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A note on the story: I've always lamented how Rowling doesn't show us much about the pureblood world. There never seems to be a real reason why so many purebloods support Voldemort besides "they are evil." Hogwarts celebrates Christian holidays, but I don't think purebloods would be Christian. Hogwarts doesn't seem to be a big enough school to support a thriving wizarding society. There are so many opportunities to flush out the world that I think Rowling misses out on. I also love writing Sirius-centric stories, so I decided to write this. A story where Sirius returns to his pureblood roots, but is not evil. A story that attempts to explain how Voldemort gained so many supporters. A story that paints a world that is vastly different, but not better or worse than the muggle world. I hope I succeed :)

Nov 10th, 1983

Sirius was lying on his cot listlessly when he heard he foot steps approaching. He thought about standing up, greeting his visitors with his usual smirk, taunting them with his sanity, but not today. Today he could barely move- yet alone greet his tormentors with false clear. He shifting, biting back a whimper as the movement pulled on the barely formed scabs that covered his back. His new position provided some relief to his aching leg, but the fire in his back nearly overwhelmed it. Yesterday they ha been angrier than usual. He hadn't remembered them being so vicious since the first few weeks. Two years ago, at least he though.

"Get up Black!" a voice yelled, kicking the bars to his cell.

"You've got thirty seconds till we give you a hand!" added the other.

Sirius mustered his strength, pushing himself up off the coat onto his unstable legs. He could barely stand- and it hurt, so much- but he knew from experience the guards' "help" would be worse. Grimacing, he managed the three steps to the entrance of his cell. He thought his leg might be broken again, but it didn't matter. That pain would be miniscule in comparison to what was coming. After all, they only took him two days in a row when they were really angry. He only wished he knew what he had done to deserve it this time.

"Hands!" the first guard snapped, and Sirius obliged, sticking his thin wrists through the bar so the guard could cuff them. Magic suppressing cuffs. Sirius could feel himself weaken as the cuffs blocked his magic.

"Step back!" the second guard yelled as he pulled out the key to the door, unlocking it. With a wave of his wand, he directed Sirius out of the cell, into the hallway.

Every step was agonizing, and the hall seemed to last forever. Without his magic, Sirius could feel bone grinding on bone and cuts reopening as he grew weaker and weaker. He stumbled, and the guard behind him shot him with a strong stinging hex, kicking him forward. The only bright side was the lack of dementors. Pain or everlasting misery. Those were his choices- hardly good ones.

Eventually they reached the end of the hall. The guard in front opened a door, and the second pushed him stumbling into a room. He blinked, squinting in the light. This was not where they normally brought him.

"He's all yours," grunted the first guard to a tall, thin man standing across the room.

"The cuffs?" the man asked, his voice deep and thick with a rich, aristocratic accent. Sirius wondered who he was. He sounded familiar, but the room was too bright to see, and he was losing focus.

"Fine," the guard muttered, unlocking the cuffs around Sirius' wrists. "Now take the bastard and go."

"Just because you're getting out on a technicality doesn't mean you are free," the second guard whispered into Sirius' ear, voice full of hatred.

"And the portkey?" the man asked, his voice sharp with command. "I think it best we leave this place as soon as possible."

Sirius blinked, looking around the room in surprise. Getting out? Portkey? It was the prisoner processing room, he realized as the man stepped forward. He was being let go? How did that happen?

"Merlin, what have they done to you?" the man muttered as he walked over to Sirius, guiding his hand to a small object.

A moment later, the portkey activated, swirling the pair of wizards away. As Sirius and the man landed in a large room, Sirius finally figured out why the man was familiar. He was his grandfather, Lord Arcturus Black. And they had just landed in the receiving room of Black Manor. Interesting, he thought, as he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

"How is he?" Arcturus Black asked, looking down at the sleeping form of his grandson.

"He'll live," the woman replied, "but they… they tortured him Lord Black."

"Please, Mrs. Greengrass, call me Arcturus here. And how bad?"

"Right. As you saw, there is extensive scarring and cuts covering his back. They appear to have been made with either a darker whip spell, or an actual whip coated in some sort of poison. I have done my best to close they newer ones and prevent scarring, but much of it is too old to do anything about. Around his wrists there is also extensive scarring. I have applied a salve to reduce it, but I fear not all of it will disappear."

"Restraints," Arcturus muttered. "Those barbarians, claiming to be on the side of the light."

