Miss Malice: The Joker's New Queen

Chapter One

"Maddie…where are we going? We should have gotten to the theater by now." Camille was clutching my jacket sleeve so tightly that her knuckles were stark white. I smiled under the cover of my hood and patted her hand reassuringly.

"I told you, it's a short cut. Trust me." My voice came out as smooth as velvet but her grip on me never loosened. As we kept walking, the faint sound of thudding music could be heard a few blocks ahead of us.

I was so close that I could feel it. My skin was singing in anticipation, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up, and every bone in my body was on fire in the best way. The club's sign came into view and I felt Camille stop dead in her tracks, forcing me to a halt with her arm still linked in mine. I let out a huff, pulled my arm free, and turned to face her.

"What is it?"

"You know exactly what!" I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, come on, Camille. Don't act like you're not even a little bit curious." She shook her head vehemently.

"I'm not! And you shouldn't be either!" She grabbed my shoulders and ducked to look into my eyes from under the hood of my coat.

"Madeline," She said my name with such affection that it almost made me care, but I've always been good at getting what I want from people and manipulating their feelings without returning them. The only reason I associated myself with her to begin with was because she was useful to me, and still is…for now.

"Ever since that accident you've been acting so strange. I feel like I don't even know who you are anymore," I felt my lips twitching upwards at the corners. She was foolish to believe she ever knew me at all.

"And this obsession with….HIM..." She tightened her grip as soon as she felt me trying to break away from her.

"What would your parents think?" I shook her hands off of me and turned my back to her, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I'm never going to know what they think, am I Cammy?" I whispered, knowing full well the weight of my words had ripped through her chest, just as I hoped it would.

"Maddie…I'm sorry. I shouldn't have – but this is HIS club, this is HIS part of town. You know what happens to girls like us over here…" Her sentence hung in the air for a moment before I began to walk away, stepping off the curb and into the street towards the front doors of the club. I could hear her calling my name, begging me to come back, but only for a moment before my pounding heartbeat drowned out all the sounds around me.

I didn't care what she or anyone else had to say, I had to see him. He had consumed my every thought since the day he saved me and once I heard the rumors and saw the stories on the news, I finally had my opportunity to be near him.

Word on the street was that his right hand woman had finally left him for good and he was desperately searching for someone to take her place. Dozens of girls in their twenties had gone missing in the last few weeks and all of them had been found days later looking battered and bruised with no recollection of what happened to them. The only clue to their whereabouts had come from his signature calling card that was usually found stuffed in their belongings or the pockets of their clothes.

Still, none of this deterred me as I reached the entryway to the club. Two huge purple doors with jester hats for handles loomed over me, and as I placed my hand on the door to pull it open I felt myself swallow the last quiet plea of fear I had. My features twisted into a mischievous grin as I stepped inside, blasted in the face by thick, sweet smelling air and pounding techno music that I could feel vibrating through my chest. I pulled off my hood and coat, letting my thick brown curls spill down my bare back.

It was only then that I noticed the footman. He was massive, at least seven feet tall, with a chest as broad as a pickup truck and hands big enough to crush my skull. He was clad in a purple and crimson suit, with thick, shimmering gold chains hanging down around his throat. To my surprise, he gingerly took my coat from me and jerked his head towards the stairs that led down to the club. I paused for a second at the floor length mirror on the opposite wall to straighten my attire.

I was typically much more modest with my appearance, trying to stay under the radar, but tonight I was letting it all hang out for him. My backless silk halter top clung to my breasts and stopped just below my belly button, my nipples were hard and poking through the sheer material, evidence of my excitement on display for all to see. I turned to look over my shoulder to make sure both straps were tied securely in place across my back before smoothing my hands down the pockets of my jeans. The front of them were covered in frayed holes that started at the tops of my thighs and stopped at the knees but were so tight all the down that it looked like I had painted them on. They were rolled up a few times so the tops of my ankles showed and my strappy heels were in plain sight.

