Chapter Ten

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It's been an amazing peaceful Seven years for the Saiyan half-breed, Naruto Briefs. Currently, he was spending time with one of his sons.

"Is that the best you have, son?" Naruto asked with a laugh as he looked down at his panting son.

"*Huff* I'm *Huff* not done yet!" Naruto just shook his head.

"I'm sorry to say but unless you got some secret technique hidden" Naruto crossed his arms with a smile "You won't be able to land a hit on me, Indra"

Indra lifted his head showing off his features to his father. Indra had long black hair he got from his father and his mother, his hair was short on top. Two locks wrapped in bandages framed either side of his face. His eyebrows were cut short along with dark blue eyes he gained from his mother.

Adding to his look he had his hair back in a long cylinder and with blue markings around his eyes, which were turned up at the corners.

Dressed in the finest clothes since he excepted his Saiyan and royal heritage but instead of armour, he wore a high-collared, light-coloured kimono held closed by a dark sash.

Indra took a deep breath as he closed his eyes, the ground started to shake as he was surrounded by a dark purple aura. Indra started to yell as his aura turned into lighting, Indra held one hand in front of himself as if he was holding something while his other hand was as if he was pulling something back.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as Indra's attacks started to look like a bow and arrow "While this attack may be incomplete the power will shake the very earth itself!" Indra roared as he released his attack that tore apart the very earth itself.

Naruto's eyes widen as the attack nearer him but just before it hit, he smirked and thus the attack succeeded in turning their former training ground into a crater.

Indra fell to his knees as sweat fell down the side of his brow "How was that father?" Indra's eyes rolled back as he fell face first into the ground.

The dust cleared showing, Naruto completely unharmed. Surrounded by a blackish purple barrier.

"Not bad son...not bad" Naruto turned his head to glance at two figures flying in the sky "So what do you think? Sixteen? Lapis?"

Sixteen looked the same as he was before he was destroyed, however, power wise, he was much stronger.

Lapis or Android Seventeen too those who weren't her husband was relatively the same besides the wardrobe change and the dramatic increase in strength. Her orange scarf remained but she had a long sleeved dark blue shirt that was ripped at the shoulders with brown and gold suspenders under her arms, blue jeans and boots.

"I must say our son is quite the powerhouse," Lapis said as she floated to her husband's side.

Now your wondering how did Naruto and Lapis get together, well it all happened a week after the Cell games ended.


Android Seventeen was stuck staring at the destroyed Cell games arena. However, something or rather someone caught her attention, it was the Saiyan Naruto. "What's he doing here?" Muttering to her self as she narrowed her eyes.

Naruto was hovering above the ground with a concentrated look on his face as if he was searching for something.

"Hey! Saiyan!" Naruto turned to see it was the very same android he wished back not even a week ago.

"Oh, so your here?" Naruto said with a sigh as the female android landed in front of him.

"Why did you do it?!" Seventeen asked as stomped towards him.

"Do what?" Seventeen growled. She gripped him by the front of his shirt.

"Bring me back!" Seventeen sighed as she let go of his shirt "Why did you bring me back"

"Because I promised a friend" Naruto said as he walked passed her.

"Who?" Naruto gained a small smile.

"Sixteen. I got to know Sixteen for over a year and we became good friends" Naruto gained a found smile "Just before he died, he asked me to do something and I promised I would"

"What was the promise?" Seventeen asked curiously.

"I would try to forgive you and your sister for what you did in my time" Seventeen looked at Naruto in shock "Do you know hard that was? You guys took everything from me. I hated you so much, it's haunted me every day for years" Seventeen just looked down in and guilt. "But Sixteen was a good person and I thought the best way to honour him for what he did for the earth would be to bring you back" Seventeen looked at him with wonder.

"Even after what my sister and I did in your timeline your willing to forgive us...why?" Naruto gave a sigh.

"Because it's easy to hate but it's hard to forgive and move on. I want to move on and look forward to the future with my wife and my unborn child" Naruto held his hand out to her surprising her "So let's start over. I'm Naruto Briefs"

Seventeen allowed a smile to grace her beautiful features as she took his hand "Lapis"

Flashback end

Naruto smiled as he picked up his son in a bridal "Come on let's take him home" Naruto smiled as he thought of his other wives and son 'I wonder what they're up to'

At Capsule Corp

Vegeta had a small smile that was barely noticeable as he watched his grandson Cabba train intensely.

Cabba is fair-skinned and of short stature and has a very slim build. Cabba's hair is black and spiky something he got from both his father and grandfather, with one bang hanging over his forehead, similar to his mothers. His eyes are narrow with large black pupils.

"What are you doing?" Cabba gave a happy smile when he saw his grandfather.

"I'm training! I'm having a sparring match with father and Indra, I want to surprise them and show how much stronger, I really have become!" Cabba went back to throwing punches and kicks in the air.

