Author's Notes: This is a very Americanized fic, I know. I thought it would be humorous to write, but I'm not a great judge on that. Read it. If you think it's stupid, fine. I agree; I think it's kind of ditzy, but that was the whole point. This wasn't made to be realistic, after all. Just a lighthearted fic to lighten your day. Hence the lightheartedness. I'll shut up.

Enjoy! Comments are appreciated.

* * * * *

Saturday August 29, Bedroom at Home

Okay, I know what you're going to say. (If you could talk, that is.) Why am I, Ginny Weasley, of all people, writing in a journal? Given my history and everything. The first reason is that this is a plain Muggle notebook with a nice violet cloth cover. I really like it, by the way. Hermione gave it to me as a gift. She said that it had no spells on it whatsoever, that she picked it up at a nice, normal Muggle store. She even did an anti-spell charm on this notebook to make me feel better. Those are the only conditions on which I would ever write in here. The other reason is that I want to remember everything about this year. I'm sixteen now, and that is cause for some celebration, is it not? Plus this is the last year I'll be at Hogwarts with family. Next year I'll be all alone.

Not that I'll miss Ron or anything. And not that I don't have friends in my year. (Which I do.)

Anyway. Mum took us school shopping the other day. I got one set of robes brand new. Now that there's only Ron and me for her to buy for, she can spend a bit more money. Which is good. Not that I'm into material things or anything. It's just nice to know that my robes are new, not new or hand-me- downs.

As usual, Harry and Hermione have come to stay with us. (Hence my receiving this notebook.) I can't remember a summer when they *weren't* over here for at least a few days. They've been here for a month though. Ron, Harry, and Hermione all go off by themselves outside usually. Not that I'm jealous. It's just . . . Ron and I usually spend time together. Not that he would ever admit it to anyone. In fact, when we were younger people used to think we were twins. (We look alike and we were inseperable as children.)

I know what you may be wondering, so I will answer your question before you ask. (Not that you can speak . . . At least, I hope not.) No: I do not like Harry Potter. Not anymore. Not in that way. Yes, I like him as a person, and yes, when we all went swimming in the lake the other day I did notice that Harry has a very well-devoloped chest, though pale, and I couldn't help but notice that he studied my bathing suit for awhile when he thought I wasn't looking. Not that I care or anything. It's just nice to know that I'm appreciated as a woman. Not that I think he likes me, because he doesn't.

I just re-read that paragraph, and I know I sound like a total liar. It's true, though. I haven't daydreamed about Harry once. Not for over a year, that is. I'm making myself sound even worse, aren't I? I'd best go as it is. Mum is tapping on the door to tell me that dinner is ready. She probably made some big feast because she thinks Harry is undernourished. (If she saw his chest the other day when we went swimming, she wouldn't think he was undernourished, believe you me. He's on the lean side, but . . . I'm going now, I swear.)

Tuesday September 1, Hogwarts Train

I'm back again. Do you like the new ink I'm writing in? It was yet another gift that I received for no apparent reason. Elliot Tunderfield (Elli) gave it to me as soon as I got on the train. She's always so nice.

I talked for the first hour or two with all of the other sixth year Gryffindors in our own little compartment. Then everyone got bored and began splitting up. I found an empty compartment and am curled up in the corner of one of the seats writing in here.

When Hermone gave me this notebook, she also gave me this weird thing. She explained that it's a penk or something like that. Apparently Muggles write with this instead of quills. *Weird*. I tried to write with it, but purple ink smudged all over my fingers. I don't want to be mean to Hermione, but quills are just so much more . . . refined. Ah, well. I think she was just trying to expose me to the Muggle culture or something like that. She bought gifts for all of us Weasleys. Fred and George got this weird looking ball that is played for football or something? It was round with black and white patches. Without Hermione's knowledge, Harry put it in his bags to give to one of his Muggle-born roommates who likes the sport.

Hermione certainly has some interesting things. She also brought this circular thing with little speakers that go over your ears. A personal CB player is what I think she called it. She brought some of these CBs too. They're little disks. When you put them in the CB player, you can hear music with the little speakers. She had some interesting music. I liked some of it even more than the WWN, so she promised to let me use it sometimes at Hogwarts. My only question is: how does it work? Dad says you need plugs for Muggle things. I guess I'll have to ask Hermione.

