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Phantoms are born when people lose all hope. They target humanity to increase their numbers, and opposing them is a single wizard.

{[Scene Start]}

It was a sunny and normal day in Kuoh. Birds were chirping, flowers were blooming, the sun was shining all over the town. It was peaceful and quiet. In the most of the town, that is.

In a quite big Pawn Shop, located not too far away from where Issei's battle with the Phantom was, a loud snoring was heard. The snoring was also followed by what sounded like to be a thumping sound.

Inside the Pawn Shop, the voice of a middle-aged man was heard.

"Is Issei still asleep?" Wajima, the middle-aged man asked.

"Well, he did use a lot of magic." A blonde girl with green eyes replied. She was currently playing with Issei's familiars – Garuda, Unicorn and Kraken.

"Must be. He got home and went out like a light." Wajima commented. As he said that, the red and silver eagle of Issei suddenly disappeared, leaving only a red ring after it.

"Garu-chan's out of magical fuel too…" The girl said. The moment she said that, Issei came down the stairs from the second floor where he was sleeping just minutes ago. He then yawned loudly.

"You sure slept in, Issei." Wajima said. Issei just looked at him and scratched the back of his head.

"Don't you need more sleep?" The blonde girl asked him.

"Nah. I'm good." Issei replied as he took the red ring that left after Garuda and slipped it on his right middle finger. "If I sleep more, I'll just be groggy." After Issei said that, he put the red ring over the hand device on his belt.

"Garuda; Please!" The voice from Issei's hand device was heard. Garuda's place appeared and re-arranged themselves again so that Garuda was assembled and created anew. Issei placed the red ring on its chest and Garuda began to fly around the room freely.

"Alright, I should hit the road." Issei said.

"Hang on." Wajima stopped Issei. "Look at this before you go."

"A new one?" Issei asked.

"Yes. See here." Wajima said and handed Issei another ring.

"What's the spell on this one?" Issei asked as he took the ring and began to examine it.

"Couldn't tell you." Wajima replied. "All I do is set them into rings, while listening to the whispering of the stone…"

"Yeah, yeah. I know the deal, Wajima-san." Issei said while still looking at the ring. The ring had a sleeping dragon depicted on him. "So does it put the enemy to sleep? It'd be handy to put all the Ghouls to bed." He smirked on the thought of that and looked towards Wajima and the blonde girl with the smirk still on his face.

"Let's take it for a spin." Issei said as he slipped the ring on his right middle finger and brought it down to his hand-looking device on his belt.

"No, no, no, no, no…!" Wajima exclaimed as he hid behind the blonde girl.

"Sleep; Please!" The automated voice said. Issei then raised his hand and a red 'Magic Circle' appeared in front of it. He pointed his hand towards Wajima and the blonde girl, however nothing seemed to be happening. Instead, the red 'Magic Circle' disappeared and the sound of snoring was heard yet again. Issei then fell on the ground, sleeping like a log.

Wajima sighed at the sight of Issei falling on the ground. "So it's a spell to put yourself to sleep." Wajima said. He then smirked. "Well, he got what he deserved for trying to test it on us."

"Let's hope Issei-san will wake up soon…" The blonde girl said. "The town would be in danger without him."

Issei turned to his side and smiled while still asleep. As it seemed, he was having good dreams.

{[Scene Break]}

In an old-fashioned building on the school grounds of Kuoh Academy, the red-haired girl, now known as Rias, which was saved by Issei one day ago, was having a conversation with the President of the Student Council, also known as Sona.

The two of them were not alone however. Rias was with the black-haired Akeno on her side and Sona was accompanied by the Vice President of The Student Council – Tsubaki.

The rest of Rias' group also wanted to be by her side for now, but due to schoolwork, Rias had to make sure that they attend classes, so it was just her and Akeno that remained in the building with Sona and Tsubaki.

They were all currently discussing the recent events and very important matter at hand – Kamen Rider Wizard.

Rias took great interest in this 'unknown warrior', so she tried to learn as much as possible about him. There was nothing about these warriors known as 'Kamen Riders' however. But there was something about the boy in general.

He didn't tell them his name, true. But Sona got to see his face. Thanks to her memory and her abilities to convince people, she was able to get this mysterious boy's file from the Town Archives.

"Are you feeling alright, Rias?" Sona asked. She was still concerned about Rias, since she almost died one day ago.

"Yes, I'm fine now." Rias replied. She was still wearing the ring that Kamen Rider Wizard placed on her finger. "Whatever this 'Kamen Rider' has done, it's all good now. I don't feel any different however."

"What do you think of this 'Kamen Rider'? Is he our enemy?" Sona asked about Rias' opinion.

"No, I don't think so." Rias replied. "If what he said is true and he is only after these creatures called 'Phantoms', then we have nothing to worry about."

"Didn't one of them say that you and all the girls in your Peerage are Gates though?" Sona asked. "It's true that you're no longer a 'Gate', as he called you, but what will we do if anyone from your Peerage 'gives birth' to a 'Phantom' as the monster said?"

"I won't allow them to!" Rias replied. "I will do all I can not to let them to!"

"This might as well be beyond us, however." Sona said. "If we can't prevent it from happening, then 'Kamen Rider Wizard' will be forced to destroy them."

Rias couldn't reply to that. She just leaned back into her chair as sadness began to fill her eyes. Seeing this, Akeno put her hand on Rias' shoulder. "We will be alright, Rias." Akeno said in an attempt to calm Rias down. "We won't give in to those 'Phantoms'."

"Akeno…" Rias muttered quietly. She then let out a small smile.

"Anyways, I think I have found something that may be helpful." Sona said to Rias. "After this 'Kamen Rider' 'entered' your body, I was able to look at his face. I was also able to remember it."

