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"Ok tell me why we are doing this again?" Stefan grumbled walking into the house of witches.

"Well, little brother we are doing this to save Elena ... Again. I do not think you want Elena to be a blood bag for the hybrid of Klaus all her life ... ouch!" He winced at the sunlight. The old witches were nullifying their daylight rings which forced them to avoid as much sunlight coming into the house as possible.

" Of course not..."

"So stop complaining and keep moving, although I must admit that Lucy could hide the coffin in a more accessible location."

He descended the stairs from the basement, the brothers approached a black painted coffin appeared to be old, the wood was not polite, it was almost like a tree-shaped coffin. There was a thick black liquid that flowed from the coffin, the liquid appeared to cover some parts of the coffin. They exchanged a glance before looking back at the coffin.

"It's weird, it's like the coffin slowly melted."

"Well if this Uhm what is her name again?"

"Bonnie Bennett."

"If this dear Bonnie is trying to melt the coffin, she is making it very slowly." He laughed, Bonnie is supposed to be an hybrid, stronger than the three species combined. She could help to kill Klaus and Elena would be safe. Lucy had already unlocked the coffin and placed it in the home of witches where she would be safe.

"Enough talk Damon, open the coffin."

The two brothers stood before the coffin, and he opened it to discover the vampire desiccated inside. Damon grinned, there was no human form but a black crow.

"Is this a joke? Where are the cameras?"

Stefan frowned, "A crow?" He asked himself before turning to Damon.

"What? Do I look like the king of the crows? It's not because I like to turn myself into a crow that I know all the crows in the whole world, little brother. Call Lucy and ask her what the hell is this mess."

"No, wait ... I think it's her."

"It's a crow," he pointed with both hands towards the crow sleeping.

"If you can turn you into a little animal then maybe she could also, I remind you that she represents all three species. She must be three times more powerful."

Damon looked the black crow, and it resembled nothing more than a crow asleep in a black wooden coffin.

"Ok Merlin, what we will do now? Give it some bread?"

Stefan chuckled and shook his head slightly, "Tell me, when you transform yourself into a crow, do you go eat some bread, Damon?"

"No, Stefan I prefer to drink blood and I very rarely turn myself into a crow. The last time I did, was when I ogled your girlfriend. Since then, I did not see the utility in it because I can now ogle her when I want. "

Stefan ignored his comments and focused on the right thing to wake her up. Klaus had given them an ultimatum of one week before Elena had to travel with him or he would kill everyone he meets in Mystic Falls. Stefan bit his wrist and looked down on the crow, blood flowed on the beak of the crow soiling the white pillow underneath. Blood flowed again and again until the wound closes, but nothing happened after.

"Okay, enough! We take her to the boarding house, Lucy will handle it."

Stefan shook his head disappointed, he lifted the coffin and put it on his shoulder. He followed Damon up the stairs and onto the ground floor, Damon had to hide under the oozing coffin to avoid the sunlight. He came out of the house, and they vamp accelerated through the woods. Arriving at the boarding house, they found Elena, Lucy and Caroline sat in the living room talking.

"Hello, sexy girls except you Caroline," Damon said, and she showed him her middle finger while making a face.

"What is that?" Elena asked, looking at the coffin. The girls got up from the couch, now intrigued by the coffin resting on the large table.

"Your savior!" Damon replied.

"What is the coffin doing here? I told you to release her in the house of witches. We do not know what she's capable of. If she awoke there, witches could prevent her from leaving if she is too dangerous. " Lucy hissed.

"Okay, witchy Luce! You did not tell us about waking a crow."


"She's asleep as a crow," Stefan said, making his way toward Elena.

"A crow? Isn't that your thing to transform into a crow?" Caroline whispered.

He rolled his eyes going towards the bar, "I am not the king of the whole fucking crows, damn it! Stop looking at me like I just have to move my beak for her to wake her up." He poured a glass of bourbon while watching Stefan and Elena kissing with a disgusted face.

Lucy walked to the coffin and opened it, in fact, there was a black crow on the pillow, it had his eyes closed and looked like a sculpture.

"What we will do now, Lucy?"

"I do not know Elena ... I thought that ..." Lucy stopped talking and turned to run toward the grimoire on the table.

"Lucy?" Caroline asked, but Lucy did not answer, she frantically turned the pages of the spellbook and then stopped on one and read the Latin headlights.

"Lucy told us what is going on please?"

"In fact, in this book, it says that Bonnie Bennett, the daughter of Ayanna Bennett was plunged into a deep sleep for the rest of eternity because of Klaus and Mikael ..."

"Great, now how to wake her to go kill Klaus?"

"Uhm it is not very clear ..." Damon took another sip of his bourbon.

"Make it simple, whitchy Luce."

Lucy looked at Damon, annoyed, and she was ready to give him an aneurysm when Caroline and Elena come sit next to her. She pulled herself together and read the enigmatic parable written.

"I think she can be awakened only by the blood of a vampire ..."

"I tried, but nothing happened," Stefan replied.

"No ... a vampire in particular ..."

"And where can we find this vampire?"

Lucy looked up and stared into the fireplace thoughtfully, "he is dead."

"Wonderful!" Damon took another sip of bourbon.

Elena moaned loudly and threw her head back on the sofa.

"So it is impossible to awaken her without the blood of this vampire?" Stefan frowned.

Lucy reread the passage in the grimoire, "Yes, we must have his blood fundamentally. I had not read that after the release of fate, I was drained. I'm sorry guys."

