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Cat's Cradle

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Eight Tempers High

As if being moved to the public hospital couldn't make matters any worse than they were, he had to show up.

Naruto Uzumaki.

She held back a groan in lieu of asking, "What are you doing here?"

He blinked at her, something different to the wide-opened mouth staring from earlier. It was better than him turning pale at the sight of her bandaged face. Kid came in without so much of a word and stared, then he had the balls to look surprised when she called him out for it.

She lost to him. On paper.

"I'm sorry," he said, and scratched at his cheek. Weird lines were in them, reminding her of the rumor that he was the jinchuuriki of the village. She knew there had to be one, even if it turned out to be a moron.

"Sorry for what?"

He gave a wry chuckle, but he looked away. At a loss for words. There were bags under his eyes and she wondered why. In the match, he seemed like someone hell bent on always bouncing back when he needed to.

"You look tired," she said, allowing him a change of topic.

At it, he winced. "Yeah. I, uh, I haven't been sleeping well."

Sumiye looked at him and then looked to the ceiling that she had been subjected to staring blankly at. Her lack of mobility in her arms limited her potential routes to ease off boredom and as she'd been sunk into self-loathing far enough to entertain herself for the day, she figured she'd give him a chance.

"Do you wanna talk about it or something?"

He sucked in a breath, stared at her with wide, pleading eyes.

"I'm sorry, dattebayo!" He lifted his hands in prayer and bowed his head.

She blinked. This again?

"I'm sorry," he repeated, looking up. "I feel like it's my fault you became like that and I, I just stood there and watched. I didn't do anything even if I could have."

"You would have gotten yourself killed. It's not your fault," she said. He was such a damn weirdo, coming to apologize for something he had nothing to do with. It would have been a bit cocky of him if he didn't seem so miserable about it.

"But you...you, I could have done something. I should have stopped you from hurting yourself, 'ttebayo. Then you wouldn't be here and your face wouldn't be covered up."

"That's ludicrous. What could you have done? Besides, it was better me being hurt than anyone else. I don't want mauling a kid to death on my record before I even reach chuunin."

He snorted, like it was a joke. She stared at him.

"Seriously, what could you have done?"

Naruto shook his head. "I don't know, 'ttebayo. I wanted to try talking to you but I... I didn't know your name."

"Sumiye Uchiha. A cousin to your teammate."

His cheeks reddened. "I know that now."

"Talking is useless in a fight," she muttered.

Naruto cocked his head, confused. "Then how do you know who you're fighting against?"

"Why do you even want to know? I'd rather not feel like shit afterwards, personal preference."

He shrugged. "Guess it just feels wrong not to know."

She scoffed. "What? Are you going to memorize everyone's name or something? Never forget a name and become a fighting legend?"

"Is that possible?" Naruto asked, grinning, and there was a jolt of life in him that reminded her of who he had been in the prelims. Irritating and hard to get down.

"I don't know."

"Oh." He deflated.

Silence followed.

She sighed.

"Hey," he started, and his face turned red even to his ears. "Did the doctors say anything about your face scarring?"



"Because you're pretty, dattebayo!"

"I'm not pretty." It was the truth. She knew that on the inside she was just as ugly as everyone else who had bone, blood, and guts. There wasn't anything pretty about being alive.

"Yeah, you are." Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and twisted his face away on a stubborn note.

"I hope they leave scars," she muttered. Just to spite him.

He turned back and gaped before pausing and tilting his chin toward his chest in thought. "Hmmmm."

She sighed. Boredom was preferable to his company, she decided.

"You might actually look really cool, 'ttebayo!"

Sumiye would have rolled her eyes if she didn't worry about the irritation it would cause to her sensitive eyes.

"Can you go?" she asked. He blinked at her, caught off guard and she felt for a moment like she just kicked a dog. "I mean, it's because I'm a little tired and you look like you could use some too."

"Oh." He scratched his chin but stood up from the chair that faced her hospital bed. "I won't be able to see you 'cause I'll be training with a Pervy Sage, but I'll come see you again soon before you leave this place."

She humored him with a nod and watched him shuffle out of the room, like he still had something to say. He didn't turn back to say it.

