Hello again! As you can see, I made another crossover, and like everything I write, this is going to start as something I came up with just for fun. And so like my Avengers/Bleach crossover, I'm going to let anyone reading this choose the villains. This takes place in JU Unlimited, so I don't have to stick to a fixed timeline, so suggest whoever you want.

Besides that, it's the usual. No romance (besides JU cannon, but nothing serious). The story will focus more on Ichigo and Uryu. Bleach characters will be underpowered, simply because if they weren't, they'd leave everyone in the dust with no trouble at all, and where's a good story in that?

First chapter is a lot of explaining, but it helps set up the story, so it's kinda necessary, so please bare with me!

Ichigo hated the rain. It was cold, wet, and somehow found it's way everywhere, despite the coat he was wearing. Besides that, it obscured things from view and made it nearly impossible to hear anything.


For instance, a certain four-eyed archer approaching behind him.

"Gah!" Ichigo jumped, face instantly falling into a scowl when he turned to face Uryu. "Don't do that!"

Uryu tilted his head slightly. "Do what?"

Ichigo gritted his teeth. "You know very well what."

The Quincy shrugged and smirked slightly. "Well, at least you stopped sulking. But, honestly, if you were any good at sensing reiatsu, you would have felt me coming long before I actually got here. You're just annoyed because I startled you."

Ichigo growled softly. He hated it when Uryu was right. "I wasn't sulking."

"Oh, really? Then what would you call that look on your face?"

"Nothing." he mumbled, finding no good comeback. Uryu's smirk grew, but he didn't push. After all, he had good reason to sulk.

It had been two months. Two months since they had woken up in this alternate reality to find hawk-people taking over the world.

Neither one of them really knew how they got there, just that they had ended up somewhere very different from their world, despite similar appearances. And that they somehow managed to get from Karakura to New York in one night. It was a good thing Uryu spoke fluent English, other wise finding a place to sleep would have been hard.

Of course, before that, they were hiding in alleys and trying to appear like they knew what was going on, trying to avoid the hawk-people (Thanagarians, they later found out they were called). Ichigo wasn't exactly in the best mood already, but when he saw how they were treating humans, it took all his strength and lots of persuading from Uryu not to go on a rampage and knock out every one of the invaders.

And as if the existence of aliens wasn't surprise enough, they found out that superheroes were real. Funny costumes, capes, powers and all.

When said heroes got rid of the hawks, Ichigo and Uryu were finally able to come out of the shadows and get help. They managed to exchange the yen in their pockets for American money and get a cheap apartment. Once they figured out that they apparently weren't going back to Karakura anytime soon, Ichigo managed to make some cash doing odd-jobs, since that was the only experience he had (though he was kind of glad that miss Ikumi wasn't there to yell at him), and Uryu dedicated his time to studying the world they were now a part of, eventually getting a small part-time job at the library.

This was where they were now, walking back to their apartment after Uryu got off his shift. Ichigo would have been there already, except for a last-minute job he had to finish. So there they were, a Quincy and Shinigami, stuck together in a world they didn't know.

There wasn't much to say between them. They never talked much, even back home. By now, things had settled into a sort of routine.

Their apartment wasn't much, but it was all they could afford and served their needs. It was just a small room, with a bathroom to the side. Uryu had managed to find a couple of old mattresses to sleep on that were stowed against the wall when not in use, but besides that, it was completely empty of furniture.

They didn't spend a lot of time there, anyways.

One of the first things they tested after they woke up was their powers. Thankfully, reishi was in good supply, if not overflowing, and everything they could do without decimating a city block had been proven effective.

It wasn't too long after that that they found a block full of abandoned warehouses. Ichigo in particular had liked this discovery. Whenever he got particularly regretful about leaving everything he knew behind, he could usually relieve the stress through applied destruction.

And that led up to one of their biggest decisions in this new world.

Neither one could really say who first came up with the idea. But without any Hollows to fight and no action, it wasn't a surprise that they found themselves joining the heroes and beating crime on the streets.

For Ichigo, a disguise wasn't such a big deal. He just had to worry about what to do with his body after going into soul form. Through lots of hard training, he even managed to recall his mask, the one with the two blood-red stripes going through the eyes. Uryu, however, ended up sewing his Quincy uniform all over again.

And so they started their career as New York's heroes. People were hesitant about them at first, and they were the subject of the press for a week or two, but eventually they were accepted as just two more superhumans doing some good. Since they never left anything suggesting a name, the press and public took it upon themselves to give them names.

If people were hesitant about either of them, it was because of Ichigo. His mask, yellow-on-black eyes, seen by criminals and people he saved, plus the two unconventional swords made him resemble a demon more than a hero, earning him the alias Dark . But Uryu was easily accepted. His white uniform and glowing blue bow reminded people of a saint or angel, depending on who you asked. He was dubbed Divine.

The two of them became a common sight around New York. And unlike other heroes, they didn't have to worry about secret identities, though Ichigo still insisted on wearing his mask, stating that his hair made him much more memorable than the average person.

They got so good at it in those two months, so recognized, that it shouldn't have been a surprise when they were contacted by some of the most powerful figures in this world's history...