Later Tuesday September 1, in a DIFFERENT compartment

Oh, my WAND!!!

I think I'm blind.

You won't even be able to comprehend what happened! I want to gag everytime I think of it! It's utterly disgusting!

When I finished what I wrote earlier, I looked out the window and watched the trees while I thought. I like to think. That's not the point though. The point is that the doors to the compartment opened and you will not BELIEVE what I was subject to witness.

Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were not in the compartment one second before they were all over each other. And I mean ALL over each other. There was groping and moaning and . . . it was gross.

I was too shocked to do anything. My eyes widened a whole lot, and my jaw dropped. I stayed like that for a little bit. Then all of a sudden I heard, "Ron . . . Oh, Ron . . ." It was Hermione. Not only is Ron my brother, but Hermione is my friend. I did not want to see that.

I jumped up just as they were moving backwards. (Without breaking contact, I might add.) I was able to slide out of the compartment without their knowing I was even there. I couldn't face it if I had to actually TALK to them.

I do have to admit that I'm curious though. Not about what they DO together -- I already know more than I need to about THAT. I want to know why they haven't told anyone. Does Harry know? Why didn't Hermione tell me? We're not as close as she is with my brother (THANK MERLIN) and not as close as she and Harry are . . . but I thought she would tell me about something like this. Besides, the way they were at it, I wonder how I could have been in the same house as them for a month and not witnessed something similar.

Harry has to know. He's been around them all the time. I wonder if he found out the same way I did. *shudder*

Later than earlier's later on Tuesday September 1, in the sixth year dorm on my new bed

I guess I should tell you all about my first day. Not that anything happened. Nothing that could top what I saw Hermione and Ron up to. I did manage to avoid them all day after that. Mostly because of the large crowds of students. I was happy to find that my friends sat several people away from the fabulous trio.

I have another question to add to my earlier list. How can they act so normal when they were practically FORNICATING on the train about an hour before? I'll make up a list and force one of them to answer my questions. Just as soon as I get over my need to vomit anywhere near either of them. I could barely eat my dinner. And that's really bad. I love Mum's food, but it's nothing like the food at Hogwarts. (If she ever finds out I said that, she'll have a breakdown.)

I caught up with Caitlin, Elli, Guinevere, and Ophelia when we climbed into bed. None of us went to sleep right away. In fact, we all crowded onto Guinevere's bed and talked and laughed. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad that all of my roommates are so much nicer than Lavender and Parvati. I was tempted to invite Hermione up, but she was probably still in the Common Room talking to Ron and Harry. Plus I'm trying to avoid her.

It turns out Ophelia and Melvin, another sixth year Gryffindor who did not talk to us in Guinevere's bed because he's in the boys' dorm with all the other boys, are still together. I thought they would have broken up over the summer. They fight so much. Hermione said it reminded her of one of those "Muggle soaps" whatever that means. I don't think they remind me much of soap. Does she forget that Wizards also use soap? Some of the things she says confuse me.

Guinivere is Muggle-born. She had a "fling" over the summer with some boy who lives here her Muggle flat. I'm not jealous. I promise.

All right, I won't lie. Especially because you're paper and most likely can't tell anyone. I want a boyfriend. Nobody seems acceptable though. The sixth year boys are as follows:

Colin Creevey -- He's really nice and sweet, but he's so small and . . . geeky. Not that I'm shallow. He just isn't the type of person I could ever see myself with.

Felix Holden -- Felix belongs to Caitlin. He's incredibly cute, but not cute enough for me to want to try and take him for Caitlin. As if he'd go! He and Caitlin are the goody-goody sweet couple that make you want to be sick only not because they're so perfect for each other.

Eric Wonker -- To start with, his last name is one letter away from being 'Wanker'. I could never live with that as a last name if, per chance, we went out and decided to get married. Plus he's kind of pudgy and annoying.

Melvin Morse -- Melvin is Ophelia's. They fight all the time. I don't like Melvin much to be honest.

Evan Jorken -- Evan is . . . okay, if I ever went out with Evan, I'd be at least one out of four. He always dates tons of girls. At the same time.

Wesley Vike -- Guinevere likes Wesley.

See what I mean? Nobody is acceptable.

Thursday September 3, The Library

I was wrong. Harry must be the most clueless person in the entire world. He didn't know anything was going on between his two best friends. And I put my foot in my mouth. Not an uncommon thing for me to do.