Vegeta just shook his head but at the same time couldn't help but watch in pride. Just like they're father, they've accepted their Saiyan heritage. Naruto while young would be a good King one day when Vegeta eventually died, Indra took being a Saiyan price to heart and filled that role with honour and pride and Cabba while not as interested in being royal like the rest of his blood preferred to be a high class warrior and doing his family proud, which was good enough for his father and grandfather.

Something that surprised Vegeta about his grandson was the fact he preferred the old armour of the Saiyan race. his outfit has yellow straps, silver plating, a purple under piece, and a blue suit underneath with brown armbands, a brown belt, and purple shoes with grey soles.

Vegeta walked towards his grandson, getting ready to help him with his upcoming battle.

Rocky Mountains

Kale gave a vicious roar as she sparred with her brother Broly. Now some of you might be thinking how is that possible?! Broly is supposed to be dead!?. Well, it just so happens, Naruto knew Kale missed her brother so gathering the Dragon Balls he brought the Legendary Super Saiyan back.

Kale gave a yell as she transformed into a Super Saiyan, her hair flashing green, bulking up slightly in muscle.

"So sister, why is this sudden interest to train with me?" Broly asked as he transformed into a Super Saiyan of his own.

"Naruto has become so strong it's scary...I want to be by his side and show him in any situation, I can be by his strength when he needs me" Broly smiled seeing the confidence in his twin.

"Well then let's prove how strong you have become then dear sister" Kale roared as she fired green Ki blast after Ki blast.

Brolly laughed as he dodged the attacks from his sister while throwing in some of his own.

A few hours later

Kale was huffing as she sat on the ground covered in cuts and bruises, Brolly was no better as he wiped the blood from his busted lip.

"Not bad little sister, not bad"

Brolly raised a brow when he didn't hear a reply, lifting his head he saw his sister huffing aggressively, Broly sniffed the air and then his eyes widened "Oh no"

Kale roared as she started to bulk up "NaRUTO!"

Kale was in heat. Broly was worried for the half Saiyan but at the same time found this insanely amusing.

Naruto rolled his neck as he jumped up and down. Closing his eyes, he felt his Ki circle around him as he felt for a power deep insid-.

"NARUTO!" Naruto froze as he heard his name being roared from his wife. Turning he saw her hulking form.

"H-Hey baby" Naruto gulped as his wife stomped towards him in her Legendary Saiyan form.

"Kale smash Naruto!" Naruto was once again aroused and slightly scared as his wife ripped off her clothes.

"W-What?" just like that Naruto was tackled by his wife and for several hours, any near that area could hear the sounds of flesh slapping flesh, with the occasional "Ow" coming from Naruto.

Eighteen raised a brow, looking up from her magazine as her husband limped into their home with a naked sleeping Kale over his shoulder.

"What happened to you?" Naruto didn't answer just, he just gave a grunt as he leaned down and kissed the side of her head before taking Kale and collapsing onto his bed with Kale snuggling into his side.

Eighteen just sighed as she got up and laid down with her husband. Running a finger along his scared cheek as she thought back to how they slowly but surely got together.

Flash Back

Eighteen sighed as she flew towards her sister island. Eighteen knew her sister's dream was to protect animals and care for the creatures. So imagine her surprise when she found out she was being funded by Capsule Corp just to do her dream.

Eighteen grew worried at the sound of combat, picking up her speed she arrived at the sight of her sister fighting a certain Saiyan.

Naruto had a light smile as he blocked a punch from Android Seventeen, who in turn dodged a kick aiming for her head. Seventeen surged forward as she tackled the Saiyan to the ground, straddling his waist as she does so. Seventeen smirked as she had his wrists pinned to the ground, she started edging her head forward, her lips nearly touching his own when they were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Looking up they both saw Eighteen staring at them both with a raised brow, Seventeen gave her a sister a wave with a lazy smile "Hey"

Naruto was staring at the fire with Eighteen while Seventeen left to deal with some poachers, Naruto turned his head to see Eighteen staring at him "So, you and my sister?"

Naruto gave a nervous laugh "Yeah..."

"How did it happen?" Eighteen asked as she inched closer to the Saiyan.

"I guess after spending a lot of time together, we became friends and eventually more" Eighteen frowned as she stared back at the fire.

"What about you're wife?"

"Kale?" Naruto gave a nervous laugh "At first it was a bit of a mess but my father explained my Saiyan culture and I found out it wasn't uncommon for Saiyans of the royal family to have more than one mate" Eighteen hummed.

"I never did thank you for saving me from Cell did I?" Naruto gave a smile.

"You don't have to-" Naruto was interrupted by Eighteen placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"Thank you" Naruto smiled scratching the back of his head.

"No, Problem"

Flash Back End

Eighteen/Lapis can't remember if she has ever been as happy as she has been for the last seven years.

She wouldn't trade it for anything but little did she know, her perfect world was going to be flipped upside down.

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