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(Last Time)

Rossweisse opened her mouth to object, before she closed it as she found she couldn't really refute that statement.

"So how about it, do you fancy a Sacred Gear?" Harry asked with a large smile as he saw the Valkyrie's reaction.

"B-but… why would you offer to give me one?" Rossweisse said in confusion.

Harry grinned at her as he heard that. "Because I like you of course."

Rossweisse's face took on a sudden scarlet hue, as she began to stutter in coherently.

"So is that a yes or a no?" Harry said as he idly began tossing Sword Birth from hand to hand.

"I… that is… if you think me worthy…." Rossweisse said, struggling to speak as she fought down her rising embarrassment.

"Of course I do." Harry replied with a winning smile, as he took a step forward and brought Sword Birth to rest on Rossweisse's chest.

"W-what h-happens now?" Rossweisse asked her face still red as she saw where Harry's hand was.

"Oh it is quite simple, I now just bind it to your soul and then it is yours, you just need to learn how to use it." Harry replied, before with another smile to the pink faced Rossweisse, he pushed Sword Birth into her chest. Her entire body glowing as Harry's magic quickly began the work of binding Sword Birth to Rossweisse's soul.

Rossweisse's eyes also started to glow as she felt unfamiliar power rushing through her veins.

"And done." Harry said a few minutes later, catching Rossweisse as she passed out.

Looking around the street and seeing that the only one present was the still unconscious Kiba, Harry shrugged once more before he vanished in a flash of golden light. Transporting both himself and Rossweisse back to Heaven, so he could put her in bed. After which he would need to come back to Kuoh, after all he had to meet up with the others so he could give his son Kokabiel a good spanking.

( - )

Chapter 12

( - )

(In Kuoh)

It was later that evening and both Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri, along with both of their respective Peerages were waiting at the gates of Kuoh Academy for the Church representatives to arrive.

"Where are they?" Sona asked irritably, breaking the silence that had fallen over the group of assembled Devils, as she looked down at her watch before once again scanning the surrounding street. They had waiting here, in front of the locked school gates for nearly twenty minutes now and yet there was still no sign of Harry Black and the Exorcists, the Church Representatives that were supposed to be joining them tonight.

Suffice to say Sona was a bit pissed off, she was meticulous when it came to both her life and her duties as one of the administrators of Kuoh, as she such she made sure that she was always exactly on time. After all when you say you are going to meet someone at a certain time then it is expected that you do so, just as it is expected that others do so as well, it was called manners. Yet here she was impatiently waiting for Harry and his associates to arrive.

Looking back at the group with her Sona's violet eyed gaze swept over them, her Peerage was fully turned out all of them wearing the finely made lightweight armour she had had made for them. With those who used weapons having their weapons on them ready for immediate use. Whilst those who relied on their magic had a number of vials of restorative potion she had had ordered to her house from the Underworld earlier today for this very mission. They were completely prepared for the task ahead, ready to leap into action at her word.

Making eye contact with Tsubaki the Queen of her Peerage, Sona gave her a nod, acknowledging the effort she had gone to making sure the rest of the Peerage was fully turned out and prepared for what was to come. Tsubaki seeing the gesture gave Sona a nod and a slight smile in return, this in turn caused Sona to smile slightly, pushing away her impatience with the Church delegation for just a moment. She truly was proud of the Peerage she had assembled.

Looking away from her Peerage Sona instead looked over at Rias and hers, a slight frown coming to her face when she once again noticed someone missing from the group. Issei was present, the little pervert could be seen impatiently shifting from foot to foot as he waited, occasionally trying to engage one of his fellow Peerage members in idle chatter. Akeno was also present, Rias's Queen was halfheartedly trying to tease the calm and emotionless Koneko, who was Rias's Rook and was stood just off to the side from the others her eyes scanning her surroundings as if she was looking for someone. Rias herself was stood just in front of the rest of her group, a look of concern on her face as she too looked around her surroundings. There was an air of heightened tension and concern coming from the Gremory group, and had been since they had first arrived around ten minutes ago.

