his face.

"Listen man we have know each other since 3rd grade and I know for a fact... you should not be left alone, who knows what kinda of crazy shit you would get yourself into. Hell if I wasn't around I'm sure you would have stepped on at least 5 i.e.d by now." Mill's sat down next to Landen.

Paco now finishing up his food went back to try to sit on Landen, at least as much as he body would fit on him.

"Hey give me some credit Mill's. I have saved your ass more then once back in the day and come to think of it to this day I still save your ass," Landen leaned back gave a couple pets on Paco head.

"Let's just call it even then, anyways I get lonely without you," Mills said as he started laughing.

Landen paused for a second and then quickly joined him in his laugh. "O god we need to do this more offend." Mill's said trying to stop laughing "Anyways we should head off to morning drills, unless you want to be late"

"Sounds good, but first let me get this puppy off me first, OK puppy time to move." Landen gave Paco one last pat on the head, He stood up stretching his back. They both headed off to drills, Paco following closely behind.

Drills were about to start it was 0429, they both quickly lined up. Just in the nick of time to. Sergeant, Baker came out in front of the men. All men saluted.

"At ease men." Baker commanded.

"I hope all you men are all well rested. Because I will not be taking it easy on you just because you think you deserve it. You will endure, you will not rest, and you will not fail me. Do all of you understand me!.

"Sir yes sir," all men said simultaneously.

"I don't think you men heard me I will say it again. Do you understand me!" Baker yelled.

"Sir yes sir!" all men shouted as load as they could.

"Good now I will let the drill instructor take it from here. Be warned he is not not as nice as I am." Baker chuckled as he walked away.

"So Landen any plans for when you get home." Mill's asked as they were running around the base as the drill instructor commanded.

Landen running besides him let out a smile thinking his wife. "You know the first place I would go, do you really need to ask."

"Hey I'm just trying to make small talk. Which is more than what you guys are doing." Mill's replied

"Going straight home. Going to embrace my wife and kid, that I have never seen, well only in Skype calls I think she's two months old now. It's been almost year and I miss my wife just as much as every other guy on this base, we all miss are family. But you don't need me to tell you that," Landen said trying to shake off the sad tone.

"So you guys hear the casualty list from the fire fight yesterday?" Holms said running up closer to Landen and Mills.

"No not yet," Landen replied not really wanting to think about it.

"Who all did we lose?" Mill's asked.

"Six dead three left in critical conduction and 12 injured," Holms said as lite another cigarette. "Care for one?" he offered Landen and Mills one.

Landen took up on his offer. "I'll save it for later," he said putting in in a pocket.

"Suit yourself," Holms said as he let out another a puff of smoke.

"Mill's how about you care for one?"

"Naa trying to quit," Mills said keeping focused on running."

Drills ended at 0600. Paco was patiently waiting on the sidelines for Landen to return. Landen and the other split up. He went back to go pick up paco. "Hey boy thanks for waiting," Paco let out a bark.

The load speakers turned on "Landen, Miles J. Holm, andersen T. rogers, torch M. Mills, quiver L. Report to headquarters 0630."

They all met up at 0630. Baker walked into the room "Sergeant Baker, reporting for duty Sir," all men said at once.

"At ease men... at 2130 last night we were caught in Taliban fire. We lost 6 men and might lose two more." Sergeant Baker said as he leaned back in his chair.

"Your mission is to scout out a Taliban building. We have recently gotten news of. It appears to be lightly guarded but that's all we know, the rest is up to you guys to figure out. You four will set out at 1900 you will Rogers will be your corporal, any question?"

"Permission to speak freely sir," Roger's asked

"Permission granted."

"May we get some more rest before to mission."

Baker sat forward a little put his arms on his desk. "Seeing how all of you only got four hours of sleep I will grant you this request."

"Sir thank you sir" all of them replied.

"Now get out of my office I have More importing thing to attend to."

They all left the office and head back to there CHU. Landen had to go put Paco back in his kennel. "Sorry buddy I half to go try to get some rest I have a big mission later tonight and you do to," Landen gave paco one last pet and headed over to their CHU.

As soon as Landen got back they were all passed out in their cots. The room was like a sauna with the bright desert sun pounding on it all day. Some curtains covering the windows trying to make it as dark as possible, which helped somewhat.

Landen got into bed trying not to think about the mission to much. Wondering when all this fighting would stop. He didn't ponder on it for very long he fell asleep quickly.