Eight Tempers High

"I told you to drink more water," Kakashi said to her as Yugito groaned with her head in his lap. Even as he scolded her, he continued to card his fingers through her hair while they relaxed beneath a tree for their lunch break. No one was there, the genin students and their teachers having gone ahead.

They both knew the safe haven was temporary but still they settled into it and Kakashi thanked his lucky stars to be able to remain next to her.

"You're the best pillow," she informed him and sighed in contentment as he rubbed at her temple to ease the migraine she was attempting to stave off.

"Glad to be the best. I could never settle to be second," Kakashi told her, absentminded. It caused her to snort and he grinned. Such a cheesy joke and she still laughed.

"I've never had a hangover this bad," she said, and it interested him to know how her jinchuuriki constitution worked with alcohol or if last night had been a rare side of her. He could still smell the sake on her, and he got flashes of her downing shot after shot to keep up with Gai.

She groaned in his lap.

"Drinking with Gai does that to anyone, you're doing well," he said, a bit glad to be in the position of her caretaker. She had cute ears, attached lobes that curves he traced with his finger. It made her shiver and he watched the heat rise up her face. Though it was supposed to be innocent, he couldn't help but think of other things.

In his head he could still hear her moans from on the bed.

"I just wanna stay here," she mumbled before turning her face in towards his lap.

Kakashi's leg twitched, a reaction he couldn't curb as he tried hard not to think of the implications of her face so close. Instead he thought of how beautiful her hair looked with the filtered sunlight hitting it and making her shine. She shifted to watch him through a dark eye, framed by long lashes and the smirk on her lips sent a jolt through him.

He continued to stroke her hair, and told himself that he wasn't short of breath.

She closed her eyes. "I like when you touch me," she said. It could have been innocent if it wasn't for her smile. She knew what she was doing to him, she knew and she was enjoying it.

Never one to take being teased lying down, Kakashi bent down to lick the lobe of her ear. He heard her gasp but rather than lean back, he took the soft skin in between his teeth and sucked.

Yugito laughed but her breaths were sighs that misted against the hand he'd brought to her chin without realizing. In normal circumstances, he could have held off more—but these were times of high tension, a limbo of unfullment. His groin tightened and furthered hardening when she took his thumb into her mouth. He had to pull back then, watching her half-amazed and half-amused.

It was warm, moist, and the pad of his thumb ran over her teeth as her tongue ran alongside it. It wasn't so amusing anymore.

"This is mean of you," he said, helpless against her. She chuckled against his hand, and with her fingers curling over his skin, she bit him. Gentle, forceful, teasing him with it. Yugito's expression did further to undo him, her eyes closing as she focused on his thumb, sucking and oh—fuck.

She slid it out of her mouth, her lips brushing against his skin before trailing kisses up his wrist and to his elbow. She'd shifted to sit up for a better angle and with a sharp inhale made by him, her hand went to the waistband of his pants.

The next thing he knew in the daze of 'is this actually happening', Yugito was touching him. On her knees, one leg on either side of him, she towered over him. On instinct, he reached for her, held onto her with his hands at her hips and watched her. Her hair fell around her, shrouding her face but with the glimpses of her biting her lip making him harden up all the more. She grinned.

"Fuck," he barely managed to squeeze past his tightened ribcage.

"More than you touching me, I like touching you," she said, and did just that, using one hand to pull down his pants for better access and the other to stroke him. He thought she would be clumsy in this aspect but no, no she was good—too good.

It didn't prepare him for what she did after she'd hiked down his pants and underwear. Not even long enough to pause, she shuffled backwards, leaned down, and took him into her mouth.

"Yugi—to," Kakashi called, voice weak. "You don't ha—"

He groaned and found his hands in the dirt, ripping up grass and attempting to control himself. It was hard. It was so fucking hard.

She was aggravatingly slow, gentle as she ran her tongue around the head, circling and making him exercise patience in a way he never had to before. He stared down at her, watched her look up at him and heard her moan. The vibrations ruined him, even with him so far off, he had to be dripping in pre-cum. Her hands were still at the base, stroking and gaining speed the longer she lingered.

He lost sense of time, focused on her—only her.

She kept at it, the minutes ticking by and though it was embarrassing, he could feel it coming close. He could feel the throb and heat licking up his sternum and groin, building and growing, rushing the blood to his head. His breath was ragged, and no expansion of his chest allowed in enough air to live on.


