Hey guys, thanks for checking this little story of mine out! So before you start reading, there's a couple of little points you should keep in mind:

1. In this slight AU universe, Mobius and Earth are 2 vastly different planets. Part 1 is exclusively on Earth with the humans and real life animals. Mobius is coming soon, but they're all Mobians i.e. Sonic-looking anthropomorphic animals.

2. GUN is going to be Mobius' government force, complete with Mobian soldiers and operatives. Earth's government is well, OUR government; CIA, FBI, KGB, etc.

3. The ARK isn't made to study Earth stuff, Mobius is the focus of the ARK research. We'll get to that soon, don't worry. ;)

As far as this being a slight AU, literally everything that happens here will line up with the games other than the stuff previously mentioned. I'm super into keeping things believable with the canon of the games and the games only. Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters ain't sneaking into this one, folks. I absolutely hate the Archie comics, shipping, and fan characters so don't expect ANY of that to leak in either. This is strictly inside the game universe, just with those slight alterations.

And SEGA owns all original characters, places, and story elements. This story is all me though, so please don't steal or any such thing. Okay I'll shut up now. XD Enjoy eager readers! :D

Gerald's Story Part 1

Creative, brilliant, astounding, prodigious; these were the words that every human being on planet Earth used to describe one of their best and brightest. His name was Gerald Robotnik and he was the greatest scientific mind in the history of his world. He was nothing short of incredible when it came to any intellectual endeavors. He was indeed brilliant... and kind as well. He was known to be a pacifist, wanting to cause no harm to anyone or anything. This brilliant man had but one goal: world peace. The noblest desire that a man could have.

Because of this nobility, he was able to easily raise two children with love and kindness. Together with his wife by his side, they were the perfect wholesome family. And soon enough, his children wed two beautiful spouses. Gerald thought that his family would continue to flourish and eventually spread world peace across Earth. He was happy beyond words.

However, all good things must come to an end. Gerald's eldest son soon learned this when he and his wife found out that she was unable to have children. And if she could deliver a child, it would not be without fatal damage afterwards; to her and the potential baby. Devastated, the son decided not to have the child he wanted to have so much. However his wife gently convinced him that they should try anyway, to further the family name.

At the same time, Gerald's wife had gotten ill and abruptly died within 2 weeks of contracting the illness. Gerald was at a loss for words for what seemed like forever when his wife passed away. He felt responsible for her death, he was the smartest man on Earth and he couldn't save his own wife. He couldn't even figure out how to manage her pain inflicted by the terrible disease that took her from him. He would repeat this over and over again in his head, he remained downtrodden and ceased all work. His dear children tried their best to get him out of his depression, but he was too far gone for their words to reach him.

Finally, the eldest son and his wife tried once more to have a child, hoping that the news of new life would bring their father back from the dark. They prayed and waited for months, until... it happened. She was with child.

The eldest son rushed to his father's home and told him the good news. Immediately, Gerald was uplifted. A miracle had happened, the impossible had been achieved, he had no choice but to feel the infectious affects of joy once again. Even though he had lost his wife, he dared not let that hold him back now. He was going to be a grandfather to a precious soul, and his dream of world peace through his family was, once again, being slowly fulfilled.

Thanks to the news of a new member of the family on its way to the world, Gerald had gotten the spark that he hadn't felt since his wife died: the spark of ingenuity. He was back to his old self again, developing new technology and solutions that no one had ever thought of before. Eventually, the government decided that he was far too valuable a "resource" to go "uncultivated". Gerald was visited by a government official, sharply dressed and sharply tongued, who told him that his skills were needed for "the good of the nation". Gerald, however, declined the abrupt summons, as he already knew the government was not to be completely trusted. Angrily, the federal man left his home, claiming that he would be back and Gerald wouldn't be able to say no to his country again. Not without paying dearly for it.

This became the dreaded precursor to a series of unfortunate events that befell the kind Gerald Robotnik. Within a few months, the child was born; a golden haired girl with sapphire eyes. Gerald came to see his granddaughter in the hospital and when he opened the door, she shined like the Sun. He immediately fell head over heels for her. She was always smiling or giggling or trying to talk, and when he asked what they would name her, they told him that her name was the same name Gerald's wife carried: Maria.

Unfortunately, her angelic appearance was simply a mask; after keeping the child in the hospital, which is the normal custom of medical facilities, she was diagnosed with an unknown disease, with terrible symptoms. To make matters worse, the eldest's wife had used up nearly all of her energy in the delivery room; the doctors were afraid she wouldn't make it to the end of the week. All of these facts made the eldest son fall into a deep depression. Of course, with no idea how to treat such a disease, the doctors turned to Gerald, the world's most brilliant man, for an answer. Regrettably, Gerald could not find a cure or bring his daughter-in-law from the brink. Despite his wealth and renown intelligence, he didn't have a solution for his sick granddaughter.

The government, knowing fully of his situation, secretly closed up Gerald's public laboratories and research facilities and unjustly took money from his bank accounts through federal taxes, deceitfully making it seem like he was going bankrupt. Of course, this threw Gerald in a panic, a panic that the government was willing to "innocently" help alleviate. The federal suit came back to Gerald's home and offered him a deal: the government would supply the resources for Gerald if he would create weapons for them to use against other nations. This time, Gerald thought about the offer before sending the man back to the capital. He really did need the money and resources, but he still didn't trust the government, and he was right not to. For being rejected a second time, the wicked government decided to push Gerald into doing what they wanted. And they pushed hard.

