Hey guys! My name is Xerozzuro and I'm a beginner author on this site. I have a somewhat experience in writing as I'm working on two other stories along with this one. Enough with this however.

Now, this story was heavily inspired by the Kamen Rider franchise and an awesome author and his awesome story.
So I would like to say one big 'Thank you for the inspiration' to the Composcreator and his awesome story 'HS Kamen Rider Wizard DxD'. Make sure to check out his stories!

In this story, Issei will still have the 'Boosted Gear', but he'll also be Kamen Rider Wizard. Whether he will or not become a Devil is not yet decided.

I want to point some things out right away: I'm not a Kamen Rider specialist and I may change some things in the story. Either for fun or by mistake.

I'm not native British/American and my English skills are far from good, so that's why I asked the Composcreator to beta for me.

Fact: Issei's appearance is the same as in 'Issei Hyoudou, the Neko Dragon' (White hair, styled like Allen Walker from D-Gray-Man while in Crown Clown form [Feel free to Google it up if you don't know what or who Allen is]) and he has two 'Boosted Gears'. Don't ask me why it's like this. It just is.

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Chants, data of the magic rings, etc. were obtained through Kamen Rider Wiki, Highschool DxD Wiki


Long ago, magic and science worked together in harmony. But with the rise of the civilization, magic fell into the shadows.
It is now the present day. One boy uses magic to hold back forces that science is powerless to stop. He is known as… the Wizard.

{[Scene Start]}

It was a beautiful day in Japan. The sun was shining, the streets were bustling, and there was a boy sitting on a lamppost. He was sitting on top of the lamppost while eating donuts and drinking soda.

The name of this boy was Hyoudou Issei, a 16-year old dropout boy. He was dressed in a simple paired of blue jeans, red T-shirt and black jacket with hood. He was staring at the horizon as he ate his remaining donuts and drank his remaining soda.

"Ahh." Issei said as he finished his meal. "Delicious as always. Well, let's hope that something interesting happens today. I'm bored already and it's still morning." Issei said to himself. He then stretched, careful not to fall of the lamppost as he did so.

At this moment, a small silver and red eagle flew up to Issei and screeched, getting Issei's attention. "Oh, Garuda! Did you find a Phantom?" Issei asked the small eagle, now known as Garuda. Garuda screeched and nodded in response.

"Well then, time to get to it!" Issei exclaimed and jumped down onto a customized motorcycle that was just below him. Issei put his helmet on and drove off following Garuda.

{[Scene Break]}

Meanwhile at a recently closed down factory, four teenagers wearing their school uniforms were looking around the main interior of the building. The group consisted of three girls and one boy.

"Are you certain this is the place, Akeno-san?" The tall, handsome, blonde boy asked.

"Yes. There have been multiple disappearances here, causing the factory to be closed down." A girl with long black hair tied in a ponytail, purple eyes and a buxom body replied. "We were asked to investigate as it was most likely the work of a Stray Devil." She then turned to another girl. "Isn't that right, Buchou?"

"Yes." Responded a red-haired, tall girl with a buxom body and bust almost as big as the one of the black-haired girl. "As the Devils in charge of this area, it's our duty to eliminate those who have gone astray." The red-haired girl said. She then turned towards the smallest member of the group. "Did you smell something, Koneko?"

"…Trouble." Replied the short, petite, white-haired loli girl with practically flat chest.

The minute she said that, she and the rest were all attacked by a dozens of golem-like creatures. They were caught completely off-guard and unable to defend themselves. They were thrown around the large space, hitting machinery, walls, piles of boxes and junk.

They were unable to fight back, as they were left breathless and in heavy pain. The golem-like creatures didn't stop there however. In their hands spears suddenly appeared out of thin air. The white-haired loli girl rushed forward and tried to punch one of them, but found out that she practically did nothing to it, except for pushing it merely a yard back. But even so, the golem-like creature recovered within seconds.

"…They're tough." The white-haired loli girl, also known as Koneko, commented.

"Akeno, get ready to-" The red-haired girl began, but she was cut off by a monster that appeared out of nowhere.

This being was much different than the other creatures and it was clearly their leader, judging by its behaviour that was different than the others'. It was a 6-foot tall blue behemoth with oversized horns sticking from the side of its head. The behemoth got close to the red-haired girl, also known as Rias, and began to choke her.

"Buchou!" Rias' companions yelled, causing them to be distracted, an ideal opportunity for the golem-like creatures to strike them down. The golem-like creatures knocked them to the ground and pinned them down with their spears. The three were now forced to look on as Rias lost more and more strength while struggling to free herself from the monster's grip.

"Now, fall into despair as you get closer and closer to death!" Said the monster gleefully. "Fall into despair and give birth to a new Phantom!"

Just as Rias and the rest began to lose any hope of surviving, one of the nearby windows was smashed down by Issei on his motorcycle, still wearing his helmet. As he smashed down the window, he sped up towards the monsters that were pinning down the blonde boy, Akeno and Koneko. As he got to them, he began spinning around, doing wheelies on the front wheel using the back wheel to strike anyone that was close to him.

When he got back on two wheels, he got off the bike and took off his helmet, revealing his face to Rias and the rest that were in the factory. Even though Rias was still getting chocked by the behemoth, she was able to catch a glimpse of his face.

He had a white/gray hair and red-coloured eyes. The front half of his hair fell on the upper part of his face, forming a couple spiky bangs. The other half was a little longer and it pointed backwards. The hair's ends were spiky as well. (If you can't figure out the appearance of the hair, then please take a look at Allen Walker in Crown Clown form. Issei's hair is the exact same here. Thank you.)

Once Issei got off the bike, he lifted his right hand and put a weird, round ring with a strange symbol on his middle finger. He then lowered his hand and put it over a strange attachment that was mounted on his belt. This strange attachment was actually a little, hand-looking-like device with yellow outlines.