He tried to warn her, to move her away for the last stretch, but she held firm. When the time came, as the buildup reached his limit and he couldn't hold on anymore, as the heat continued to pool and simmer, there it went, rushing through him.

Kakashi could hardly make sense of it as he struggled to catch his breath, hands too covered in dirt to reach for her, and too spent to move an inch. It took a minute of watching her, dazed—as she took a towelette from her bag to wipe off her hands—for him to realize.

"Y-you, you swallowed?"

She gave him a look. "It would have been harder to us to clean up."

Kakashi ran a hand over his face, mask and all, and took a moment to formulate a response.

"Are you sure you're a virgin?"

"Yes but I'm twenty-six," she told him, rolling her eyes. "By now, I know how to get a guy off."

"But you've never done it before?" Just to be sure, just to be certain.

"Of course not." She paused, expression shifting as her brows furrowed. "Why? Was it bad?"

"It was," unexpected, amazing, sensual, incredible, "good. Very good."

Yugito laughed, tipping her head back. At seeing her throat, he knew he wanted to kiss it, kiss her. He needed her more, so much more now for what she had done. It just wasn't enough.

Looking at her, he didn't think it ever would be.

"We'll have to catch up with the others so they don't worry," Yugito huffed and he forced himself to nod. He didn't want to go. He didn't want to disguise himself as Itachi where she had an awkward time looking at him and before that, he wanted to do something for her. Satisfy her.

She stood up and began to pack their things as he pulled up his pants. Together, getting ready to set off again, they sighed.

Eight Tempers High

Discussions with Ay had a way of becoming the least of she had been expecting. Even when she had come to expect the unexpected, it still somehow managed to be a mixed bag each time she dared cross into his quarters.

She knew from the moment she saw him, however, that he was pissed with her.

"What are you doing back?" he asked.

Yugito paused in the doorway and debated on what to say. She wasn't nervous or scared, it had been too long of them getting along for her to think he'd do anything too bad to her. They might get into an office wrecking fight, but he'd cover her hospital bill. She hoped.

"I have some things to debrief you on," she said. "It was best I came in person."

"And you had to bring your boyfriend from Konoha along with?"

Her cheeks flushed at that but she had already suspected the disguise wouldn't fool everyone. She tried for humor to break the tension. "I seem to have a habit of bringing back shinobi from there when I go."

"Is he also going to join our ranks? Can't say I would be against getting Kakashi Hatake onto our side."

Yugito shifted where she stood, pursing her lips and deliberating how best to go about everything. She couldn't outright say he wouldn't leave Konoha—he wouldn't, not for her—not without making Ay question her loyalty to Kumo.

"The Hokage wanted me to speak with you. He wanted to request assistance from Kumo."

Ay sat in his chair and stared.

She opened her mouth and snapped it shut when he crushed the pen in his hand under the wEight Tempers High of a finger. His eye twitched and though his killing intent was leaking, he didn't use it against her.

"What? Why?"

"The Uchiha clan is planning a coup, and they've teamed themselves up with Suna to do it. The date is planned to be a month away from now, on the day of the Chuunin Exams."

"A coup? Similar to what we suspect they had planned years ago?" Ay asked.

Yugito could vaguely recall talk of Kumo taking advantage of the chaos in Konoha, in the case that it received a change of government. But it never happened because of Itachi—because of her.

"Something like that," she said, noncommittal. "I don't know much else beyond that, so I believe we should exercise caution. It's strange they would ask us for help."

"Are you sure they weren't just asking for your help?" Ay eyeballed her and she laughed.

"Why would they ask me?"

"You seem to get along very well with Konoha shinobi," he muttered. "I'd be suspicious of you if I didn't know you were so passionate about Kumo."

"It's my home," she said. "Konoha could never replace that."

She wasn't lying. Kumo was a lot of things to her, the place of bad memories and of people she'd rather not think of, but it was also where she had finally been able to find peace. Where Yugito felt most needed. She wanted to become Raikage for a reason—she wanted to be a pillar to support the people she had come to love in her time working towards that goal.

"I know," he said, tone gruff. "Hate it, love it, you can't leave it. It's why we kidnap people."

