Here is the sequel to Last Words from a Defeated Man, I hope you like. I want to thank all my reweiwers so much, you convinced me to write this.

Tifa Lockheart looked around her, sighed and picked up the rag. It was only ten in the morning, and already she had to clean the bar. It was going to be along day. She set about cleaning the tables and sweeping the floor in her little bar in Nibelhem.

After the defeat of Sephiroth, the members of AVALANCHE had gone their separate ways, and now it was three years since they had all been together in one place at the same time. Cid had gone back to Rocket Town, Barret and Marlene had moved to Kalm, along with Yuffie, who refused to go back to Wutai. No-one really knew where Vincent went, but they guessed that he went back to the Mansion. Red XIII had gone to Cosmo Canyon and Cloud..

Cloud had, almost directly after he had put his feet on the ground after defeating Sephiroth, proclaimed that he was going to the City of Ancients. He had gone there, built a gravestone for Aerith, and then refused to leave.

Tifa had moved back to her childhood home of Nibelhem, and bought herself a bar, that she called Seventh Heaven, after the one in Midgar that was demolished. She found that it was too cumbersome to handle on her own, and therefore hired a few helpers. It was Monday, and she had agreed to take first shift on Mondays. The others would all be there from noon and forward, but one of them always took the morning shift alone.

Tifa heard the door open, and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was still only half past ten. She turned and smiled at the visitor.

" Hello, early aren't you?" She said, thinking it was one of her helpers, but it wasn't. It was a tall man, dressed in black, with his hood over his eyes. This, however, didn't help him, Tifa recognized him instantly, and took an involuntarily step back. This made her trip over an empty bucket, sending her sprawling to the floor. "Sephiroth!" She exclaimed. The man in black chuckled, and extended a hand to her. "Most correct, Ms Lockheart. I did not know that I was frightening enough to make you trip and fall." He said in his characteristically melodious voice. " I assure you, Ms Lockheart, I do not bite." The last comment was because she had not taken his outstretched hand. Reluctantly, she did so, and he helped her to her feet. She eyed him warily. " Am I so frightening that you have to keep an eye on me all the time, Ms Lockheart?" He asked her. " No. What are you doing here?" Tifa asked. " Oh, excuse me, you are not open? If that is the case, I will come back later." " Of course we're open! Why else do you think I would have the 'OPEN' sign on the door?" She snapped at him. She could have sworn he smiled at her. He shrugged. " I do not know. If you don't mind, I will sit down over there." He nodded towards a table in the corner. " I don't mind, as long as you pay up on time." Tifa said, shrugging as well.

That's how the former AVALANCHE member, now bar owner, and a man that was supposed to be dead ended up in the same room, drinking and cleaning, as if nothing happened. Sephiroth ordered a glass of water, causing Tifa to look at him strangely until he explained that he didn't drink alcohol.