Disclaimer: NOT mine, I wish they were but there mot. Note I have read multiple fanfictions. I might use someone's idea without realizing it and if that is the case. I am sorry. (s/p?) means what is the spelling for those who dont know.

Layla's POV

It was the middle of my sophomore year. I was moved to the Hero track when I handled Penny. Zach and Magenta dated for a month then split up for some reason. Warren was a junior. His mom and my mom have become friends so I saw a lot of him. He moved closer to Will and me. He said it was closer to the Paper Lantern. It was closer but I also over heard the news of their address had gotten back to Barren Battle.

That was what set us up for what changed my outlook of life.

Warren:"Hey Layla, your mom home? I need to see if I can stay somewhere that isn't home or the Strongholds. Zach is sick from overuse of his powers. Ethan is too close to the Maxville penetentionary (s/p?) and just a no as far as Magenta."

Layla: "Sorry. She should be back in about an hour though."

Warren: "Thanks."

Warren enters and sits on the couch. We help each other with our homework for about 50 minutes before there is a knock at the door. Getting the door, I see Will is there. He just barges in and then accuses me of cheating on him when he sees Warren.

Jenny: "Will! Layla and Warren were doing homework! They do that a lot and Warren, I got a call from your mom. Yes you can stay until the family leaves."

With that Will says we are done and leaves in a huff.

Layla: "A year of dating and we're over. Just like that and just for working on homework with a boy. WOW! He really is stupid. That git! Ugh! He can be so self-centered."

Warren and Jenny: "LAYLA!"

As I realized what I was saying a look of horror came over me.

Jenny: "Dear. Calm down. It's okay. He is a git."

We went to the Paper Lantern so Warren could work his shift and also for dinner. Needless to say, I went to bed very emotional and was not in a happy mood when morning came.

Will changed everything in my life and that was just the first of many things to happen.