Yugito snorted, not expecting him to be so blunt.

"Raikage-sama, what would you have me do? Should we agree to lend a fraction of support?"

Ay looked at her long and hard. The seconds ticked by and she was sure a few minutes had passed before he let out a big whooping guffaw. He laughed and laughed, clutching his stomach and splintering the desk with his fists before stopping as suddenly as he had started.

He met her gaze.

"The only support that bastard going to get is me, watching his face as I pulverize his enemies for him. He'll see up close who he went crying for help to, and it'll be me who he'll be indebted to for the rest of his life! Old man is gonna regret it! Hah!"

The rest of his words became incomprehensible as he split his desk in two, thrashing the papers in the room and cackling as if he had never laughed in his life before.

"Will that be all?" Yugito asked, wanting to miss when he began to throw shit.

"Of course. Send in Shii before you leave to play with your Konoha nin." Ay shooed her off.

Glaring at him through a thin smile, she nodded and left.

Eight Tempers High

Sasuke knew it was his brother, was so certain—but still got surprised when he saw his brother lose his henge.

He gulped down the sound of his shock and centered his brother with a disgruntled stare. "You couldn't have warned me?"

"You already knew who I was, little brother. Or was that just you guessing and thinking wishfully? You'll often be disappointed, if that's the case."

"Aniki," Sasuke mumbled. It would have sounded like a whine had he not grown older and wiser since he'd last been face to his brother. Because, sure enough, things had changed. Itachi looked at him with humor in his gaze, an expression that Sasuke couldn't remember seeing even as a young kid.

Itachi was a guarded, careful person. He wasn't the type to smile if it betrayed his true emotions and he wasn't the type that could convey meaning that wasn't convoluted by a puzzle in words.

If Sasuke was being honest, something he struggled to be, the expression on his face was a tad bit disarming. Creepy, even. Sasuke felt like he was looking at a stranger and for all he used to dream of the day, he didn't know what to do now that he stood face to face with his brother.

"It's been a while," Itachi said, eyes softening and darkening with emotion that Sasuke couldn't decode. "I don't have the right to ask but, how is the family? Is mother doing all right? I spoke with father a bit a few days ago. It was... interesting."

Something about this bothered Sasuke—not that their dad had spoken to Itachi, or that he was worried about their mom. He asked about 'the family' though, and he couldn't be too clear as to why but... it made muscles in his shoulders tighten. Maybe it was the guarded attitude he'd seen others in his clan have, maybe it was affecting him more than he thought it would.

Sasuke had been a whole lot younger and much more of an idiot when Itachi left.

For a long time, hadn't Sasuke resented his brother for it? For killing people—not just any people, their people. Family. He'd intended to destroy the family. He'd chosen the village over the clan. Their clan.

For a moment, Sasuke was so startled by this sudden resentment for his brother that all he could do was look at him, dumbfounded.

Itachi just looked sad—and knowing.

"Our mother is fine," Sasuke said, tone a bit strangled. "She still makes too much food, like she's waiting for you." His teeth clicked by the force of his mouth snapping shut. Why had he said that? Did he want his brother to feel guilty?

Itachi's expression saddened, tightening and making him appear much older. "Is she?"

Sasuke recalled the letter Itachi had gotten Kakashi's girlfriend to courier, of being explained in it that his actions were under false orders. Itachi had never explained from who, or did he? Sasuke struggled to recall more than just the written apology and the 'I love you' that had stuck with him.

He didn't understand why he was suddenly so—so, what was the word? All consuming and as hot as a smoking fire. Just so pissed. Mad. Angry.

Sasuke sucked in a breath, looked away from his brother, and hated that his shoulders shook with his barely contained fury.

He was so confused! How was he supposed to feel? How was he supposed to look his brother in the eye and still see him as family? How could he, when he'd turned his back on it?

I love you too, he had wanted to say back. I love you, I love you, I love you but I hate you at the same time.

His brother was a traitor. Everyone said so! Sasuke recalled defending his brother from those that had spoken bad about Itachi, and how always, always, they'd remind him of the people he had killed. Good people, and some of them were kids.

Izumi had been a kid.

