She's got especially vibrant red hair, Jasper thinks.

He's been pouring over books, looking for any kind of historical cases of vampires that have suffered like he has, his fingers clenched into tight fists in an effort to not pounce upon one of the humans in the mass below, when he spots her. Given the bright sunlight, she is especially hard to miss, she and her sparkling skin.

Everything in Jasper's body screams to stop her before she gives away the secret, before she brings the Volturi down on both their heads.

Only, no one is looking at her.

In fact, it is almost as if their eyes slide right over her form, none of the humans notice her at all.

Intrigued, Jasper abandons his books to follow her path through the crowd, watching the ringlets of curly scarlet bounce in the afternoon sun. Some kind of gift? The ability to go completely unnoticed when wishing to do so? At least, to human eyes? That is no doubt an incredibly useful power, far better than his own.

Reaching for his own gift, Jasper allows it to stretch, focusing it upon the other vampire, teeth scraping against the tough flesh of his lower lip.

A ferocious wave of loneliness fall over him, threatening to enclose over his head and drag him under. She is perhaps not as old as he, a few decades short of that.

But she feels far stronger than he does, a crushing loneliness that throbs like an open wound. Yet, even then, there is the smallest wisp of hope, lingering deep inside.

For what, Jasper does not know, only that it exists.


Eyes snap up to greet him, a red only slightly duller than his own.




Her name is Hariel Potter.


She came over to the library, but not until they had stared at each other for a few minutes. That action had certified it for him, that her gift allows her to pass unseen among the humans. For surely they would have noticed her frozen form otherwise, even if they had already seemed to miss the sparkles.

She had slipped into the building, offering the woman at the desk a pleasant smile before making her way to him, hands swiftly plaiting red curls back from her face, so that they will not fall in front of her eyes.

She smiles hesitantly, introducing herself with an English accent and holding out her hand to shake.

Jasper feels her surprise and embarrassed flattery when he instead kisses her knuckles in greeting, introducing himself.

She's a pretty thing, with all that bright hair framing that heart-shaped face, her small stature ensuring the crown of her head barely reached his chin. Perhaps to humans she would be of average height, maybe even slightly taller than average, but Jasper is a tall vampire; thus, she's rather on the petite side.

"So, what's a vampire doing hiding in the library? Or am I missing the punchline to a joke?" She slips into a chair opposite the one he had previously occupied, eyes sweeping over the books as her smiles widens in amusement.

Slowly seating himself and recalling how exactly it was he had become a vampire -never trust a pretty face to be harmless, he knows that now- Jasper cocks his lips up slightly at the edges. He has no desire to inform the woman of what he's looking for, nor that he is taking a break from the overwhelming love between his two travelling companions.

"Just researching. I never had much time to do it before," Jasper murmurs, long fingers reaching out for another book.

When he next looks up, the woman has a tome on magic of all things held in her hands, and though she doesn't address him again for the rest of the night, the silent companionship is... Pleasant.




Jasper's not quite sure how it happens, but when he keeps returning to the library and Hariel 'call me Harry' Potter keeps turns up not long after, he finds himself gaining a friend. If vampires can even have friends that is. Companion seems too open a word though, too potentially suggestive.

He wonders what Peter and Charlotte will make of Harry when they next meet up. And it seems already he assumes the woman will be following him when he does leave. Perhaps that's too presumptuous, but-

Jasper stalls when a flask is pushed before him, the liquid inside too slow and dense in its sloshing motions to be anything other than blood.

His eyes, dark with hunger, snap up to look at Harry, who has withdrawn her own flask and is steadily unscrewing the lid.

"It's from the blood-bank," she explains, nervously chewing at her lip as she does so, the action so seemingly human that Jasper is instantly drawn to it, "I added a kind of strengthener to make it last longer."

The former major wishes that he had the strength to take a tentative sip, but the second the lid is off, he finds himself draining the entire thing. It's just a little cooler than what fresh blood would be, but the taste is as pleasant as ever, a heavy flavour upon his tongue as his hunger sates.

It is only as the flask is drained dry that Jasper looks to his companion, meeting brilliant red eyes with his own. She too has ingested all of the blood her flask had to offer, pink tongue darting out to catch the spare droplet in the corner of her lips.

"I know it's nothing like sinking you teeth into someone's neck, but-"

"No, it's better," Jasper hurriedly interrupts, making an effort to smile when Harry brightens at his words, "more humane."