By 1830 all men were up well rested, they all were gearing up as quickly as possible Landen was the automatic rifleman. His job was to keep the enemy at bay with cover fire if need be. He garbed his glock 19 inspecting it, the trigger paint was wearing off it had been through a lot. How many people has it kill. He thought to himself, trying to shrug it off he put the gun in its holster garbing the rest of his gear, Three Knock out grenades, Mk 18 Mod 0 CQBR and his Strider SMF knife.

The other three men were doing the same thing. No words were passed.

A 1850 (HMMWV) Humvee was waiting in front of the base. all the men climbed In. There was already a driver and they quickly left base.

"Hey Roger's how was your rest?" Holms asked.

"Crappy, division 99 was having target practice down range." Roger's said loudly trying to speak over the roaring engine.

"When we get done with the guys Drink on me guys." Mills said trying to change the mood.

"I will half to remember that, last time you got shot in the leg and I got no drink." Roger's replied."

"yeah, yeah, I know, Sorry about that I couldn't help it. But you know if I didn't provide cover-fire we would not be having this pleasant conversation.

Landen leaned out the window. It was a beautiful night not a cloud in the sky, the stars shined brightly and lite the ground ever so slightly. Paco was sitting next to him head on his lap wearing his vest. Landen reached under Pacos head and gave his chin a scratch. Paco let out a grunt.

"Where here," the driver stopping. "Your target is 1.2 klicks west of here. This is as far as I can safely take you," the driver said as he paused for a second. "Remember this is a recon mission, only engage if under fire. Your take out will be .4 klicks east from here see you then."

"Thanks, we'll see you then." Landed said as he taped the top of the car. "let's get it done." Landed got out first Paco followed behind him along with the others.

The driver drove off. The men watched the tail lights fade into the dark.

"Better get going we gotta walk ahead of us," Rogers said looking forward into a small town.

They all started walking. Landen couldn't help notice bullet shells on the ground, holes in the side of worn down houses, blood on the walls. He looked up at the night sky trying to shove the thought out of his mind. His foot hit something. He looked down to see a small doll. it was covered in dirt and only had one button eye, left arm missing blood splattered on its face. He was lost in thought, it's as almost as if world had stopped spinning.

He was quickly pulled back to reality.

"Two enemy's spotted 11 a clock, appear lightly armed and semi auto gun," Rogers said looking through a pair of binoculars..

It was the only building not in ruins and its lights where still on.

"There's a building to are six that would provide cover and a good spot to set up." Holms said pointing to the building. As they walked over to the buildings it was quiet, not a gun shot to be heard "I don't like how this feels," Mill's said a little worried.

"Mill's, I don't care how you feel we have a mission to complete." Holm's told Mill's in a bitter tone.

Landen and the other walked over to the worn down building made out of mud it had two levels, the door had been busted down. More gun-shells lay on the ground. He took out the doll he had picked up earlier and set it down by the window.

Rogers was still outside inspecting the building. Roger took a step towards the front. They all heard that all to fimmilar click "Bomb!" Rogers shouted before he was engulfed in a explosion sending everyone in the room flying back.

Paco started barking.

Landen was the closest to the explosion his ears ringing madly, dust in the air, the world seemed to slow down a single blink felt like an eternity. He heard Holm's shout something over the radio but couldn't make out what he was saying.

Mills ran over to Landen "Landen get up!"

Landen looked over to where roger's was only to see his mangled gun. Landen snapped back.

"Landen buddy I really need you to get up!" Mills now yelling at the top of his lungs.

Landen got up put poked his head slightly out the window. 12 men Were approaching their camp. One of the men saw Landen head peaking out the window a little and took a shot missing by only a couple centimeters.

"I repeat We're taking fire one man down, cordnit-" more gunfire muffled Holm's voice. "Request air support!" Holm's set down the radio. "Damit!"

we're going to half to hold out for 10 minutes!"

"We're not going to last that long!" Mill's replied as he lay down cover fire hitting two of their men. More bullets hit the wall.

Two came from behind blowing a hole in the wall. The men turned pointing their guns as quickly as possible but where to slow they hit Holm's, killing him.

Landen and Mills now the only ones left. They quickly shot down one of them as the other guy was getting ready to shot Landen. Paco quickly ran up to him and bit his arm making him drop the gun

He hit paco in the side knocking him from his arm he went back to pick up his weapon but before he could Mill's took the shot nailing him in the head.