"How will that work however?" Rias asked. "It'd be futile to just start looking around the town for him. He might be everywhere."

"It's not needed." Sona replied. "I went to the Town Archives and got his file from there."

"You never cease to amaze me, Sona." Rias said.

"Thank me later." Sona replied and handed Rias the file.

Rias began reading the file, aiming to learn more about the mysterious 'Kamen Rider' person. Although she has seen his face, she couldn't memorize it as good as Sona, so Sona's actions were indeed pretty helpful.

"Hyoudou… Issei?" Rias said aloud. "Is that what his name is?"

"As it seems, yes." Sona replied. "There's no way I'd mistake him for somebody else. That's him."

"His name sounds… Familiar." Rias commented.

"It should." Sona replied. "It's said down below. As it turns out he has a sister."

"Sister?" Rias asked.

"Hyoudou Reiko." Sona replied. "Does that remind you of something?"

A lighting bulb appeared over Rias' head suddenly. "She used to be in our school!" Rias said. "Class 2-C from last year!"

"Indeed." Sona confirmed.

"She also quit without a reason, didn't she?" Rias asked. "She just stopped attending classes out of a sudden."

"She didn't quit." Sona replied. "She was… Unable to attend classes anymore."

"What do you mean?" Rias asked. "Did something happen to her?"

"Just keep reading, Rias." Sona replied. "All the answers are in the file."

Rias nodded and continued reading from where she has stopped. A couple of minutes later, she suddenly gasped in shock as her eyes widened. "W-Were they-" Rias began, but was interrupted by Sona.

"Yes, every single one of them." Sona said. "He somehow survived it though."

"Poor boy…" Rias said quietly. "No one should ever experience that…"

"What is it, Buchou?" Akeno asked Rias. Rias didn't reply and just handed Akeno the file. Akeno took it and began reading. As she got to the part which Rias just read, her reaction was more or less the same as Rias'. "This is terrible…"

"This is your 'Kamen Rider'." Sona remarked. "Hyoudou Issei, 16 years old. He used to attend a low-class school, but dropped out of it."

"I see." Rias said as she stood up from the chair. "Apart from his past and his identity, we don't know anything. It's a start though." Rias then turned towards Sona and handed her the file back. "Thank you for your assistance, Sona."

"The pleasure was all mine." Sona replied as she took the file. "Well, will you try finding him?"

"Definitely." Rias replied. "I want to know more about this matter. I think I'm going to pay him a visit later."

"Do you know his address though?" Sona asked.

"Seems like you haven't read the file to the end." Rias replied.

"All I wanted was his name, age, family information and his past." Sona said. "Nothing else concerns me."

"Well, it's said down in the file." Rias pointed out. "He lives in a Pawn Shop at the edge of the town nowadays. It seems to be owned by a relative of his father."

"Is that in the file as well?" Sona asked.

"Yes. That's why I said that you haven't really read it well." Rias replied. "Anyways, we should go and visit him, don't you think so, Akeno?"

"Yes. I'm also quite curious about him and his control over elements magic." Akeno replied. "Should we also let Koneko-chan and Kiba-kun to come with us?"

"Yes." Rias replied. "They're also interested in him and abilities after all."

"Well, if that's all, then we shall take our leaves now." Sona said as she and Tsubaki began walking towards the door to leave.

"Thanks again for your help, Sona." Rias thanked her again.

"My pleasure." Sona replied. "Tell me how did it go when you return from the visit, okay?"

"Of course." Rias said. Sona and Tsubaki then left, leaving Rias and Akeno alone.

"Buchou, do you think that he will accept your offer?" Akeno asked Rias.

"Honestly, I'm not too sure, Akeno." Rias replied. "But I'll try to convince him into joining." As Rias said this, she put her hands on her desk and began thinking while staring into the nothingness. 'Hyoudou Issei… 'Kamen Rider Wizard'… You're really interesting person…' Rias was thinking to herself, waiting for Koneko and Kiba's classes to be over.

{[Scene Break]}

It was noon over Kuoh. The sun was shining bright as ever and the streets were filled with life. Laughter was heard from kids playing all around the town. Noon was a busy time for everyone, but happy nonetheless.

Most people would just sit on a bench, enjoying the nice warmth that the sun was providing and enjoying the nice day. This was exactly what Issei was doing.

Issei was currently standing in front of a brightly colored pink van, parked right outside the city park. The van was Issei's favorite place to buy food from since they had the best donuts in all of Kuoh. Probably in all of Japan as well.

"What would you like today, Issei-kun?" A man with long blonde hair asked in a feminine manner. It was actually kind of creepy, but Issei was a regular customer, so he didn't pay much attention to it. "Would you like to try our new rainbow donuts?"

Issei glanced at the available donuts that were showcased. He looked at the rainbow donuts which the man just offered to him. "They sure look good." Issei replied.

"I know, I know." The man said. "Well, would you like some?"

"I'll take a plain sugar." Issei replied. The man frowned upon hearing his order.

"Gee, Issei-kun, you gotta try some new things once in a while…" The man sighed.

"I prefer to stick to the things which I have knowledge about, thank you very much." Issei replied and handed the man the money for the donut. The man, in return, handed him his order.

Issei took his treat and went inside the park. He then sat on one of the benches as he began to eat his donut. "No Phantoms today either…" Issei sighed. "I don't know if I should be happy about this or not…"

Issei finished with his treat, but didn't stand up from the bench he was sitting on. Instead, he leaned back on it and closed his eyes. He was listening to the chirping of the birds. It was relaxing for him; He was sitting on the bench without a care in the world. In his relaxation state, however, he couldn't sense the person that has been watching him for quite some time now.