Mrs. Greengrass nodded. "As terrible as the scarring may be to look at, it will be purely cosmetic. It is the damage to his shoulders and legs I am more worried about. His shoulders appear to have been dislocated and set many times over the past two years. The muscles and tendons are strained, and I am concerned about permanent nerve damage. I think he set his own shoulders," she added in a low voice.

Arcturus merely nodded. "They hung him and whipped him like a common muggle. My grandson. My heir. They will pay."

"And we will help you, Lord Black," a man agreed, entering the room. "But first, let my wife continue so we may help Sirius recover the best he can."

"You are right, Daniel. Please, Mrs. Greengrass, continue."

She nodded, brushing a loose hair behind her ear. "I have given him nerve repairing potion as well as muscle relaxants, but only time will tell what damage has been done. My last concern is his legs, specifically the right one. They have been broken several times, and not all the fractures healed correctly. I re-broke and set the bones, but I cannot give him skele-gro. I think, given time and rest, the left will heal fine, but the right femur concerns me. It was broken quite badly, most recently only a day or so ago. There is extensive damage."

"No skele-gro?" Daniel asked his wife, staring down at Sirius' legs, both of which were splinted extensively.

"It cannot be taken with other potions, and I dare not take him off the pain or nerve regenerative potions."

"When will he wake?" Arcturus asked, sinking into a chair next to his grandson.

"Later today, perhaps. But the more he sleeps, the better."

Arcturus nodded, and turned to his grandson, brushing a strand of Sirius' newly shorten hair back. The two Greengrasses left, leaving the aging Lord in peace.

The first thing Sirius noticed as he slowly awoke was the warmth. It had been two years since he had felt so warm, and it was a welcome change. The second thing he noticed was the pain. Everything seemed to hurt, though it was clearly dulled by a rapidly diminishing amount of pain reliever. Opening his eyes slowly, he groaned as the bright lights assaulted his senses.

"Young Master Sirius is waking. Mipsy will fetch Master Arcturus, she will. Does Young Master Sirius need another potion?" the elf asked in concern, hovering at the edge of his bed.

"Pain reliever," Sirius croaked, "and water?"

"Mipsy will fetch a pain reliever and tell Lolly to bring up some broth and water. Young Master Sirius is too thin. Too thin. Master Arcturus is most unhappy," she added, popping away.

Alone, and slightly more awake, Sirius moved to sit up, only to set his back and shoulders on fire. He bit back a scream, falling back onto the pillows, breathing deeply.

"If you wish to sit up, I'll fetch Mrs. Greengrass," Arcturus informed Sirius, entering the room. "But you are in no position to do anything by yourself."

Sirius nodded, his attempt at sitting up definitely made him agree with his grandfather's assessment. "How?" he asked, as his grandfather sat beside him.

"I convinced the Wizengamont to let you out. I think that should be obvious based on the fact that you are here."

"But, how did you…" he began, his voice weak with disuse and thirst.

"You never received a trial. I… enlightened… them about this oversight. I think the details can wait until you are stronger. Lolly has arrived with some broth, and I dare say you need it," he added before turning to the elf. "Fetch Mrs. Greengrass. Let he know Sirius is awake and we require her presence."

The elf nodded, and a few minutes later Mrs. Greengrass entered the room. Sirius could not say how many, as Arcturus had fed him another pain potion, and his sense of time was a little off.

"How are you feeling?" Mrs. Greengrass asked, pulling out her wand.

"Weak," he replied, taking a sip of the water his grandfather held for him.

"I would imagine so. You are severely malnourished. Not to mention I had to re-brake and set several bones in order to for them to heal correctly. I'm afraid you will be trapped here for a while. But let's get you sitting up so you can eat."

Sirius nodded, and he felt her arms wrap around his shoulders, gingerly guiding his back up as his grandfather arraigned a mound of pillows behind him. He clenched his teeth, biting back the pain as he was slowly lowered back onto the pillows. He wasn't exactly sitting up, but somehow the change in angle made him feel a little less like an invalid. Though the bandages around his back and shoulders, restraining his arms to his chest certainly did not help.

"You don't suppose you could unbind by arms? Or at least one?" he asked.

"Not until the nerve regenerative has had more time to work. Tomorrow," she added at his look of despair.

Sirius sighed, and resigned himself to being feed the broth. It was delicious, light, warm, and definitely the best thing he had tasted in over two years. Even so, after only about half the bowl, he felt himself nodding off.

