At dinner one evening, Harry sat thinking about his next move with the Hogwarts Voice.

Issues one and two had been tremendous successes amongst the Hogwarts populace and even beyond it, so he was determined to keep the momentum going.

To say that Umbitch was displeased with what he and his friends were saying via the publication would be an understatement of the highest degree.

He heard from Sirius (who still didn't know that he had a hand in it), who heard from Tonks, Mr Weasley and Kingsley in their daily sojourns to the Ministry of Magic that Umbridge had been to visit Minister Fudge a few times since the first issue had come out and each time she had left, she looked even more displeased than when she had arrived.

The word was spreading outside Hogwarts even faster than he had anticipated.


He fought back an urge to cackle like a stereotypical villain in a B-Class movie.

Speaking of cheesy villains...

Harry wondered what Voldemort thought of all of this.

He was sure to have spies in the Ministry himself and he wouldn't doubt it for a single second if those Death Eaters who had children here at Hogwarts (he glanced briefly at the Slytherin table and Malfoy in particular) had the news of the publication reported to them, who in turn then reported the information to the snake-faced wizard.

Would Voldemort make a move because of the Hogwarts Voice or would he immediately dismiss it out of hand as nothing more than the ramblings of petulant children beneath his notice?

Harry would have bet on the latter- at least, until future issues started coming out. Issue two was already pushing the envelope enough as it was...

Back to the matter of the Hogwarts Voice itself...

Issue three was where he wanted to start targeting Umbridge specifically.

Even if certain members of the public agreed that the students here needed 'discipline', he hardly believed that most of them (the relatively sane ones at least) would agree with the torture of their children.

He needed to gather stories and evidence from others who had experienced the same torment as him to build a solid case against her.

However, how was he going to do that without exposing himself and by extension, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna?

He needed to come up with a way to gather information from others outside of their group without revealing themselves to outsiders and possibly getting caught by Fudge, Umbridge and their cronies.

How though...

This wasn't an issue he could tackle alone, though, so he decided to bring it up during the next editorial meeting.

His face brightened when the desserts appeared and he spotted a dish of treacle tart right in front of him.

Helping himself to his favourite dessert, he put the thought aside for the moment and focused on the delectable dessert.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen," Harry paced up and down in front of his fellow rogue journalists in the Room of Requirement, fiddling with his wand as he went (drawing a nervous look from Hermione). "we have a problem. In order to expose Umbridge and what she's done, we'll need evidence, starting with her 'punishments'. How do we get evidence from others who've experienced her Blood Quill detentions without revealing ourselves?"

Ron looked thoughtful. "Yeah, mate. I could see that being a problem..."

"Getting people to agree to sharing what they know would indeed be a problem, for fear of retribution themselves- even if we did guarantee anonymity." Luna agreed.

"What about physical evidence like pictures that we could post in the Hogwarts Voice, alongside the details?" Ginny asked.

"Even if we could get them to agree to share their experiences, how could we get pictures? It's not like we could host a photo session with the lot of them..." Neville pointed out.

"The Room would provide equipment, but the problem is that you can't remove it from this place and, well... I don't know about the rest of you, but the fewer people who know about the Room of Requirement, the better!" Hermione exclaimed.

All those present made noises of agreement.

"I think we'll have to work with those of us who are in the DA. Approach only them for now. They can be trusted with secrets, at least." Harry said.

"If the other students who've been harmed by Umbridge see these and know that they're not alone, they'll come forward too!" Neville perked up. "We can work with this!"

"Are you willing to reveal that you're behind this to them though?" Ginny raised an eyebrow. "I mean, the DA is one thing. A publication that could cause waves in the government is on another level entirely..."

"Don't worry, Ginny. I have my ways."

A smile spread across Harry's face as an idea occurred to him.

"In fact, I'll let you know my solution in a few days- if it works out, that is. I know someone who could help us out. Yes, he can be trusted," he noticed the unsure looks on the others' faces. "He helps me prank Umbridge sometimes and he hasn't told on me. He never will. I kind of did him a really big favour a few years ago and he doesn't like Umbridge either, so..." Harry shrugged.

"Who is this person, Harry?" Hermione raised an eyebrow. "And why haven't any of us heard of this 'really big favour' that you did for him?"

At her words, Harry's smile only grew bigger.

"Hermione, whoever said that I was talking about a person?"

"Dobby, I have a proposition for you."

Harry met Dobby in the Gryffindor Common Room late that night, after everyone else had gone to bed.

He'd cast as many privacy spells as he knew beforehand, just to be on the safe side.

"Dobby would be glad to do anything for Harry Potter!" Dobby exclaimed.

"Dobby, can you read and write?" Harry asked.

"Dobby can, Harry Potter!" Dobby nodded enthusiastically.

"Great. I might have a task for you, but it will involve a lot of stealth and you'll have to wear a disguise whenever you do it, so that you look like a student. A student that no one will know, of course, but I figure that it's the safest way. If they ever found out that it was you doing it, they could easily trace it back to me with a little digging..." Harry explained.

"Dobby can handle it. Dobby will do it!" Dobby exclaimed.

He explained the task to the house elf.

"Dobby will be doing it for Harry Potter. Dobby does not like the nasty toad woman either!" the house elf actually scowled.

"Great." Harry beamed. "I have to give you the funds to buy the supplies for you to help me pull this off, and of course there's a bonus in it for you."

"Dobby does not care. Dobby would do it for free, he hates nasty toad woman that much! She is mean to elves too, she is..."

"Fantastic!" Harry exclaimed. "Well, not about her being mean to house elves, that is... I really should get back to bed now though, but I'll check in with you in the morning, alright?"

Dobby nodded. "Good night, Harry Potter!"

Dobby popped away and as soon as Harry got rid of all the spells around the area that he had cast, he headed up to bed.

"I swear, one of these days, if I ever write an autobiography, the chapter that has all of this in it is going to be my favourite part," he chuckled.