There was a girl there. She was short, petite girl, with hazel eyes and white hair that reached just a little below her shoulders. She had two long bangs on the front going all the way from the upper part of her hair to her chest. The girl in question was Koneko, the petite girl from Rias' group.

She unintentionally ran into Issei on her way back from a business that she had to attend earlier this day. She saw him in the park and somehow recognized him. While observing him from a nearby tree, she pulled out her phone from her pocket and quickly dialed Rias' number. As she heard the dialing tone, she hid behind the tree so that Issei wouldn't see her while she was making the call.

"…Hello, Buchou." Koneko began.

:Koneko? What is it?: Rias asked her.

"…Buchou, I ran into him at the park." Koneko replied.

:Him?: Rias asked.

"…Kamen Rider Wizard." Koneko replied. Rias didn't say anything in quite a long time.

:Where exactly are you?: Rias asked her.

"…Near the park's entrance. He is sitting on one of the benches."

:Understood. We will be there in a bit.: Rias said to Koneko. :What is he doing now?: Koneko poked her head from behind the tree and looked at the bench where Issei was sitting just a few seconds ago. As she looked at it again, she remained speechless. :Koneko? Are you still there?:

"…Buchou…" Koneko said quietly. "…He is gone." Koneko's luck wasn't the best at that day…

{[Scene Break]}

Around half an hour passed. Koneko was still at the park, roaming around it in search for Issei, hoping that he has not left yet. As she finished her 4-th or 5-th tour around it, Koneko soon ran into Rias, Akeno and Kiba which have just arrived at her location.

"What are you doing, Koneko?" Rias asked her.

"…I lost him so I hoped that I could run into him again…" Koneko said with her head low as if ashamed.

"So you have been walking around in hopes of finding him again?" Rias asked and earned a nod from Koneko as an answer. Rias sighed. "Any luck so far?"

"…No." Koneko said. "…I'm sorry, Buchou. I don't know how it happened. He disappeared so fast…"

"It's not your fault, Koneko." Rias put her hand on Koneko's shoulder attempting to calm her down. "You did the right thing. I won't blame you."

"He might have just gone home." Kiba said. "Maybe if we go to the place he is staying in, we will find him."

"…But how would we know where he lives?" Koneko asked.

"Ara, ara, Kaichou helped us with that, ufufufu~." Akeno replied. "She found his file in the town archives. Everything we needed to know so far was there. Name, backstory, address, everything."

"…Then we should go immediately!" Koneko said.

"That's what we're doing." Rias said. "But once we got the call we decided to come here and perhaps talk to him here. But since he is gone, we'll just go to his house. It's not a problem."

"…Where is this house anyway?" Koneko asked.

"It's at the end of the town." Kiba replied. "It's not really that far away."

"…I see. Let's go then." Koneko said. As it seemed, she was as eager to meet this mysterious wizard as much as everybody else from Rias' group.

They all began walking towards the address in hopes of finding Issei there.

{[Scene Break]}

At a construction site, not too far away from the park, two figures stood at the roof of a soon-to-be-built building. Upon closer look, it was evident that the two figures were a man and a woman.

Both of them looked to be around their twenties. The woman was walking in small circles while looking at the people that were walking around and in the park. While the woman was walking in circles, the man was just leaning against a railing that was at the edge of the building.

The woman was beautiful with long, straight black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a long but thin purple dress. Around her neck was a blue colored scarf that reached down almost to her feet.

The man on the other hand had a 'bad guy' look. He had short, black, shaggy hair that was covering his left eye, with only his right one visible. He also had brown eyes. He was wearing a red t-shirt with crimson baggy pants. On top of his shirt he was wearing a red jacket that was missing its sleeves.

The woman, which was walking in circles to this point suddenly stopped and turned her head towards the nearby park. She smiled widely.

"Found some." The woman said without even looking at the man. The man's eyes widened as an excited smile crawled up to his face.

"Took you long enough, Medusa!" The man yelled excitedly. He then walked closer towards her and began looking at the same direction the woman was looking. "Where are they? Which ones?"

The woman raised her hand and pointed towards the park entry. This, however, didn't help the man one bit as he still couldn't see who she meant. "Them." The woman said while pointing.

"Who…?" The man muttered to himself only to find out that his question has fallen on deaf ears as he saw that the woman jumped off the building.

The building was, of course, very tall and not very stable. Jumping off the rooftop would instantly kill a person, but the woman that jumped off landed on her two feet with no damage at all as if she never jumped off in the first place.

As the woman landed, she called out at no one. "Hellhound!" She yelled. Just as she said this, a humanoid creature appeared behind her. She turned around.

The creature's body was all black with exception of his shoulders and upper body, which were silver. From its shoulders, hands and hips there were strange pieces of armor that looked like a flame and extended out of its body.

The weirdest thing about this figure however was its face. There were no eyes, ears or mouth present. Instead, its whole face was black. On the creature's head there was a weird helmet that looked exactly like a flame. On the front side of the helmet, a single blue crystal was shining.
(Please search for Hellhound Phantom' if you failed to understand my description of the figure's form.)

"Make the Gates give into despair and give rise to a new Phantom." The woman instructed the creature. She walked closer to the creature as purple aura began engulfing her body. As the purple aura appeared, the woman's body began to change, turning her into something else. As the purple aura died out, the woman's new form was revealed.

Instead of the woman that was speaking with the shadowy creature, now there stood another, sinister figure. It looked like a woman, but not a human one.

The woman standing there had a purple body with a purple trench coat on top of it. On her shoulders, there were shoulder pads that resembled an eagle's beak. The fingers and hands of the woman were covered with gloves that had long nails at the end of every finger. The woman was also wearing high-heel purple boots, reaching all the way up to her knees.