Kiba Yuuto, Rias's Knight was the one who was missing, the boy had apparently disobeyed his King and had gone out alone. Since then though they had not seen or heard anything from him. Both Rias and Sona had tried to find him using their magic and Rias had sent her bat familiar to search the town for him. Unfortunately though they had found nothing of him and had been unable to contact him, they did know he was still alive though. He was after all Rias's Knight and as such the Gremory Heiress had a connection to him which allowed her to know whether he was living or dead, which was probably the only thing that was stopping Rias from leading her Peerage into the town right now to search for him.

Still though Rias was clearly concerned and Sona wasn't surprised, if it had been one of her pieces she would have been just as worried. Fortunately though she had managed to talk Rias out of leading her Peerage into the town alone to search for her errant Knight. The threat from Kokabiel was too great, as was the threat of a madman wielding a Holy Sword. It was best that they stick together and deal with this on mass.

Looking down at her watch once again Sona's lip curled upwards in annoyance as she noticed that Harry was now twenty three minutes late, she was really starting to get pissed off. "Where is he?!"

"Hey Sona!" A voice called out in response, instantly getting the attention of all the Devil's present.

"Harry…" Sona replied irritably as she watched him approach, a cheerful expression clearly present on his face. "You're late!"

Harry casually walked towards the group of assembled Devils, a pleasant smile on his face as he ignored the irritation in Sona's tone. He had decided to change up his kit from before, replacing his priestly robes with a more appropriate set of heavenly, rune enhanced garment. Including a pair of black, dragon hide combat trousers, a red dragon hide cuirass, as well as a set of intricately carved, angelic steel pauldrons, gauntlets and greaves, with a large, heavy, white coat worn comfortably over the top.

It was a bit of a change but Harry was trying something new. In the days of old, when Harry had been at the height of his power he had gone into battle wearing an intricately crafted set of golden armour, forged from the heart of a dying star, suffice to say it had been badass. But times had changed and he thought wearing godly battle armour would not be fitting in with the twenty first century, or at least not for a skirmish like this. This was why he was going to try out a new look, plus since his elder brother mostly took the form of a red dragon, like the cuirass he was wearing and his elder sister took the form of a black dragon, like the black dragon hide he was using to cover his crotch. It was kind of a very passive aggressive middle finger to his arseholes siblings.

Walking behind Harry was both Xenovia and Irina, the two Exorcists were still wearing their skin tight battle outfits and heavy white cloaks. He had offered them an upgrade of their kit but Xenovia had refused him for the both of them, it seems the blue haired Exorcist didn't quite trust him. Walking next to Harry was Raynare, who had insisted on coming with him, both to redeem herself for her past connections with Kokabiel and also to guard Harry's back since Rossweisse was still recovering from Harry's implantation of a Sacred Gear.

Unlike Harry, Raynare had decided to don a set of finely crafted angelic armour, made up of golden, rune enhanced plate armour for the chest, shoulder, arms and legs and silver scale mail for the rest. As she followed alongside Harry, she proudly displayed the three pairs of solid grey wings she now bore, a clearly sign of her redemption and of her growth she had gone through since her father had first taken her under his wing.

"Yes and you're sexy." Harry replied to Sona's comment, a crooked grin on his face as he noticed that she herself had dressed up for the occasion, replacing her rather fetching school uniform with a set of tailor made light armour from the Underworld, the same outfit she had dressed her minions in to it seemed.

Sona let out an impatient huffing sound at that. "You're not funny, now hurry up. You are already late and the sooner we start hunting down Freed and Kokabiel the better!"

"Mind your tongue Devil!" Raynare suddenly snapped out, making Issei noticeably flinch as he heard the tone of her voice, it seems the boy still hadn't gotten over the fact that she had killed him. The rest of the group reacted better, though a few of them did raise an eyebrow in surprise at the vehemence in which she fiercely came to Harry's defense.

In contrast to the others Harry did not look too bothered, as he simply reached out and put a reassuring hand on Raynare's shoulder, giving her a smile a she did so, which only made her face burn a bright red as she looked away. He thought it was sweet that she was so protective of him, but sometimes she was just a bit overprotective, especially when it came to dealing with the Devils.