Over the next few days, Sirius mostly slept. When he was awake, he remained confined to the bed, where he read, ate, or talked to his grandfather. On the fourth day after he had first woken, a day after Mrs. Greengrass had determined he was done with the nerve regenerative and could take skele-gro, he awoke to find a cane leaning against the bedside table, a note stuck to it.

"Leave the brace on the right leg and use the cane," it said.

Smiling, Sirius swung his legs to the side of the bed, slipping on the robe and slippers waiting for him. Grabbing the cane in his left hand (leaving his wand arm free even if he didn't have one at the moment), he slowly stood. He felt weak as a kitten, and his right leg twinged slightly, but he was determined to leave the room.

"Mrs. Greengrass did well," his grandfather remarked, folding his paper as Sirius entered the room. "You look much better than you did when I first saw you."

"I'll have to thank her," Sirius agreed, taking at seat across from his grandfather. "But I think now is a good time for you to explain exactly how you managed to free me. I must admit, I had given up on the idea of being freed. Not that your actions were unwanted."

Arcturus gave a rare, slight smile as Lolly placed a plate of toast and eggs in front of Sirius. "I suppose it is time. But the story starts before you were even thrown in Azkaban. It starts long ago, when your Aunt Lucretia and your father were at Hogwarts. They were, like Blacks, in Slytherin."

"I wasn't."

"No, but you always wanted to be different, troublesome. Though, I suppose in this case, I should be thankful you turned out unlike your parents. But back to my tale. It was 1943, and the Chamber of Secrets had been opened at Hogwarts. There was great mystery surrounding the affair, as everyone tried to figure out who the heir was. Especially Orion, your father. As you may know, a student was killed, and Rubeus Hagrid expelled as the cuprit."

"Hagrid? There is no way he is the Heir of Slytherin."

"No, I don't believe he is. But a prefect caught him with an acromantula. With the prefects word and his half-giant heritage, he was expelled."

"Slytherins monster is not a giant spider," Sirius scoffed. "Everyone knows that."

Arcturus laughed at his grandson. "Every Black knows that, but not every wizard. You may have been sorted into Gryffindor, but you grew up in the most Slytherin family still around. But the Chamber is what started it. The following year, Lucretia began complaining about an annoying sixth year. Tom Riddle, the boy was named, but he claimed to be the Heir of Slytherin and wore the Gaunt ring."

"They were the last known decedents of Slytherins, but had fallen into squalor. Barely more than squibs at the end, right?"

"Correct. But Orion, like many of his classmates was infatuated with the boy. So, naturally I looked into it. The Heir of Slytherin is a suitable friend for a Black, but Riddle is a muggle name."

"Still on about blood purity are you?" Sirius spat.

"I fear I let Orion's weakness and Walburga's madness drive you away prematurely. Blood is important, but not as Walburga preached, at least not in the end. But let me continue my tale. I looked into Riddle and discovered many things. He was the blood Heir to Slytherin, but also a half-blood. He had no money, no lands, and had not been raised as a wizard. He was, to put it simply, an unsuitable person for Orion to be infatuated with."

"If he is the blood Heir, then Riddle is…"

"The Dark Lord, yes. Despite my disapproval, Orion remained infatuated with Riddle. But, soon, he graduated and Orion married your mother. By the time you were born, Riddle had disappeared, and I thought no more of him."

"But he came back."

"He did. In 1965, Walburga hosted a dinner at Grimmauld Place. I am sure you remember the dinner, for it was at that dinner that Voldemort first made my acquaintance. He talked about the importance of blood, the superiority of wizards, and the petulance that was muggleborns. Walburga soaked in every word, as did Orion. I believe Walburga was one of his closest followers in school, and quickly pledged her loyalty to his mission. Cygnus and Druella also quickly joined, but Lucretia and my generation were less enamored."

"You want me to believe Pollux, Irma, Cassiopeia, and the like did not support him?"

"Respect your grandparents, even if you do not like them, young man. They did not. Sure, they believe in the superiority of purebloods, especially the Blacks. And they believe muggles are lesser creatures."

"And you," Sirius muttered.

"I will not deny that. We are better than muggles. But Riddle was a half-blood upstart with no understanding of our culture. Sure, he pretended, but we could see it was all a façade. And keep in mind, from our generation, Dorea, Charis, Cedrella, and Callidora married into so called light families."

"Charis, Cedrella, and Callidora are all Artie and Lysandra's daughters."