After dinner Hermione and Ron went off to "do homework" or something like that. (Without Harry.) I happened to be sitting nearby. I noticed Harry looked confused and a little hurt, so I, idiotically, thought I might make a joke. "Yeah, homework," I said sarcastically.

Harry looked at me like I'd just grown an extra head. "Er . . .?"

"Homework," I repeated, rolling my eyes. "I'm sure that's what their, er, DOING."

Harry's brow knitted together. "What are you implying?"

"You know, THEM," I said.

"Are you saying they . . .?" Harry trailed off. I nodded. He blushed bright red and looked down at his plate. "Oh . . . oh . . . I see," he muttered.

"You didn't know?"

"I do now," Harry said. When he looked at me again, he looked really sick to his stomach.

"That's how I felt when I found out," I said comfortingly. "At least you didn't have to witness their, er, act of, er, doing the homework."

Harry's eyes widened. "At least."

"Are you . . . all right?"

"Yeah, fine," Harry said quickly. Then he got up and left before I could say anything else. (The above perhaps are not direct quotations, but that's about what went on in our conversation.)

I feel really guilty now. But seriously: how could Harry NOT have known? They must be really good at hiding their . . . homework.

Friday September 4, History of Magic

I feel even more guilty today. All last night, this morning, and through lunch Harry ignored Ron and Hermione. The worst part was that they didn't seem to notice too much. Ron gets this sappy, dopey look around Hermione. I don't know whether to be jealous or to throw up. Like I've said dozens of times: disgusting.

I had Harry sit with my friends and me during lunch. (He didn't even show up for breakfast. Which Mum would have a fit about. Not that's relevant or anything.) He stayed quiet and barely touched his food. I imagine he had all these images of Ron and Hermione in his head. At least none of them were actual situations he had to BEAR WITNESS TO!!! I tell you, watching your brother put his hands on some assets that women have is not a pretty picture.

Oh. Now I feel even more guilty than I did a second ago. Harry must be feeling horrible. I mean, he's closest to those two, and they didn't even bother to MENTION that they were dating. Or whatever it is those two are up to.

Class is over in two minutes, so I'll write about my guilt later.

At Night Friday September 4, In Bed

Remember all that guilt I mentioned? It's so much worse now!!! Hermione came to talk to me before she went to bed. This is what happened:

Hermione came in, as I said, and went straight to my bed. I was finished up some homework in bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and spoke unhesitantly. That's Hermione for you.

"What's Harry upset about?"

"Huh?" I said, acting like I didn't know.

"Don't you know?" Hermione asked, sounding annoyed. "You WERE sitting with him at lunch, were you not?"

"Er . . . yes, I suppose," I said carefully. "He didn't say anything."

"Are you sure?" Now Hermione was worried.

I rolled my eyes. "Since when does Harry Potter say anything to me? Especially about something IMPORTANT?"

Hermione bit her lip. "Sorry. I just got the feeling . . . never mind. I'm sorry to disturb you. Good night."

Then she left. I didn't even finish writing the answers to my History of Magic questions. Not that they're due for another week, but still. I hope I didn't totally screw up Harry's friendship with my brother and Hermione.

Saturday September 5, Common Room

Harry seems fine to me. He was sitting with Hermione and Ron at breakfast today, though I did notice he had a sullen look on his face the whole time. Just a little while ago he came over to where I was sitting finishing those History of Magic questions and offered to play a game of Exploding Snaps with me. I think my jaw fell to the floor. Harry has never wanted to do ANYTHING with me before.

I told him I was sorry for telling him about Hermione and Ron. He said that he was glad I did. Then he shot a dirty look towards his two best friends and muttered something about at least I was truthful and upfront. I pretended not to hear him because I wasn't sure how I was supposed to reply to that.

Harry won three games, if you wanted to know. I won two. We didn't care about the score after the first two games though. We were actually having fun. He was making jokes. Harry has never told me a joke before. He said something about an orange and banana. It was hysterical! Let me think . . . oh, yes:

Knock-knock (I reply) Who's there? Knock-knock (why he must ask me again is beyond me) Who's there? Banana (Then you repeat that so many times it gets annoying until . . .) Knock-knock Who's there? Knock-knock Who's there? Orange Orange who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana

It doesn't seem so funny anymore, but I could stop laughing earlier. It's very clever. I'll bet he thought that one up on his own.

