Thursday December 29 - Girls Dormitories

It's a simple task, really. One that doesn't require a lot of thinking or planning. One that should be easy to spurt out. One that shouldn't have me all tied up in knots. Keep Harry out of the boys' dormitories for the remainder of Christmas Holidays without letting him know why.

And, hey, it's not my fault that my mouth is drying over all the innuendo running through my mind. Anybody with half a brain could understand what might happen in our situation. This is the perfect plot for a teeny bopper romance movie. No, it would be the perfect plot if Harry and I were long enemies who used to be friends. Then he'd have to share my bed for some stupid reason - maybe I'm afraid of thunderstorms . . . you get the picture, don't you?

*sigh* I guess I should start planning. What can I tell Harry without letting him know it's really because Ron and Hermione are doing Merlin knows what in his dorm. I'm not even dating Harry. This would be so much simpler if I were though.

Things to tell Harry:

I have a phobia of sleeping without him in my bed that developed last night.

I am madly in love with him and need to have hot, dirty sex with him every night for the next week.

The girls' beds have better support, and I'm worried about his health.

"Ooh, I want you. I don't know if I need you. But, ooh, I'm dying to find ow-out."

The truth.

Do you see my dilemma? Do you feel my dilemma?

That's good. Now I am going to go downstairs and make up some kind of excuse. Things are less awkward for me if I don't plan them out ahead of time.

Friday December 30 - Girls Dorms

It's early morning. I am alone in my bed, but Harry is sleeping next to mine. This is how I got him to do it:

Last night I went downstairs after my last entry and sat next to Harry. He was staring into the fire with a distant look in his eyes. We didn't speak; I just took his hand in mine. We've been holding hands a lot lately, but never when anyone else is around. For some reason this simple action seems too private to share with the world.

We sat together for a good ten minutes. Then I offered to play chess with him. We spent another hour playing a particularly intense game. Our skill is equal, so I'm always on my toes when we play.

"Harry," I said when we were putting away our pieces.


"I have a proposition for you."

Harry's eyes twinkled. "Is this the same thing as propositioning me?" he teased. "Because the answer is, 'hell, yes.' "

I turned red at that. Not because it particularly embarrassed me, but because of my next words. "How would you like to stay in the girls dorms with me for the remaining holiday?" I asked in my brightest voice. I should have smiled at him, but I couldn't even look him in the eye.

Harry chuckled.

"I'm serious, Harry," I said in as serious a voice I could muster.

That stopped his laughing. "Gin . . ."

I looked up at this point. His eyes were so different from anything I'd ever seen. They were demanding but a little glazed over. "Not like that!" I said quickly. "Er . . . I'm just . . . afraid of thunderstorms."

Harry looked at the window. "Ginny, it's not raining."

"It might! And-and I don't want to risk . . ."

"What is this about?" he asked.

"I-I . . ." I faltered there.

Harry put his hand on my knee. I immediately felt my body respond to his touch like electricity. He must have felt the same thing because he immediately jerked his hand away. I avoided his eyes again, and I'm sure he was avoiding my eyes, too.

There is an undercurrent of attraction between Harry and me at times; I'll admit it. But it seemed so strong in that moment. I felt so awkward. Then I blurted out, "Don't be mad, but Hermione wants to stay with Ron in his room for the rest of the week. She asked me to try and keep you occupied because she doesn't want another row."

I shut my mouth tight, surprised that I had spilled it to him. I, too, didn't want them fighting anymore. It would be horrible for them to have worked it out only to start rowing again.

Finally, Harry spoke. "All right, then."

It was as simple as that. Later in the evening, when midnight was coming around, Harry went upstairs. I thought he'd forgotten, but then he came down a few minutes later dressed in his pajamas.

"Cute," I said, indicating to the tiny snitches and brooms covering his pajamas.

Harry smirked at me. "They were a joke gift from Sirius."

"Cute," I repeated. "You ready?"

"Ready as ever," he sighed.

We both went up the stairs together. I led him to the sixth year girls and told him to sleep on Caitlin's bed. Caitlin wouldn't mind, and the Elves will clean the sheets before she comes back anyway.

I closed the curtains around our beds. "Good night, Harry."

"Night, Ginny."

I stayed up for another hour or so, unable to get to sleep because my thoughts were racing.

My attraction to Harry has grown a lot this past year, but last night I felt it the most. I wanted to curl up in bed next to him. I felt like some kind of cat in heat - it was awful! (Okay, it wasn't that awful . . . but I didn't enjoy it!)