"True, Artie was a kinder soul. The youngest of five. He was my favorite uncle, I admit. He gave the best presents."

Sirius smiled at the thought of Arcturus looking forward to his namesake's visits. While Artie had died shortly after Sirius had been born, he grew up hearing about the kindest soul who did not get blasted from the tree. "And Dorea never forgave the family for disowning Marius. That's why she never comes to family events."

Arcturus raised an eyebrow. "You know your Great Uncle Marius?"

"Of course," Sirius grinned. "I ran away to James' in sixth year. Dorea is James' aunt, so I met her. When she found out she was also my great-aunt, she did her best to introduce me to all the other disowned Blacks. I met Marius, Cedrella, and spent time with Andromeda. Did you know she has a daughter now? Nymphadora. She's about ten now, and a metamorphagus."

"A Metamorphagus? Extraordinary. The last Metamorphagus in the family was Ellidora, my great-aunt. And even then, she was only a partial one."

"Dora's full. She's adorable. Andi used to always keep a hat and a glamour on her hair. I think she starts Hogwarts next year."

"It truly is a shame, what has happened to the family. Perhaps," he muttered absently to himself. "But back to my story. At the dinner, I informed your parents, along with Druella and Cynus, that I did not approve of Voldemort. As you may remember, Walburga did not… take that well."

"An understatement," Sirius spat, thinking of the beating he had received later that night as Walburga raged.

"I am sorry, Sirius. I did not realize until much later how bad she had gotten."

"Right barmy she was."

"Indeed. But, that is a matter to discuss another time. As you might remember, over the next few years, the Dark Lord gained followers. Mostly they were the students he went to school with, and their children. He gained a few… less intelligent… followers of my generation, and those who had fallen onto hard times. You see, he captured those closest to him first with charisma, then madness as they fell to the darkest of magic, while he convinced his outer followers through promises of money and power. Those of us who were already on top, well, what did I have to gain?"

Sirius shrugged, listening to his grandfather. It made… sense. Well, at least more sense than it ever did as it was happening. "When did he start marking his followers? And did he mark you?"

"He started marking his followers after forcing Nobby Leach out of office in 1968. Do you remember that?"

"Vaguely," Sirius said. While he did not remember the event so much (he was only eight after all), he remembered the aftermath bitterly. "I remember how happy everyone was that the 'mudblood scum' had been ousted. Uncle Alphard explained what was happening to me, Cissy, and Andi. Reggie was considered too young, and Bellatrix had already graduated. I think it was the first time Andi showed her displease with Druella and Cygnus's beliefs."

"It very well might have been. That summer, Orion, Cygnus, Druella, Walburga, and Bellatrix were all marked. I was furious that members of the House of Black dare enslave themselves to a half-blood with no respect for our culture. But they did not listen."

"That's when you stopped visiting."

"Yes, it was. There was more to it, but looking back, I see I made the wrong choice. Had I stuck around, perhaps things would not have turned out as they did."

"You mean Regulus."

"I do," Arcturus admitted softly, his sorrow showing. "And maybe I could have saved Bellatrix."

"I remember when she was just Bella. Bella Black, my older cousin who looked out for me, babysat us during stuffy dinners, and taught me simple healing charms."

"I remember Bella too," Arcturus admitted. "I remember when Orion was a young boy, eager to learn, when Pollux wrote me in a panic, only thirteen years old, his then girlfriend with child. Phineas had just died, and my first act as Lord Black was dealing with the ruffled feathers of Irma Crabbe's mother. I remember the pure joy I experience the first time I held you in my arms, my first grandson, a tiny ball of joy. I remember all of you before things fell apart. It is my curse, my burden to bear."

Sirius sat, sipping the tea Lolly had brought as his grandfather simply stared off into space. This was a side of Arcturus he had never seen before. The vulnerable, regretful side of a man who watched his family fall apart and die as they succumbed to madness.

"I told him I would only take the mark if all the Blacks did. Only if my entire house willed it so."

"Did you mean it?"

"Yes. But I also knew you would never take the mark. Walburga ensured that. The very actions she took to try to mold you into perfect heir- a mindless, violent idiot- ensured you would never do so. Pureblood superiority? Muggleborns should be killed?" Arcturus laughed, a rough, pained laugh. "The only members of the family who showed you any kindess were the blood-traitors, squibs, and their half-blood and muggleborn spouses," Arcturus lamented, leaning on his hands. "I'm sorry, Sirius, I'm sorry. I should have done better, you deserved better. And when they threw you in Azkaban, all I could think of was why? Why would you betray the boy you loved more than your own blood. The family that first showed you love? I tried to look up the trial records, to see if they would tell me why."