Her face resembled a snake, a cobra to be specific. The upper part of her head looked like a snake's and also had scales like snakes'. The woman's eyes were covered by what looked like a visor that was separating the scales of the upper head from the rest of her head. The lower part of her head was all white with exception of her lips which were in a dark shade of purple. The woman's hair has also changed. Instead of her long straight black hair, she now had snakes. The snakes were coming out of the upper part of her head, just above the visor that was hiding her eyes.
(Please search for Medusa Phantom' if you failed to understand my description of the woman's form.)

"Make them despair so that Wiseman will once again hold the sabbat." The transformed woman said with her voice sounding a lot more sinister now.

"I shall." The shadowy figure (Hellhound) bowed in front of the woman.

The man that was with the woman on the building's roof jumped down as well, landing a couple of meters away from the woman and the shadowy figure, which was known as Hellhound.

As the man jumped down, red aura engulfed his body and just like the woman, his body began changing. Once the red aura died out, the man's new form was revealed. Just like the woman's new form, the man's new form also looked quite humanoid, but it looked nothing like a human.

The man now had a red body that looked like a light armor. The armor (which is basically his body) had silver lines running from the left and right side of his chest, going all the way down to his crotch. His shoulders were covered with enormous golden shoulder pads that had a sharp ending. There was also some armor covering his elbows which had the shape of a spikes going out of his elbows.

The man's face now also looked like a helmet. The front part of it was bright red, with exception of the part that was covering his mouth, which was gray. The upper left and right side of the helmet, which were directly next to the man's eyes, had small extensions that looked like a bird's wings. Finally, on the upper part of his helmet there was another longer extension that looked like a spike. On the back side of his helmet (which is basically his head) the man had a short, solid ponytail. The man's eyes were now blue and were glowing with bright color.
(Please search for 'Phoenix Phantom' if you failed to understand my description of the man's form.)

As the man finished his transformation he turned towards Hellhound. "We're counting on you!" The now-transformed man said.

"I will do my utmost to live up to your expectations." Hellhound said as he bowed his head down in respect.

{[Scene Break]}

Meanwhile, Issei was riding his motorbike through town, looking for Phantoms. He was riding back and forth, double-checking every street for a possible threat. He had no luck so far as there seemed to be a huge lack of Phantoms. Or so he thought.

Garuda, his red eagle flew up to him while he was riding and screeched loudly. Issei immediately stopped the bike and did a 180 degrees turn on his front tire. He turned towards Garuda with his helmet on his head.

"Are you sure, Garuda?" Issei asked the little red eagle. Garuda screeched in response. Issei began riding back to the park that he left not too long ago. A Phantom was rampaging in there apparently.

At the park, the Phantom Hellhound was causing distress and panic to all the people in it. Apparently, when sending him out, his 'bosses' forgot to tell him who to look for, so he did the first thing he thought of – he began attacking everybody and hoped to get lucky.

While he was rampaging back and forth, Hellhound found himself in front of the Donut van from which Issei bought a treat not too long ago. The two salesmen, however, didn't even seem afraid by the Phantom. Instead, they welcomed him with their usual cheerful and happy attitude.
The Phantom's greetings were not the same however.

He grabbed one of the two salesmen by the collar and lifted him up while yelling at him. "Where are the 'Gates'?!" The Phantom, Hellhound, asked furiously.

The other man (The one with the long blonde hair) that was inside the van didn't even attempt to help his friend. It was a regular thing, as it seemed. The man that was being held by the Phantom wasn't even scared after all.

"Calm down, Phantom-chan." The man inside the van called out to the Phantom. "There are no 'Gates' here."

"Don't bullshit me!" The Phantom replied to the blonde haired man inside the van. "I know they're around here somewhere!"

"I assure you, dearie, there are no 'Gates' here." The blonde man assured the Phantom. "And even if there were, you scared them away." The man then pointed towards the now-empty park. "Everyone escaped, okay?"

Just as the Phantom was about to reply, Issei appeared riding his motorcycle towards the phantom. He was riding it on his back tire only, hitting the Phantom with the front one. The Phantom got hit and flew back a couple of meters, dropping the man that he held in the process. Issei then slowed down his bike and stopped after a meter or two. He then got off his bike and turned towards the Phantom that was getting back on his feet.

"Sorry I'm late, Phantom-san." Issei greeted the Phantom. As the Phantom was back on his feet, he looked towards Issei.

"You're the ring-bearing wizard!" Hellhound said.

"Yeah, apparently I'm popular among you guys." Issei said as he put on his red ruby ring that resembled his Wizard helmet on his left middle finger. He then lowered his right hand to the yellow hand-like device on his jeans, activating it with the ring on his right middle finger.

"Driver On; Please!" The belt's automated voice yelled out as his silver belt materialized on his waist. Issei then pushed a lever and changed the position of the hand that was on the silver belt. It changed its position from right to left. The automated voice was heard yet again. "Shabadoobie, Touch To Henshin! Shabadoobie, Touch To Henshin! Shabadoobie, Touch To Henshin!"

"Henshin!" Issei said as he put his left hand (with the ruby ring) over his belt, scanning it.

"Flame; Please!" The belt called out as Issei scanned the ring. A red flaming 'Magic Circle' appeared next to Issei and headed straight towards him. "Hii, Hii! Hii, Hii, Hii!" The belt's chanting was echoing through the park as the red 'Magic Circle' was coming closer and closer to Issei.

While the 'Magic Circle' was moving, flames were flowing out of it as the parts of Issei's body which the 'Magic Circle' already passed over formed the red armour.
(Full description of Issei's armor in Chapter 1.)