"Shit Shit Shit" Landen yelled now garbing the radio out of Holm's hands.

"R.P.G get down!" Mills yelled.

They fired the r.p.g off passing through the window and through the back wall sending dust and Rock everywhere.

"We need to find better cover this building won't hold much longer!" Mill's says as Landen lays down more cover fire. Taking out another two guys.

"We should get to the roof hold out their for air support." Landen said as he reloaded his gun.

"Then what are we waiting here for sitting on are ass, let's move!" Mill's shouted

"No Mill's wait!" Landen shouted.

Mill's garbed a grenade from Holm's body "Tossing grenade!" he said as he chucked the grenade out the windows sending shrapnel everywhere outside.

"See nothing to worried about."

"Mil..l's" Landen said worried.

"Landen?" Mill's said as he fell down backwards onto the hard ground.

"No No No Mill's stay with me!" He ran over to Mills dragging him over to a wall leaving a trail of blood as he did. He propped him up against a wall, bullets still beating against the back wall. He didn't know if Mills was even still alive.

"Landen.. Get to the roof." Mill's said coughing up blood... "Landen give me my gun," he spoke struggling to take a breath. "When they come inside I will hold them off as long as I can." Mill's now lying in a pool of his own blood.

"No I'm not leaving you here" Landen said scrambling to find something to stop the bleeding.

"Landen... stop."

Landen now in tears. "I'm so sorry Mill's," Landen took the glock 19 from Mill's holster, he put it in his hand trying to prop it up.

Mills struggling to stay conscious. "Go," Mill's said as he held up the gun shaking in his hands gun aimed at the door.

Landen made a break for the stairs. Paco followed close behind him with a slight limp. He stumbled on the 5th step. he was shot in the shoulder. He ignored it keep up the stairs making it to the 2nd floor.

Mills still on the bottom floor, Landen heard 5 gunshots followed by a bang downstairs, then nothing..

Landen held up the radio. "This is Landen, Miles J. Automatic rifleman division 102, I am the last man standing, All other deceased.

"Sir hold out air support will arrive in two minutes."

The guys outside had recovered and loaded another r.p.g Landen grabbed hold of Paco. They shot the r.p.g at the bottom support, the building creaked, it was clasping. Landen sat there as time came to a crawl. He was falling.. and a building was falling down on him. rubble all around he looked up to see the night sky. What a beautiful sight." He thought before he closed his eyes and everything went black...

"Landen.. wake up" Landen woke up gasping for air face down in the mud in a forest. Turning over looking at the sky. Raining hu.. where am I. He thought to himself. he looked over to his left to see Paco lying unconscious more or less OK. More than he could say for himself the blood from his wounded shoulder caused the mud to turn a dim red where he lay. He tried to stand up but his legs gave out. He slowly crawled over to Paco. Dragging himself and Paco to the nearest tree leaving a trail of blood as he did. He leaned his back against the tree and placed pacos head on his lap, he put his hand on Pacos head. "Where are we Paco?" dammit I Lost to much blood Is this where I die?' he thought to himself as every thing blurred away.

Landen woke up with paco licking his face. It had stopped raining blue skies all around. "I'm up, I'm Up," He said trying to move. Everything hurt it felt like he was hit by a train. Like every bone in his body was broken. The bleeding seemed to have stop. He took off his gear trying to inspect the wound, the blood had dried onto his skin, he peeled is away from the wound. the bullet was lodged into his trapezuis. He took out a small dressing from his vest, covering the wound.

He picked took the radio out his his pocket.

"This is Landen, Miles J. automatic rifleman division 102, respond. nothing just static. I repeat this is Landen, Miles J. automatic rifleman division 102, respond. after the 5th attempted he stopped, no one was there...

Landen looked around he was in a clearing. Trees surrounding him every way he looked. He took the cigarette Holm's had given him earlier and pulled out a small lighter from his pocket. He gave the lighter a couple flicks, now lighting his cigarette. He inhaled a breath of smoke then exhaled slowly.

"I need to scout the area," he said to himself still not know if he was in enemy territory or not.

He got up. barely being able to walk he grabbed his backpack and inspected what he had. two rations kits,distress beacon, 20 feet of thin rope, two more knock out grenade. 2 clips of 9x19 ammunition, 3 clips of 5.56 45mm NATO rounds, canteen, stick of C4 and a first aid kit along with a space blanket and duck tape. "No worries Paco we got duct tape and duct tape fixes everything," he took out his phone it flashed no single.