Sunday September 6, Common Room

Hermione asked me again if I knew what Harry was upset about. She knows I'm lying now. I stuttered a lot, and that's not a good sign. So she stormed off in a huff. Not very far, just to the other side of the room to sit with Ron and glare at me. I feel really bad. This all because of my stupid mouth. One of the CDs (they're called CDs not CBs by the way) Hermione has had a song on it that reminds me of this. Sometime like . . .

My stupid mouth Has got me in trouble I said too much again

And I can't remember much else. I really liked this song because it describes me perfectly. (At least, it describes me when I'm putting my foot in my mouth. Not that I LITERALLY put my foot in my mouth because that's just disgusting. Even though my feet ARE clean.)

Monday September 7, Transfiguration

Ode to Mondays:

I hate Mondays A lot, a lot I hate Mondays They need to stop

Later Monday September 7, Lunch

I had more of that ditty in my head, but McGonagall was giving me the eye so I put this away and started working on reading the material we're supposed to memorize. Of all Professors, McGonagall would be the WORST to find this notebook. I was just flipping back, and in the past few days I've written a lot about Ron and Hermione that should never be read by anyone else.

Saturday September 12, In Bed

You might be a bit worrisome that I haven't written all week. But, and I'm only telling you this because you can't tell that mean Slytherin girl Sarah who will then tell the whole school, I basically have no life. Okay, you already know that. I mean, I've spent an awful lot of time writing in here considering. Nothing important has gone on all week. Nothing important to write about.

Today McGonagall announced that September 26 will be the first Hogsmeade day of the year. I think this is a bit early, but I won't complain. Hogsmeade is always fun, no matter how many times you go. I think Elli and I will go together because Caitlin, Guinevere, and Ophelia all have their boyfriends to go with. I do not feel pathetic.

Reasons Why I Should Have a Boyfriend:

1. To go to Hogsmeade with. 2. To snog with. 3. To listen to me and make me feel better about bad stuff. 4. So I'm not such a freak. 5. Because I want one. 6. Because I'm sixteen and don't have one. 7. I can't think of any more reasons. But those above should all suffice very well if I do say so myself.

My whimpering is over. Now I will tell you a little bit about today.

I don't think it would be so bad to like Harry again. Oh, but I won't. There's no point in it. Harry is just . . . well, I don't think he notices anything or anyone except for his close friends and teachers. He's just not the type of person who will have a girlfriend. I kind of want to laugh at all those girls who follow him around as much as they can as surrupticiously as they can. (They're not too good at the surrupticious thing.)

Harry has done his homework with me more times in the past week then in our last six years together at Hogwarts. But he doesn't TALK. I think he wants to though. I can tell his feelings too, y'know? Like, whenever he looks at Ron and/or Hermione his eyes get kind of cloudy, his jaw straightens, and he looks anywhere but at them as quickly as he can. I think he was really grossed out at first (who wouldn't be?), but now I think it's more than that. I mean to ask him about it, but I'm afraid I'll scare him off. Hermione and Ron have complained that trying to get him to talk about his emotions can send him running.

That was before The End though. (The End being, as we all well know and I will not go into: The End of You Know Who.) After The End he seemed cheerful for awhile. (He stayed at the Burrow that whole summer because Dumbledore felt sorry for him and said it was okay because the danger had passed.) For a long while, I mean. I guess he is more cheerful. More cheerful than he ever was before, that is. But he still won't talk about his feelings. What an idiot. Maybe somebody should get him one of these adorable little notebooks. In a much manlier color though; dark blue . . . or even one with Gryffindor's colors! Hmm . . . that's a good idea. Maybe for Christmas or something.

Sunday September 13, Common Room

I felt like I should have one of these two:

Ode to Weekends:

Time off from classes I'm so relieved Then comes Sunday Now I'm peeved

I'm thinking maybe I could be a professional poet. I've got something going on here.

Sunday September 13, Common Room

Harry and I were playing Wizarding chess when Ron and Hermione stomped over a few minutes ago. Actually, Hermione stomped over and Ron followed, looking annoyed. I suppose he'd be willing to do anything for Hermione now though. I imagine she has quite a few REWARDS to give him. Eeew. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Okay, back to what happened. This was Hermione's first sentence, which I remember very clearly. Along with the way her eyes were blazing angrily and her lips were so thin I wondered if they even existed. She reminds me of McGonagall sometimes.