As Issei put his right hand over the device, an automated, yet cheery voice was heard. "Connect; Please!" The voice said. The moment this voice was heard, a weird, red 'Magic Circle' opened right next to Issei. The weirdest part about this 'Magic Circle' however, was the fact that nobody recognized it.

Issei then reached inside the 'Magic Circle' and pulled out a big, silver gun. On the left side of it, there was an attachment that looked just like the attachment on Issei's belt. Unlike it however, the little hand device on the gun looked like a closed fist with the thumb sticking out. As Issei took the gun from the 'Magic Circle', he began spinning around with his right hand extended while firing the gun.

Bullets began flying at all directions, but the surprising thing was that all the bullets, no matter in which direction they were fired, began flying towards the behemoth monster, that was holding Rias. The behemoth decided to use Rias as a shield to protect himself from the bullets. He turned her around and put her in front of him with her face turned towards Issei.

The bullets were making their way towards Rias with red trail following them. Rias' blue green eyes widened then she screwed them shut, waiting for the inevitable. Just when the bullets were inches away from Rias' face however, they immediately changed their trajectory on their own, bypassing her and hitting the behemoth straight in the head.

The behemoth yelled in pain and let go of Rias. Rias fell on the ground inches away from the behemoth, coughing. However, soon enough, she heard the same automated voice from earlier.

"Teleport; Please!" The automated voice said. Seconds later, Rias was no longer in front of the Behemoth, but instead, she was in front of the boy, Akeno and Koneko.

"Are you alright?!" Akeno asked Rias, as Issei teleported her to them.

"Yes, don't worry. My throat is just a little sore." Rias reassured her.

"These are silver bullets!" The behemoth suddenly roared out. "Are you a wizard?!" The behemoth asked as it pointed to Issei.

'A wizard?' Rias and the rest were thinking, as they heard the behemoth's question.

"Pretty much." Issei replied with a smirk. "Now, why don't you try your luck with me, instead of attacking these beautiful ladies?" At his comment, Rias', Akeno's and even Koneko's cheeks turned slightly red.

"Bastard! Take this!" The behemoth roared and conjured a small fireball and launched it at Issei. As the ball hit Issei and exploded, the four students gasped, unable to see anything beyond the resulted inferno and smoke. Then, they all heard that automated voice for the third time today.

"Hii, Hii! Hii, Hii, Hii!" The voice said. A second after that, all the flames were sucked into a red 'Magic Circle' that had appeared, similar to the one that Issei pulled out the gun from.

As the flames disappeared, a completely new figure was revealed. The figure was wearing a black, hooded trench coat with red on the inside and three large ruby crystals on each side of the front of his coat complete with a black body suit, and black shoes. On the shoulders, the figure had some armour which had a picture of a dragon breathing fire. On his wrist and ankles he had ruby bands which had silver lines on them. On his waist, there was a silver belt with a hand in the middle of it, which had a silver buckle around the hand ornament. Connected to the belt was a chain that had a lot of rings on it. He also had a ring on each of his middle fingers. His chest armour was made of ruby crystal and so was his helmet.

The helmet itself was in oval shape, representing a human head and had a silver line around it. On the either sides of the helmet, there were silver lines that were passing through the front part of the helmet, forming two trapezoid forms. These forms indicated where the eyes of the person wearing the costume are. The helmet also had a V line on the top with a little yellow crystal.

The behemoth, Rias, and the rest were all in shock. Instead of Issei, there stood a completely different entity. But Rias and the rest were even more shocked when the 'entity' talked. (You can google up Kamen Rider Wizard and search for images if you're confused or failed to understand how Wizard looks like.)

"Now, why don't you be a good Phantom and just welcome what's coming towards you?" The bejewelled figure said. Once Rias and the rest heard it, they were sure of one thing – this was the boy that came in through the window minutes ago. The bejewelled figure had the same voice, although it sounded slightly modified, as if coming from a speaker. Even so, this was unmistakably Issei. "Oh, I almost forgot…" Issei said as he took a ring from his belt chain and put it on his middle finger on his right hand.

"I fight better with music." Issei said as he put the ring over the arm on his belt and scanned it.

"Music; Please!"(I give credits to the Composcreator for this ring.) The same automated voice said. It looked like that the voice was coming from the belt. Issei then raised his left hand close to his face (helmet).

"Now, it's showtime." Issei said. Just as he said the word 'showtime' music began playing from the belt. (The music that is playing is KR Wizard's theme song: Life is showtime.)

"You shall not defeat me!" The monster roared out. "Get him, Golems!" As soon as the monster said this, more golems appeared and rushed towards the bejewelled figure.

Issei was calmly walking forward. He merely raised his gun at the nearest golems and shot them. A couple of the golems tried to get Issei from behind, but he just span around and shot all the golems that were near him.

"A couple of Ghouls are nothing for me, Phantom-san." Issei drawled. "Why don't you try something new?"

"Oh, I'll give you something new! Ghouls, destroy him!" The Phantom yelled again. More ghouls appeared, but unlike the others, they were armed with spears.

"That's more like it!" Issei exclaimed, excitement colouring his voice.

"Get that cocky bastard down!" The phantom ordered. The Ghouls obeyed instantly and all of them thrust their spears towards Issei at the same time.

Issei ducked under the spears and knocked them down with a sweep of his legs before standing up again. He then blocked an incoming punch, coming from an unarmed Ghoul that was not yet killed. Issei countered the Ghoul with series of rapid and intensely quick strikes that sent the Ghoul flying in the air.

"…He's… strong." Koneko commented while watching the battle with the others.

More and more Ghouls were rushing towards Issei, all of them armed with spears. He then caught his gun with both his hands. He used one of his hands to pull back the hilt of the gun and make it straight to the main body of the gun. This caused a blade to pop out of the muzzle of the gun, turning the gun into a sword.

With the gun, now transformed into a sword, Issei made a small stance before easily parrying a set of spear attacks and struck down the unarmed Ghouls that were around him.