Since when did Sasuke want to defend his brother from that? Why? Because of how he idolized him? How he'd wish each day that things were different and his remarkable and genius of a brother was back in his life?

Was that reason enough to be okay with murder? To just let him off the hook because the orders were a mistake? Itachi still chose—he still chose. And he hadn't chosen him, hadn't chosen their mother, or their father.

He hadn't been there in the aftermath of his brutality; he hadn't listened to their mom weeping when she thought no one could hear, or gotten the pitying stares by Konoha civilians that regarded the Uchiha with an elevated distaste. It wasn't Itachi that had gotten beat up by cousins for defending a criminal, a traitor. And it wasn't Itachi that had to pick up the pieces of a role he never wanted.

It had been Sasuke.

I love you, I missed you, he wanted to say. But he couldn't. Just couldn't.

Sasuke felt sick, sick, sick just looking at him.

"The family is diseased," he choked out, and felt something inside him harden. "You infected us with something on that night. Nothing was ever the same."

"No, nothing ever was," Itachi said, voice soft and haunting.

The anger turned to sadness, enough that tears built at his eyes. He dashed them away with a quick flick of his hand.

"But I'm going to save it," he said. Sasuke gritted through his teeth when Itachi looked at him with curiosity, and repeated, with much more conviction, "I'm going to save our family. I will, with the same blood running through you, running through me."

Sasuke didn't know what he expected out of this different Itachi, but when he smiled, it set something at ease inside of him.

"You're becoming a protector," he said.

"I have to," Sasuke returned, and then tilted his chin up. "I'm going to be the head of an entire clan. And, because of that, I have to protect you too, I hope you know."

"Oh?" Itachi looked surprised, amused. "You'll be protecting me? From what?"

In all seriousness, Sasuke said, "Myself after I learn the chidori."

His brother laughed. "Is that an invitation to a spar?"

Another knot in Sasuke eased, but it didn't erase the resentment. The hatred.

"Yeah," he said, "something like that."

Eight Tempers High

"Kakashi, we have something important we need to do," Yugito informed him seriously as soon as she saw him. He looked out of place in Kumo, now that he could look like himself after their charade had been exposed.

For a moment, she was saddened by how bizarre it was to see him in her village. From the tenseness in his shoulders, he wasn't too comfortable here. But that was to be expected and Yugito hadn't fooled herself into thinking he would ever fit permanently into her life.

Which was why tonight was important.

He blinked at her and then bobbed his head. "What is it?"

"You have something you need to take from me," she said, and then turned, face bright red, towards the direction of her apartment.

She heard a thick swallow behind her, and then Kakashi stepped after, sticking close. People stared. Was it really so strange, her and him?

Kumo and Konoha have been enemies for a long time. It's as strange as things get.

What Matatabi said made sense—and left her feeling a bit sick.

Yugito put a bit of distance between them in the streets, and quickened her pace. She made sure not to look at him, even from the corner of her eye. It made her feel awful, ashamed, but it set even further into her head a determination.

They stepped in front of her apartment door and she let them in easily. She waited only long enough for them to take off their shoes before she turned to him, and threw her arms around him. She was surprised, but pleasantly so, to find him waiting expectantly.

"You're mine," she growled, meeting his gaze.

Yet it was a lie even to her own ears. He was Konoha's—she hated expected to be bothered by this. But she was.

Kakashi said nothing, leaning in to kiss her after pulling down the mask. It was that stole her breath from her, left her starved for it, and miserable when he pulled away. He rested his forehead against her, hands coming up to cup her cheeks.

"I'm glad for it," he whispered.

"There's not going to be any interruptions," she said, tone like steel. "I'll kill anyone who tries."

"Good. I'll help."

And then they were kissing, barely able to keep enough control over their limbs to stumble their way through her apartment, repeatedly bumping into things, breaking a vase she'd never cared for—he still apologized—and then finally shouldering their way into her bedroom and onto the bed.

She breathed an exhale of relief.

His lips were still on hers, her moan muffled by the kiss as his hands began to roam. He caressed her, fingers trailing down the side of her waist, over her hip, down to where her dress ended. He hiked it up until his fingers could cup her hip, where his fingers worked on tugging off her underwear.

Yugito shivered at the sensation, and then felt her hips roll when he came to cup her.