"Harry James Potter! What DO you mean by this? It has been over a WEEK since you last really SPOKE to Ron and me. If you have a PROBLEM, you may feel free to VOICE it and get it over and DONE WITH!!!"

Harry just blinked. He started to gather up his books.

"DON'T YOU DARE TRY AND RUN AWAY FROM ME, POTTER!!!" (Hermione is REALLY mean sometimes.)

Harry stopped meekly and looked up at her. His eyes were starting to look angry too. (By the way, I just sat and watched the whole time, like Ron.) Then Harry did it. "Why should I tell you, Hermione, when you haven't been so fond of telling me everything lately?"

"What do you mean by that?" Hermione demanded, but in a much more calm voice because Harry was actually replying.

Harry got up and left though. Hermione looked at me. "What does he mean?" she repeated. I just shrugged.

Dear Wand! Everything is all messed up. None of this would have happened if I didn't think it would be cool to make a joke to Harry about Ron and Hermione doing homework. Do you realize how stupid that is?

And I've never heard Hermione refer to Harry as 'Potter'. She must have been really angry.

Monday September 14, In Bed

I reckoned that Harry, being the self-sacrificing noble type, would never open up about anything. Especially not Hermione and Ron because they are the two that have "betrayed" him. At least, that's what I gathered from his comment yesterday that Hermione didn't get, and because he sort of told me today. That's right, I confronted him. I suppose it had to be me. Who else?

Once again, he did his homework with me after dinner. Now, let me make this a clear picture: when Harry and I do homework together it is, first of all, in the same way that Hermione and Ron apparently do homework together. Instead, we both sit near each other. We stay silent, unless I ask him a question because I feel really uncomfortable. Then he'll explain it, and we'll both feel more comfortable. Still, we do not talk. If we choose to play some kind of game, there is interaction. Sometimes Harry jokes around with me. Sometimes he doesn't. He's a very moody person.

It was quite odd, then, that out of nowhere I just looked up at him and asked, "All right, Harry?"

He looked up at me in surprise. (Again with the not talking thing -- he must find it strange that after all this time I try to talk to him.) "All right," he said, looking at me strangely.

"Good." I nodded shortly. He looked down at his work. Then I started talking. "Are you sure? Because I don't think you are all right. What with yesterday and all."

Harry kept his eyes firmly down on his parchment. "I'm fine."

I sighed deeply and exasperatedly. "Harry . . ."

"I'm fine," Harry repeated.

"Look, if you want to spend time with me when you're not with Hermione and Ron, you're going to have to tell me what's wrong. You'll feel better, and maybe I can find some way to help you."

Harry looked up at me warily. "I appreciate--"

I held up a finger to silence him. "Don't. I have an idea of what you meant yesterday. I was upset when I found out -- especially with the WAY I found out -- but I didn't hold it this long. I understand you're closer to them, and it's even grosser because Hermione is probably portrayed in a sisterly fashion to you. What I mean to say is, you're not so upset about the fact that they are . . . er . . . yeah. You're just upset because they didn't TELL you."

We stayed quiet for a moment, looking at each other. Then Harry burst out, "Well, how hard would it have been? 'Hey, Harry, I've been snogging Hermione. Just thought I'd let you know.' But no, I didn't get anything. Aren't I their best friend?"

I raised my eyebrows then. I have to admit, I was really surprised that he was opening up. In my silence, he continued: "It's not only that either. What am I supposed to do if we're all walking through the halls together when Hermione and Ron decide suddenly to go find a closet? Or what if I walk in on them 'exploring' in the common room? It's like . . ."

"A third wheel," I supplied.

"Yes." Harry snapped his fingers. "Like that."

"If you want," I offered testily, "if that ever happens, you can seek me out, and we can play chess or Exploding Snap or something."

Harry, of all things to do, smiled. Truly smiled. Like he was truly happy that I said that. (I was very pleased with his reaction.) "Thank you, Ginny," he said in this really quiet voice. I kind of got these tingly feelings in my spine. Even though I liked the feeling, it kind of startled me. So I kept talking and blundered a LOT.