I'd best wake him up. I'm getting hungry.

Friday December 31 - Common Room

Tonight is New Years Eve! I love New Years. Though you might not be able to tell, I'm actually a very organized person. Okay, let me correct that. I have the desire to be an organized person. And for about a week after New Years I keep up with it.

It's early evening now. I found a moment alone because Harry and Ron went to the kitchens together for a before-dinner snack. Hermione is writing in what I suspect to be her own journal. She's blushing, too, so I'm not going to ask how it's going with Ron.

There really isn't any type of celebration going on at the school, so we all decided to get some food from the kitchens and have a little Gryffindor party.

Sunday January 1, Girls Dormitories

Last night was lovely. And Harry almost kissed me. 'Almost' being the key word, but still!

Around eleven we got all of the food ready. Hermione had looked up a few charms for us to use to make the place more festive. Then she got some crackers for each of us. We popped them right away. Mine had a gorgeous necklace that was all silver. It has a dolphin as the charm. It's very simple, but I love it.

We roasted marshmallows again. I love roasting marshmallows - it's so much fun! When I was little I used to beg Dad to put his Muggle grill on just for marshmallows. After that we munched on a variety of finger foods. Dobby even came to visit for awhile. He said that Dumbledore gave him the day off.

That moment crept closer and closer. We counted it off together. There were several noisy and brightly colored charms that Hermione had set to go off at midnight. Then we toasted with our Butterbeer. Hermione and Ron kissed. I made the mistake of looking at Harry at the same moment he was looking at me.

I kissed him quickly on the cheek. "Happy New Year, Harry."

We didn't stay up much longer. Ron and Hermione got that look in their eyes and kept exchanging these really obvious glances. I told them to go on upstairs, and they practically raced to his dorms.

I was left alone with Harry. "Tonight was nice," I said conversationally, watching as the last embers of the fire began to glow.

"Very nice," he agreed. "I'm so glad that we're all friends again."

"Me too. Did you have a good time with Ron earlier?"

Harry shrugged. "If you're asking if we made up, yes. It wasn't something we talked about. It's just that . . . an unspoken agreement. We have one of those."

"That's good enough. You two were being complete gits, you know."

Harry shot me a look, ready to disagree. Then he smiled. "I know."

I smiled back.

"Ginny, you've got soot on your lips." He leaned forward with a finger to brush at my lower lip.

I trembled. Literally trembled. I didn't know people really did that. Then I said as jokingly as possible, "The marshmallows. I like them burnt." I don't think I originally intended to say that.

He nodded. His eyes were unabashedly studying my lips. "Do you know what I want to do right now, Ginny?"

I nodded very slightly.

He leaned forward slowly. Then he suddenly jerked backwards. He ran a hand through his hair. "Not yet," he said.

"Why not?"

Harry looked me straight in the eye and said, "Because I'm staying in a dorm with you with no supervision. I don't want to kiss you now, because what if I can't stop?"

I groaned and tossed my head back on the couch. "I wouldn't mind."

"I would. Listen, Gin, I've never had a girlfriend before."

"I know."

"I like you."

"I know that, too." I snorted. "It is kind of obvious."

"The correct response, Ginny, is 'I like you too, Harry Potter.' "

"I like you too, Harry Potter," I chimed with a note of sarcasm in my voice. "Can't imagine why."

"Let's go upstairs and go to sleep . . ."

"In our respective beds."

"In our respective beds," he agreed. His eyes darkened, and he turned away. "Tomorrow we're going to wake up - still in our respective beds - and go down to breakfast."

"Then I'm going to drag you up to the astronomy tower and have my wicked way with you."

"That sounds like a plan."

We followed that night's part of the plan. Even though the thought crossed my mind many times, I didn't go into his bed last night. It's funny that things turned out that way. I was expecting some life-altering moment when we kissed for the first time. And I was really shocked that he was so straightforward about it all. Maybe he's just as eager for this as I am.

I can hear him starting to wake up. That means breakfast. And after breakfast . . . I have to go now.

Later on Sunday January 1, Common Room

How do I start? Okay, judging from what I wrote happened yesterday, you can safely assume that, yes, I spent today with Harry. You may even go so far as to suppose that we kissed. That might also be true, but you can't just go assuming things like that. You need to know the details!