He doesn't say that it's the kind of solution that he's looking for, that for the first time he can feed and not have to feel the terror and desperation from every human he drains.

But what little he's said seems to have made it clear enough, because Harry shyly runs her hand through her hair and looks away.


He doesn't miss the smile on her face though.




When he next sees Peter again, Jasper finds himself significantly better off.

He's travelled through three towns with Harry and hasn't needed to feed from a human once. She's very careful to always be prepared, stealing a bag of human blood almost immediately after they've fed from the one before. What she calls a 'thickener' is more an additional substance than anything else, but when added it takes on the same properties of blood, multiplying the litre bag they have until it is enough to feed both of them without any repercussions.

And for the first time in his vampiric life, Jasper finds himself in a state of lazy contentment, maybe even happiness. It is strange, it's been such a long time since he's experienced this state of mind, but he knows he wouldn't want to give it up for the world.

Peter and Charlotte don't seem to understand, but they are both happy for him. They share a look when they meet Harry, a smug amusement wafting from their forms, though Jasper cannot begin to understand why.

They travel together for a few weeks, and though Peter and Charlotte do not understand why they get their blood as they do, they accept that it makes Jasper happy, so don't challenge it.




They're in a small hotel when Jasper realised just what he's feeling.

For the first time in decades he's able to go out in the sun, Harry's power stretching to cloak him from notice as surely as she hides herself. The light feels warm on his sparkling skin, a sensation he's missed something fierce.

Harry smiles a lot, it brightens her face and has the corner of her eyes crinkling ever so slightly. It has the lightning shaped scar that crackles across her brow dancing, a few forks striking down across her eyelids. He has no idea how she got such an interesting scar, though from it's starkness against her skin, he can only assume it is from her time as a human. Which is a strange though, for there are very few scars indeed that remain after the venom has done its work. Harry has a few scars that he has questions about, but Jasper holds his tongue. After all, he has no desire to explain his own, not right now. Maybe at some other time.

Watching Harry pad across the carpeted floor of the little hotel room, only a light sundress falling around her form, it hits Jasper all at once.

The lazy content, the warmth that blooms in his chest whenever Harry and he talk long enough to tease a smile out of the other, the slight jolt he gets whenever she grabs his hand to hide them with her gift.

He finds Harry attractive.

With new understanding, Jasper sweeps his eyes across her slender form, acknowledging that yes, she is exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

All vampires are, but there's something about Harry's vibrant red hair, the war paint like scar that frames her eyes, the little smiles she tries to tuck away whenever he says something that would be common talk back in his human life but passes as flattery in the current time.


Maybe someday he'll do something with this information but for now, sat in this hotel room watching Harry bob her head to the tune from the radio, he's happy.




They're in California, sat on the beach and watching the humans splash about.


They're both well fed, eye colour hidden beneath a glamour Harry had confessed to being able to cast. She's in a dress again, legs swinging back and forth and flip flops occasionally smacking against the soles of her feet. She's staring out at the ocean, and it is only the striking scar upon her face that does not glitter under the sunlight. It appears as vampiric skin should when hidden away beneath the clouds, it does not behave the same as any other scar Jasper has ever come across.

His own arms are covered in bite marks, all from fallen vampires who had never really been given a chance. He recognises that the whole thing was not his fault, but the memory still stings all the same.

"It's a shame we can't swim anymore," muses Harry, shuffling about in the wall, hand coming back down to rest dangerously close to his own.

Their little fingers are just brushing against one another's; Jasper can feel a nervousness leaking from Harry's form, no doubt if she had a beating heart it would be pumping faster than usual. She swallows beside him, the motion loud to his ears before he feels her hand slide over his own.

Her nerves are almost tangible in the air, and without really thinking about it, Jasper flips his own hand to better wrap his fingers between hers. They're significantly smaller than his own, as thin and slender as their owner, to the point he can full close his fingers around Harry's hand and have his fingertips almost brushing against the entirety of the back of her palm.

She doesn't seem the least bit bothered by that though because while she doesn't look at him, her nerves sizzle with excitement and happiness and lots of other pleasant sensations. It's a feeling he's never sensed in another before, at least not as a result of his own actions anyway.

Jasper likes it.

"Is this okay?" Harry asks, and while she's still looking towards the sea, he can tell that she's watching for his reaction from her peripherals.