I turned back around to face the mirror, making sure my makeup was still in place. Black winged eyeliner and thick, dark eyelashes drew attention to the sea-foam green color of my eyes, and my lips were still stained a royal purple color. I was hoping he would like it. I fluffed my hair once, making sure my curls framed my face in just the right way, then took a deep breath and carefully made my way down the stairs in my six inch stilettos.

The music kept getting louder and the sticky sweet smell of cotton candy filled the air – so much that I could practically taste it. The whole experience was intoxicating and I felt myself getting dizzy. I reached a set of glittery gold beads hung in the doorway that were letting in patches of brightly colored lights from the dance floor. I rubbed my arms, frantically trying to dissipate the goosebumps that had formed. I couldn't look like an amateur, I had to make him think I belonged here. I took one more steadying breath, then pushed through the beaded curtains and into the club.

It was beautiful, and I tried my best to keep my mouth from popping open as I took in my surroundings. Gorgeous women clad in jester costumes were whining and swaying to the music on shadow boxes, couples were tangled in ferociously passionate kisses on the dance floor, uninterested in any wandering eyes that may catch onto where they were putting their hands. The floor glittered in swirls of gold, purple, red, and green. Shirtless men with collars and jester hats were carrying trays of fizzing, brightly colored drinks in champagne flutes.

To my left was the bar with patrons of all shapes and sizes waving fists of money at the beautiful man and woman in clown makeup that were mixing up drinks, and to the right was what I could only assume to be the VIP area. I recognized some of the faces of the men in their private sections – crime bosses and dirty cops – all sitting next to each other, sloshing drinks and snorting lines while women stripped on the poles in front of them. My body hummed with anticipation as I tried to surreptitiously look for him. This was exactly where I wanted to be.

I grabbed a champagne flute off one of the trays as it passed me by and kept scanning the room. I couldn't see him anywhere but for some reason I knew he was watching me. I could feel his eyes on me from somewhere and it super charged me, so much so that I tossed back the entire drink and stepped up onto the open platform in the center of the room that wasn't currently being occupied by one of his paid dancers.

I started to move, closing my eyes and letting the music direct my hands and my hips. Suddenly it wasn't only his eyes that I could feel on me, but many others. They were burning holes through me like spotlights, encouraging me to keep going. I flattened my hand over my stomach, inching my fingers up under the soft material of my barely-there shirt, dipped down low and stood up slowly, swaying my hips from side to side and letting my plump backside jiggle to the beat.

When I opened my eyes and looked around I found dozens of eyes staring back at me. Most of the couples on the dance floor had stopped moving completely and were looking up at me, the crime bosses and their goonies were sitting in VIP rubbing their hands together and licking their lips. Everyone was looking at me with a hunger in their eyes that I never understood until he became my only desire. So, I kept going. This was for him, all of it, every calculated move, every dip of my hips, every touch on my skin – it was all for him.

The song came to an end and I was breathless. I made my move to climb off the platform and was greeted by many hands offering assistance. I took one, a black gloved hand that pulled me close, steadying me when my ankles wobbled under the pressure from my high heels. Whatever was in that drink had hit me harder than I expected. I looked up into the face of my protector and saw an earpiece in his right ear, it made my heart stop.

"Oh no…" I thought. "I'm gonna get thrown out of this place and I haven't even gotten to see him!"

The security guard bent down to speak directly into my ear while he placed one of his hands on my elbow with a firm grip.

"The boss would like to speak with you, follow me." He said and I felt a hot blush spread across my entire face. Beaming with a mix of pride and deviousness that my little dance had worked. He pulled me through the crowd and people cleared a path, stepping out of his way as soon as they saw him. I wondered briefly if it was out of fear or respect – maybe both.

