Chapter 1: Reincarnation

Lambo grumbled in annoyance when I-pin began to scold him again, it wasn't his fault he dropped a cup, he was old! Years had passed, and eventually they were the only people from the 10th generation-apart from Talbot, of course. Lambo sighed, this was troublesome, when would he kick the bucket? He would never admit it but he missed everyone, even stupid-reborn. Lambo could suddenly feel searing pain in his chest and clutched it tight. He made a noise of discomfort and pushed I-pin away when she came closer. He was now panting and locked gazes with a tearful I-pin.

"Yare...yare...this is surprising but...I expected it sooner or later."Lambo mumbled with difficulty. He took a deep breath and pulled I-pin's long pony-tail to stop her from calling anyone."It's time...I-pin." He took a deep breath and could feel tears dropping on his face. Not his, of course.

"...Lambo"I-pin muttered, eyes full of pain and sadness, her bestie was dying after all.

"Don't give me that look, you'll be joining soon and"He gave a wide grin."At least I can eat all the grape candy I want now." Lambo was aware of I-pin shaking her head muttering something about never changing but before giving him a wide grin.

"Say Hi to Master Fon and Big Brother Tsuna for me."She said with a small smile and lambo nodded before everything went black.

"Lambo."The familiar voice echoed throughout his mindscape, lighting up a way in his dark mind and he followed it, obviously. Lambo opened his eyes to see a his big brother giving him a gentle smile and his heart bursted in happiness.

"Big Brother tsuna."He muttered, a wide grin on his normally bored face. Tsuna returned the grin before slipping into boss mode and lambo followed suit, although confused as to why.

"Listen lambo, we don't have much time, but I know you used to love that one piece manga when you was a teenager and I made a deal with Byakuran before I died." Lambo frowned at the thought of byakuran but listened closely to what 'deal' tsuna made." You would be reincarnated in one piece!" Saying lambo was shocked was an understatement, he was gob-smacked. What the hell was going on?!

"Wha-why?"Lambo demanded, what the hell did his boss just say? Reincarnated? Tsuna sheepishly rubbed his head and blushed.

"Well, I was drunk,...cake and paperwork and...yeah, things happened."He muttered and lambo deadpanned. Why him of all people. He hadn't done anything bad in his life to deserve this! Was it because he stole hibari's tonfa and blamed it on stupid-dera, causing a HUGE fight? He said he was sorry!

"Basically you're byakuran's test subject for him to see if he can go to other worlds instead of parallel ones."A snide voice interjected and lambo could already imagine the sneer on Gokudera's face."Stop being a pest and do it for juudaimere, you stupid-cow." Lambo's eye twitched and he turned his head to the direction if the voice.

"A pest?!" He shouted, his voice hysterical."Are you kidding me? I'm about to be reincarnated you t-tsundere-puppy!" Lambo shouted and gokudera's face turned an unhealthy shade of red.

"You!" He seethed but took a deep breath."For juudaimere."He muttered."Don't murder the stupid-" A mocking voice came and interrupted his little rant.

"Oh, so is the puppy getting beat by the cow?" Mukuro teased with a smile."How sad!"

"Maa maa"Yamamoto interjected attempting to stop the argument that was going to happen, you didn't even need the sky arcobaleno to know it was going to happen."I'm sure mukuro didn't mean to-"


"Hn." Yeah, the argument happened anyway and poor tsuna still had to do paperwork, despite being dead.


Reborn had come, albeit flashily."What are you idiots doing?"He said calmly and a certain skylark visibly recoiled at the insult.

The argument- no fight, had continued.




Only to become worse.

"Daemon Spade!"


...Poor tsuna was still doing paperwork, giotto joining

"I'm sure everyone's hungry, let me make some food!" When had nana come?

"Nana dear~!" Ah, yes, here is our favorite father. Bravo!

Tsuna cried, giotto joined him a minute later. The paperwork just wouldn't stop!

"The clouds are so fluffy~!" The one we were waiting for, byakuran, had finally arrived."Anyway, lambo-chan" Lambo had visibly grimaced, others following."It's time." Lambo could only blink before everything went black again.

"WAAAHHH!" That was a noise lambo couldn't stop, it was simply baby instincts after all. Lambo sighed in annoyance and took a deep breath, this was going to take time to get used to and...damn that marshmallow idiot! Tricking him like that...

"Law, look at your new brother!" Lambo heard his new mother shout and gaped. Law, as in Trafalgar Law! So he was in that city where everyone died! What the hell byakuran!

"He looks so small." Law muttered a smile on his face. He couldn't help the smile, he's a big brother again!

"Well babies are like that, you was once too." Law's mother said with a smile and law blushed.

"No I wasn't." He grumbled.

Lambo desperately wanted to facepalm, but he couldn't, because...he was a baby.

In another world where a marshmallow addict was whining about paperwork, he violently sneezed.

"Ah, that must be lambo-chan."He said cheerfully, a smile growing on his face which people edged away from."I hope he liked his present!" Most people shook their heads in pity and some even put their hands up for a prayer. Lambo needed it!

"God, someone save lambo."Tsuna muttered and even mukuro had pity on his face.


When lambo disappeared, everyone resumed arguing except a certain green-haired ancestor who,was screaming in distress.

"MY WILL IS INSIDE THE RING DAMMIT! LAMBO HAS THE RING" Lampo shouted and grabbed giotto's suit."HAVE MERCY! HELP MEEEEE!" Lampo disappeared but his last words were heard by all.

"Was this because I dyed G's hair yellow and blamed it on asari,who accidently threw knuckle's bible who, punched dameon, who thought is was alaude?"

The chaos erupted, once again.