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Summary: All Estelle wants is to raise her younger sister properly. Of course that's a pretty hard thing to do given her metahuman status. Her life gets more complicated once when she's asked to help assist Rick Flag with Task Force X. Now she has to deal with a group of criminals and a certain former psychiatrist, who for some reason wants to be her BFF. Could her life get any more weird?

"That's what we all want, isn't it? Power without price." ― Kelley Armstrong

Chapter 1: Her name is Estelle Carter

Rick Flag could not believe what he was hearing. Was Waller actually being serious right now? He thought that in the beginningwhen people were telling him about how Amanda Waller really wasthat they were just heavily exaggerating...but perhaps he should have taken their warnings more seriously. If he had done that then maybe he would have been more prepared with the sudden unexpected news Waller had just thrown at him. Or maybe not...after all what she had just told him was beyond implausiblenot to mention morally wrong. At least to him it was, but he had a feeling that many would agree on this one with him.

Just being called in during the middle of the night should have right away thrown Rick off, but he stupidly chose to ignore this feeling. So now here he was...in Amanda Waller's office...for an emergency meeting that actually ended up being to discuss a new addition she wanted to make towards the team she was assembling. But the fact that she wanted to bring in another person into this whole mess didn't really bother Rick. Not until he saw who exactly Waller wanted to bring in. He flipped right the hell out once he saw the photo that was attached to the file Waller gave him about her.

A girl. A very young pretty looking girl.

Based on the photo he had gotten of her, she looked to be about around her late teen years, maybe early twenties. She had long dark brown hair, fair looking skin, and bright blue eyes. Her appearance practically screamed out innocence. Which of course made red alarms go off in his head. Why in the world would Waller want an adolescent to be a part of this? Hell he didn't even want to be a part of it, but due to personal reasons (mainly because of his emotional attachment and relationship towards June) he was forced into this.

"You cannot be serious." Rick said finally voicing his opinions out loud. "She's a kid!" He retorted to Waller vehemently.

"Her name is Estelle Carter." Waller informed him candidly. "And she's no kid. She's well enough into her adult years now."

"Well enough into her adult years?" Rick scoffed in disbelief. "So what? She's like twenty?" He asked Waller with attitude.

Amanda Waller simply rose an eyebrow eloquently, but otherwise kept her face neutral from any annoyance she was feeling towards him. "Twenty-one actually." She corrected him as if her young adult age wasn't a big deal.

It was to Rick.

"No, absolutely not." He said shaking his head.

Waller narrowed her dark eyes at him. "You asked for extra backup other than Katana. Well, this is it."

"No, this is not it." Rick denied furiously. "I mean, what can she do that would help back me up?"

Hearing him say this made a sly smile appear on Waller's face. Without a word she simply pulled out an iPad from her suitcase and pushed play, before handling it over to him.

Rick was rather wary by how cryptic she was being, but nonetheless forced himself to watch what was playing on the iPad.

Right away he realized he was watching a surveillance video for what appeared to be in a liquor store of some sorts. It was empty except for the male cashier who was up front. A few seconds passed and in walked a young looking man who grabbed a small basket and started shopping for items. This seemed totally bemusing to him, since he didn't understand why Waller was making him watch this. It wasn't about until a few more seconds later that he finally understood why. Because in walked the girl from the photoEstelleand almost immediately she started shopping. Unlike the young man who walked in before her, she wasn't shopping for food items, but rather she was in the medicine aisle. Which was rather close to the cashier. Rick noticed that Estelle was looking at the medicine as if she were looking for something in specific. It was during her concentration that he noticed another person walk into the store. It was a guy, a much rougher looking kind of guy who was wearing a hoodie.

