Harry sat in the Room of Requirement, which was currently set as the meeting room for The Hogwarts Voice, waiting for his operative to return to him. For some reason, he was wearing an old black hat pulled slightly over his eyes, a hat that brought to mind the stereotypes of Muggle journalists in the old days.

A loud crack filled the room and with it, appeared the operative that he was waiting to return.

"Well then, Dobby. Were you successful?" Harry asked.

"Yes sir, Harry Potter!" Dobby nodded vigorously.

The house-elf (who was dressed in a neutral Hogwarts uniform- like what students wore before being Sorted), walked over to the head of the table where Harry was sitting and handed over a thick envelope to the young wizard, who opened it up carefully.

Several pictures, all with notes attached to them, were of Blood Quill injuries and Harry perused them as he laid them side by side on the table, with Dobby watching his favourite wizard anxiously the entire time.

"I must not defy authority figures." was written in blood on a large, pale hand.

"I must not interrupt a teacher when speaking." was written in blood on a smaller, pale, feminine looking hand.

"I must not swear at professors." a brown hand displayed in blood.

"The teacher is always correct." was etched in blood on a dark hand.

"I must not follow liars." was written in blood on another pale hand.

He looked through each picture, continually cursing the pink toad to oblivion in his mind as he did.

Plus the notes accompanying each one, telling the circumstances that led to each injury; each torture session...

Scowling, Harry added his own picture to the lot, comparing the "I must not tell lies." on the picture to the one on his hand.

He looked back up at Dobby, a grim look on his face.

"You did well, Dobby. I am pleased," Harry spoke after a bit. "Well, not with what I'm seeing here in these pictures, but with the quality of the evidence here in said pictures. Once my friends and I determine how best to present this, it will be going into our publication."

"It was very difficult, Harry Potter, but Dobby did it. Is Harry Potter sure they is good?" Dobby still looked worried.

"You did just fine, Dobby." Harry got up from the table and walked around it, stopping only when he was in front of the house elf.

Kneeling, he took Dobby's hand in his and shook it firmly, but gently.

"Thanks again. This will really help take Umbridge down if we time it correctly for maximum effect." Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pouch.

"The other part of your pay, as promised," Harry smiled. "Go buy as many socks or Butterbeer as you want! Or whatever else catches your fancy. You're a free elf, after all. You can buy whatever you please!"

Dobby perked up.

"Thank you so much, Harry Potter! Dobby hopes you can defeat the evil toad witch, he does!"

The little elf did a wonky sort of salute before popping out, making Harry chuckle.

"For helping me with this, he deserves everything I can give."

Turning back to the table, he began re-examining the pictures and notes.

Checking his watch, he noted that it would soon be time for his friends to arrive.

He couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when he showed them these.

"How the bloody hell did you get hold of these?!" Hermione exclaimed.

Harry had laid out the various images across the table, with some at each of his friends' places as well as his own.

As soon as Hermione spotted them, she dashed over to the table, grabbed up a few and made her exclamation.

It was a mark of how surprised Ron apparently was, that Harry's red-haired best friend didn't tease her about her swearing, instead focusing his attention on the material at his place.

Ginny's scowl grew deeper as she read the various notes attached, Neville looked sad, while Luna's expression was a neutral one.

"I have my ways, Hermione," Harry spoke almost casually. "And my ways are unusual ones. You'll have to just trust me. The less you know about my ways, the better. You'll get some sort of deniability out of this on the off chance that we are caught."

They all looked up and looked at him warily.

"We're all in this together, Harry," Ginny broke the ensuing silence. "If you go down, then so are the rest of us, so we might as well tell us everything!"

"She's right, you know," agreed Neville. "If you fall, so do we..."

"Tell you what," Harry said. "We'll work on this story for now and then, when we're done and actually calmed down a bit since I'm sure this stuff will upset all of us, I'll tell you. One bit at a time, alright?"

Ginny looked ready to argue and Hermione looked ready to back her up, but Harry raised a hand to cut them off.

"I will tell you in good time, ladies. All in good time," Harry smiled reassuringly at them.

Ron looked at him incredulously, Neville looked nervous and Luna looked supremely unbothered by it all.

The two girls looked at one another, before sighing and making visible efforts to calm themselves down.

"Alright then, Harry. This is more important, after all, so I'll put it aside for now. Rest assured, I won't be forgetting this, though." Hermione narrowed her eyes at him.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I wouldn't expect you to, Hermione. I really wouldn't expect you to."

"Nobody expects you to forget anything, Hermione. You remember things from years ago that nobody else does. Things that aren't even that important. Why would we even expect you to forget something like this?" Ron spoke up to point out that fact, drawing a chuckle from the others.

"Okay, everyone!" Luna spoke up. "Back to work! We've got a story to get off to the presses!"

Harry nodded, returning his attention to the task at hand.

Hogwarts Voice first, Hermione's wrath later.