"No, it is not your fault ... You did your best."

"Yeah she did her best ...," Damon said sarcastically, "Who is this so special vampire who is the key to awakening the most powerful woman in the supernatural world?"

Lucy sighed, then continued reading the grimoire while mumbling the words to herself, she smiled and frowned from time to time. Damon smiled watching the facial expressions of the young witch.

"She loved him ... he was her husband, he turned her into a hybrid of three species, and Klaus killed him who forced Ayanna to create a spell that can only be broken by the blood of ... Legolas. She locked her own daughter away for eternity, she was just married..."

"It's sad." Elena added.

"She could have been a fucking help, she must have more desire to kill Klaus than anyone. I understand why Klaus hid this coffin in New Orleans."

"Lucy?" Stefan asked.


"Bonnie is your ancestor?"

"It is true! She is named Bennett and Bennett is your name," Caroline shouted.

"Well, she was plunged into eternal sleep before she could have children. This witch, Ayanna, is my ancestor. She had other children, but they were all witches. Thus the line of Bennett witches was formed. "

"It does not make sense ... If she was immersed in this sleep, it is not normal that the only person who can wake her is dead. And if it were so impossible, Klaus would not have tried so bad to hide her coffin. " Stefan said thoughtfully.

"In a river verbena! Thanks to Lucy and her bright idea."

"Ooh, you took a bath, it's new," Caroline quipped, and Damon took another sip of Bourbon.

"It's true, it makes no sense," Lucy said. Everyone suddenly gasped when Damon slammed the empty glass on the bar.

"Basically, she is sleeping beauty, we should all try to give her our blood just to try. We have a Doppelgänger and a Bennett witch ... Come pour some blood on her beak with a little chance, she will wake up. " He poured bourbon again in the glass with a sense of purpose.

The girls stood up and each, in turn, dropped some blood on the beak of the crow, but nothing happened. Each sighed in exasperation. Damon took an another sip and stood off his seat. He walked casually toward the coffin.

"It's no use, none of us is Legolas!" Lucy said exasperatedly.

"What is this name uhn? Legolas?... Rude!" Damon mumbled.

"I'm tired of all this," Caroline pouted, "Elena should go as far as possible to Klaus, as in Brazil ... It's beautiful there."

"He will continue to kill innocent people here Care, I do not want people to suffer because of me."

Damon wanted to roll his eyes, but something caught his attention.

"Hey guys ..." he said before the crow wide-eyed.

The others approached quickly and saw the crow with the snout full of blood but it was not lying but awake and on her paws.

"Oh My God! What have you done?" Caroline screamed shrilly.

"I gave it my blood, and it started to move."

The crow moving its head at each of them, Stefan has set before Elena instinctively. Lucy moseyed toward the coffin.

"I'm Lucy Bennett, a descendant of Ayanna."

The crow croaked.

"She does not understand a word of what you are saying!" Damon chuckled which caused the calms to look at Damon. It took a long time, and it was motionless as if it had become a statue. "Why this thing staring at me like that ..."

The crow flew out of the coffin, everyone instinctively took a step back, it flew almost hovering in mid-air then transformed itself before their eyes.

Bonnie was in front of them in human form, she was naked, her mouth was full of blood which was running down her chest covering her breasts. She did not move her eyes off Damon. He was, at first, scared as hell, before turning to curiosity as he could not ignore the beauty before him. Her hair flowed down her back in a multitude of waves, and her hollering green eyes were a green too bright for humans. She took a step, forward and everyone stepped back.

"Uhm ... Bonnie? Bonnie Bennett?" Lucy asked softly, Bonnie turned to her, "I um Lucy Bennett, a descendant of Ayanna. I woke you up from your sleep ... You have slept for hundreds of years."

Bonnie lowered her head by reflecting for a moment and looked anew to Damon.

"We need you to kill Klaus, you know him well, I think," Damon said.

Bonnie groaned audibly, she vamped, but her transformation was absolutely different. Her fangs were double the size of other vampire fangs, her eyes became greener, almost flashing, and her nails were sharper and longer, like sharp claws. What was even scarier was that she was still changing.

"Woah we're on your side, do not bother to turn into a scary hybrid form!" He said, and she calmed down. She changes back to a human form, but tears ran down her cheeks.

Stefan took a blanket on the couch and reach it to her, "you are ... naked, It's just to cover you."

She ignored Stefan as her tears flowed but she was not whimpering. She turned back to Damon, walking towards him while he did not move an inch merely frowning watching the naked woman coming towards him. She stopped right in front of him, stood on her tiptoes while laying her hands on his chest, and placed her bloodied lips on his. She moved her lips, but Damon did not return the kiss.

She broke the kiss with a hurt expression because of his lack of response, he turned to the others, not knowing what to do.

"Legolas ..." She finally said, "I missed you so much ..." She wept and crushed her lips to his stronger than before by pushing her claws into the chest of Damon. He grinned, opening his mouth to which she introduced her tongue. Damon had never felt so helpless.

"Bonnie!" Stefan cried, and she broke the kiss, Damon gasped, "That is not Legolas. Legolas ... your husband ... He's dead."

She frowned and looked at Damon again, "Legolas ...?"

"Uhm ... no, I'm Damon Salvatore."

She licked her lips, and Damon was captivated by her sensuality, for once, he wanted to be Legolas instead of Damon just to taste more of her lips.

She looked at Damon's blue eyes, her cheeks, his jaw, his lips, "Legolas ..." she murmured, "why do you look like exactly like my husband?" She asked softly.

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