Almost immediately Rick could tell this guy was bad news, and his assumptions were proven right when he saw the guy pull out a gun and pointed at the cashier, no doubt asking for the money. His eyes were suddenly drawn back to Estelle, who was standing a few feet away from the guy. She wasn't cowering or hiding away from the robber, but instead she happened to be looking directly at him, the medicine she had in her hand momentarily forgotten. He then saw how she gently put the medicine back onto the counter it was on before she lifted her right hand and aimed towards the robber. And much to his astonishment he saw a bright bluish light appear from her hand and saw how it shot towards the robber's gun, instantly making him drop it to the ground. The robber looked surprised not to mention in pain as he clutched the hand that was once holding the gun towards his chest. He appeared to be trying to find where that blast of light came from when he quickly turned towards Estelle. Rick saw how she instantly took a stance right as the robber was charging her way. Only the robber never fully made it towards her because he was thrown to the other side of the store by what appeared to be a flash of...lightning?

Rick was severely confused by this. Even more so when he replayed that part again and saw how the young man who came in first was standing by the milk section vanished, appearing as if he were gone for about a second or so before returning back...but how was that possible? Had he been the one to push the man away from Estelle? Speaking of Estelle, during the whole lightning part, she didn't look at all faltered. No, in fact, she looked perfectly unharmed. The cashier who was up front though had taken shelter under his counter and the robber was knocked out. All who were fine and unharmed were Estelle and the young man, and it was if they too noticed this, since they were staring each other in bemusement.

The young man seemed to be looking at Estelle in more awe and that's when Rick understood why. There was something like a force-field of some sorts surrounding her...like protection. So that's why she wasn't affected by that sudden lightning speed that happened...the video continued for a few seconds more with the two young adults looking at each other before it abruptly ended. Leaving Rick Flag absolutely stunned.

How was any of that possible...unless of course...

"She's a metahuman..." Rick said out-loud, although it sounded more like a whisper.

Amanda Waller heard this and she nodded her head, pleased. "Yes, she is. And as you can tell by that surveillance video alone, she is quite powerful. I told you she'd come in handy as extra back up for you." She pointed to the file that was on the table. "All you need to know about her is in this file."

"Wait, what about the other kid?" Rick asked referring to the young man who had also been on the surveillance video. The colonel hadn't seen much of him, on account that the young man had practically flashed on the screen, but that still proved that he was indeed a metahuman as well.

"He's on a need to know basis for someone else." Waller told him with a resolute tone of voice. Otherwise it was a way of telling Rick not to pry information on the young man. "The main objective here isn't him but instead her." She said to the colonel and then glanced back to the folder that held all of Estelle's information. "Believe me when I say her unique abilities will be a lot more useful and helpful towards you once this task comes to play."

Momentarily forgetting about the young man, Rick focused back onto the main discussion. "But she's just a kid." He insisted again, because in his eyes she really was. Didn't matter if she were in her twenties, she was still younger than him. His concern over this could be heard by how gallant his tone was. Especially with how his voice was wavering a tiny bit, since he was looking directly at the photo of Estelle. He did not feel right with bringing in this innocent girl into the mix of chaos that Waller was planning for the ridiculous idea known as Task Force X. Although given by her hard stare, Rick concluded that Waller did not seem to mind sending in a young person into the battle field.

"And if she refuses?" Rick found himself asking her with furrowed eyebrows. Inwardly hoping that the young girl would be smart enough to turn down this crazy offer.

This possibility, however, did not bother Waller in the slightest, and a slow calculating expression formed on her face.

"I wouldn't worry about that, because just like Deadshot she has a weakness."

Rick frowned at this. "What? She has a kid too?" He asked in disbelief. It was kind of hard to imagine this young innocent looking girl with a child.

"No, not a kid." Waller said grimly before pulling out another photo that was hidden inside her suit's blazer. She placed the photo on the table for Rick to see and she saw how he had a semi wide expression. It was a photo of Estelle with a girl who looked to around eleven or twelve who had similar features as her. Waller inwardly beamed at this, since she was able to get through to him, ultimately saying that she still had the upper hand in all this. "But she has a sister, younger sister to be more exact. A little sister she loves so much that she'd be willing to do anything in order to ensure her health and safety."