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Fire blazed around the two kids. Screams could be heard from all around them. Two young ravens ran through the flames trying to escape the never ending inferno.

"Ace! What about Sabo? We need to go get Sabo!" Ace the freckled raven shook his head keeping a firm hold on his younger brother's wrist.

"Not right now Luffy! Right now Sabo is safe we aren't! We need to get out of this fire then we'll worry about Sabo another time!"

The youngest raven shook his head stubbornly and dug his feet into the ground. "No! Now's the perfect time to go get Sabo! He needs us he's alone and being alone is the worst! We have to go get Sabo he's our brother!"

Ace looked into Luffy's eyes and knew the younger was right. He sighed and nodded. "Alright let's go get Sabo then we'll figure out what to do later."

Luffy smiled brightly and the two changed course heading for the big gates. They could see the gates about to close and picked up their pace. None of the guards were looking at them.

They slipped through the gates just as they slammed shut. Ace and Luffy looked around themselves trying to figure out where to search first.

"Let go of me! I won't go back to the insufferable place! Let me go! I need to go save my brothers!" Both boys would know that voice anywhere.

The two raced for the alley and saw the same noble holding Sabo's wrist tightly and pulling him away.

Ace growled not about to let his brother be taken from him again. He looked around and grabbed a pipe laying on the ground. Ace rushed forward rising the pipe over his head and brought it down on the man's head.

The old noble had no idea what hit him and fell to the ground unconscious. Ace panted and looked over to his blonde brother. Sabo stood starring in shock at seeing his two brothers alive.

He felt tears welling in his eyes and launched at Ace. He pulled the freckled raven into a hug crying. Luffy grinned joining in on the hug. Ace huffed but wrapped his arms around his two younger brothers.

"As much as I missed you we don't have time to just stand here, we need to get out of here while we can, especially before your dad wakes up." Sabo nodded wiping away his tears.

He grabbed Luffy's hand and the three took off running. Luffy noticed the wall and frowned. "Ne how are we going to get over the wall?"

Sabo looked over to two buildings and grinned. "I've got an idea; we're going to rocket over the wall!"

Ace looked at his blonde brother like he was crazy. Luffy cheered loving the idea. "That's a horrible idea Sabo!"

The blonde rolled his eyes. "Well do you have a better idea cause I sure don't!"

Ace was silent before sighing agreeing to the horrible plan. Luffy ran over grabbing ahold of the two houses. Sabo and Ace both started pulling him as far back as they could.

"Luffy don't you dare let go of that house!" Luffy snickered nodding.

Sabo and Ace pulled back as far as they could. "Luffy let go when we tell you to alright?" Luffy nodded in determination.

The two older kids let go of the raven and they shot forward. "NOW!" Luffy released the wall and the three went sailing towards the wall. They flew over the wall and plummeted to the forest floor.

The three laid in a pile before breaking out into laughter. Sabo grinned up at the sky. "You three are the best brothers anyone could ever ask for."

"Shihihi! Sabo and Ace are amazing!" Luffy had a bright smile on his face happy to have his family back together again.

Ace was unusually silent. "Hey Luffy…I've decided that I don't want to be without you or Sabo ever again what would you say to letting me join your crew?"

Luffy was silent, slightly shocked Ace would ask. Sabo grinned nodding. "Me too! I want join your crew as well! I never want to be without either of you again."

The youngest raven grinned brightly. "Shihihi! Yay Sabo and Ace are going to be my vice-captains!"

The two older sibling grinned. Ace smirked sitting up. "Just so you know older brother trumps captain! So no matter what me and Sabo can just play the older brother card!"

Luffy screamed sitting up. "No way! That's not fair I'm the captain!" Ace and Sabo laughed at their younger brother.

The three stood up deciding it would be best to get away from there before someone noticed them. "Come on Luffy, Sabo we need to leave before someone notices us let's head to Dadan's country."

The brothers agreed making their way to the older woman's hut.

When they got there Dadan had pulled them to her in tears. "You useless brats! I thought you had gotten caught in that fire! Your damn brats don't ever scare me like that again!"

The three nodded grinning. They always knew the older woman had, had a soft spot for them.

They went to their beds all three collapsing after such a long day they were utterly exhausted from such a hard day.