"Yeah, you know, my friends won't mind. They're all really nice, and none of the girls have huge crushes on you or anything. Not even minor crushes." I think I blubbered a little bit. I didn't want him to think that I meant ALONE alone, as in 'I like you! I like you! I like you!' sort of way. I don't want to appear in that manner, or to look like I'm TRYING to appear in that manner. Harry just sort of smiled back at my nervous smile as I finished. Then we both went back to our homework. Just as well. At least he didn't take me the wrong way. Then I might totally scare him off.

You might be wondering about the tingles aforementioned. Okay, yes, I'll admit that some of my past feelings for Harry have resurfaced since he started spending time with me. A LOT of time with me. Considering he never gave me more than a second glance before, and not even that for several long years there. It's different now too. I think when I was younger I was in love with the Harry Potter Image. Now I just think he's nice and sweet and funny (when he talks, that is). Plus he's really fit when he's looking down at his homework and this same piece of hair falls into his glasses. He's so focused on concentrating, though, that he doesn't notice. Yes, he's cute.

That's it though. I don't normally get butterflies around him. It's just moments like that, and I think most of it was due to nervousness. I thought he might take me the wrong way. Like I said, a million bajillion times.

I think I'm so tired that I'm actually dilerious.

Friday September 18, Quidditch Pitch

Tonight is the first Gryffindor Quidditch practice this year. I was really excited because Harry invited me to go. It was all casual though. We were just walking out of breakfast this morning when he said, "Oh, yeah. I have Quidditch practice tonight. Do you want to hang out in the stands? You can watch and finish your homework at the same time." I was equally as casual. I ignored those more frequent butterflies and nodded saying something like sure or fine or okay.

I would say that Harry looks really fit on his broom, but he's just a blur in the sky, and I can't really make him out. The team is really good this year though. They had to get a bunch of new players in the past few years, and now Harry is the only original from his first year team. (He's captain, of course.) Felix and Wesley are both on the team, but no one else from my year. I thought about trying out, but I'm not very good. I didn't want to be embarrassed.

It looks like they're finished. I'm going to go down to the ground now.

More Friday September 18, In Bed

Now I feel really weird. When I got into bed, all of the other sixth year girls were too. We talked, as usual, when Ophelia just had to say: "We barely even know you anymore, Ginny. I sometimes forget what you look like, you're spending so much time with Harry lately."

I just kind of got really quiet.

"I thought you stopped that crush on him years ago," Caitlin added.

"And why is he suddenly spending time with you instead of Hermione and Ron?" Guinevere asked. "Did something happen over the summer you didn't tell us about?"

I wish!

Saturday September 19, Common Room

Hermione talked to me again this morning. I spilled EVERYTHING!!! I just felt so bad. She looked so distraught. She came in in the morning and crawled into bed with me and asked me if I really knew what Harry was upset about. (She knows I know.) I said yes very reluctantly. So then she got really quiet. I just had to tell her! Can't you see that? I said almost everything. How I knew about Ron and her and HOW I knew EXACTLY; how I told Harry; how Harry confessed that he thought he was a third wheel and that they betrayed him; and probably a bunch of other stuff that I should NOT have said.

She took Harry out of the common room with her about a minute ago. I hope he's not mad at me.

More Saturday September 19, Sixth Year Girls' Dorm

Okay. He's mad at me.

They came back. Hermione looked exasperated; Harry looked severely annoyed. He walked straight up to me and said the following, very hurtful thing: "I'll have to be more wise about who I talk to about private matters from now on, I suppose. Don't you agree, Ginny?" He said this all in a cool, collected voice that is not at all usual for him.

I sort of looked at him in this hurt way. "I didn't mean to. Hermione . . . she was so upset! She really cares about you. That's six years of friendship you're going to throw away over some petty fight!"

Harry glared at me. "That's for me to decide, don't you think?"

Then he left.

Oh . . . I feel HORRIBLE. We haven't even been in school a MONTH and I'm already miserable!!!

Sunday September 20, In Bed

Today totally makes up for yesterday. The first thing Harry said to me (in the common room before breakfast because he waited for me to tell me this -- how sweet!!!) was: "I'm sorry I got so upset at you. Hermione is a very clever manipulater, so I'm sure it's not your fault that you let everything slip."

I think I smiled so brilliantly that I could have lit up the whole school. "Really?"

Harry kind of half smiled back -- like he couldn't help but smile, but he felt weird about smiling. "Really. Let's have breakfast before it gets too cold. Or disappears."