Looking away from his daughter Harry instead gave Sona another smile before saying. "Sorry about that Sona, we would have turned up earlier but we were held up. I like the outfit though… very nice. Not sure about yours though Rias, don't get me wrong you still look pretty damn sexy, I just think it might have been better to wear something a bit more durable than a school uniform when going into a fight."

Rias frowned as she heard that, glancing around at her Peerage she noticed that they were all still in their school uniforms. She hadn't really thought about it before, but now she looked at the others and how prepared they were for what was to come, it did seem a bit odd for her and her Peerage to be going into a life and death situation just wearing their school uniform instead of armour or something more protective.

"Something to consider for next time." Rias acknowledged as she gave him an amiable nod.

Sona however once again ignored Harry's comments as she instead focused on the other thing he had said. "What do you mean you were held up?"

"Oh right yeah." Harry said absentmindedly before he stuck his hands in his pocket and pulled out an unconscious mouse…

"Sorry just need to do a spot of human transfiguration…" Harry replied as he whipped out a long thin wand before flicking it at the mouse, transforming the tiny creature into the unconscious Kiba. He could have done so wandlessly of course, but at the moment he was still cautious about revealing too much until he had a clear idea of what he wanted to do, and using his wand for a spot of human/Devil transfiguration was easier to explain away than some of his other tricks.

At the moment he was tempted to wait until the upcoming Peace Summit in a few weeks, a Peace Summit he was preparing to extend to include more than just the Abrahamic Factions. He was planning on revealing himself so he could make more of an impact, but at the same time he was also considering that an earlier reveal which could be more favourable in terms of building peace and not putting the Devils on their guard. Either way he knew he would have to reveal himself soon, as the sooner he showed the world he was alive the quicker he could establish peace and ward off the encroaching pagan religions.

"Kiba!" Rias shouted out her eyes wide as she rushed over to the unconscious Kiba, her Peerage following closely behind her. Ignoring Harry for the moment Rias quickly pulled Kiba's head onto her lap, her fingers at his neck as she felt for a pulse. He was still alive and didn't seem to be badly hurt, but still there was something wrong with him, something about him felt slightly different, diminished somehow. The instant she made contact with him she could tell that much, something in Kiba had changed, and it felt wrong.

"He's fine, a bit beaten up and exhausted but otherwise ok." Harry said as he glanced down at Rias, surprised by the amount of care she was showing for one of her Evil Pieces. "I would have tried to heal him, but I don't think holy magic and unholy being would mix well. Trying to heal him with holy magic would probably have made him explode or something."

"What happened to him?" Rias demanded her eyes snapping up to look at Harry, relieved that he was alive, but concerned over the condition he was in.

"Not entirely sure, when we found him he muttered something about sword and freed. Which sounds a bit saucy if you ask me, but which probably makes me think he had a run in with Freed Sellzen. Luckily though he is alive, even if he is a bit beaten up." Harry replied with a shrug, before he looked up to find Sona giving him a hard look. "Problem Sona?"

"You're a wizard Harry…" Sona said her eyes narrowed.

"I'm a what?" Harry replied his lips quirking upwards as he did so. "B-but I'm just Harry…"

"I am being serious, why did you not tell us you were from the magical society, the British one I am guessing?" Sona said with narrowed eyes. The wand wielding wizards and witches were a prickly bunch, there were barely four hundred thousand of them worldwide, and they mainly keeping to themselves. Hiding their entire society behind their wards. It wasn't often you came across one, but when you did they were more often than not dismissive to any other nonhuman being, including Devils.

More than a few Devils had attempted to recruit one of the wand wizards or witches into their Peerages over the years, after all their magic was powerful and versatile and they would make a perfect Bishops piece. Unfortunately though their society was a lot more organized and militant than the Youkai one for example. Any attempt at recruiting a member of their race as a Devil had ended with a team from the ICW, the International Confederation of Wizards, basically the magical version of the UN, being sent out to recover the wizard or witch and terminate the Devil. They had probably only been able to get away with this, because the Devil was in the wrong for poaching one of their kind and the magicals had somehow managed to gain the protection of both the Asgardians and Greco-Roman Pantheons, which made dealing with them quite tricky.