"His ability with swords is amazing!" The boy, also known as Kiba exclaimed. Just when he said that though, he and the rest realized that the battle was taken outside, so the group all went to see how it'll end.

Upon exiting the factory, they all saw Issei, cutting and slashing Ghouls that were in his way.

"Just die already!" The blue behemoth roared as he began launching fireballs at Issei.

"I almost did once…" Issei said as he changed his sword back into the form of a gun. He then fired a couple of bullets towards the behemoth. He hit one of his horns enough times for it to break. Upon the feeling of its horn breaking, the behemoth roared in anger. "…It wasn't a nice feeling."

"You won't stop me! I'll drive her to despair! Mark my words!" The blue behemoth said and began running towards somewhere, obviously trying to escape from the Wizard.

"Hey, I'm not done with you!" Issei said as he began running after the behemoth, only to be stopped by a group of Ghouls who had encircled him. "Heh. Guess I'll have to deal with you first." Issei said.

Holding the gun with his right hand, Issei used his left hand to pull the thumb of the hand attachment (The one on the gun/sword), causing the fist to open itself, revealing a small 'Magic Circle' on the palm of the hand. As soon as the fist opened, the mechanical voice was heard again, although it was a lot more cheerful this time.

"C'mon And Shoot; Shake Hands!" The voice said. Issei then put his left hand over the 'Magic Circle' that was on the palm of the now opened fist. "Flame Shooting Strike!" The automated voice announced. A 'Magic Circle' appeared over the gun as flames began to surround the barrel. The automated voice was still heard though. "Hii Hii Hii!; Hii Hii Hii!"

The flames kept getting bigger and bigger, more and more intense. As the flames finally reached their highest heat, Issei made a stance, ready to attack and end all the golems.

"Finale." Issei said quietly. After he said that, Issei spun in a circle, firing large fire balls with each pull of the trigger, destroying all the golems, close to him and far from him. "Enough about this." Issei said and touched his belt again, stopping the music that was playing up until now.

"A-Amazing…" Rias gasped as the battle ended. The others were left in a similar state. They were all staring at the mysterious bejewelled boy with awe and amazement.

While they were staring at him, Issei was lost in his thoughts which he, unconsciously, muttered to himself, barely audible for the spectators that were still staring at him.

"Looks like he got away…" Issei muttered at himself with a sigh. Just as he said that, his familiar, Garuda flew up to him again. "Ah, Garuda. I will need you to find the Phantom for me. Will that be okay?" Garuda screeched at Issei, as if saying 'yes'. Just when he was about to fly off though, Issei stopped him.

"Wait." Issei stopped him and pulled out two more rings from his ring chain. One of the rings was blue and the other one was yellow. He put the blue ring on the middle finger of his right hand and placed it against his belt's hand.

"Unicorn; Please!" The voice announced. Pushing a level on his belt, which made the hand turn anti-clockwise and then clockwise again. He then scanned the other ring. "Kraken; Please!" Two plates appeared in front of Issei then. One of them yellow, the other one blue.

Sections of the plates broke off and rearranged themselves before joining back up, creating a mini blue unicorn and a mini yellow kraken. Issei then took the two rings and inserted one in each of them. The unicorn fell on the ground and the kraken floated lazily around.

"The Phantom should still be near." Issei said to his three familiars. "Can you guys please find him for me?" The familiars all responded with specific sounds and flew/ran off towards various directions. "Thanks." Issei muttered as they left.

As the familiars were sent off, Issei realized that he still had a group of watchers. To break the silence, he decided to speak to them. "Yo." He basically said.

"Uhm…" The boy, Kiba, was the first to talk. "Excuse me, but who are you?"

"Wizard. Kamen Rider Wizard." Issei replied as he lifted his left hand to his face (mask). His hand had a large red ruby ring, representing the helmet he was wearing at the moment.

"Kamen Rider?" The black haired girl, Akeno asked.

"Kamen Rider." Issei confirmed with a nod of his head.

"What is a Kamen Rider?" Kiba asked.

"There are people who, through magic, mutations, technology or any combination of these means, have gained the power to change into powerful battlers. Whether they fight for good, for evil or simply for their own desires, these masked warriors all bear the name of Kamen Rider." Issei said, straightening his back with pride.

"And I'm proudly able to call myself one." Issei added.

"Who are you really?" Rias wheezed slightly. Her throat was still hurting her a bit from the choking that the Phantom gave her, but she was okay now.

"I just told you." Issei responded. "I am-"

"You real name." Rias said. "Is it a secret for some reason?"

"Well, you see, I'm supposed to be a fighter, hiding in the shadows, so yah, I don't see why I should tell you my name…" Issei said, scratching the back of his head.

"Ara, ara. He has a point, Buchou." Akeno said while smiling. Her smile quickly disappeared though. "Although, I'm curious as of who he is… I'm fairly interested as well."

"And why is that?" Asked Issei as he crossed his hands while holding his gun in his right hand.

"I sense a large portion of power and magic coming from you." Akeno replied to Issei. "You have more powers and elements than just Fire, don't you?" At her question, Issei froze. To Rias and the rest of the group that were with her was pretty well-known that if somebody was able to sense Element magic or any magic in general, that would be Akeno.

They were all staying still, waiting eagerly for Issei's response. Finally, Issei responded.

"So what if I have?" Issei responded to the question with a question by himself. "Is that of such a big matter?"

"So it's true?" Akeno asked with a smirk.

"I never said such a thing." Issei responded.

"Why did you ask me about it then?" Akeno tried to pin him.

"Why did you ask me?" Issei asked once again, smirking behind his mask, although it wasn't visible for the others. Unable to respond, Akeno just gave in and kept silent. "That's what I thought." Once Issei said this, he snapped his fingers and his motorbike, which was still inside the warehouse, came to him by itself. Just as Issei was about to get on it, Rias stopped him.

"Wait!" Rias yelled at Issei.