With Issei's transformation fully completed, he raised his left hand and took off his trench coat's hood. He raised his head and looked straight towards the Phantom.
(Please search for Kamen Rider Wizard images if you don't know how Issei's armor looks like. Thank you very much.)

"Sa, Showtime da." Issei announced as he took off his hood.

The Phantom pulled out a sword seemingly out of nowhere and lunged himself towards Issei, aiming to hit him. The Phantom slashed towards Issei, but Issei dodged his attack and got behind the Phantom. He kicked him in the back, making it lose its balance momentarily. The Phantom turned around after he regained his balance and attempted to hit Issei again.

Issei ducked under the Phantom's sword and kicked him square into his chest. The Phantom felled on the ground and rolled on his back for a second or two. He then stood up again, using his sword for support. He once again tried to slash Issei, but Issei jumped over his sword coming out behind the Phantom.

The Phantom turned around with the intention to slice Issei with his sword, but Issei blocked his attack and disarmed him quickly. He then kicked the Phantom in the chest again, making him fall back once again.

The Phantom, now getting angrier, created another sword and lunged himself at Issei, aiming for his head. Issei jumped and did a side flip in the air, yet again dodging the attack. Issei landed a couple of meters away from the Phantom and didn't waste a moment as he pulled out a ring from his ring chain and slipped it on his right middle finger.

He flipped the switch on his belt, changing the left hand into right hand again and scanned the ring on his right hand.

"Connect; Please!" The belt said as Issei scanned the ring on his right hand. The red 'Magic Circle' appeared next to Issei again. Issei reached inside and pulled out his silver gun from it. He then spun around, firing rounds of bullets at the Phantom.

The Phantom blocked few of the bullets using his sword, but the rest managed to hit his body and knock him down. The Phantom looked up at Issei and unleashed a barrage of magic rounds towards Issei, which resulted in small explosions around him.

"Down boy!" Issei said at the Phantom as he did his best to dodge the rounds.

He then jumped up and landed on the roof of a nearby building. As he landed, he put a green ring on his left hand. The ring looked identical to the one he used to transform with, but was green. He pressed the switches on his belt again, changing the hand ornament in the middle from a right hand to a left hand. He then put his left hand over the belt and scanned the green ring on his left hand.

"Hurricane; Please!" The belt said. Issei then reached out with his left hand and a green 'Magic Circle' appeared at the edge of the roof of the building he was standing on. He then jumped off it and passed through the 'Magic Circle' which turned the color of his armor from red to green. "Fuu, Fuu, Fuu, Fuu, Fuu, Fuu!"

A green tornado appeared around Issei's body as he was falling, the tornado kept him hovering in the air and prevented him from reaching the ground or falling. Issei then turned his gun into its sword form by pressing a button and flew towards the Phantom using the tornado.

He lunged at him and quickly slashed him before the Phantom could even react. Issei then appeared from the side of the Phantom and slashed him again. Then Issei appeared behind the Phantom, dealing yet another hit. The Phantom couldn't even react as Issei was hovering around, dealing quick blows to him.

This was just the beginning though; Issei began circling around him, slashing him over, and over, and over again until he sent the Phantom flying into the air. While the Phantom was in the air, Issei dealt one last blow, crashing the Phantom into the ground. Issei landed a couple of feet away from him.

The Phantom quickly got back on his feet and let out an angry growl. He quickly ran towards Issei aiming to hit him with his sword. Issei prepared himself and began running towards the Phantom, engaging in a sword fight. The attacked each other simultaneously, but none of them managed to land a hit on the other.

The Phantom spun around, in an attempt to hit Issei from behind, but the green tornado appeared around Issei's body again, lifting him off from the ground and helping him evade the Phantom's attack. As Issei landed he struck the Phantom in the chest which made him take a few stpes back due to the impacts.

Issei then pulled out another ring and slipped it on his right hand's middle finger. This one had a dragon head with another bigger dragon head pictured on it. Issei pressed the switches on his belt and changed the hand ornament's position to right one again. He then scanned the ring on his right hand.

"Big; Please!" The belt said. A green 'Magic Circle' appeared next to Issei's right hand. As Issei reached inside it his hand came out the other side of it. His hand has increased its size at least ten times. Issei then spun around and grabbed the Phantom with his now enormous hand.

"Around you go!" Issei said as he tossed the Phantom into some tall nearby buildings. The Phantom crashed into the buildings which resulted into the falling of a couple of debris. The Phantom the fell off the building and landed into the falling debris.

The Phantom quickly stood up and looked towards Issei. With an angry growl, he let out a cloud of fire from seemingly nowhere which was getting dangerously close to Issei. Issei rolled over to the side to get out of the way of the fire only to notice that the Phantom was now gone.

"Huh?" Issei walked towards the place where the Phantom stood but found nothing. He has vanished. He then looked towards the fire only to see that there was no trace of it. "He got away." After Issei said this his armor dissolved in a shower of green crystals. His armor disappeared and Issei slipped the green ring of his left middle finger.

Issei ran towards the purple donuts-selling van to check on the two men. "Are you guys alright?"

"Yes, it's all good." The man that was held by the Phantom (Hellhound) said. "Not the first Phantom attack, it's all good."

"Good, I'm glad you're okay." Issei replied.

"Would you like some donuts as a gratitude, Issei-kun?" The blonde-haired man asked.

"Just give me one plain sugar." Issei answered. "And charge me for it, I did what I had to do."

"Okay, you've got it~." The man said as he handed Issei his plain sugar.

"Thank you." Issei said as he handed him the money. "I'll see you guys later." Issei said as he walked off with his donut.

"See you later, Issei-kun!" Both men said at the same time.