"All right," I replied. (I know -- very witty, VERY clever . . . I am such an idiot.)

Monday September 21, Transfiguration

Ode to Mondays, a Continuation:

Your eyes are foggy Longing for bed Your socks feel soggy Sweating with dread

The teacher glares The students just stare And you wonder Why do we have to have Mondays anyway???

Tuesday September 22, Common Room

Do you want to know why I can't catch you up on my life (or lack thereof)? It's because I have homework! Have I mentioned how much I hate Snape? WHO ON EARTH WANTS A WHOLE THOUSAND WORD ESSAY ON THE DIFFERENT USES OF ROGYUIS???

Thursday September 24, In Bed

Ode to Happiness:

My heart sighs I smile I love my life It's . . . not vile

Do you want to know what produces such wonderful poetry? Well, today was another Quidditch practice. Harry invited me along again. I admired his team while I did my homework. (See Tuesday's entry.)

That, however, is not the reason for my absolute joy. You see, we walked back up to the school together. Everyone else on his team left right when practice was over, but I helped Harry gather up all the balls and put them away. Then we finally started walking back to school. We were laughing the whole time and having a good time. Then he went, all casual and stuff:

"Hey, Gin, do you want to go for a butterbeer or something this weekend?"

This is the cause of my heart's continuous sighing! (See above.)

Does he mean on a date, or does he just want to hang out because he's still not talking to THEM? (THEM referring to Hermione and Ron. It is what Harry says when talking of them, so I have copied the habit out of respect for his feelings.)

Anyway. I'm going to go to sleep because I'm hoping to have a wonderful dream where we don't just go for butterbeer. I know. I'm such a naughty girl.

Friday September 25, Common Room

Tomorrow is Hogsmeade. I had to tell Elliot I was going to hang out with Harry. She pretended not to care, but I could tell she was a little hurt. I really AM ditching my friends to be with Harry, aren't I? But don't they see that he NEEDS me? He's mad at Hermione and Ron. Granted, we were never close before, but who else could he turn to? MALFOY???

I rest my case.

Saturday September 26, In Bed MORNING

I can't wait. Six more hours until lunch time.

Wait. What if he wants to get a butterbeer BEFORE 12?

I can't wait.

Ode to Waiting:

I can't do it.

Saturday September 27, In Bed NIGHT

If people could float on clouds, I'd be doing that just about now. (I could, technically, but the spell is too advanced, and my head is too WOO! to even think straight. All my energy is devoted to coming up with sentences so that I don't forget today. Ever.)

I wore my NEW robes, the ones I gushed about after Mum bought them for me at Diagon Alley. I think I looked quite spiffy. Caitlin and Guinevere did my hair for me. I didn't see much difference, but they said oh yes, there is a difference. They said they were making it straight even though my hair is naturally straight. I think I was too excited to care at the time, and that's really not important in the big picture. (It was okay though. I wanted to look nice without trying so that it wouldn't be awkward if it turned out Harry just wanted to hang out in an entirely DIFFERENT way than I did.)

Then I went down to the Common Room and tried not to look too pathetic. I walked over to where Harry was sitting and reading one of his Quidditch books. I didn't say anything, but just sat next to him. He stopped reading and looked over at me. "All right?"

"All right," I replied, though that was a MAJOR understatement.

"Good. Do you want to go now? I've been craving a Chocolate Frog, but I ate the stash I gathered on the train already."

"Sure," I said as easily as possible even though my heart was beating really fast.

As we left the common room, I noticed that Ron gave us a double look. I hope I don't have to pay for that one anytime soon.

Then we went to Hogsmeade. We went to Honeydukes first due to Harry's earlier statement. After awhile of walking around and stepping into various shops, we went to the Three Broomsticks and ordered a butterbeer. (Each. We didn't share, that is.)

We talked a bit. He told me about this time when he was in third year and the Dursleys wouldn't sign his Hogsmeade permission slip so he used his Invisibility Cloak to sneak around. I was surprised: I didn't know he had an Invisibility Cloak, and I always thought he only got in trouble when he had to (e.g. You Know Who). But then, that could have been my smitten eleven year old heart trying to make him appear as this all-holy being who never did anything wrong unless it was for a good cause.