That Harry Black was one of them, and that he was affiliated with the Church was a surprise. The wand wizards more often than not tried to stay out of anything that did not directly concern them, and hated to change the status quo. So basically they were a xenophobic, isolationist society of bad tempered magicals who were mainly based around Europe.

"Well I didn't tell you what I had for breakfast this morning, nor did I tell you what kind of underwear I am wearing today. Mainly because it does not concern you and we were not allied by a common goal at the time." Harry replied with a shrug. "Plus I didn't think it would be a big deal, I mean you already know I can use magic, is it really that much of a surprise that I am a wizard and can use more than one type of magic?"

Before Sona could reply they were distracted by Rias looking up at them. "He isn't waking up?!"

"Just nip back to your mansion and leave him there, he will be protected by your wards. The kid probably just needs to recover." Harry replied with a dismissive shrug before he turned back to Sona. "So do you want to get on with hunting down the Excalibur Fragments and stopping Kokabiel?"

Sona narrowed her eyes as she heard. "We'll talk about your being a wizard later."

"Do what you want." Harry responded nonchalantly before he glanced back at Irina and Xenovia. "You two ready?"

Xenovia nodded her head firmly. "The sooner we start the sooner we can finish."

"Yeah it would be good to get this over with, I really need a bath." Irina added in as she stretched, displaying her prominent chest to those around her.

"Well you heard them, let's get on with it." Harry said with a smile as he turned back to Sona.

"Fine." Sona said with a nod, before she looked over at Rias. "Rias why don't you have Akeno take Kiba back to your mansion to rest, then we can come up with a plan and get on with the task ahead."

Rias nodded as she heard that, looking over to Akeno who nodded, her mouth set in a firm line as she carefully picked up Kiba's unconscious body. "I will put him in the master bed and return as soon as I can."

"We'll wait for you before we set off." Rias replied before she stood up, watching as Akeno used a magical circle to teleport herself and Kiba back to Rias's mansion. A few seconds later she turned to look at the others, a firm and grim expression on her face. "Let's hunt these bastards down!"

( - )

(A Half Hour Later)

It didn't take long for them to reach their intended destination, the plan they had come up with was quite a simple one. Harry, Raynare and the Church members would lead the way, with Irina and Xenovia wielding Holy Swords, and Raynare and Harry being able to wield light magic it made sense for them to lead the way, especially since the enemies they'd be facing would be Fallen Angels or would be wielding an assortment of light based weaponry, and would have the fragments of Excalibur as well.

Rias and her Peerage would be acting in support of Harry's group. They would stay back for the most part, shielding the Church group from long ranged attacks and acting as reinforcements. Their job along with Harry's group was to draw the enemies attention to them, leaving them open for Sona and her Peerage to flank them or ambush. The plan was simple but that was because they were unsure of the enemies full strength, as such they kept the plan simple incase issues arose and it needed to suddenly change. Fallen Angels could after all create portals, so it was unknown how many of them could be lying in wait.

Harry for the most part just went along with what they said, after all he knew if he cut loose he would be able to crush Kokabiel and his minions if he wanted too. But at the moment he was not set on that yet, it had been many centuries since he had last seen his son, Kokabiel, and he was not quite certain he could not be redeemed. After all Raynare had shown herself worthy of redemption, and until he saw his son and looked into his eyes and saw his soul he would be unsure whether Kokabiel was also worthy.

The group continued to quietly make their way through the empty streets of Kuoh, Harry was in the lead with Raynare following just behind him. Both Xenovia and Irina had taken up positions on the left and right of him, their blades drawn and their eyes narrowed as they constantly surveyed their surroundings looking for even the slightest hint of a threat.

Rias and her group were a bit less cautious as they followed along quietly behind them, only Koneko and Akeno bothering to check their surroundings as they continued on after the Church group. Rias didn't bother as she knew her Peerage would and so didn't see the need to, instead she focused on the bubbling anger within her as she mentally prepared for the upcoming conflict. Issei didn't as he was the most inexperienced of the group and didn't know any better, thankfully though he had grasped the mood of the group and stayed mostly silent.

The combined Devil and Church group soon found themselves approaching a large structure which loomed out of the gloom before them. It was an imposing gothic cathedral, with large spires protruding from the top like spears pointing to the heavens. The cathedrals large windows were made of stained glass, each one depicting a scene from the bible.