As Issei reached the place where he parked his bike, he began thinking about the Phantom attack that just happened. "There were no people in the park…" Issei said to himself as he rubbed his chin. "Why would he stay here if there were no people… Didn't he know where the Gates are?" Issei kept on wondering, but after a minute or two of doing so, he decided that it would be better to just go and look around for him.

He got on his bike and drove off in search of the Phantom.

{[Scene Break]}

Rias, Akeno, Koneko and Rias were already at the edge of Kuoh town in front of the Pawn shop's door. In an attempt to find 'Kamen Rider Wizard' there, Rias and the rest travelled around half an hour and finally found the exact address.

As they stood in front of the door, Rias took a deep breath and opened the door to the Pawn shop. "Hello." Rias said as she and the rest entered the shop and closed the door behind them. As Rias and the rest entered, they began looking around the Pawn shop. There were lots of antiques and old items, all of them in perfect condition.

"Welcome." Said Wajima as he stood up from his chair to greet the just-entered customers. "How may I help you?"

Rias took a look at the man in front of them, examining him. He was a middle-aged man with short black/brown hair and brown eyes. His face was all wrinkled up from his age. He was wearing a white shirt under a multicolored vest. He was wearing black pants with brown dress shoes. Without staring at him for too long, Rias answered the man's question.

"We are searching for a person named Hyoudou Issei." Rias replied. "We were told that he lives here."

"Are you friends of his?" Wajima asked them. "He didn't tell me that somebody would look for him."

"Ehm, yes, yes we are." Rias replied. "But we do know each other. We'd like to talk with him if possible."

"He's not here right now." Wajima said. "Should I tell him that you were looking for him?"

Just as Rias was about to answer, however; a blonde girl came down the stairs that were leading to the second floor of the Pawn shop. "Wajima-san, I'm ready with-" The blonde girl then looked towards Rias and the rest and stopped right at the spot where she was. Rias and the rest looked towards the blonde girl, inspecting her.

The girl in question was short, with green eyes and long blonde hair, flowing all the way down to her back. She was dressed in a short white dress and white boots with some black straps in X-pattern.

"Oh, right." Wajima said to the girl in question. "Thank you, Asia."

The blonde girl, Asia, was currently staring at the group of four that just came in through the door.

The first person was a girl with long crimson hair and blue eyes with a buxom body. (Rias) She was wearing a uniform, consisting of a white long button-down shirt with black vertical linings, black ribbon on the collar, black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a magenta skirt with white accents.

The second person was a girl with long black hair, tied into a long pony tail which was almost reaching the ground. She had violet eyes and buxom body, just like the crimson-haired girl, with the exception of her chest which was a bit bigger than the crimson-haired girl's. She was wearing the same uniform. (Akeno)

The third person was a short, cute girl with a short white hair, that reached a little below her shoulders. Her hair also had two long bangs going in front of her face. She had a petite body and big hazel eyes. She was wearing the same uniform, but without the shoulder cape. (Koneko)

The fourth person was a tall, handsome blonde boy with blue eyes. His uniform consisted of a black blazer with white outlines, white dress shirt with black highlights, black dress pants and brown dress shoes. (Kiba)

Asia kept on inspecting them until she realized that she have been inspecting them for too long. Not wanting to be rude, she stopped with this activity and, instead, welcomed them into the Pawn shop.

"I-I'm sorry for the late greetings. Welcome!" Asia greeted them as she bowed her head down. "How may we help you today?"

"As we were explaining, we're searching for a person called Issei Hyoudou." Rias replied.

"Ah, I see." The blonde girl replied. "Well, Issei-san is currently not home."

"I see." Rias sighed. "Do you have any idea when will he return?"

"No, I'm sorry." Asia replied with a shake of her head.

Wajima decided to step in the conversation. "If you don't mind me asking, what are you searching Issei for?"

"I'm pretty sure you're aware of his powers and abilities, you are his family after all." Rias replied. "We're… Interested in his magic and him being a 'Kamen Rider'."

Wajima and Asia didn't respond. They were at loss of words currently. Whenever Issei saved a Gate, they usually parted ways and didn't see each other again. But these people… These people wanted to learn the secret about Issei. Wajima and Asia have never seen such a thing.

"W-Why would you be interested in that?" Wajima asked them. "Th-The power of his is unknown. Y-You should know that it's best if we stay far away from the unknown."

"It is unknown to most people, yes." Rias replied. "But, you see, we ourselves are pretty familiar with it. I won't go too much into detail on that however."

"So you do know that magic is real?" Wajima asked Rias.

"Indeed." Rias replied. "But we're interested in the one that Hyoudou Issei uses. We've never seen magic from such a type."

"Type?" Wajima asked curiously. "Please explain."

"It's pretty simple, really." Rias began. "The entities he fought… They were only harmed from his magic. We attempted to use our own magic, but to no avail. He somehow used some sort of magic that worked on them. We'd like to learn more about it." Wajima frowned.

"Please take my advice right now – Do not go too deep into this." Wajima said. "You will regret it, believe me."

"Please, understand us. We simply wish to learn more about it. That's all." The blonde boy (Kiba) said from behind Rias and Akeno.

"No matter how dangerous, I want to know about it." Rias said. "I want to learn about it and use it against these creatures, roaming around in my territory."

"I ask you to reconsider." Wajima said. "This power really is-"

"I understand that is dangerous, but we're desperate for it right now." Rias replied. The next sentence that came out of her mouth however, surprised even her. "Hyoudou Issei is lucky to be able to use such kind of magic." As she heard this, the blonde girl gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. Rias, hearing this come out of her mouth, took a step back in regret of her poor choice of words.

After a brief silence, the blonde girl spoke up. "Please, don't ever say that to Issei-san."

"Excuse me?" Rias asked the blonde girl quietly.