"This is fine, Darlin'," Jasper whispers in return, even if it is more than fine. It feels right, he thinks, running his thumb across Harry's scarred knuckles.


Right now, right here, things might not be perfect, but it's all a damn sight better than his life before.




It's still a struggle whenever it's been more than a day since he fed and a human passes by.

There's not been an incident yet where he's slipped, but he fears the second he's exposed to one of them when they cut themselves, when they start bleeding, he fears what he will do. He knows exactly what will happen.

For all that Harry's method of feeding satisfies his needs, he knows his control will evaporate the moment fresh blood scents the air. It's not the solution he's looking for, not really, even if it's getting him by for now. He's terrified he'll attack one of the humans, even if he's been doing so well since Harry came into his life three months ago.

Whenever they walk somewhere now, they'll reach for each other's hands through no conscious decision of their own.

Sometimes it's his fingers that look for hers, sometimes it's her fingers that seek his. It doesn't matter either way, the other always catches them and cradles them close.

Jasper enjoys the sensation, and from the pleased contentment that bubbles from Harry's form, he knows she does too. It's peaceful, a sensation that he welcomes with open arms, so different from any other touch in the past. All the others had aimed to hurt, Maria's had been all about possessing him, like a favourite toy, one to be guarded jealously.

Harry's touch is gentle though. He's noticed she's physically weak, weaker than any other vampire that he's ever come across before.

But with her gift to go unseen by those she wishes, Jasper guesses that she has little need for physical strength. It doesn't matter, he's strong enough for the both of them.

Regardless, it's still exceptionally pleasant to know she treats him so carefully, never tempering her strength because she believes she will break him, but because she does not wish to see him hurt. It's more consideration than he's ever been given, and Jasper finds that just adds to Harry's overall appeal to him. When their fingers are linked, scarred flesh to scarred flesh, it feels right.

He's aware the attraction is growing now; he cannot remember much about relationships, not from his human life, and he does not count Maria now. He never will. He wonders if this was what it was like for Peter, if it just grew and grew, little realisation after realisation. He kind of hopes it's different; he doesn't want to share what he has with Harry with anyone else.




They go to see the monuments throughout the country, passing through Washington and making their way west once again. He's seen far more of the world with Harry than he did with Peter and Charlotte. Given that they can pass unnoticed by the humans no matter the weather, perhaps that is a given.


Right now, they have scaled the rocky formations of the Grand Canyon under the cover of nightfall, pitching up a tent at the top for the sake of appearance.

Harry cracks open a flask, throwing the other to him as she gazes up at the night's sky. To their superior vision, it's incredible, Jasper thinks. Certainly he had never seen the stretching celestial bodies as well while human, despite the steadily increasing light pollution that has been happening over the past few decades he can still see them better than before.

Once she has finished drinking her share, Harry shuffles herself closer to him, until they're sat side by side, looking out to the east horizon that is steadily lightning in welcome to the sun and hides just beneath it.

"You know, I'm pretty bold when it comes to chasing after what I want," Harry slyly states, digging her elbow into his side as she does so.

Jasper allows an eyebrow to rise as his response, glancing at the red head from the corner of his eye only to find her looking quite intently at him. He can't quite tell if the butterflies fill his stomach or hers. Maybe both.

"You are?" He questions, for lack of anything better to say. It is as if his brain has halted, and the Texan is pretty sure that, were he human and felt the need to respire, the breath would have caught in his throat.

"Yeah, and what I want… That's you." She grins at her words, running a hand through her hair and looking ever so hopeful, looking to him with that expression.

He doesn't really think about it, they've been travelling together for a year now, pretty much solely in each other's company, and it has been the most pleasant year he's spent as a vampire yet. He wants more of them.

"Well, you've got me Darlin'," he shifts his arm back slightly and Harry takes the invitation, snuggling up against his side, not in need of warmth, but just to feel close to him.

Jasper allows his hand to come to rest upon Harry's hip and it feels right. They sit there, back to the tent and far to the dawning sun, watching the light break across the horizon.


And if this is what forever holds, Harry by his side and just experiencing all that they can, then he's ready for eternity to begin.




A balloon of water explodes against Jasper's chest and he chokes back a laugh, shaking his head.


It's 1971, and both he and Harry have found themselves involved in a neighbourhood Fourth of July party. Everyone twenty-one and under are participating in a water-fight, and the two of them are passing themselves off as eighteen year old newlyweds freshly eloped from disapproving parents, they're expected to join in.

