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"Mr Stark are you even listening?" asked the senator in exasperation.

"Yes of course" the aforementioned Mr Stark answered "but could you just repeate it one more time?"

"Mr Stark you have a daughter"

For once Tony Stark had nothing to say.

"She is 12 years old and she has been badly mistreated for a long time. From what we can tell she was kidnapped by assassins and turned into their most valuable asset, she's been trained since she could walk and first killed when she was 7. Mr Stark,are
you willing to take custody of her?"

"Are you telling me" Tony started, "that my daughter is a killer,"

The senator nodded reluctantly.

"Can I see her?"

At once they brought in a small girl, she had long brown hair braided to her shoulder blades and brown eyes, an exact match to Tony's. But the most striking thing about her was the long gash that went from her forehead, through her eye and ended parallelto
her lip. She looked broken and lost and in that moment there was nothing Tony wanted more than to show her the way.

"Where do I sign" he whispered, without taking his eyes off the girl.

When he and his daughter got home he sat her down in the living room, she seemed to be calculating it, as if she was working out some great mystery.

"So... What's your name?" Tony asked, awkwardly.

"I don't know" the girl replied in a hard voice (she certainly didn't sound as broken as she looked) "at the academy they just called me the oracle"

"Why?" Answered her father.

"I don't know" he could tell she was lying but he chose not to push (he's arrogant not horrible).

"Well then how about Or... Or... Orn... Orna! Yes what about Orna."

She nodded slowly, as if it was just sinking in that she finally had a name.

And that was the start of the adventures of Orna the Oracle

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