A/N: Written for:

Diversity Writing Challenge, e9 – drabble novel with chapters under 500 words
Ultimate Sleuth Challenge, Ch 2 – DLC quest 2/Kowloon level 1 - Write for the prompt 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'./write a drabblechap
Becoming the Tamer King Challenge, Training Peak – drabblechap/ficletchap

Part 1

Masaru probably doesn't even remember him. The luxury of being the winner, to be able to forget the faces of the countless defeated like they're blurs that run into each other. Unless he's stood out enough and his pride wants it so sorely to be the case, but he doubts it. The next time they cross paths, the other doesn't even glance his way and he's radiating a glare fierce enough to melt steel, if there's any stock to that saying.

But Kouki remembers. Remembers the pain of a dislocated jaw, of teeth knocked out (and now he has a pretty gap where two teeth should have been because he's a teenager and teeth don't grow back anymore) and other, less permanent, aches and pains and swellings of skin. And a bit of blood, where his knuckles had scraped teeth – and why had his knuckles and his teeth gotten the blow for that? It's not fair.

And next time, it won't end that way.