He brought me to a solid red door in the very back of the club that had a toothy, open-mouthed grin painted on it. My heart began hammering in my ears as the man pushed it open and motioned for me to enter. It was dark but I could make out a set of stairs heading upwards in front of me. As soon as I passed the threshold he shut the door behind me, leaving me to navigate the dark staircase alone.

I took deep, steadying breaths, trying to slow my heartbeat and regain some semblance of composure. Ten steps later I was greeted by another door. It was green and had another painted grin on it, wide and menacing. I swallowed and pushed my way inside, stepping into the office of the man I had been dying to meet for months. The man who starred in all my wildest dreams and fantasies. The Joker himself.

His office was surprisingly open but his desk – a large wooden slab that sat atop a teetering house of cards that looked to be carved out of solid gold – was the first thing you saw when you entered the room. I couldn't see him behind the high backed, burgundy colored velvet chair he was seated in, but it was then that I noticed the entire back wall of his office was all windows overlooking the club. I smirked, remembering the feeling of knowing he was watching me, and made my way the sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk. He swiveled his chair slightly, turning his head to the side, giving me a view of his cheek and just the tip of his nose. My heart started hammering all over again, I inhaled sharply and I saw him grin, flashing those shiny silver teeth.

"That was quite a show you put on, Miss." He dragged the "M" out almost like a moan. His voice reverberated inside my chest and made the lower half of my body warm and start to throb with desire.

"Tell me…who were you performing for?" He turned around to face me and I bit my lip when his wide, manic looking eyes landed on me. My entire body was tingling, I felt like all of my dreams were coming true. My savior…my dark, twisted, sadistic savior was sitting three feet from me and looking into my eyes.

"You." I said with confidence. There was no way I would back down now. Desire was rolling off of me in waves and I think he knew it. He laughed, his infamous cackle, throwing his head back as he slammed his hands down on the desk in front of him. I crossed my legs and tried to keep from squirming. I could feel my underwear starting to soak through with my want for him.

"Another fan," He said, standing up and walking around to lean against the front of his desk and loom over me.

"Another sweet little girl," He moaned, leaning forward, closer to me.

"Innocent, fresh, corruptible, attainable, sweet, sweet, sweet, but different. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine." He said, looking at me up and down, speaking his thoughts aloud. I felt heat blossom across my face.

"She blushes!" He yelled, then kneeled in front of me, placing his hands on my knees and prying my legs apart. I felt a shock run through me as soon as he touched me, it felt like electrical current was running through my body.

"Tell me, kitten…tell me your name. Tell me why you're here. Tell me why I brought you upstairs….Why you out of all the others I've been searching through…Tell me this and I might keep you, I might make you mine." His hair started to fall out of place, a few green strands fell to frame his face.

"My new, my new, my new. My different. My desire." His voice dropped to a whisper and he cocked his head to the side, staring deeply into my eyes, his fingers digging into the flesh at my knees painfully now. I relished in the pain and closed my eyes for a second, trying to compose my thoughts before placing my hands over his. This was my chance, I had to make sure my answer was perfect.

"Madeline. My name is Madeline and I came for you. You consume all of my thoughts, all of my dreams, you have swallowed me whole and you don't even know it yet. You saved me and you burrowed yourself inside my head and I can't get you out, I don't want to get you out. I'm here for you and I will do anything to keep you." I said, looking at him, trying to make him understand.

"Saved you? SAVED YOU?" He said, letting go of my knees and standing back up again, walking around the back of my chair. My skin prickled in anticipation as I felt him lean over, his hot breath in my ear.

"I don't save. I saved one once, never again. You lie." He said, then laughed. "Liars can be fun."

"I would never lie to you." I swallowed hard, hoping that I don't say the wrong thing to him.

"You would not like what happens to you if you lie to me, Miss." He dragged the "M" out again next to my ear and it made me let out a soft moan. He wrapped his gloved hand around my throat and pulled my head back so I was looking up at him. He squeezed tightly, cutting off my air supply, but I held fast - determined to prove to him that I was what he needed. The corners of my vision started to blur but I never took my eyes off of him, and he flashed his wide, silver grin at me before letting me go.