"Hm?" Issei turned his head towards Rias.

"Uhm…" Rias began. "Thank you for saving me from that monster." Rias, then bowed to him as a sign of gratefulness.

"We're thankful as well." Akeno and the rest said as they bowed their heads as well.

"Don't sweat it." Issei replied and got on his motorcycle. "It's my business as a Kamen Rider to take care of these creatures that are endangering the humanity. Also, don't worry about the Phantom. If he comes close, I'll destroy it. See ya." And with this, Issei drove off towards somewhere.

The group of four was now alone. They were all staring at the direction Issei drove off to. They kept silent for a half a minute, until Akeno decided to break the silence.

"Ara, ara. Interesting guy, isn't he? Ufufufufu." Akeno said with a light giggle.

"Indeed." Kiba nodded. "But he saved Buchou after all, so I guess we should be thankful."

"Akeno." Rias said.

"Yes?" Asked Akeno.

"What was that about the magic in him you were saying?" Rias asked.

"I sensed the power of 7 elements in his body." Akeno answered. "He also has a very big magic potential."

"I see." Rias said. "We should try to learn more for this interesting person then."

"Yes, Buchou." Akeno and the rest all nodded.

"Anyways, we should return to the Club Room now." Rias said. "I need to talk with Sona about this."

"Of course, Buchou." Akeno and the rest said.

{[Scene Break]}

At a Pawn Shop, far away from the warehouse where the battle with the Phantom was, the yelling of an old man was heard.

"Hey, Issei, won't you wake up already?!" The old man yelled at Issei, who was still sleeping in one of the rooms that were located on the second floor of the Pawn Shop. "It's almost lunch, wake up!"

"Just five more minutes…" Issei mumbled in his sleep.

"Well, you asked for it…" The old man said. He then raised his right hand, which had a similar symbol to Issei's 'Connect' ring. He then put his right hand over a device on his belt that was exactly like Issei's, but had red outlines instead of yellow ones.

"Connect; Now!" Another automated voice was heard. It was similar to the one that was sounding when Issei used his rings, but this voice was a lot more emotionless than cheerful.

A 'Magic Circle' appeared next to the old man. The man then reached inside the 'Magic Circle' with his right hand and a pulled out a bucket of water.

"Last warning, Issei…" The man said with an evil grin. "You better wake up right now…"

"Just five more minutes…" Issei mumbled in his sleep again.

"Okay, I gave you a chance." The man said and poured Issei with all the water from the bucket.

"*Scream*" Issei screamed when the man poured him with the cold water. "What was that for, Wajima-san?"

"You overslept." The man, Wajima replied. "Besides, you told me to wake you up if you take too long."

"Oh, right…" Issei said. "Thanks."

"I have some news for you." Wajima said to Issei. "The Phantom that you saw yesterday…"

"What about it?" Issei asked.

"He's back." Wajima said. "As it seems, he'll attack a nearby school. 'Kuoh Academy', I think…"

"The Phantom's back?" Issei asked. He then suddenly remembered the group that was attacked the last day. "Oh no…"

"Is something wrong?" Wajima asked.

"I gotta save the Gate!" Issei exclaimed. He then put a ring, which had a dragon with a bowtie on his right middle finger. He then put his right hand over the device on the belt and the cheerful voice was heard yet again.

"Dress Up; Please!" The automated voice said. A 'Magic Circle' then appeared next to Issei. The 'Magic Circle' was moving towards Issei and the parts of his body which the 'Magic Circle' passed over were covered with his usual clothes – his hoodie and jeans.

"I gotta hurry up! Thanks for waking me up, Wajima-san!" Issei said as he dashed off the room.

"Wait, Issei, at least eat some-" Wajima yelled, but realized that no one heard him. "Well, he'll probably buy donuts after he defeats that guy…" Wajima said to himself as he sighed.

Issei was already on the first floor of the house in which he and Wajima were living. As his room was on the second floor, Issei had to go down the stairs in order to go out. He was just about to exit the house, until it suddenly hit him.

He pulled out three rings from his pockets – red, blue and yellow and put them on his pointer, middle and ring fingers. He then put his right hand on top of the hand-shaped device on his belt.

"Garuda! Unicorn! Kraken!; Please!" The voice from the device said. The plates of the three familiars appeared again and Issei put every ring on its respective plate. In a second, the familiars were all fully formed into what they should look like.

"Search for the Phantom from yesterday. I will head towards 'Kuoh Academy'." Issei said to the familiars. "Keep me noted of your findings." The familiars all went their ways as Issei got on his bike. "I hope they're alright…" Issei muttered to himself before putting on his helmet.

{[Scene Break]}

Not too far away from where Issei's location was, was 'Kuoh Academy'. Originally, an all-girls school recently changed into a normal one, in which both girls and boys are allowed to enter. The school looked just like every other school, so its look is not that important.

In that same school, four familiar people were walking with two other. The four, already known persons were none other than the group of four that was attacked by the Phantom – Rias Gremory, Shimejima Akeno, Yuuto Kiba and Toujou Koneko. (Appearances and etc. will come later. :DDD)

The two unknown persons walking beside them were no others than the school's Student Council president and vice president – Sona Sitri and Tsubaki Shinra.

Sona was the School Council president. She had a short black hair styled in a bobcut. She had purple eyes and was wearing pink glasses. She was also partially flat in a sense of bust.

Tsubaki was the Vice President of the Student Council. She had a long black hair and a pretty big bust. She had yellow/gold eyes and was, just like Sona, wearing glasses.

"So, did you find anything about the creature that attacked us yesterday, Sona?" Rias asked Sona while walking around the school grounds.

"I searched everything that I had access to. Books, databases, stories, I even went that far to ask my sister for help, which I won't do ever again…" Sona said as she adjusted her glasses. "But no, I wasn't able to find anything about your so-called 'Phantom'."

