frat boys and she-devils

prologue: farewell normality

At Suna University, it was safe to say that Sakura had an average student life. She studied on weekdays, drank on Saturdays and slept on Sundays, a safe cycle that she had repeated for the last two years of her Medicine course. It was only as she was beginning her third year that her life hit a snag.

The day had started normally enough, with her downing an extra strong caramel latte on her way to the very first lecture of the year, chatting happily with her roommate Ino about the boys that had moved in opposite them. What they hadn't expected was that as they sat in their lecture hall, the Dean of the University would take the podium and inform them that their Sensei, Orochimaru, had been removed from the staff and would no longer be able to lead their course. They were told that a new professor was being found immediately, but until then, they were on a study break.

It was two hours before the word spread that Orochimaru hadn't actually been sacked, but arrested for using the Universities labs as an underground drug ring.

It was three hours before Sakura received a call from her father informing her that he, as a member of the University Board, had just been told who exactly the new professor leading her course was, and that there was no way in hell she was staying to be taught by a perverted mad-man who thinks that mentally scarring kids is an effective teaching method.

It was six hours before her father, using his incredible influence and suspicious, yet impressive, haggling skills managed to have her and her scholarship transferred to another university. Konoha University to be exact.

And it was seven hours before she gave up arguing with her dad and sent a pleading text to her brother:

So you know how I'm your fave little sister ever? Don't suppose you still have that spare room…? :)

A/N - I know this is a totally unbelievable situation but how she gets there isn't important, I just needed an excuse to have her suddenly transfer universities without being able to use the easy 'her parents were moving so she got dragged with them thing'. Also, this is only this short because it's a prologue, the chapters that follow are way longer, promise!