It was actually kind of cool to know that he did things like that. He told me about sneaking into the kitchens. Actually, he told me about Ron's strong desire to sneak into the kitchens at any time, day or night. I wasn't too surprised there.

Then I told him about some of the things my friends and I had been up to over the past few years. I told him a couple stories, but I can't remember all of them. I think I mentioned the time Ophelia and Melvin had been snogging by the shore of the lake and the Giant Squid got kind of pissed off and slapped them clear across the grounds with its tentacle. Harry found this one particularly funny. He would have found it funnier if he saw the giant suction cup marks on Ophelia and Melvin. (It took Madam Pomfrey a WEEK to get all of them to disappear.)

It sort of went downhill when Hermione and Ron walked in. Together. Holding hands. Harry got really quiet and asked if we might leave. I was okay with it. So we left, after paying Rosemerta, then we went to the owlery because Harry had a letter he had to send to someone. I asked him why he could use Hedwig, and he shrugged. I reckoned he didn't want to talk about it.

Then we were walking back to Hogwarts when Harry blurted out, "That letter was for Sirius Black."

At first I was horrified and shocked. Then I remembered that Sirius had been proven innocent a few years ago when You Know Who was defeated.

Harry said, "I owled him so many times from the end of third year. I guess I just got used to using a different owl each time. Sirius and I have kind of made a game out of it." was surprised that he was sharing this with me. "What's he like?" I asked all tentatively and stuff because part of me really didn't want to know.

"He's really funny," Harry said. He started to look more animated with each word. "He's a prankster that even the twins would have trouble beating. He's really nice, but he does loathe anything at all to do with Snape or Peter Pettigrew. Or Voldemort for that matter. Oh, sorry. I forget not to say the name."

I was like, "No, it's fine. I always thought we SHOULD call him by his real name instead of You Know Who. Calling him by his real name shows him that he can't strike fear in everyone."

Harry looked at me really strangely. "That's really intelligent."

"Thanks," I said, really pleased. Though it would have been nice if he called me cute or incredibly sexy and unresistable instead.

"He's just a great guy." Then Harry got quiet. I could tell he wanted to say something else, so I kept quiet too. Then he said what he wanted to say. "You should meet him. I was going to stay with him during Christmas. Maybe, if it's all right with your mum, we could come over and he could meet everyone. It would be good for him. He'd have a blast with the twins."

"That's sounds great," I think I said.

Not much happened after that, but that was plenty for me! Harry confided in me and he went to Hogsmeade with me. I'm going to be deliriously happy for weeks!!!

Monday September 28, Transfiguration

And why must Monday Rhyme with Funday? It's a joke Like egg yolk

McGonagall is staring at me I had better flee Not before saying Monday's not fading


Tuesday September 29, In Bed

Ron yelled at me in the Common Room today. He told me that it was my "bloody fault that Harry was acting so aloof!" Apparently I am distracting Harry from what he would NORMALLY do. NORMALLY, according to Ron, Harry would have made up with Hermione and him already. NORMALLY, Harry would not go to Hogsmeade with me. NORMALLY, I would not be "screwing up" his "bloody life". I had no IDEA that I was the cause of all his problems. The bloody prat had better take some bloody responsibility for himself.

And can I help it that I'm so stunningly gorgeous and interesting that Harry couldn't help but to ask me to Hogsmeade? I think not. (I wish.)

Wednesday September 30, In Bed

All right. I like Harry Potter. Who saw that coming? That many? I am SO predictable. Ah . . . but to be young and in love is . . . refreshing.

I think I read that in one of Mum's love books once. (The ones about witches and wizards doing things together that Mum would die if I knew about. Despite the fact that I am sixteen and neither blind nor deaf nor stupid.)

Thursday September 31, In Bed

What a refreshing month this has been! I can hardly believe all that has happened to me. I've befriended Harry Potter, fallen back in love with him, and been asked to Hogsmeade with him. Plus I've gotten Hermione AND Ron completely and utterly angry with me. (Which is rather amusing, I must admit.) And I have made a poem about Mondays that is sure to win awards. Should I ever choose to show it to anyone, that is.

The highlights of this month are with Harry, of course. I wonder how he feels about all that has happened recently.

* * * * *

P.S. Look for Ron's version of the events that happen in October. Chapter should be coming soon. I hope. (Before you ask, I am planning on writing the next Secrets tonight.)