"Seems like both of us hit the dead end." Rias replied. "I searched everything I could as well, but found nothing. I tried contacting Onii-sama, but he is still busy with that Phenex thing…" Rias said with a hint of disgust in her voice as she said the name 'Phenex'.

"Buchou, what will we do if the Phantom attacks us again?" The black haired girl, Akeno, asked. "He proved to be quite strong and it was only thanks to that Rider we got out alive."

"Indeed." Kiba nodded at Akeno's statement. "He really saved us. Speaking of which…" Kiba then turned to Sona. "Kaichou, do you know what a Kamen Rider is?"

"Kamen… Rider?" Sona asked confused by the title. "I'm afraid that I have never heard of such a name and/or title. Why are you asking?"

"…We were saved by one." The short white-haired girl said in an emotionless voice. "…He outmatched them very easily."

"Wizard… That's how he was calling himself, correct?" Akeno asked Rias' group.

"Kamen Rider Wizard." An unknown voice was suddenly heard from behind them. As Rias and the rest heard it, all of them turned around, only to be greeted by a middle-aged man in a tuxedo. "Also known as The Ringed Wizard. He is… Quite a pest."

"Who are you? And why are you in the school grounds?" Sona asked the man.

"I'm certain that your red-haired friend over there would know that, no?" The man said. Rias and her group however had no idea who this man was. "Rude. And I was trying to make such a god first impression… Well then, I guess you remember me more like…" The man was covered in a purple aura that was becoming bigger and bigger. Suddenly, from a man in tuxedo, he transformed into the Phantom Behemoth. The same one that attacked Rias and the rest. "You remember me, don't you?"

As the Phantom revealed itself, Rias and the rest all gasped from shock. However, they didn't allow themselves to get distracted by the Phantom and quickly took defensive stances. Kiba prepared his sword which he got from a 'Magic Circle' that appeared next to him and Akeno had two fireballs in her hands.

"I think you remember that fighting me is pointless." The Behemoth said. It was then when Rias and the rest noticed that one of the Behemoth's horns was missing. It was obvious that this was a result from the fight that he had with Issei. (Which they don't know as Issei but as Kamen Rider Wizard.)

"Even so, we won't give up!" Akeno said as she launched the fireballs at the Phantom. Although she hit him, the Phantom barely even flinched.

"You fool. That's not a fire…" The Behemoth said. He then created a huge fireball in his right hand. "THIS is fire!" He then threw the fireball at Akeno in attempt to hit her.

"Akeno-san!" Kiba yelled and ran to Akeno. He caught her by her hand and got her out of the way of the fireball. The fireball hit the ground, but for some reason, there was not a fire started.

"The first time when I saw you, I made a little mistake." The Phantom said while getting closer and closer to Rias, which was firing large crackling orbs of darkness at him in an attempt to slow him. This didn't help at all as the Phantom was, yet again, not even flinching.

"I thought that it was just you, the red-haired." The Phantom kept talking. At that point, even Tsubaki and Sona were firing magic blasts at the Phantom to no avail. "But I was wrong. Turned out, all the females from your funny group are Gates."

"Gates?" Sona asked while attacking. "What are you talking about, you freak?!"

"You will understand very soon, when I make them all despair. You will see what a Gate exactly is then!" The Phantom replied as it kept walking forward and forward.

Koneko then jumped into action. She jumped from the place she was standing at and in one swift movement, punched the Behemoth with all her power. Unfortunately, even thatwas futile. "…No way…" She quietly muttered to herself.

"Let me show you how it's done." The Phantom said as he punched Koneko straight in the face. He sent her flying back a couple of meters.

"Koneko!" Rias shouted in worry. She however was able to see that Koneko was still okay, so she breathed out a sigh of relief. However, she quickly remembered that an angry Phantom was still getting in their way.

"This is too slow…" The Phantom said quietly. "Time to end this! Ghouls!" As the Phantom said that, an army of dozen Ghouls appeared around him, all of them armed with spears. "Get them, but leave the red-haired to me." The Behemoth ordered. The Ghouls didn't even hesitate to attack.

They were attacking fiercely and mercilessly. Kiba, Akeno, Sona, Tsubaki, even the fallen Koneko were all surrounded by Ghouls. Unable to fight back, unable to defend themselves, they were quickly put down. Rias seeing this fell to her knees. Tears began streaming down her face as her thoughts flooded her mind.

'Not again… Is it my fault? Is it my fault for being a Gate? Is it my fault that they're all in this situation? Why? Why would…' Rias's thoughts were flooding her mind. She began to cry even harder while trembling. 'I can't protect them… How am I supposed to take care of them when I can't protect them from these terrible creatures? How will I keep my promise to them? How will I help them live a good life? I'm so useless…'

Rias's thoughts were flooding her mind more and more every second. She was crying and trembling harder and harder. Suddenly, purple cracks began to appear on various parts of her body. Hands, face, legs, chest. Purple cracks were appearing and were getting bigger and bigger.

"BUCHOU/RIAS!" Rias' friends called out, but she was unable to hear them. Her thoughts were the only thing that she was able to hear at this point.

"Yes! YES!" The Phantom was cheering while watching Rias' body getting destroyed by the cracks. "Let the despair consume you and give birth to a new Phantom!" Akeno, Kiba and the rest were all looking at Rias being consumed by despair as their eyes began filling with tears. The Ghouls were still around them with pointed spears at them. They were unable to do anything.

"Very soon, you will be just like us! You will be yet another Phan-" The Behemoth kept talking, but was cut off by the sound of a motorcycle and gunshots being fired.

"Stay right where you are!" Issei yelled while riding his motorbike with his gun in his right hand. He fired a round of bullets at the Phantom, shooting him at various places. As he finally neared the place where Rias and the rest were, he pulled the brakes and stopped the motorcycle meters away from Rias, who was closest to him.

"You again?!" The Phantom yelled at Issei. "Quit messing in our plans! This girl shall become Phantom!"