I woke up this morning to find that Harry was already gone. I usually wake up at a moderate time, and assuming that he wakes up early, this was understandable. I got ready and went down for breakfast. Harry was already half way through his meal.

"Hi," I said very, very shyly as I sat down next to him.

"Hi," he said in the same tone.

I'm not used to being shy. I'm used to saying what I want to say when I want to say it. That's why I felt so odd. We sat in silence for a minute or so while I piled food on my plate. Then I couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Are you still sure about what happened last night?"

He looked surprised. "Yes. Definitely," he said quickly. He shot me a small smile then looked back at his food. "Er . . . as long as you are. If you aren't, that's all right."

"Oh, I am," I assured him. Of course I was! What was this guy - deaf, dumb, and blind? I've been practically stalking him since we first met. That's almost seven years - perhaps a little bit over. Oh, who cares about time? "I most certainly am."

"That's good." Harry took a bite of his food.

We had a few more minutes of pressed silence. Then I laughed. "This is weird," I said.

He nodded. "Very weird." He coughed. "Do you want to go walking? That is - when you're done, I mean."

I nodded eagerly. "Yes. Yes, of course."

"We keep repeating ourselves."

"I know."

"I know."

Then we both laughed, and I felt so much more comfortable. I finished eating quickly, and we both started to leave. On our way to the door, we ran into Ron and Hermione.

"Good morning," Hermione greeted. She looked at Harry nervously. "Have a nice sleep?"

"Perfect," Harry said shortly.

"You lot are up early," Ron said.

"You're up late," I replied.

Ron looked to where Harry and I were holding hands. He sucked in a very slow breath, and I jerked my hand away from Harry's. "We'd best be going now," I said quickly.

"That would be best," Harry agreed.

"Wait a minute!" Ron cried out.

I ignored him and practically ran out of the Great Hall. I heard Harry on my heels. We got down to the main entryway. Then we stopped to gasp for breath. "That was close," I said.

"Very close."

"Should we go on that walk now?"

"Hold on a second." Harry looked me in the eye shyly. Then he leaned down very awkwardly to kiss me. I tilted my head upwards to better reach him, and then we were kissing!

It was slow and weird, but I felt it all the way to my toes. It lasted a short minute or so. Then we both pulled away, smiling and slightly out of breath. He took my hand in his, and we went out to the grounds.

Wasn't that romantic? I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. We right under the gigantic chandelier, too.

We walked around on grounds for about half an hour. We've been walking around a lot lately. Then I had a wonderful idea. I packed a small mound of snow in my gloved hand then went to Harry and kissed him. He quickly warmed towards me . . . until I ground the snowball into his hair and ran off laughing. That, of course, sparked a snowball fight between us that lasted another twenty minutes. Then we were shivering with cold and went back into the school, up to Gryffindor Tower.

We both went to our bedrooms to change into dry clothes. We met downstairs again and sat in front of the fire. I was curled up against his side, and we talked about all kinds of things. He recounted all of the "accidental" magic he'd done as a child.

I think we've been lucky so far to avoid Ron and Hermione. (Except for at breakfast time.) But we'll just have to see how that works out.

Tuesday January 3 - Girls Dorms

Well, Harry's not sleeping with me anymore. Okay, dirty mind, shut up. I did not mean in that way, and if you knew me at all you would . . . know. I'm not the best at verbalizing myself, am I?

I didn't write yesterday, did I? I'm sorry, I've been busy. And this time, dirty mind, you might be right about what went on. No - not that much went on . . . why am I even talking to a dirty mind? Ugh! I'm being so stupid today. I blame it on . . . well, let me explain.

Yesterday Harry and I spent the day together again. A lot of mush happened. I can't even remember everything that happened, come to think of it. It was all like a blur.

Anyway. Last night we were playing chess when Hermione came in. She looked miffed and sat down next to me. I asked her what was wrong.

"Oh, nothing much. Ron just irritated me."

"Nothing new there," Harry mumbled. I snickered, but hid it quickly.

"Yes, well-" she shot Harry a look "-He didn't understand why I wanted to go to the library." She rolled her eyes. "Does he know me at all?"

"Pretty well, I'd gather," I said. "He just didn't understand why you wanted to go to the library when he was available to take up your time."

"He's not my life," Hermione muttered.

"Did you get to go to the library?" I asked.

"Tomorrow. I'll go tomorrow."

"Where is Ron?" Harry asked.

"Kitchens. Who's winning?"


"So far," Harry added, smiling at me.