"What are—" Her words broke off into a moan, baffled by the reactions he could pull from her. She felt like a puppet almost, and quivered as he stroked her, caught in the flares of heat that worked through her. She'd never been touched so tenderly, with so much care.

She met his gaze, how she was reflected in his gaze.

Mine, she thought, kissing him and groaning the more the pressure built up inside her. She loved running her tongue under his incisors, feeling the pointed edge before caught up in the sensation of his tongue sliding against hers.

The kiss broke off, leaving her weak kneed and helpless. She tried to protest when he began to edge off of her, coming to kneel with his face so close to her sex. She flushed, embarrassed and a bit scared, wanting to hold him back.

"You don't have to," Yugito told him, unable to meet his gaze.

God, what was this intense need though?

"I have to because I want to," he replied, cutting her off the moment his hands positioned themselves on her hips, holding her still. In the span of a second, he made contact and Yugito yelped, surprised at the flick of his tongue.

"Kaka—shi," she breathed, going boneless in the chaos of what he was doing to her.

She saw, rather than felt her stomach rising and falling, and was surprised by how much force he had to use to keep her still. But she didn't want to push him away anymore, she just wanted to—Yugito placed her legs onto his shoulders and crossed her ankles, giving him better access.

After, she became a ball of contradictions the more the heat mounted inside of her. It was too fast, too slow, too everything she wanted but didn't think she could handle.

"This—this is, what I've been—missing out on?" she gasped out, and groaned when he chuckled, the vibrations of it making her feel wild. Her head rolled, her hands coming up to hide her face.

Yugito needed something now. She needed a release to this pressure that was taking over her, and as she rolled her hips, seeking more, Yugito was amazed to find her nails lengthening.

Her hands went out to grip the blanket they were on, and breathlessly laughed when the sound of something ripping filled the room. It was, unbelievably, the laugh that did her in. She found her release.

Breathless, caught in the ecstasy of his mouth on her sex, Yugito's entire body shuddered, twitching beyond her control. Her eyes rolled and she moaned, nails sinking into the bed, needing to—just needing to tear into something.

Kakashi let go of her hips and rose to hover over her, eyebrow quirked and lips pulled into a smirk. "You like that?"

Still caught in the remnants of pleasure, she gave him a very happy nod.

"But," she said, shrinking her nails and reaching up to tug at his shirt, "it isn't enough."

"No?" His smile deepened.

Hers broadened. "Definitely not. I want so much more."

"I need some specifics," he whispered, a mischievous glint catching his eye. "Shinobi tend to need those."

"Well, for one thing," she began, using one sharpening nail to cut into his shirt down the middle, "this needs to come off."

"Just this?" He shrugged out of his top like it was a jacket, baring his toned arms and chest. For a moment, she didn't say anything, just stared at him, trying to memorize the sight of him. He was so beautiful to her, it almost hurt.


"All of it," she murmured, catching his eye, "needs to come off."

"Ah," he breathed, and grinned. "I so do agree."

And he used his hands to rip, shred, and tear into the fabric of her dress. She didn't even feel sad at the loss—Yugito was too caught up in seeing him drink the sight of her in. He tossed the scraps of her clothes away, clearing her skin until she was completely naked for him to see.

"I'm so fucking lucky," he muttered, as if more to himself.

"Stop wasting time," she scolded, a bit embarrassed for him to look at her so closely. She didn't even know where this shyness sprouted from, only that being with him was becoming far more intimate than she'd been first prepared for.

"Are you ready?" he asked, shoving his pants off but leaving his underwear on. He almost looked nervous. Like she was beginning to feel.

Face red, and in lieu of being unable to speak, she nodded.

Was she ready? God, yes.

Impatient, she reached out and tugged him to her, hands reaching out to take the last remaining piece of fabric off of him. She shredded it with her nails, and smiled to herself when she saw a rivulet of blood rise on the side of his hip. Not an intentional cut but a weird part of her liked leaving a mark on him.

He whistled. "Dangerous."

"It's you who's making it easier for someone to interrupt," she told him.

He laughed, and with a force Yugito was quickly becoming entranced by, he grabbed her hips, positioning her just right.

"Quick," she ordered, and found herself lucky enough to be obeyed.

Eight Tempers High - End

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