Looking at the scenes as he approached, Harry frowned, some of the things on the windows did happen even if they were heavily embellished, some of them though did not. The bible like with all thing created by humanity was flawed, it missed out some of his philosophy and misconstrued others, the words within it could also be interpreted in many different ways, some priests and worshippers saw what was written within as absolute law, completely infallible and something which must always be adhered to. Harry however saw them as a more as guideline, the book basically said; ok here are some ways you can be a decent person, here are some things you should avoid doing unless you want to be a dick, and here are some things that are simply commonsense, such as killing your neighbor is wrong, or the fact that fornicating with an animal wasn't the best idea….

Pushing those thoughts away for now Harry instead focused in on the condition of the cathedral, like the church he was now 'watching over', this building was also abandoned, it having lost funding and the former Church men having been driven out when the Devils first colonized Kuoh a few years back. It was already showing the effects of the years of neglect, already a few of the windows were broken, and the walls had graffiti on them. Seeing the sad condition of the building, Harry decided he would drag over some spare priests and have them take over the running of the cathedral, he was even willing to use a bit of his magic to clean it up a bit. It was a shame for such a nice building to be abandoned and become derelict, especially in a town so rife with Devil activity.

"This place looks abandoned," Issei spoke up, stating the obvious as the group drew closer. Now that they were this close to their destination Issei decided he might as well get ready, raising his arm Issei called on his Sacred Gear, the Boosted Gear. A she called on his Sacred Gear, a red gauntlet appeared around his arm, the green gem on the construct glowing a very faint green as it quietly said "Boost".

Issei frowned as he heard that looking down critically at his Sacred Gear and noticing that the green gem was glowing even fainter than the last time he had called on it. Scowling he gave his arm a shake, rapping his fingers on the gem causing it to briefly flicker a bit brighter before once again fading to a faint glow.

"That's because it is abandoned," Irina suddenly spoke up, oblivious of Issei's actions as she instead looked sadly at the large cathedral in front of her, "Or it should be. This was once a place of worship that had many followers of Catholicism coming here for sermons. I used to come here with my parents back when we still lived in Kuoh."

"That's right," Issei said as he decided to ignore his faulty Sacred Gear for now, instead looking over at his old childhood friend, "Isn't your old man a priest or something? I think I remember him inviting me to church once or twice when we were kids, before you moved away."

"That's right," Irina nodded briefly glancing at Issei before looking away.

"My father held sermons here. We would always come to church on Thursdays and Sundays to hold services. Dad wanted to invite you, and then he found out about your fascination with breasts and decided to stop asking." Irina continued on a look of faint distaste on her face as she spoke of Issei's quite frankly over the top and creepy obsession, it was a shame really that the kind, if somewhat dense boy she had grown up with had become such a lecher. She had little doubt Issei would have ended up in prison or on some sex offenders list in later life had he not been taken under Rias Gremory's wing and protection.

"Anyway…." Harry said as he first glanced over at Irina, before he sent a curious look at Issei, quite unnerved that Irina's comment hadn't bothered him, instead it had prompted him to go on a rant about how much he like breasts. Maybe Harry should smite Issei as a warm up?

"Are you sure it's safe to go in?" Akeno asked, sending Harry an amused look as if she knew he was pondering over whether or not to punish the perv. She would of course let him to an extent, after all Issei needed to grow up a bit and getting his arse kicked would help that process along, as long as no permanent damage was done.

Irina oblivious to all of this merely shrugged in response. "It should be. This cathedral had started to lose its appeal before my parents and I moved, I think it shut down properly a few years. I remember my dad coming back to Kuoh a few years ago and helping them remove all of the symbols of worship so they could be distributed to other churches. There shouldn't be any left, so Devils should have nothing to worry about entering."

"And I am sure the closure of the cathedral had nothing to do with the sudden increase in Devils in the area…." Harry said his voice layered with sarcasm.

"I am sure that was just a coincidence." Akeno replied cheerfully, avoiding looking at the dry expression that had spread across Harry's face.

"Well anyway," Rias spoke up before she took a deep breath calming her racing heart, before she gestured for Harry to go on. "Let's get on with it."