I blushed and looked down. "Um, pawn to D-4."

"And I continue to win. You just left your queen in plain sight."

"Hermione broke my concentration," I said defensively. Actually, I'd been doing badly the whole game because I couldn't get over how simply divine Harry Potter's eyes were. And how divine it was that he belonged to me. Well . . . almost.

Then Ron came in with a plate of cookies. He put them down and sat next to Harry. "I have an announcement."

"Do you?" I arched an eyebrow. "Well gather 'round the fire, kids."

"Shut up," he said, glaring. Then, "I've decided that we're done with this co-ed sleeping thing."

We all stared at him in shock. Ron, giving up sleeping in the same bed with Hermione?

"Oh, sorry," he said mockingly. "I meant that you and Harry are done with the co-ed sleeping thing."

"What?" I demanded.

"I don't want you two sleeping . . . so . . . close." His hands flew about as he spoke.

"We sleep farther away than you and Hermione," Harry said. His voice was low and angry. "Where am I supposed to sleep? I'm not going back to my bed."

"You can sleep down here. On the couch."

"On the couch?"

Ron nodded.

"That's unreasonable," Hermione put in.

"You told me yourself that you think they're . . . doing non-friendly things. I don't want them up there alone. Merlin, Ginny's only sixteen."

"And if we don't listen to you?" I asked.

Ron looked surprised at this one. I guess he stupidly believed that we would listen to him without question. "I'll . . . tell . . . mum."

"Anything but that," I said sarcastically. "If you tell Mum, I'll tell her that you and Hermione are sharing a bed. Harry and I aren't."

"Not yet!"

"Not for a long time!"

Ron looked at Harry as if he expected him to be shocked by this. Then his brow furrowed and he looked back at me. "Wait. Are you and Harry . . .?"

"It's none of your business," I snapped. "And the only way Harry is leaving my dorm is if Hermione comes back to her bed."

Ron looked furious. Then, after a few more minutes of us arguing, he agreed.

So everyone is back to their respective placements. I'm Harry-less. Well . . . until tomorrow morning.

Wednesday January 4 - Library

Hermione managed to drag me down to the library with her so that she could get some free time from Ron. At first I was upset because I wanted to spend the day with Harry, but now I see that she has a point. Harry and I are at that first stage of a relationship where I want to know everything there is about him - and I want to find it all out immediately. Upon reflection, I'm wondering if that's such a good idea.

I've been pondering my feelings for Harry. I couldn't say that I love him, but just saying that I like him is inadequate. I fancied myself in love with him when I was a child, but then that wore off. I talked to him more during my fourth and fifth years. Then this year we suddenly became close friends. I guess I could say that I love him. I just don't think I'm in love with him just yet.


Friday January 6 - Common Room

It just suddenly struck Harry and me that we have homework to do over the holidays. I researched at the library yesterday, checked out a few books, and I'm currently working on two essays. (This is just a short break.) He's at the library at the moment.

This morning we had a wonderful time. We skipped breakfast to walk through the school. Well, on the surface we were "strolling." In reality we were looking for a nice place for us to snog in. I was so giddy. I even kissed him in the middle of the corridors, out in the open! And it wasn't a peck either.

I don't think I've been this happy in a long time. I'll write more tomorrow.

Saturday January 7 - Girls Dorms

Ode to Harry:

His smiles make me go aflutter;

His kisses make me feel nutters.

I want to hold him endlessly;

But before then I should save a tree.

We can do anything;

Today we went walking in the rain.

My life with him seems far ahead;

At the very least until one of us is dead.

Oh, Harry!

You make me feel light and airy.

And tingly and as if I'm melting.

I'll hold you forever if you let me.

(Third rate poetry, I know. That Monday stuff was my best. But, who knows. This could very well end up in a collection of poems by Virginia Weasley someday.)

Sunday January 8 - Girls Dorms

I have another week to spend, and I'm already beginning to get bored out of my skull! I've done all of my homework that I know about. I've kissed Harry about a thousand times. I've eaten so much food from the kitchens that I'm sure to gain ten pounds at the very least. Life is just swell.

Wednesday January 11 - Common Room

Okay, I'm sorry that I haven't written to you. I always write every day . . . er . . . mostly. I strive to at the least! Why am I defending myself to a notebook?