Issei got off his motorbike and took off his helmet, revealing his face to Rias and her group once again. He then began walking slowly towards the Phantom. "She shall? *Chuckle* I'm sorry, but you got it all wrong." Issei then pulled out an orange ring and put it on his right hand's middle finger. The ring had an image that looked like a thousands of bullets being shot. He then put his right hand on the belt attachment and scanned the ring.

"Barrage; Please!" The belt announced. Issei then raised his right hand and shot with his gun towards the sky. A thousands of bullets were shot, all of them going into various directions. Every bullet hit the ghouls and destroyed them, freeing Akeno, Kiba and the rest. All that was left was the Phantom himself.

"You bastard! The new Phantom will be born soon! I don't have time for you!" The Phantom yelled at Issei.

"Well, same here." Issei replied. He then put on another ring on his right hand's middle finger. This one had a small hand with yellow outlines. It looked just like the one that Issei had on his belt. He then put his right hand over the hand attachment. The second he did that, the automated voice was heard yet again.

"Driver On; Please!" The voice said. A second after that, the silver belt with the hand attachment materialized on Issei's waist.

"That's why I'll make sure this one quick." Issei said as he put a red ruby ring on his left hand's middle finger. The ring itself was the same ring that he wore when he appeared before Rias and the rest for the first time. The ring that looked exactly like the helmet that he wore. As Issei put the ring on, he pressed one of the switches that were on the left and the right side of the buckle on which the hand was located. As he pressed it, the hand rotated and instead of a right hand it was now a left hand. A small 'Magic Circle' appeared over it, as a tune began playing.

"Shabadoobie, Touch To Henshin! Shabadoobie, Touch To Henshin!" The belt kept repeating this little song over and over again.

"Henshin!" Issei yelled and put his left hand over the hand on the belt and scared the ring. The belt immediately stopped with the music and began another theme.

"Flame; Please!" As the belt said that, Issei extended his left hand and next to it, a red 'Magic Circle' with flaming edge appeared next to him and headed straight towards him."Hii, Hii! Hii, Hii, Hii!" The belt said while the 'Magic Circle' was getting closer and closer to Issei.

While the 'Magic Circle' was moving, flames were flowing out of it as the parts of Issei's body which the 'Magic Circle' already passed over formed the red armour which Rias and her group saw in that abandoned factory.

After his transformation was completely finished and his armour was completely formed, he raised his left hand and took off his trench coat's hood. He then slowly raised his head towards the Phantom.

"Sa, Showtime da." Issei announced as he took off his hood. The music that was playing in the factory was playing once again as he began walking towards the Phantom.

The Behemoth roared out and summoned his axe. He began running towards Issei in an attempt to slash him with his axe. Issei, however dodged the slash by ducking under the axe. As he ducked under it, he quickly went behind the Phantom and stood up. Before the Phantom could even react, he quickly kicked him. The Phantom began losing its balance, but quickly restored it. Because of the kick delivered by Issei, the Phantom was sent a couple of meters forward and the distance between him and Issei got bigger.

Issei then took off his 'Driver On' ring and on its place he put on an orange ring which had an image of a dragon going out of a portal. He quickly pressed the right switch on his belt and the hand on the buckle became right once again. "Lupacchi Magic, Touch To Go! Lupachi Magic, Touch To Go!" The belt was singing. Issei then scanned the ring on his right hand and the tune that was playing stopped. "Connect; Please!" The belt said.

The 'Magic Circle' once again appeared next to Issei. Issei reached inside it and pulled out his gun, which was in his hand before the transformation and somehow disappeared. The Phantom was running towards Issei again in an attempt to slash him. He tried slashing Issei several times, but Issei simply dodged without too much effort. Just when the Behemoth was about to swing at Issei again, Issei countered him by firing a couple of bullets at him. The Behemoth fell on the ground with a groan of pain.

Issei then changed his gun into a sword and made a few sword wings before taking a defensive stance. The Phantom was on its legs again and was, once again, running towards Issei with his axe in his hands. Issei jumped sideways and dodged a low axe swing from the Phantom and blocked an axe swing as he landed. As Issei blocked the swing attack, the Phantom did a stab attack with his axe, but Issei spun around and made a stabbing attack with his sword against the Phantom's axe. As they collided, the Phantom's axe's head shattered into pieces, passing over Issei's face while his sword hit the bull, making him fly a few feet back.

"Got enough already?" Issei asked. "I hope so, because I still gotta save this young lady." The Phantom didn't respond, but rather leaned forward and began doing a bull charge.

The Phantom was running towards Issei as fast as possible with his horn aimed at however was able to block the Phantom's attack, but he was pushed back by the monster's strength. He was able to stop the attack before leaping over the Phantom and putting away his sword.

Issei then pulled out a ring, very similar to the one that he used to transform with. The only difference however, was the fact that the ring that Issei just pulled out was yellow one instead of a red one.

"Seems like breaking just one horn didn't teach you." Issei said as he put on the ring on his left hand's middle finger. He then pressed the left switch again and the right hand on the belt became a left hand once again. He then put his left hand on top of the hand on the belt and scanned the ring.

"Land; Please!" The belt announced. A yellow 'Magic Circle' appeared under Issei's feet and began to slowly head towards him, passing over his body just like the red 'Magic Circle' did. The belt chanted just like when Issei transformed into his flame, red ruby-based form.

"Dododo Dododon, Don Dododon!" The belt chanted as Issei scanned the ring. The parts which the yellow 'Magic Circle' passed over were changed from red to yellow. As the 'Magic Circle' passed over every body part of his, the 'Magic Circle' disappeared and Issei's suit was no longer a red ruby based, but rather yellow topaz based. (The form of the helmet didn't change though.)

Akeno, which was still next to the blonde boy, Kiba, widened her eyes as she saw what Issei just did. The Phantom had a similar reaction to Akeno's. Unlike Akeno however the Phantom yelled from surprise.