Hey it was worth a shot, he thought to himself.

zipping up his backpack he carried it over to a tree and set it down with his one good arm. He put his vest back on making sure not to reopen his wound. He found a stomp that was flat and covered by trees. he took the distress beacon and turned it on hoping someone would hear it. He walked into the forest a little trying to find a good place to set up shelter. He found a rock with a overhang that would work well.

The sun was setting, it would be night soon, so he went off to gather some dry wood, he heard flowing water.

"Water good,"he mumbled to himself, he headed towards the sound of the flowing water to find a small river with a that lead into a small lake, he took note of this. Taking the chance he filled up his canteen then walked back to the rock which Paco was waiting for him, He sets down the firewood and took out a ration.

As he sat there as the sun set. with now only a faint glow in the sky. Something felt wrong he couldn't put his finger on it though. He leaned his back against the stump with the distress beacon, he open his ration to reveal, some beef jerky, cracker, coffee and a packet of dried chicken noodle soup with a bowl, fork, and cup. He took out the beef jerky first opening it and threw a piece to Paco happily snarfed it down. Paco looked up hoping for more. "Saving it for later paco."

Paco let out a small whimper.

"O come on you big baby" Landen said as he heated up water for the soup.

Landen laid down on a patch of dry grass beneath the rock. He had a clear view of the night sky. As he looked up he took out a picture of his wife. "I'll be home soon," he said propping the picture up against a rock. He cover himself with the blanket and passed out with Paco snuggled up next to him.

Morning came as a ray of light shined into Landen eyes. He lifted his head up to see Paco sleeping soundly next to him. He took a deep breath of cold crisp morning forest air. He started up the fire again and heated up some water for the coffee. He unraveled a roll of crackers and munched on them while he waited.

Once he had had his coffee he decided to get to high ground to try to understand where he was, he walked down to the river edge and looked up to see a tall hill to his north. If he stood up there he would get a better view. He quickly filled up his canteen and went back to camp he gave Paco a pat on the head waking him up.

Landen decided not to take his vest. It would add weight and slow him down so he left it at camp. the only taking his canteen, knife and glock.

As he walked towards the hill, but as he did he figured out what was wrong, There was no wild life he had been here for 36 hours and heard nothing not even a mouse only birds. this worried him

what happened to all the wild life? he thought as he walked. Paco followed close behind

He had been walking for 15 minutes before reaching the incline, he started up the hill

as he climbed the hill it only got steeper as he went up, like from a slight incline to maintain 3 points of contact kinda climb.

He made it to the top and looked out to see only forest surrounding him every which way he looked. "Well shit paco." he said as he layed down on a patch of grass. A gentle breeze passed over him as he took out his radio. "I'm high up not might as well give it a try." he mumbled to himself once again. "This is Landen, Miles J. Automatic rifleman division 102, please respond I repeat this is this is Landen, Miles J. automatic rifleman division 102, I have been lost in the woods for two days please respond," no response came, he just laid there, his stomach growled he was getting kinda hungry, that one cup of coffee was not very filling.

He got up and started making his way down the hill, as he was making it down The hill. Just as he was about one fourth of the way down the hill he lost his footing on one of the rocks and slipped causing him to flop 7 feet onto the hard ground. Paco started barking making his way towards Landen as he lay there, he could not breath the wind had been knocked out of him. He panicked for a moment then started breathing again. He coughed a couple times before realizing he had dislocated his left shoulder. He groaned in pain as he got up slowly making his way back to camp. He felt a warm liquid running down his left arm. "Shit I reopened the wound," he said as he applied pressure with his right arm.

He got back to camp and restarted the fire. putting his knife into the blaze heating up the knife. He took off his shirt removing the blood soaked dressings. He found a pair of tweezers on his first aid kit. He picked up a piece of wood and stuck it into his mouth. Groaning, he jammed the tweezers into his wound trying to dig out the bullets, he got it and pulled it out and let the bullet fall from his tweezers onto the ground. His wound now profusely bleeding he grabbed the knife now burning red hot. Taking the knife he held it against his wound Cauterizing it. He bit through the wood letting out a scream as fell face first onto the ground. His breathing was slowing down, he turned over looking at the sky partly blocked by the trees and closed his eyes.