I'm so tired, but I'm staying up anyway. Harry and Ron are currently in a match of chess that Hermione and I are required to watch. I've gotten bored, so I'm writing to you. Oh, that came out wrong! I really do enjoy writing in here. I'm surprised at how much I enjoy it. You're like . . . a Psych Wizard for me - who needs therapy when I've got paper, hmm?

Ron's beating Harry's bum quite easily, but I already knew that would happen. I just have to come up with a way to mend Harry's wounded pride when the game is over. I can think of a few ideas . . .

Oh, gross. I just reread that, and I sound just like some . . . tramp or something. I would like to make it clear that I don't just spend my time sucking face with Harry Potter. I will admit that I've been monopolizing my time doing this with him, but we're slowing that down. I think we were both so caught up in each other that we wanted to spend as much time together as possible - and we wanted to, ahem, explore a little bit.

Today we didn't snog once. Well, I mean, I did kiss him a few times. Who can resist his oh-so-succulent lips? (I've been dying to use the word 'succulent'!) But we spent a lot of the day with Hermione and Ron. All of us went to visit Hagrid, and we spent several hours of our afternoon there.

Ron is being so nice all of a sudden that I have definite reason to be suspicious. Wasn't it just a week ago that he was convinced Harry and I were colluding against him? That boy is weird. I give Hermione a lot of credit for dating him, much as I love him.

Oh, it looks like Ron is about to checkmate Harry. I'll write again tomorrow.

Friday January 13 - Girls Dorms

Forgive me for acting girly - you know that I don't usually do that type of thing. But the following entry will be filled with pure and utter fluff. I will first tell you about my conversation with Harry. That will be very romantic. Then I will go on to tell you about my feelings, and I could gush on for quite a few paragraphs. Be forewarned!

Harry and I were sitting in the Astronomy Tower. I was just lying in his arms while he was gently stroking my hair. We weren't talking much - each left to his own thoughts. Then Harry called my name.


"I just wanted . . ." Harry ducked his head when I turned to meet his eyes. "I wanted to ask you something, Gin."

I smiled, sensing that this was going to be one of Harry's "cute" moments. "I'm listening."

His cheeks began to turn red. "I . . . I want you to . . . that is . . . will you . . . be my . . . girlfriend?" He looked just about ready to faint.

I almost laughed, but I sensed it was not the time for this reaction. I cupped his cheek and tilted his head up so that I could look into his eyes because that's what they always do in books. "Yes." Then I smiled. "Do you even have to ask?"

"I just wanted it to be official," he mumbled. "School starts up again in two days, and I wanted to make sure we both knew that this wasn't . . ."

"Just some fling over holiday?"

He nodded, and I definitely felt my heart strings surrender to him. Unable to resist, I kissed him. We stayed like that for a long time, and I have chosen how I want to die: in Harry's arms.

Can you believe how sweet and adorable Harry can be sometimes? He's so quiet and reserved that I never thought I'd see a day where Harry stuttered about asking me to be his girlfriend. Well . . . okay, so after the last two weeks I've sort of been expecting it. But I thought that it was implied we were "official."

Ack! Do I really sound like one of those heroines from romance novels? What is he doing to me???

(Okay, I admit it. Whatever he's doing to me, I'm not exactly complaining.)

Saturday January 14 - Common Room

Tomorrow everyone comes back from holidays. I feel rather bittersweet at the moment. I feel closer to Hermione, Harry, and Ron than ever before (Harry especially!). I've had a wonderful break, but I'm looking forward to the future now.

What am I going to say to my friends? They're already mad that I don't spend any time with them anymore. That time is going to grow even smaller now that I'm dating Harry. I should make more of an effort to keep in touch with my own roommates!

That reminds me. I never made a resolution list, did I? Well, I'd best start one. I'll be a little late with breaking my resolutions this year.

Spend more time with friends!

Do homework.

Eat healthier so I lose those ten pounds I gained.

Quit spacing out in the middle of class.

Quit writing poetry during Transfiguration. (Other classes are all right.)

There we go. Five should be enough. Let's see how long I last.

Monday January 16 - Transfiguration

Ode to Mondays (A continuing drama):

I made a promise

Not to write in here anymore

But that went to hell

When my classmates began to snore

Who got sleep over holiday?

We were all partying

In my case frolicking

With my new boyfriend Harry who I can't stop thinking about

Tuesday January 17 - Girls Dorms

Yes! So far I am accomplishing my "hang out with friends" resolution! It's in reality Wednesday, as a matter of fact. We all stayed up until . . . one o'clock, I think it was. I told them all about Harry. They were squealing with me as if I hadn't been ignoring them for the past year!