"Different. You are different, Madeline." He whispered, still looking down at me, and brought his thumb around to trace my bottom lip. "So, so different."

"Different is good. Different can even be…better." I said, reaching for his hand and bringing his thumb into my mouth to bite it, hard. He drew his eyebrows down at me and yanked his hand back then came around the front of my chair and pulled me up to stand in front of him, so close that I could feel his breath on my face. I steadied my hands on his chest and looked up at him once more, pleading with my eyes, trying to convey all the things I felt about him. My dark, twisted, sadistic savior.

"Do you like tests?" He asked, running his bare hand through my curls and settling his palm at the nape of my neck. "I'm going to give you a little…test, Madeline." He said before removing his hand and spinning me around, pressing my ass against his groin and his chest against my back. To my surprise he was as hard as a rock and I could feel the length of him digging into my backside. He was impressively large.

"Anything," I said, pushing backwards, trying to feel every inch of him.

"Good girl." He purred and I could hear the smile in his voice.

"You might just be the one. My new, my perfect, my different." He ran his hands down my chest achingly slow and I moaned again.

"Please." I whispered but he quickly turned me around again, almost twisting my ankle in the process. I enjoyed the brief sting of pain.

"Not yet, not yet Maddie." He waved a finger in my face, his red lips curling into a grin.

"First, your test. If you pass and speak the oath to me, I will keep you. I will fuck you…" He leaned in so close I could feel his lips brush against mine. "And I will ruin you."

My knees buckled at the promise but he caught me and grinned again. There was something in that smile that made the deep recesses of my conscience scream, a promise of pain and fear and pleasure and love all at once.

"Tell me. Anything. Tell me." I whispered, looking up at him with wide eyes.

He walked me towards the windowed wall of his office and directed my gaze to the VIP area, he was still so close to me that our skin was touching. It was hard to focus on anything but that – still I scanned the section with him.

"You see that piggy in the corner, Madeline?" He said in my ear, placing his hands on my hips.

In the far corner of the section was a portly man in his fifties with a rolled up bill in his hand and traces of cocaine on his nose. He had a girl in his lap and his collared shirt was open at the top, exposing a mass of salt and pepper chest hair.

"I see him, sir." The Joker took his gloved hand and stroked my cheek with it, making me shiver all over again.

"He owes our establishment a small fortune, you see." He said, still stroking my cheek and down to my neck. "But he keeps our operations here off Gordon and Batsy's radar so I can't necessarily kill him, can I?" He asked.

"No, not if he's useful to you for now…" I answered honestly. Why off someone who has helping fill your pockets?

"Good girl," He cooed again, and I was rewarded with a quick nip of my earlobe with his teeth. I tingled all over.

"I need you to snatch that expensive watch he's got on for me. It could cover half of what he owes." I saw the gold watch gleaming in the dim light of the VIP section and smiled deviously. I was sure he didn't really need the money, or the jewelry but this was my specialty and I had a rap sheet a mile long to prove it. I grew up poor with a con man for a father, he taught me the tricks of the trade and all of the ways to get what I wanted.

"How about I take the rings, and the gold necklaces, too?" I asked and he cackled, wrapping his arms around my middle and setting his chin on my shoulder.

"So eager to please. So, so eager…I might keep you." He said. "Get me what is owed, Madeline." I turned around in his arms to face him.

"With pleasure." I said, and before he could step aside to let me pass I took the opportunity to lean in and softly peck his jaw, leaving a purple imprint of my lips there.

He laughed, that loud, demented laugh that only someone as unhinged as he could have. It sent a brief chill up my spine, but I was rewarded with a firm, affectionate squeeze on my chin and a deep look into my eyes from him before I made my way out of the office.

As I was shutting the door I heard him call to me,

"Don't fail me, pet. My new. My different. You won't like the punishment for failure."