"Y-You can change Elements?!" The Behemoth asked surprised. Seems like he wasn't aware of this fact. The Bull charged at Issei once again.

"Pretty much." Issei replied. He then pulled out another ring which had an image of a dragon holding a shield. He put it on his right hand's middle finger and scanned it as he pressed the right switch.

"Defend; Please!" The belt said. The Bull was getting closer and closer and just before he clashed against Issei a yellow 'Magic Circle' appeared before Issei. From the 'Magic Circle' a huge rectangular rock came shooting out of it while trapping the Phantom in it. Issei then spun around, hitting the Phantom with a roundhouse kick, sending him fly in the air.

Issei then took out another ring that yet again looked like his helmet, but instead of topaz yellow or ruby red, this one was emerald green. He removed the topaz yellow one and put the emerald green one on his left middle finger.

"This one'll blow you away." Issei said as he scanned the ring with the belt's hand.

"Hurricane; Please!" The belt said as Issei scanned the ring. Issei then raised his left hand and a green 'Magic Circle' appeared above him. He then jumped upwards and passed through the 'Magic Circle'. Once again, just like when he transformed into his 'Flame' and 'Land' forms, the parts of the armour which the 'Magic Circle' passed over changed colour. As Issei passed through the 'Magic Circle', his armour's gems became emerald-green, and so did his helmet. (The helmet's shape didn't change though.)

When Issei passed through the 'Magic Circle' completely, the belt began chanting once again. "Fuu, Fuu, Fuu, Fuu, Fuu, Fuu!" The belt chanted just like when Issei transformed into his 'Flame' and 'Land' based forms.

As Issei fully changed into his 'Hurricane' emerald green based form, he landed on the 'Magic Circle' which was still floating in the air and jumped upwards once again. A green vortex appeared around Issei. He once again summoned his sword and began flying around the Phantom, slashing him with his sword while still in the air. The vortex was giving Issei the ability to run like the wind and to even fly with the speed of the wind.

As Issei landed the las blow with the last slash of his sword, the Phantom crashed into the ground. The vortex around Issei disappeared and he landed lightly. While the Behemoth was struggling to get on his feed because of the slashes that Issei dealt to him, Issei grabbed his 'Flame' red ruby based ring and put it on his left middle finger. He scanned it and transformed into his fire red ruby based form.

Issei then pressed the right switch of his belt and the hand changed its position, once again becoming a right one. "Lupacchi Magic; Touch To Go! Lupacchi Magic; Touch To Go!" The belt said.

"The finale." Issei said as he put on an orange ring which had an image of a dragon and a foot. As he put it on his right hand's middle finger, he scanned the ring. The belt's tune stopped playing and the belt announced the upcoming attack.

"Very Nice! Kick Strike! Great!" As the belt announced this, Issei spun a little while a red 'Magic Circle' appeared under his feet. His right foot became surrounded by a cyclone of fire. Issei jumped upwards with his foot still surrounded by the cyclone of fire. He extended his right leg as he shrinked his left leg and aimed at the Phantom in an attempt to hit him.

The Phantom couldn't react in time and Issei's kick struck him. Issei landed on his feet, made a twirl and raised his left hand while a red 'Magic Circle' appeared on the Phantom for a couple of seconds before the Phantom exploded.

Issei then turned towards the group that was observing him with their eyes wide. He quickly caught his breath. He then turned his head towards Rias and saw that the purple cracks were getting bigger and bigger. He had very little time left. He ran towards her and kneeled next to her. The others also ran towards Rias to check on her.

"Hang on, Rias!" Sona yelled at her friend.

"Buchou, don't give in!" Kiba yelled as well as tears streamed down his eyes.

"Rias…" Akeno softly mumbled as tears streamed down her face as well. Koneko didn't say anything, but there were tears in her eyes as well.

"Don't worry." Issei said as he pulled out an orange ring with a symbol that looked exactly like the symbol in the middle of the 'Magic Circle' that he was using. "I'll make it all better." As Rias heard Wizard's voice again, she opened her eyes slightly and looked at him lifelessly.

"Wi… Zard?" Rias asked weakly. Issei nodded. Tears began streaming down her face again. "I don't… Think I'll make it…"

"You will, don't worry." Issei said as he held the orange ring in front of his face (helmet). "Will you allow me to become your last hope?" Rias didn't show any emotion. She was unable to. She accepted Issei's offer however. Issei gently took her right hand and put the ring on her middle finger. He then pressed the left switch and then the right switch again, changing the hand from right to left and then to right again.

Issei neared Rias' right hand to the belt and scanned the ring. The ring immediately recognized the ring. "Engage; Please!" The belt said. Rias fell to the ground. As she fell, a red 'Magic Circle' appeared over her body. Issei began levitating until he was hovering above the 'Magic Circle' in which he eventually floated. As he entered the 'Magic Circle', the 'Magic Circle' disappeared.

"Where did he go?" Akeno asked the others.

"Wherever he is, let's hope that he can save Buchou…" Kiba replied.

{[Scene Break]}

Issei was currently entering Rias' mind through the 'Magic Circle' that appeared above her. He was going through series of red 'Magic Circles' in a purple hole. As he finally passed through the last 'Magic Circle', he found himself in a replica of a real place. The replica itself lacked the colours that the places usually had and it was more grey than usual, but Issei was aware of this fact. He knew what this place was.

It was Rias' Underworld, memory bringing her hope, memory that was valuable to her. Issei began looking around the place looking for the memory that Rias had. The memory that was associated with this scene from her mind.

"So, that is her spiritual landscape… Her Underworld." Issei muttered to himself. "But if it's her memory, where is she?" As Issei said that, the scenery suddenly changed. Although he was standing in front of a big mansion when he arrived, he was now in a big room. Next to him, there were two figures talking.

He immediately recognized the first figure. It was the girl; whos mind he was currently in. She looked a lot younger though, but that didn't surprise him. It was a distant memory as it seemed.