I'm not stupid enough to think things are all right though. I could tell that things were a little uncomfortable when I first started to talk. Things don't mend themselves overnight. I didn't even decide to start spending more time with them overnight! I've been thinking about this a lot for the past month or so. I'm glad that I'm finally doing something about it.

Thursday January 18 - Commons Room

I was just an innocent bystander. I was strolling along the hallways, book in hand, and headed for the library after school hours when it hit me.

It being, of course, Harry. He suddenly appeared out of nowhere to tuck me under his Invisibility Cloak with him. Then we kissed - right there in the middle of the hallways! I felt nervous, but that just made the kiss even better.

Then he pushed me back out and walked away.

What peculiar behavior! But I loved it. Spontaneity is something I can get used to.

Friday January 19 - Quidditch Field

This week Ron is out here with me. He used to go to all of Harry's practices. He loves studying flying. I feel bad for him - he's not all that good at the actual sport. But I think he's content just to watch. Mostly.

He hasn't looked away from the field once, I swear! I tried to engage him in conversation at first, but then he made it clear that his only reply would be grunts and nods. I started working on my Potions essay, and I finished it just now.

Maybe I should write another 'Ode.' Nah. I should wait for the inspiration to come to me.

Next week I think I might ask Hermione if I can borrow her CD player.

Saturday January 20 - Common Room

I feel so special. Even though school has been back in service for about a week now, the only people who really know about Harry and me are my friends, Ron, and Hermione. I know that a lot of people thought we were together anyway - if you'll remember when I stupidly said that comment about shagging Harry in the middle of the common room.

Right in the middle of the Great Hall, Harry Potter kissed me. Okay, so it was not one of those tragic, desperate kisses that one would expect. It was quite chaste, as a matter of fact. But he kissed me - in front of everyone!

I was exhilarated. I know, I know. I'll be no one noticed. But it was almost like . . . Harry was announcing to the world that he was with me. Harry hates being in the public eye.

Sunday January 21 - Common Room

Neville just did the funniest thing. (Not that anything he ever does is normal.) I was reading an assignment when he came and sat next to me. He started shuffling his feet and wringing his hands. He seems so awkward for a seventeen-year-old. He's not ugly - he's actually kind of endearing. He sparks feelings akin to those I have about puppies.

"Yes, Neville?"

"Er . . . well . . ." he stuttered a bit. No need for me to list all of the non-words he used.

"Hmm?" I asked, interrupting him. I wasn't annoyed yet, but I could have gotten there fast.

"Are Ron and Hermione . . .?" He left that hanging.

I thought for a second. Did Ron and Hermione really want everyone to know about their relationship? I know that that's part of what upset Hermione before they got together again. I decided that it really wasn't my part to say anything, so I shook my head. "I don't think so."

He nodded, looking too happy for his own good. "Okay." He got up as if to leave. Then he stopped and pulled a book out of the stack he had on his lap. "Oh, right. This is Harry's. Er . . . yours too, I guess."

I picked up the book from him as he left. Do you want to know what it was? It was a book on contraceptive spells!!! And Neville implied that Harry and I use it! You have no idea just how red my face got as I hid it underneath the text book I'd been reading.

Why did Neville have that book in the first place? I'll have to ask Harry about that one.

Tuesday January 23 - History of Magic

The absolute worst thing happened to me. I didn't realize it, but I've been toting around that book that Neville gave me for the past two days. But I did notice today, when - in the middle of Potions - it fell out of my bag and scattered across the floor with all of my other things. But this book in particular just had to land right by Snape's foot.

He picked it up very carefully, read the title, and got this look of . . . of evil joy on his face. "Miss Weasley, is this the type of reading material that's appropriate?"

I couldn't even speak! You know how rarely that happens. I just sat there . . . gaping at him with a blush that covered my entire body. All of the students started to giggle.

"The correct answer is 'no,'" Snape said. He flipped through the pages. "It looks a bit dog eared to me." (This time the classroom erupted in laughter.) "I'll be confiscating this, of course."

He'll never let me live it down.

Oh, and did I mention the worst part? Caitlin, Elli, Guinevere, and Ophelia all are mad at me! They think that I'm sleeping with Harry and I didn't tell them! Argh!

Wednesday January 24 - Girls Dorms

They're still mad at me! As Ophelia put it, "We're not mad that you're doing it. We're just mad that you didn't tell us." Pfft!