"Issei-san and I…" The blonde girl began. "We were Gates. It was six months ago, on the day of that eclipse. We were kidnapped…" While telling her story to Rias, the memories began playing in the blonde girl's head.

{[Scene Break]}

{[Flashback Start]}

On a remote island, not too far away from Japan, multiple people were looking up at the beautiful blue sky while a solar eclipse was occurring. The moon was currently moving, working its way to block the Sun's rays of light and warmth.

The time came. The moon was blocking the sun completely. It was a beautiful full sonar eclipse. Although a rarely seen, but beautiful phenomenon, this certain phenomenon would turn out to be a massacre, involving almost all of the people on the remote island.

As the moon was blocking the Sun's rays, the ground beneath the people suddenly began shaking and cracking violently. Glowing red cracks appeared all over the island's surface, right below the people's feet. As the cracks appeared, all the people suddenly began screaming in pain, as their bodies began to break with purple glowing cracks appearing all over their bodies.

"We were used in a ritual to create more Phantoms." The blonde girl said while all the memories were playing in her head. "Many innocent people were forced into despair. They were killed by the creation of their Phantoms."

Among the people on the island was Issei Hyoudou. He was looking at the solar eclipse expectantly, waiting to see this spectacular phenomenon. As the Sun was hid behind the moon however, Issei's eyes began glowing as purple cracks appeared all over his body. He fell on his knees as purple, transparent dragon wings appeared from his back.

The pain Issei was going through was hellish. He didn't want to die however. He didn't want to lose hope. "I…" He muttered to himself. He then raised his head to look towards the solar eclipse, raising his hand towards it. "I…!" He muttered louder this time. The pain was getting almost unbearable.

Issei clenched his arm into a fist, still staring at the eclipse. He still had hope, didn't he? He never lost it. He knew it. He wasn't going to give in to the despair. Something miraculous happened then.

The purple cracks on Issei's body, all of them, began glowing in bright yellow color. His whole body began glowing in the same blinding yellow light.

"But Issei-san was able to force down his Phantom back inside." The blonde haired girl explained while the memories were still playing in her head.

The light radiating from Issei's body was getting brighter and brighter. The light soon engulfed the whole island. The blinding light didn't allow anybody to see what exactly is going on. All the newborn Phantoms hid from the light, terrified of its energy.

Eventually, the light died out. The eclipse ended and the blue light sky returned as the sun glowed over the remote island. Issei found himself laying on the ground. His jacket was ripped off at several places and had burns all over it.

Issei tried to stand up from the ground, only to find out that his body felt weak. When he heard a sound behind him however, his instincts took over. Tiredness or his body's weakness were not factors slowing him down now. He immediately got on his feet and looked behind him, only to see… A monster.

It was very human-like, but it was not human. In that, Issei was certain. The monster had green body, covered in scales. On its wrists and ankles there was a light silver armor. Its head had only one, big orange eye. On each side and the top of its head there were horns, which were making the monster look much more threatening.

The monster stared at Issei for a bit. Then it clenched its fist and jumped towards Issei, hand prepared to punch him. Issei immediately covered his face with his hands, attempting to protect himself from the monster's punch.

Just as the monster was about to punch Issei, a red, flaming 'Magic Circle' appeared before Issei, guarding him from the monster. The monster was pushed back to the ground with smoke coming out of its body as if it was just burned.

The monster growled once and then ran off. Issei stared at it with his mouth slightly open in shock. What was this? Why did it look like this? Was it there because of the eclipse? Issei had lots of questions in his head. He was confused and scared. He was left alone on a remote island. Who knew if there were any more monsters nearby? What if they tried to attack him as well?

"You held on to hope in the face of despair and survived." A voice was suddenly heard from behind Issei. He quickly turned around towards the source of the voice and was met with an unusual sight.

There was a man, dressed in a long, white, hooded trench coat, complete with a white full body suit and white boots. The person's hands were covered with black gloves. On his wrists and ankles there were black bands.

The shoulders of the person in question were clad in a white armor with golden outlines. On the person's waist was a silver belt with a hand in the middle of it, which had a silver buckle around a hand ornament with red outlines. (Basically, similar to Issei's, but with red outlines.) On either side of his chest he had chains that had lots of rings on them. The person also wore a helmet.

The helmet was in oval shape, representing a human head and had a silver line around it. On the either sides of the helmet, there were silver lines that were passing through the front part of the helmet, forming two trapezoid forms, indicating where the eyes of the person wearing it were. The front side of the helmet looked like as if made of topaz.

The trench coat's hood was covering the upper part of the helmet, forming a weird shape at the top of the masked person's head. It looked like as if the hood was a part of the helmet and it couldn't be taken down.

The masked man was also carrying a girl in his hands. The girl had long blonde hair and wore a simple white dress. The girl seemed to be asleep in the man's hand as she made no movement whatsoever.

The man began walking towards Issei with the girl still in his hands. As he got close enough to Issei, he handed him the girl and Issei gently took her into his hands, being careful not to wake her up. Issei then kneeled down on the ground with the girl still in his hands and looked towards the masked man.

"You have gained the potential to become a Wizard." The man said to Issei.

"A wizard?" Issei asked him. "What do you mean with this?"

The man didn't answer. He simply made a movement with his hand, opening up an orange 'Magic Circle' next to him and pulling out a silver buckle out of it. The buckle had the same ornament on the belt that he had, but with yellow outlines instead of red ones. He threw the buckle at Issei and Issei caught it.

"It's the only way to fight the Phantoms." The man explained. Issei looked at the buckle, and then back at the man, only to see the man holding out his hand towards Issei. He had two rings in his hand – one red and one gray. Both of them looked like a helmet similar and yet different to the helmet that the masked man had.