( - )

From there the group cautiously approached the large cathedral, walking down the heavily wooded path, wary of any potential ambushes. By his side Harry could feel Irina, Xenovia and Raynare all tensing as they came close and closer, seeing this Harry began to faintly release his aura not enough to be obvious but enough for it to be unconsciously felt by those closest to him. Instantly he saw it taking effect as Irina and Xenovia, seemed to relax, their tight grips on their blades easing off. Raynare to seemed to relax, but unlike the Exorcists she was more in tune with Light and Holy Magic and so was able to recognise the source. Glancing back at Harry she gave him a faint smile before she once again looked back at the cathedral, knowing that before this night was done she would be facing Kokabiel again.

The cathedrals door creaked loudly as they entered, all of them ready for any sign on an ambush. Upon entering the building it became obvious that this place had been abandoned for a number of years. Like Irina had said all the iconic symbols, the expensive crucifixes, chalices and other ornaments had been taken. Leaving the cathedral empty, but by the looks of it not uninhabited, the cathedrals many pews were scattered around the place, some of them having been broken up for firewood, or used to erect shelters. It appears that the house of God and instead become the squat of the homeless. Though none of these inhabitants could now be seen, it was likely that they had either been driven out or killed.

Looking around Harry frowned faintly, as he saw the state of the cathedral. It was a shame such a grand old building had fallen into disuse, but he couldn't bring himself to be angry that the homeless had moved in and made this place their home. After all if the building was abandoned than all power to them, it is better it being used to keep the vulnerable of society warm and sheltered than it becoming some empty mausoleum that openly collecting dust and rotting.

The group quickly filed into the cathedral, the Devils much more uncomfortable than the Church representatives as they looked around. Undeterred Harry continued on a frown on his face as he sensed dozens of people deeper within this building, both Fallen Angels and humans alike. He couldn't sense Kokabiel though, and the Fallen he could sense were lower tier, he doubted many of them had more than one pair of wings. It wasn't the army he had been expecting.

Continuing on through the cathedral Harry ignored the slight echo of his steps on the floor, instead looking around, seeing through the darkness as if it wasn't even there. Coming to a stop I the very centre of the room he ignored the strange looks he was getting from the others.

"Why did you stop moving Black?" Rias asked as she shifted around uncomfortably, she was still angry over what had happened to Kiba, but she also knew she was on enemy territory and that losing her temper would benefit no one.

"Please call me Harry." Harry replied back easily, as he casually withdrew his wand, the elder wand, not that the Devils would know that. With a flick of his wand Harry conjured an elegant, seven foot spear in front of him, which he grabbed with his free hand, imbuing it with light and reinforcing the metal frame so it would stand up to more damage than a normal conjuration would. Plus as Poseidon's cyclops were still working on his new Symbol of Power he decided it would be good to get used to duel wielding a spear and magic again. After all as Harry Potter his fighting experience revolved around, his speed and rapid, quick pace dueling, whilst as God it had been about pure power and skill. These were two different styles which Harry was hoping to combine to create something new.

Rias rolled her eyes as she heard that still unsure about how she felt about the mysterious Harry Black. Still she trusted him enough to prepare herself for a fight as she began to draw on her Power of Destruction. Around her Peerage did the same, all of the looking around cautiously, the Church representatives did the same, both Irina and Xenovia taking a couple of steps in front of Harry their eyes narrowed and their blades held at the ready.

"Fine then why did you come to a stop Harry?" Rias replied dryly.

"It's because we are about to have guests," Harry said in response before he looked at the large set of double doors set into the back of the room. As if what he had said was prophetic, the doors slammed open as he said that and dozens of cloaked figures flooded into the room. As this was happening a number of violet coloured portals opened up in the corners of the room as a dozen Fallen Angels swooped out, their black wings on full display and spears of light in their hands as they surrounded the group of Devils, Exorcists and Harry.

The fallen Exorcists all had drawn light swords, or guns and quickly made to surround the group. This had the Devils on edge as they shifted around making sure to keep the humans in sight. The Fallen Angels however quickly made use of their wings as they took to the air, staying above the group as they prepared to rain down spears of light on the intruders at any moment.