I asked Harry why in Merlin's name he ever gave that book to Neville. He shrugged and said that he hadn't known what to do when Neville asked for it. I told him that every sixth year Gryffindor and Hufflepuff now thought that we were . . . you know. I think he blushed more than I did.

Thursday January 25 - Common Room

I guess I really don't care what anyone thinks. I never did before, so why start now? I know what goes on between Harry and me - shouldn't that be enough? I told Harry this today, and he said that I had a point. I'm going to ignore every single one of my roommates until somebody apologizes to me. They should know that a) I wouldn't do that and b) I would tell them if I did!

I don't really want to talk about all the bad things going on in my life when there are a million and one good things that are happening. Harry and I went walking around the courtyard today. It was quite lovely out, though cold. We got all the way to the lake and were joking about ice skating. Then I noticed that Harry was shivering (not unlike myself), and I pulled him close to me.

We stayed that way for a few minutes. Our heads were very near each other, and I smelled his cologne. Then I smiled softly and said, "I like your hair. It smells nice."

Harry half groaned and laughed. "You would bring that up, huh?" he teased, but he was blushing. "I'm sorry I acted like an imbecile. I just wasn't sure about what to do about . . . you know . . ."

"I know."

Harry sighed. "I know you know. That's why I . . . like you so much."

"I think I might just like you, too."

We went on bantering for a little bit. I had a lot of fun with him. It seems like ever since we started dating, he's opened up to me more. He broke out of his quiet, reserved shell a couple of months ago, but he was still a little bit shy and closed off at times. Now he jokes around a lot more and seems . . . happier. It makes me feel powerful to know that I can provide Harry Potter with happiness. It makes me want to keep on providing.

Friday January 26 - Quidditch Pitch

I'm having a blast! Harry brought me down early and let me use his broomstick - with him on it, too. Isn't that the most romantic thing ever? We flew around for a little bit, first joking around and stuff. Then we were interrupted by the rest of the Gryffindor team coming. Harry promised that once everyone leaves we can go up there again. I can't wait!

I've been listening to Hermione's CD player. You're so vain . . . you probably think this song is about you. Don't you? Don't you? Considering how inhibited Muggles are, they can come up with some pretty good music.

Later on Friday January 26 - Girls Dorms

As promised, Harry took me up again after their practice. He went and took a shower first - thank Merlin - and I waited by the field. I saw his male teammates jabbing him in the ribs and nodding towards me. I don't know whether to feel flattered or insulted. I'll ponder on that tonight.

Harry came out about fifteen minutes later. He hugged me first, and I settled against him for a while. Then we both stirred at the same time, and he put his broom up. "Ladies first."

We got on and flew until the Quidditch field and the school were practically specks of dust. Then we just stargazed and talked. I felt really close to Harry tonight.

Of course when we came inside, I got a little bit of slack from my friends for coming in so late. I ignored them though.

It wouldn't be so bad if not for Caitlin and Elli. I always felt close to them. But I guess I was just the odd one out. Ophelia and Guinevere are best friends. Caitlin and Elli were just as close. Even though I spent all of my time with them, I always felt a little bit separated at the same time.

What am I going to do next year when Harry and Hermione are gone? (Merlin forbid - even my brother!)

Saturday January 27 - 7th Year Girls Dorms

Hermione told me that I can spend the night with her tonight. We stayed up talking about anything and everything. I sometimes think that Hermione knows how I feel. I was always the odd one out with my friends, and I know she felt that way about Harry and Ron sometimes.

Oh! Hermione's back. She says she's glad that I write in my journal. I told her that I don't think I could have survived this year without you. (And no, I wasn't just saying that because you were in the room.)

Monday January 29 - Lunch

Ode to Mondays: A Continuation

Mondays hold in their grasp

Sleepy eyes and zombie walks

As in Mondays of the past

Humans weren't made for this

If I knew the spell

I would perish Mondays forever

But what then?

Would Tuesdays become dreaded?

Tuesday January 30 - Common Room

So far I have broken just about every one of my resolutions. But I don't care! Harry and I got a chance to snog earlier. I'm just about to lose myself to that boy. It's hard to believe that less than a month ago I was in the deepest throes of teenaged unresolved sexual tension. Okay, so maybe it didn't go that far. But . . . I was getting pretty frustrated there!

Ah . . . another month gone and past. January passed by like a flash.

* * * * *

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