The other figure he didn't recognize. It was a tall, red-haired male. He looked somewhat similar to Rias, but was older than her. Issei assumed that he was her brother or father. But that wasn't the matter at hand right now. Issei looked at the scene before him and listened to the conversation that Rias and the man were having.

"…so does that mean I'll have a lot of new friends, Nii-san?" The girl asked excitedly.

"They will be your servants, Ria-tan." The man said as he smiled. "But you have to treat them like friends. You have to believe them. And you have to make sure that they will believe you too. You will do it, won't you, Ria-tan?"

"Yes, Nii-sama!" The girl exclaimed. "I will be the best [King] ever!"

"I hope so, Ria-tan." Sirzechs said as he pet her head. "You will guard them no matters what happen, right?"

"Of course!" Rias said. "They will be my family, Nii-san!" As Rias said that, a huge purple crack suddenly appeared. The cracks were becoming bigger and bigger until a huge, purple, jabberwock-looking like monster burst out of the centre of the cracks.

The monster went out on a rampage as soon as it burst out of the cracks. It began striking at seemingly random places, causing purple cracks to appear at each spot the monster hit.

"Hell of a magical apparition she's got there." Issei said to himself. "Well, it's my duty to destroy it." Issei said as he pulled out an orange ring that had an image of a full dragon. He put it on his right middle finger and pressed the left and right switch, turning the hand into a left one and then right one again.

He then scanned the ring on his right hand and raised his hand towards the sky. "Dragorise; Please!" The belt said as Issei scanned the ring. A huge red 'Magic Circle' appeared above Issei and suddenly, a huge European-themed dragon with retain gold and silver mechanical parts on its body. Its eyes and upper part of its head were in ruby red colour.

As the dragon was completely summoned, he began flying after the Phantom and delivered a hit at it. After delivering it though, the dragon began flying at random directions, bumping into random parts and caused more cracks to appear.

"Dragon! Submit to me!" Issei yelled at the dragon as he put his 'Connect' ring on his right hand's middle finger and scanned it.

"Connect; Please!" The belt said. A red 'Magic Circle' appeared next to Issei. He reached inside it and pulled out his motorbike. He got on it and drove straight towards the dragon. He did a 12 o'clock wheelie and managed to jump high with his motorcycle. The motorcycle then split into two parts and formed two large wings before connecting to the back of the dragon.

Issei was now riding on the back of the dragon, fully controlling him. He changed the course of the dragon and rode right towards the still rampaging monster. Since Issei had full control over the dragon now, the dragon was no longer bumping into random places and making more cracks.

The monster noticed that both Issei and the dragon are on its tail and began firing purple energy attacks while the dragon began breathing fire in order to counter the monster's attack. They went at each other for a few moments before starting to fight each other brutally at close range, making the cracks bigger and bigger. After a short while, Issei and the dragon were finally able to get the monster to fall on the ground.

"Let's end this!" Issei said as he took out his 'Kick Strike' ring and put it on his right hand's middle finger. He pressed the switches once again and scanned the ring.

"Very Nice! Kick Strike! Great!" The belt said. Issei then jumped off the dragon's back. While Issei was in the air, the dragon began reforming itself. He held his front legs up making a V as his lower body folded, giving it the form of a giant dragon claw. As the dragon reformed himself, Issei kicked his right leg into the slot that the huge dragon claw had, surrounding the giant claw with fire creating a projection of Wizard pushing a massive dragon claw of fire towards its target.

The monster was unable to evade the upcoming attack. A red 'Magic Circle' surrounded the monster's body before being destroyed as the claw went through it, landing on the ground.

Issei jumped off the dragon and the dragon disappeared. All that was left was his motorcycle which was once again transformed into a bike and not wings. As Issei saw that the monster's been destroyed, he collected his breath and sighed.

{[Scene Break]}

Meanwhile in the real world, the group of five was still around Rias, watching her with tears in their eyes. There were still purple cracks on her body, but unlike before, they weren't getting bigger. They remained the same size.

"Buchou, please don't give up!" Kiba said as tears still streamed down his face.

"Rias, you can't leave us now!" Sona said, fighting the tears welling up in her eyes as well.

"…Buchou…" Koneko softly mumbled while trembling.

While all of them were crying over Rias, a miracle suddenly happened. All the purple cracks that were on her body before were gone. It was like they were never there. They just disappeared, just like that. It really was a miracle.

Just when the cracks disappeared, a big red 'Magic Circle' appeared over the ring that Issei put on Rias' finger. Out of the 'Magic Circle' Issei came out on his bike. He drove a meter or two and stopped. His armour dissolved in a shower of red crystals seconds afterwards.

"Did you… Save her from this?" Akeno asked as Issei came out of the 'Magic Circle'.

"Yes, the Phantom inside her is gone." Issei replied while looking at the now sleeping Rias. "She is not a Gate anymore, so Phantoms won't come after her hopefully." He then turned his head towards Akeno. "However, if the saying of that Bull Phantom is true and all of you girls are Gates, then Phantoms will most likely come after you as well."

"I see." Akeno replied. Seems like she didn't care if there were any Gates around them or not. "Will Buchou be okay?"

"Yes, once she gets some sleep." Issei replied. While Issei and Akeno were talking, Sona took a good luck of Issei's face, making sure to remember him. Issei put on his helmet and was about to drive off towards somewhere, but was stopped by Sona.

"Wait." Sona called him.

"What is it?" Issei asked without taking his helmet off.

"Who are you?" Sona asked. "I know you're called Wizard, but I don't care about that. Tell me, who are you."

"I am…" Issei began. Kiba, Akeno and Koneko were all eagerly waiting for an answer, but they didn't receive an answer which they expected. "…the last hope." Issei finished. He then drove off.

As he drove off and was already out of their line of sight, Sona and all the rest were all in a pensive mood. They all had the same question in mind:

'Who was that white haired boy?'

{[Scene End]}

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