He awoke to paco licking his face once again. He looked over at his shoulder, the bleeding had stopped "it's OK buddy i'm alive," Landen said.

Paco barked once.

"Is that all you got world! It's going to take more then that if you want to kill me!" Landen shouted into the sky holding up his arm, letting the light slip through his fingers onto his face. He let his arm fall back down to the ground. he let out a deep sigh, he got up onto his feet slowly. He walked over to his gear and took out his canteen and downed all his water.

As he went back to the river to refill his canteen his stomach growled. As he filled up the water he saw some fish He snapped his fingers. Running back to camp taking his Mk18 Mod 0 CQBR and heading back to the river, he aimed at a group on fish in the water, he fired off a shot, the bullet echoed through the empty woods for what seemed like forever. Near instantly 3 fish floated up to the surface, dead. "Landen you're a genius," he said patting himself on the back. He grabbed the fish and headed back to camp.

"Hey paco look what I got us," Paco looked up at Landen. "Dinner," He said with a smirk on his face.

Landen added wood to the fire, he went back down to the river remembering his boy-scout training he gutted the fish into the river so animals would not come into his camp, even though he hadn't even heard one. Better safe than sorry.

He walked back and put the fish on some sticks he had picked up. he set them in the fire and watched it crackle. it was pitch black out by the time the fish were fully cooked, the fire still ablaze lighting a good area. He took the fish off of the flame and tossed one to Paco landing in front of him. "Eat up buddy you deserve it." Landen said as Paco snarfed down his fish making tasty crunching sounds. He inspected the fish they appeared to be trout but it was missing a fin on its lower stomach, it wasn't a bright color so he assumed it was safe to eat. He bit into his fish it was one of the best goddamn fish he have ever tasted. well it was probably just his hunger he knew how hunger made everything taste better.

He finished his fish and went check on the distress beacon. "still have 95% battery, good," he said quietly under his breath, he went to lay down on his makeshift bed, Paco came and snuggled up next to him. He took up his wife's picture and set it against a rock, "I'll be back soon" he said as he closed his eyes falling asleep.

He was abruptly awoken to Paco growling "What is it boy" He said quietly. Paco continue to growl.

"To think some would be out here in the middle of nowhere," He heard a male voice said, he quickly grabbed his gun and knock out gas and hopped behind a bush.

"I think where in the area where we got the signal," a female voice said this time. He looked down his guns sights but it was to dark out to see anything the could's covered up the moon light.

"Hey Judy you should come look at this."

he saw the silhouette of the figures approached him.

"Well this is definitely the spot."

getting a better look it appears to be a child, he lowered his gun a little. Paco let out a small growl. Landen took out his hand and patted Paco on his head, he stopped growling.

"Well he or she is definitely a predator judging by the fish bones by the fire," which was still glowing a faint red.

The hell was that supposed to mean, Landen though with a confused look.

"Hello is anyone there" the female voice called again. The clouds parted letting the moonlight shine into the woods.

on of the figures walked into the moonlight. A bunny?' he thought to himself, now getting a clearer look he noticed that it was wearing cloths, police clothes. Why would a kids pet bunny be out in the middle of the woods in a police outfit. He thought to himself.

"Judy I think I found where the single is coming from seems to be a distress beacon of some sorts." The male voice called

"I'm coming over Nick"

His heart skipped a beat, The bunny talked! his eyes widened as more of the clouds parted from the moon revealing a fox in a police uniform. He fell back on his butt in shock snapping a twig.

the bunnies ears angled themselves in his direction.

"What was that nick"

"I don't know carrots."

The two creatures started moving towards him in panic he took out a knock grenade and rolled it over to them.

"Grenade" the fox shouted. Getting out of the way the bunny did not and it erupted engulfing the bunny in gas

"Judy! Who's there" the creature pulling what's looked like to be a gun. Paco jumped out from the bushing rushing the fox, the fox pulled the trigger sending a dart into Pacos side.

"Paco!" Landen yelled.

the fox looked in Landen direction Paco bit the foxes arm causing him to drop the gun. The fox tried to scratch his face, he threw Paco off,

Landen garbed a tree branch and ran up to the fox.

"what th-"

Landen hit the fox in the face knocking him out cold.

"Nick" was the last thing the bunny faintly said before passing out.

to be continued

I know there are plenty of miss spellings please point them out to me again i am very dyslexic, my apologizes. but anyways i hope you all enjoyed my first fan-fiction as much as i enjoyed writing it.