Two years after Maria was born, her and her mother's conditions had gotten slightly better. It seemed that the treatments suggested by Gerald were finally working and they were steadily climbing back to one hundred percent. The depressed son was so joyous of the news, he requested taking a drive out of the hospital with his daughter and wife, and after two more weeks of agonizing waiting, the doctors agreed to the trip. His father, however, disapproved; he was much too worried that the celebration was premature and wanted to wait for definite improvement. Highly emotional, the eldest son disobeyed his father and took his wife and daughter out for a drive. He took them to the mall and bought them mountains of clothes and jewelry and all the little things they were deprived of in the hospital's care. For the first time in 2 years, their family felt normal again.

But suddenly, while driving his wife and daughter back to the hospital after their first day out as a family, Gerald's eldest son and daughter-in-law were hit head-on in a car collision. Gerald was at his personal laboratory when he got the call from the hospital. The news hit him like a sack of bricks. Sorrow left him bitterly silent for a few moments, but he suddenly remembered his granddaughter and frantically asked about her condition. The doctor told him that she was perfectly protected by Gerald's own invention: the force field child safety seat. It protected little Maria from all harm. His son and daughter-in-law weren't so lucky.

Before the hospital worker could finish his sentence, Gerald rushed to the hospital, equipment almost bursting from his arms. He couldn't lose someone else, he had to save them. This time he had to save them, no matter what! He was going to save them! He kept chanting to himself over and over again as he flew past the doctors and nurses in the halls.

But his chanting stopped when he opened the door to his son's room and heard the flatline tone. That deafening, haunting sound of finality filled Gerald's ears. He was already too late. His arms lost all their strength and he let his meaningless, life-saving inventions fall to the ground. The doctors and nurses in the room looked back to see where the crash came from and saw Gerald, tears streaming down his face. They attempted to tell him that he already passed when he entered the hospital's threshold and that they themselves were too late to save him, not Gerald. But Gerald couldn't hear them. He had failed again; again a life he held dear had left this world because he was too slow, too weak to save them. He dropped to his knees and dropped his face in his hands while the tears poured out shamelessly.

With the assistance of the kind nurses, Gerald walked out of the hospital room and sat down on one of the benches scattered across the medical facility. There, he was about to spew out more tears of anguish, when suddenly, he felt something. Something soft and warm. A small hand placed itself on his knee. He followed the trail of the hand to the arm, arm to neck, neck to face. It was his granddaughter Maria. She was smiling at him, she was actually smiling at a time like this. Gerald froze, he couldn't make sense of it. Surely even a two year old would be able to grasp that her parents were hurt and weren't going to see her again. Maria interrupted his thoughts when she slowly climbed into his lap and gently put her arms around his neck in a tender embrace.

"It's okay, Grandfather. Mommy and Daddy had to go, but I'm still here. Don't be sad, ok?" she said in a beautifully sweet voice. Gerald's heart stopped in shock. How in the world was she able to push her feelings aside for him? She was only two, there's no way a normal two year old would say these things. Gerald shed more tears, but this time out of happiness. He held his beloved granddaughter and promised not to be sad anymore. Maria giggled happily and jumped down from his lap and sat next to him, her tiny legs swinging back and forth slowly. Gerald looked down at her and thought how amazing this child was. He needed to save her, just as she saved him from falling again.

As Gerald and Maria exited the hospital, the federal suit waited for them at his car. Fearing the worst, Gerald scooped Maria behind his legs and demanded to know what he was doing there. With a voice that sounded like it was caressed in bourbon and cigarettes, he answered.

"I was going to pay my condolences, Professor. It's a shame, you having to bury your son and all. I was just going to make sure you were doing okay."

"... How did you know he died? I was the only one in the room and you never entered the hospital. If you did, you would have a visitor's pass on your suit jacket." Gerald deduced correctly. The government suit grinned devilishly.

"Man, you are smart. You got me, I never went in and heard, but I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out" he said, just a little under cryptic. Maria's grip on Gerald's pants got tighter as she peaked across his legs to see who he was talking to. The government man looked down and saw her.

"This is their child, right? The miracle baby? Thank goodness she's okay. I don't think you would have survived the loss of this adorable little thing" he said while inching closer to Gerald.

"Did... you have anything to do with this? Did the government order the death of my son just because I refuse to help them?!" Gerald asked angrily. The federal suit smirked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" he said ominously as he turned around. Gerald instantly got angry and tightened his fists. Maria whined in fear of the evil man and unintentionally caught his attention again.

"You know, she is just too cute" he said as he walked closer to Gerald. He squatted down to Maria's height and smiled.

"I could just pinch her little. HEAD. OFF." the dark hearted man threatened through his teeth. Maria's grip on Gerald's pants leg got tighter and she could hardly keep from screaming. The federal suit smirked wickedly, turned around, and walked away from them.

"I suggest you take our offer this time, Professor. What else have you got to lose?" he said darkly as he disappeared from their vision. Gerald looked down at Maria, she was still trembling from fear. He took her into the car, after fully examining it for any "changes", and drove her home. After tucking her in for the night, he called the number the federal suit had given him and agreed to work for the government...