Luna and Luan Loud could no longer resist it. They knew that they were lesbians. And not just that. They knew that they were gay for eachother. And every single night, no exceptions, they would carry out their lesbian acts in the bedroom that only the two of them shared. Here's a scene from a hot, summer night, while the rest of the family was at the ice cream parlor. Even at ages 15 and 14, they were very intense in their hidden lesbian acts.

Our story zooms in on the two sluts, in their bedroom of course. Luan is reading a magazine while Luna is slowly stumming her guitar. Neither of the sisters are paying much thought to their activities. They all know what's going to happen. They know what needs to be done. Luna quietly put down her guitar, and Luan did the same with her magazine. They made eye contact, and the slutty acts of the night were sealed. Luna slowly gets off the purple beanbag chair in the corner of the room, and slowly starts walking towards Luan who is on her bed, both giving a horny smile to eachother.

"More, Luna, more!" yelled Luan to Luna. "Suck on my nipples and get me wet!"

"Of *slurp* course, love. *suck* Your tits are so fucking big! *slurp*" Luna responded, sucking on her sisters tits.

The two were naked, both on Luan's bed. They were pleasuring with their glances, their hands, their tongues, and their presence overall. Luan's sheets were soaked, as both were extremely wet.

"Kiss me, Luna. Kiss your dirty slut sister!" yelled Luan.

Luna readily obliged, and she pounced on her younger sister, both making out hard.

After some time, Luna broke away from the kiss.

Puzzeled, Luan asked, "What's wrong, Lu?"

"I have an idea," Luna responded.

Luan's horniness immediately doubled, as she knew that Luna's "additions" to their gay acts always ended in a pleasurable night. This one would not disappoint.

Luna grabbed both of the drumsticks from the floor near her drum set, and turned to face Luan with a sexy smile on her face. Luan smiled back, and immediately spread her legs open. Luna approached Luan and slowly stuck one drumstick in Luan's asshole. A pleasure filled moan escaped Luan's mouth. She put the other drumstick between Luan's tits, and she started making both sticks move in a thrusting motion repeatedly. Luan's moans got louder and louder.

"Oh, fuck yes! Unh Unh UNH!" Luan cried.

Suddenly, Luan reached for her dresser where her fake nose and glasses lay. She knew that Luna always got extra horny when she wore them. Luna saw this, and immediately leaned down and started making out with Luan, drumsticks still thrusting.

After about 20 more minutes, those minutes being spent on perfroming slutty acts with joy buzzers, whoopee cushions, Luna's guitar, and much more, they heard the family van pull up into the driveway, and they could hear their siblings cheering at having eaten ice cream. Luna and Luan quickly got dressed and met their family in the living room.

"Hey guys, we brought you back ice cream," Mr. Loud greeted them.

"So, what have you girls been up too?" their mother asked.

"Nothing much, mom. Just hanging out," Luan replied.

"Well, we're going to bed. Feel free to eat your ice cream, but go to sleep afterwards." Mrs. Loud said.

"Got it, mom," Luna said, as Luan went into the kitchen to fetch some spoons.

The rest of their family went to bed as Luna and Luan ate their ice cream on the couch. They shared a quick glance as they spooned their ice cream, and they new that they were both thinking the same thing. This ice cream might be sweet, but the treat that they had just had in their bedroom was way sweeter.