'So it's all going to plan, we have drawn them in and Sona is getting in position to ambush them…' Harry thought to himself as he looked around bored, assessing those who were opposing him. The humans were mostly fallen Exorcists who had either been kicked out due to incompetence, or corruption and were now being used as tools/ minions by Kokabiel. Overall they posed very little threat to the Devils in the room, let alone two highly trained Exorcists with Holy Swords, Raynare who had been getting stronger every day and him.

The Fallen Angels though posed more of a threat to the Devils, still though they were like he had suspected lower tier Fallen. Angels that he had created on mass during the Great War, he knew all of their names but knew little about their characters. These were the Angels who had been born in times of war, they had been born as adult and soldiers. They had never really had a chance to live before they were thrown into the proverbial meat grinder.

Looking at these Fallen Angels, his children, Harry could feel nothing but guilt. He had failed them, not the other way around, he had brought them into this world during a time of war and turbulence and had expected them to follow the laws he had laid down millennia before they were born. Maybe if he had been able to stay alive these Angels would never have fallen, Harry would have been able to care for them like a father should. Instead though he had died and they had been left alone in the world fatherless, looking at these Angels and seeing the sins clinging to their wings, Harry knew that he was just as responsible for their actions as they were.

That being said though, they were still culpable and so Harry would not let them off lightly. Even so though he would try to save and redeem as many of them as he could, after all daddy was back and he meant business.

Opening his mouth, Harry prepared to make a suitably dry and witty comment, before he could however he was distracted by the arrival of two others. His eyes narrowed slight in confusion as he found he couldn't sense either of these two, like someone was shielding them from his senses. His confusion soon vanished to be replaced with shock and anger as he tore apart the veil of magic that hid them from his sight,

The final figure that stepped out of the open doorway was an old man, his hair gray and balding on top. He had a thin mustache and dressed in stately priest's robes, ones which would make a Bishop's robes look drab. At first glance the man looked like a respectable, god gearing member of the clergy, but that was quickly dispelled by the look in his eyes. It was a look that just sang of fanaticism, sadism and cruelty.

Following after the priest, was another man who was both tall and well built, with a black mail hauberk and gorget, and a heavy blue coat. The man's face was shadowed by a wide brimmed hat, but despite that his corrosive yellow, bird-like eyes could still be seen looking at the group maliciously. The most noticeable thing about him though was the aura he gave off, it was a repugnant one, which even the Devil's flinched back from, their eyes widening in disgust.

The older man though was certainly someone who was well-known to the Church group, he was after all an excommunicate and someone that the Church had very recently put a kill on site order on. It was the so called 'Genocide Bishop' and the architect of the Holy Sword Project, Valper Galilei.

The other man however was a mystery, but if his vile aura was anything to go by, he was one that would need to be watched.

"Valper Galilei," Xenovia said loudly taking another step forward and glaring at the old man as she did so, "In the name of the Catholic Church and the Vatican, I am placing you under arrest for crimes against God and the Church."

"Crimes against God, you say?" Valper replied idly, a sneer on his face as he tilted his head as if he was curious about that statement. However his curiosity soon turned into a fervent and vicious smile as he nodded his head. "Yes, I suppose to the weak willed and uneducated some of the things that I have done could be misconstrued as crimes against God. Of course considering how simple-minded and corrupt the Church has become I think you'll find that what I have done is what God would have approved of, I have seen passed the corruption and nepotism of the Church and have seen what God's true will would have been." A deranged smile spread across his face. "That being said… well never mind, you'll be dead soon anyway so it won't really matter in the long run."

Xenovia reared back in anger as she heard the man's arrogance and blasphemy. If she hadn't wanted to strike the Bishop down before, she certainly was going to do so now. In fact it was only the calm hand of Harry resting on her shoulder that stopped her from attacking him right here and now, regardless of the Fallen that were hovering overhead and the fallen Exorcists that dotted the Cathedral. Twisting around in anger, Xenovia prepared to slap Harry's hand off of her shoulder. Before she could however she caught the look on his face and froze, her eyes widening in shock as she saw his eyes for a moment suddenly flash golden. For that single moment as she looked into his eyes she bore witness to a power and wrath beyond her understanding and comprehension.

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