Issei reached out with his hand and took the rings from the man.

{[Flashback End]}

{[Scene Break]}

"Only Issei-san and I survived." The blonde girl said as the memories stopped playing in her head. "I lost my memory from before that day and Issei-san became a Wizard. He vowed to never let anyone be sacrificed to the Phantoms ever again. That's why he puts his life on the line. That's why… Please never say this in front of Issei-san."

Rias and the rest stared at the blonde girl with shocked expressions. The tragedy mentioned in Issei's file was not the only thing he had to go through… Issei has suffered a lot, but from his suffering came hope. Hope for humanity. Hope for everyone. Rias now realized this. So, after she realized it, she did the one thig she thought it would be appropriate:

"I'm sorry." Rias apologized. "I didn't know what Hyoudou Issei went through. I apologize for my words."

The blonde girl didn't respond. She just nodded with a sad smile. She then looked at Rias' right hand and saw an 'Engage' ring on her middle finger. She knew who put it on her and she knew why. Rias was a Gate and Issei destroyed her Phantom, the being inside of her that would tear her apart once she lose hope. Probably that's also the reason why was Rias searching for Issei. To thank him? To ask him about the situation they were put in? The blonde girl didn't know.

Rias noticed that the girl was staring at her right hand. Curious, she looked at her right hand and noticed the ring that Issei put on her. Why was she still wearing it? Did she just simply forget to remove it? Rias didn't know. However, seeing it on her hand gave her a feeling of comfort and safety. As if she would be safe from any danger for as long as she wore it.

While staring at the ring, Rias and the rest heard a loud noise from outside the Pawn Shop. It sounded much like a motorcycle steering and parking nearby the Pawn Shop's entrance. Then they heard footsteps and a light voice coming from outside.

The person then opened the door, keeping up with his monologue as he entered. "…can't believe a Phantom would just disappear without a trace…" The person said, finishing his monologue as he entered the Pawn Shop. Rias and the rest turned towards the person in question.

The person was a boy, which had a white/gray hair and red-coloured eyes. The front half of his hair fell on the upper part of his face, forming a couple spiky bangs. The other half was a little longer and it pointed backwards. The hair's ends were spiky as well. He was dressed in a simple paired of blue jeans, red T-shirt and black jacket with hood.

Rias and her group's eyes widened in recognition. The boy that just entered the Pawn Shop was Issei. Hyoudou Issei, 'Kamen Rider Wizard'.

Issei took two steps forward closing the door behind him and looking up, noticing the group of people standing in the Pawn Shop.

"Ah, welcome back, Issei." Wajima greeted Issei.

"Welcome back, Issei-san." The blonde girl greeted him.

"Ah, hey there Wajima-san, Asia." Issei greeted Wajima and the blonde girl, whose name was revealed to be Asia, back. Issei then took a look at Rias and her group of people. Issei stared at them for a couple of seconds until realization finally hit him. "You guys!" Issei almost yelled at Rias and the rest.

"Do you know them?" Wajima asked Issei. "They came a couple of minutes ago asking to meet you."

"I don't really know them, I met them yesterday." Issei replied. "A Phantom was attacking them and trying to force them into despair."

"Excuse me, miss." The blonde girl, Asia, called out to Rias. "You were a Gate, right?" Rias didn't hesitate to reply.

"I don't know what a Gate is, but the monster from yesterday called me one." Rias replied.

"Due to Hyoudou Issei's efforts, however she is no longer a Gate." Akeno said and turned towards Issei. "At least that's what he told us."

"I'm really confused right now…" Issei said as he scratched the back of his head. "What were you searching me for?"

"We would like to get some information from you." Rias explained simply. "It's the first time we've ever heard of 'Kamen Riders' and 'Phantoms', so we hoped that you could shed some light on that situation."

"You came all the way here just for that?" Issei asked amused. "You do realize that you could have just checked the Internet for that sort of thing, right?"

Hearing this, Rias and the rest of her group looked at each other for a brief moment and then facepalmed themselves, amused by their own stupidity. Rias and Akeno checked all the books they had, asked around important people, even went as far as getting Rias' best friend – Sona, into this… They have forgotten something far more superior though… The Internet.

"You… You're not for real right?" Issei asked as he facepalmed himself as well. "Y-You gotta be joking…" With a long sigh, Issei removed his hand from his face and looked at Rias and her group again.

"Okay, I'm sure it was a long trip to here…" Issei began. "It'd be a shame just making you go back for nothing… Take seats around and make yourself comfortable. It's quite a long story…" Issei said as he went and took a seat on one of the couches, laying across a small wooden table. He then turned towards the blonde girl, Asia.

"Asia, will you make tea for us, please?" Issei asked her kindly.

"Of course, Issei-san." Asia nodded. Before she could go to the kitchen however, Akeno stopped her.

"Let me help you." Akeno said as she went to Asia and they both began walking towards the kitchen.

"While we wait, please take a seat." Issei said to Rias and the remaining of her group. Rias nodded and went to sit on the couch with the short white-haired girl (Koneko) and the tall blonde boy (Kiba) standing behind the couch. Issei thought it was a bit weird but didn't question it.

While waiting for Akeno and Asia to return, questions were circling through Rias' head. She was curious. She was confused. She wanted answers. Who exactly was Issei? What exactly was Issei? Why was his magic hurting the Phantoms, but Rias' not. What were Phantoms? Who created them? For what purpose? This was just a small part of the questions, circling around Rias' mind.

Sitting on the couch and staring at Issei, Rias had many thoughts in her head. She aslo had many questions and she was desperate to hear them answered.

'Just who are you, Hyoudou Issei?' Rias asked herself.

{[Scene End]}

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