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There are places at night where the world twists and bends into an entirely new creature, devoid of its usual sunny fa├žade. The road is one such area affected most grievously by the coming of darkness upon the land. No individual was more attuned to this transition than Elia Neilson, a nomad of more than seven years. When one calls the road home, they must become completely in tune with its bitter and lonesome nature.

This particular night saw the young woman deep within the mountainous northern region of Montana, skirting along the state's Canadian border. She'd always been drawn to region for its rugged beauty, but now she sought it for a singular reason. A storm was brewing in the more populous lands to the east and west that she feared would soon erupt into full blown war of an untamable and formidable nature. Being a creature of peace, Elia decided it best to once again leave her childhood home behind. Her family refused to follow. Some things cannot be forced, even in the direst of situations. Elia knew this reality with an ever growing concern for her siblings and parents, all of whom refused to see the reality of what was coming. They thought the government would be strong enough to protect them, but nothing can stop nuclear missiles- not even the pretty words of corrupt men. News had been spreading for weeks of the growing threat across television and radio stations alike. Most people scoffed at the notion of such a conflict. They didn't know how wrong they'd be proven in only a scant amount of time.

At the present, Elia was completely unaware of how drastically her own fate would change due to the coming conflict; instead, she was focused on drumming her spindly fingers in time to beat of the music pouring softly from her van's ancient speakers. So long as the tunes kept rolling, she could manage to stay wake until she reached her destination. Hours passed with nary a change in scenery before the entrance to the Kootenai National Forest finally materialized through the darkness. After many long years on the road, Elia had learned more than a few tricks about surviving as a modern nomad. One of the easiest ways to get off the grid without completely abandoning all traces of humanity was to "camp" either on land managed by the BLM or within National Forests that permitted such actions.

On a journey through the region several years earlier, Elia had discovered a cave about ten miles down a park service road where she'd been forced to stay for several weeks due to the excessive heat of that summer; however, were it not for the cave's unusual engravings she would have certainly forgotten its existence long ago. As an anthropologist with a special love for linguistics the cave held a certain allure to Elia, for the writings matched no language she had ever studied in her vast travels across the globe.

In the dim light cast off by the van's headlights, the cave looked no more than a mere crevice in the wall of an immense cliff. Elia knew better though and cut off the van's engine with a sharp twist of the key before stepping out into the encroaching darkness. The slender woman's back cracked loudly as she stretched her arms above her head and set to securing the van for the evening, tucking away all her valuables into areas hidden from view. Once she was satisfied with her task, the blonde woman gently slipped her large overnight pack onto her back and entered the cave without so much as a backward glance at the van she had spent most of her formative years in.

Slowly she made her way into the main chamber of the cave, carefully placing a hand along the walls to maintain her balance on the slick rock floor. It appeared as though the cave had remained uninhabited in the years since her last visit with only a few rotting leaves littering the darkened corners. As she settled down for the evening, Elia could not avoid the feeling of loneliness that crept into her soul. She had left her family many times before, but never before had it seemed so final and if there was one thing Elia hated dealing in it was absolutes.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed from beyond the walls of the cave shaking her from her scattered thoughts. The sound continued to echo off the surrounding mountains, bouncing around the earth like a ball around a pinball machine. Terror settled in Elia's gut, but before she had the time to react to the deafening noise the inscription on the wall jumped to life, bathing the rocky chamber in a pale blue light.

"What the hell?" she hissed launching herself sideways away from the side of the cave where she had set her pack.

The unfamiliar symbols continued to emit their eerie light as the noise from afar began to die into the background. Elia dug her nails into the sides of her arms in an attempt to calm the pounding of her heart. In all her life she had never heard of something like this happening outside of fairy tales and legends. Both of which she was almost certain were not real.

"This makes no sense," she grumbled dragging the callused pads of her fingers across the inscriptions.

This was apparently the wrong thing to do as a booming voice began to issue out into the chamber in a completely foreign language that Elia could only assume was that transcribed on the walls. Somewhere in the distance another loud bang issued across the land. The voice continued to grow in volume.

The sudden compulsion to sleep overcame Elia with a startling force, bringing her to her knees in the center of the cave. Fear so crippling it stole the breath from her chest tore through the anthropologist's body. She'd been in a few bad spots in her years but nothing so confounding. The last thing Elia Neilson would see for many thousands of years were the rocks falling down to cover the entrance to the cave as an object of great force shook the surrounding mountainside.

I hope you enjoyed my very dry and overly complicated style of writing! Also, I hope you don't mind too much that my OC is going to be an ancient human. I thought that examining the clash of our culture with that displayed in the Shannara universe would be highly interesting, especially from the perspective of someone who enjoyed studying various aspects of humanity as the ancient humans defined them.

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