"But there weren't any. I never received a trial. I never had the chance to explain. I never betrayed James," Sirius responded, sadly. There was a time he had been mad, when he had raged against those who threw him in jail, the former colleagues who turned against him, attacking with spells and hate. But that anger had burned away until all that was left was sadness.

"I know. You are the last of the family. The last one who can pass down the once great name of Black. And they had locked you up without trial, without thinking about what they accused you of. So I fought, and I argued. If you never have a trial, you cannot be guilty."

"But they didn't give me a trial."

"No. I sued them for wrongful imprisonment. The law states you cannot hold a pureblood wizard for more than thirty days without trial. If that right is violated, then the wizard shall be set free, never to be re-jailed or tried for the crime, and the accuser or his head of house has the right to sue for monetary compensation."

Sirius laughed, a sharp, angry, bitter laugh. His grandfather freed him on a technicality. He was free, but everyone still thought him guilty.

"You can forgo the brace now. I'm afraid any damage left at this point is permanent."

"And the cane?"

"It's up to you. I suspect you will find it useful."

Sirius nodded, flexing his leg. It still felt weak, slightly unstable. He wouldn't be running any marathons on it. "Thank you Mrs. Greengrass." He paused, unsure of himself. "Why did you help me?"

"Call me Amanda, Sirius. And what do you mean, why?"

"Why did you help heal me? You and Daniel remained neutral. The entire Greengrass family remained neutral. I've read the papers. I may be free, but everyone still believes me guilty. So why did you help me?"

Amanda took a seat across from Sirius. "Daniel and I may be a few years older than you, but we were friends with James. Daniel's mum went to Hogwarts at the same time as James' mum. They were close friends. We both knew how much you meant to each other. I just never quite believed you were guilty of their betrayal. Blowing up muggles in a fit of anger and depression, yes, but not betraying them. And then there was the lack of trial. The sealing of James' will, and Dumbledore's placement of Harry. And then I saw you. What they did to you was so wrong."

"Dumbledore's placement of Harry? Isn't he with his godmother, Alice Longbottom?"

Amanda paled. "You don't know what happened to the Longbottoms?"

"What happened?" Sirius asked, suddenly afraid.

"Shorty after you-know-who fell, they were attacked by the Lestranges and Crouch Jr. They tortured them with the cruciatus for hours. Alice and Frank… they're not dead, but there gone."

"And Harry? My godson?" Sirius asked, his heart beating far to fast.

"Was never with them. Dumbledore told the press he placed Harry with his relatives so he could grow up safe and away from the spotlight."

"But James' parents are dead, dragonpox took them right after Harry was born. And so are Dorea and Charlus, they were presumed murdered by Death Eaters. Which only leaves…" He felt his magic swirl as he realized the only relatives Harry had left were Lily's sister and family. Objects around the room started shaking as he lost control, rage at Dumbledore building up.

"Sirius!" shouted Amanda, "Sirius you need to calm down! What's wrong?"

"Dumbledore!" raged Sirius, as he stood, reigning in his magic as best he could. "That bastard placed my godson with Lily's sister. She hates magic! She's the worst possible type of muggle! That bastard lied to me, set me up, and left me to rot!" he raged, letting lose his magic in a wave of anger.

All around the room, vases broke and portraits swung on their frames. Amanda had stumbled back, and looked at Sirius in concern as he sank to the floor.

"What in Merlin's name is happening in here?" demanded Arcturus, entering the sitting room.

"Dumbledore," Sirius spat. "He set me up. He told me Hagrid was taking Harry to Alice's. She was his godmother, and Harry was to live with her before me. Neville, her boy is only a day older and she had a husband, house. She was a more stable option. But he took her to that magic hating, good for nothing, muggle sister of Lily's. Petunia hates Lily! Hates magic! Harry cannot be raised there!"

"He was one of the people responsible for your lack of trial," Arcturus added. "He told the Longbottoms they could come out of hiding, mere days before they were attacked. He lamented it in the papers after what happened. And he sealed James' will. There was a big argument about it, but he won in the interest of protecting Harry."

"He wants to control him," Sirius spat, rising to his feet. "The bastard wants to control my godson, and I won't let him. He would have gotten his hands on the Black fortune as well," Sirius added, as he limped back and forth across the room.