Harry has even adjusted the glamours she casts, so that he can see what she once looked like as a human, doing the same for himself.

Whenever he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, it is still startling to see humane brown eyes staring back.

Harry's are just as rich in colour as her hair, the green of freshly cut grass, of summer leaves and flower stems. Even as a human, she was beautiful.

Her entire face lights up as she hefts another water balloon in his direction, though Jasper dodges this one. They both have to watch their speed and strength, this isn't a real game for them. But it is fun, fantastically so. Surrounded by all this positivity, all these young humans whom thrive and laugh and enjoy their youth and life, it fills him with a kind of energy he rarely gets to experience.

They'd both fed before joining in on the fun, to the point where Jasper feels so full it'd probably take a Singer for him to even consider feeding again.

Harry shrieks when a stray shot from a water gun hits her, and though the sound is only made to keep up the pretence, Jasper still nails the offender with a balloon of his own, perhaps just a little too hard a throw than he should have done.

No one notices in the madness though, his target even offering him a grin when he's done peeling his now soaking shirt off his torso.

Abandoning the game, Jasper scooping Harry up into his arms, twisting them around and burying his nose into her hair as she laughs.

It's a loud, joyous sound and is easily his favourite one in existence. It's been years since they'd met, and though they have yet to share their past with one another even now -they've both been betrayed, they can sense the kindred spirits they share, and they've both been hurt before- but he feels like the someday he'd allocated to telling Harry about himself is fast approaching.

Because Harry is his, they're married now. He might not know who Harry was in the past, but he knows who she is now, knows that whoever she'll be in the future she'll never top being his.

And that's all he cares about knowing.




Alice has seen them before, dipping in and out of her visions, there one moment then gone the next.

She'd tried actively looking for the duo, but there are some days where they just allude her gift completely, and then there are others when the couple are as clear as day.

Two vampires, not feeding on humans but instead stealing occasionally from the blood bank, using some kind of mixture to make the blood last.

She thinks that, had she met the male first, perhaps she would have been his mate instead of the redhead, but vampire mates are tricky things. There are potentials out there, a small selection of people that have the potential to be ones mate. Sometimes they come together, and sometimes they don't. It is just how things work, and Alice isn't particularly upset over the fact the redhead found him first.

Because the few glimpses she's gotten of them, it's clear she loves the blond with all her heart.

She's been getting little snapshots of the two for two decades now, two vampires looking for a way to avoid drinking human blood, to retain some form of humanity. She's never mentioned it to the rest of the Cullens in the twenty-five years she's been with them, because they've always been so far away.

But right now, they're in the same city as one another.

She shoots to her feet, ignoring Edward's startled expression over what she's just seen. Two vampires blatantly stepping out into the sunshine, without even a hint of worry, and then the whole thing goes black. Dear god, Alice has to stop them.

Surely they haven't given up on finding an alternative to humans?

The two of them don't even bother to explain to Emmett what is going on, tearing free of the clearing and shooting to the location. Alice knows it well, they cross the bridge every few days to go to school.

Edward is just behind her, and though he's seen the two in her head every so often, he's never known that Alice had visions of the blond before. Before the redhead danced into his life.


They're too late.

Alice feels a panic like never before swell through her because the two vampires are just stood out on the sunlight, walking down the street and holding hands with one another, as if neither of them glow like diamonds along coal.

Yet, yet the humans aren't looking at them.

Alice stares in amazement, because their eyes just seem to slide right off of them, pass right on by as if neither of them are there at all.

"She's hiding them," Edward whispers in surprise beside her, his own golden eyes wide as he stares at the two. Never before has Alice wished that she could swap her gift out for Edward's and she probably never will, but right now, it is the closest she's ever come.

"What do you mean?"

"Her gift, she's making the two of them invisible to the humans." Well, that settles it.

If Alice does not make them aware of the 'vegetarian option', then the second that girl's ability gets out, the Volturi will be all over her. She needs to talk to them.


…As soon as they come out of the sun.




So, I made a mistake and read some Twilight/HP fanfiction, but there wasn't enough quality Femlae Harry to meet my standards (given I think there's not enough FemHP in general, that's not much of a surprise) and Jasper is my absolute favourite. So I've been writing this on my lunch break at work, it's just going to be the little side project and give me something to do after eating; don't expect chapters longer than this I guess.