"The Black fortune?" Arcturus asked. "How? The boy has no Black blood."

"After Regulus died and Harry was born, I made him my legal Heir until I had a natural born son or daughter. I did not want Malfoy, or Merlin forbid Lestrange, getting their hands on the fortune."

Arcturus nodded. While he did not approve of the Potter half-blood being in a position to inherit the Black fortunes, he could not fault his grandson's decision, given the circumstances in which it was made. "Is there any other reason, besides money, that Dumbledore would want to control the boy?"

Sirius nodded. "To control the boy-who-lived is to control the future. We must rescue my godson from the deplorable muggles."

"Yes," agreed Arcturus, "we must."

The first step in rescuing Harry was to determine how they were going to do so: the legal way, or the illegal way.

"We could just take him," Sirius remarked one night as he and Arcturus sat in the study, pouring over legal laws regarding custody.

"Just take him?" Arcturus asked.

"Just show up on Petunia's doorstep and demand she hand over my godson. I'm sure she would be more than happy to; she has always hated us "freaks" as she used to call Lily. And if not, we just, you know, take him."

"By threatening her? Or by memory charm?" Arcturus asked, looking up from his book.

Sirius shrugged. "I hadn't really put that much thought into it. I just know nobody is going to want to give me custody. All the light or neutral wizards think I'm a Death Eater, and I'm pretty sure most of the Death Eaters know I'm not."

"Don't shrug. It is unbecoming." Sirius rolled his eyes. "But you are correct, it will be very difficult, if not impossible to legally gain custody of the boy. Are you sure you want to go this route? It will be dangerous. And illegal."

"Well, I'm not sure. I mean, I don't want Harry to grow up on the run from the law or anything. But I'm afraid of leaving him with Petunia."

"I thought you liked muggles."

"I like them fine enough. But Petunia is a horrible person, regardless of whether she has magic. And Harry is a wizard. We know this. And as such, he should be raised in the wizarding world. Perhaps we should check up on Harry first. See how Petunia is treating him and whether she would be amenable to Harry at least visiting."

"Well I'm not going to that woman's house," Arcturus scoffed.

"It's beneath me. I am a wizard and a Lord. I shall not show up announced on some middle class muggles' doorstep." Sirius raised an eyebrow. "There is no need to kill the muggles, but you must admit they are beneath us."

"Different, but not beneath. When was the last time you actually were in the muggle world?"

"I attend the theatre with my daughter on a regular basis. Lucretia quite enjoys opera, as do I. On occasion we even enjoy dinner before hand."

Sirius rolled his eyes again. "When was the last time you spent time in the normal, everyday muggle world?"

"I spent some time in it as a young man, before Phineas died. After that, father did not want to run the family and handed it over to me. I did not have time to spend gallivanting around. Besides, the muggle world is a filthy place. People don't even bathe regularly!"

"I think you'll find times have changed since 1925 grandfather. They have electricity, cars, and running water everywhere now. And motorcycles," he added with a grin.

"I doubt they have changed that much."

Sirius simply shrugged, ignoring his grandfather's disapproving glare. The man hadn't been out in the muggle world in almost sixty years. A quick conversation was not going to change that. "Very well, I shall go without you. Who do you recommend taking in your stead?"

"Perhaps Andromeda? You meeting with her yesterday went quite well."

"It did indeed. Thank you for letting me use your pensive. It is much easier to convince people what happened when I can simply share my memories. Have you given thought to whether you will reinstate Andromeda?"

"I have. Theodore Tonks might be a match beneath her, but her daughter is a talented young witch."

"Because he is a muggleborn?" Sirius asked, angrily.

"Because he is a poor commoner who does not follow our traditions. Nymphadora has never celebrated Samhain, the Harvest Festival, or one of the Solstices."

"Walburga and Orion did not celebrate them either. I have not participated in a proper, traditional holiday since I was eight," Sirius added.

"The shame!" lamented Arcturus. "That damn Riddle boy did more to end the old ways in a single decade then Dumbledore has ever done. That's it. Andromeda will bring her daughter her for the Winter Solstice and we shall celebrate it correctly. I will not have her go off to Hogwarts to be brainwashed without understanding her place in the world."

"And Andi's husband, Ted?"

"Fine, he can come to. As long as he leaves those despicable Chrisitian traditions behind!"

"Excellent, I shall inform Andi when ask her to join me on my visit."