Chapter 1: A New Life and Form

Just like that his victory was stolen from him along with his life. On the black menacing ship in outer space, the final battle to determine the fate of Earth was reaching its climax. The tall silver armored robot armed with a cannon on his right arm and was wielding a dark sword. He grasped the black handle about to deliver the final to his arch nemesis, Optimus Prime, when someone called his name. He turned to face the voice only to make his eyes popped. The reason for this was he got impaled by a large futuristic sword through the center of his chest where a purple insignia was at the center of his chest.

Slowly losing consciousness, he saw the bot who impaled him and it was none other than Optimus' scout, Bumblebee. His destroyed chest was healing itself with a light blue glow and revealed his black muscle car armor. Staring at the scout's eyes he heard something that shock him to the core, "You took my voice. You will never rob anyone of anything ever again."

The dying robot slowly lifted his dark sword in the air for moment before dropping it as he groaned. Everyone who were present at the time watched him struggle to stay alive as he fall to his knees, grasping the blade with both hands. Desperately trying to hold on to life, the struggle came to an end when the last spark of life was dying away.

A grayish robot with jet armor fell to his knees and cried, "Lord Megatron... NO!"

Unfortunately, it was too late. The last bit of flames had smother away from Megatron causing his eyes to become pitch black. He slowly began to slide away from the sword before falling down to Earth. Optimus watched the corpse of his nemesis descend down to Earth, being engulfing in a ball of flames before disappearing. At long last Megatron is no more or so he thought. Unknown to him, destiny had something else plan for the gladiator of Kaon along with two other.

Slowly opening his eyes to see he was in a forest and it was sunny. For some reason, it looked bigger than they usually do. On an important note, how was he even alive. He was stab right through the chest and felt the cold hands of death. Something caused him to survive and he was going to find out. He slowly rose up to examine the forest.

"Where am I?" Megatron was startle with the sound of his voice because it was a lot younger than his original. He rubbed his neck to see if there was any damage to it, but what he felt was not what he expecting. It was not a metal texture, it was a fleshy text. Wasting no time, he hurried to find something that could reflect and he came across a spring. Approaching the spring, his eyes widen at the sight, "What in name of the Pits of Kaon is this!?"

The once menacing Cybertronian gladiator was now a human standing 6 feet tall. He appeared to be around in his teens with an average muscular body build. His black hair covered the back of his neck completely. His eyes were crimson like before. His face has no scars on it like his previous form had. He wore a black t-shirt with an open grayish short sleeves hoodie, dark pants, and dark shoes. Around his neck was a silver chain necklace that has the Decepticons' insignia in purple.

"How is this possible?" as he touched his right cheek with a couple of fingers.

"I have no report to give to you on that, Lord Megatron" a young emotionless tone answered which sounded extremely familiar.

Megatron turned to see two humans standing underneath the sunlight. Both appear to be around Megatron's new age and Caucasian like him, but they look completely different.

One had onyx hair with dark blue shades in it and it covered the top of his neck. He was 5'9 feet tall and was quite lean. His eyes were covered by a pitch black visor with a few bangs of hair hover on it. Instead of covering his entire face, the visor covered on his eyes section leaving the rest of his face visible. He wore a simple black t-shirt with a light blue open hoodie, light jeans, and black shoes. A chain necklace similar to Megatron's, hang around his neck. He had a pair of dark blue headphones around his neck too.

The other one was the same height as the visor wearing teen, but a little stiff. He has black hair with some dark purple shades. He wore a black eye patch covering his right eye while his left showed his crimson eye. His outfit consist of a dark purple button down shirt with the collar open to show his black t-shirt along with the sleeves are rolled up to the elbow, dark pants, and black shoes. He had a silver belt chain on the left side which had a small purple Decepticon logo on the chain. He also has a silver watch on his right wrist.

It took the gladiator a second, but an image of two of his most loyalist men appeared. This caused him to recognize them with shock, "Soundwave... Shockwave..."

"It is us Lord Megatron" the man in purple, who was Shockwave, answered before bowing along with Soundwave.

"So you two got transform into humans too."


"Soundwave, do you know where we are?"

Soundwave shook his head no to answer causing his leader to growled in anger.

"All the equipment we had before back in our old forms are gone, sir."

Megatron raise an eyebrow at his first lieutenant of his science division, "Yet you appear to have a new arm?"

Shockwave raise his left arm and examine it, "I am unable to determine how this is possible my liege."

Megatron placed his hands behind his back as he ponders his thoughts, but was soon interrupted by a loud screech. The three look up to see a bird flying down towards them. Soundwave extended his arm to allow the bird to land. The bird was a crow with dark violet eyes and light blue on the bottom of the feathers.

"Is this Laserbeak?" Megatron asked which Soundwave nodded yes. "Has he found something?" The silent Con nodded yes again.

"Lord Megatron, I believe we should investigate what Laserbeak had found. It will possibly lead us to the answers to our questions" Shockwave suggested.

"Indeed. Laserbeak, show us what you found."

The crow nodded to Megatron and flap his wings. The trio followed Laserbeak out of the forest until they came upon a cliff overlooking a city. Megatron told Laserbeak he did a good job which the bird responded with a screech. It took them a while, but they were soon inside the city to see that it was fill with humans. This revelation brought even more questions to add to the current ones they have. Before they continue on, Shockwave brought up an important piece of information. Since they were no longer Cybertronians, they should rename themselves in order to fit in with the humans and not addressing Megatron as Lord. Understanding the logic behind it, Megatron decided to go by Tron Omega while Shockwave went with Stark Ave and Soundwave called himself Don Wave.

Luckily, they were able to understand the language the people of the city are speaking. When the Cons first arrive on Earth, they studied what they can about the planet and were able to master their language with ease. As they proceed through the city, as Laserbeak watched them from above, they came upon a library and decided to split up. Megatron said he will explore the city while Soundwave and Shockwave used the computers in the library to gather information. The two accepted their orders and headed inside while Megatron walked off.

A couple hours later, Megatron was standing on top of hill that was part of a large building which was call Kuoh Academy. He stumble upon the school by accident, but decided to check it. He ordered Laserbeak to go back to the others and guide them here. Something in his blood was telling him to go in, or to be more specific the blood of Unicron. During his travel, he felt the dark powers of the Chaos Bringer still coursing through his veins yet something was different about it. It was almost like the darkness gotten darker than before.

He slowly brought a hand up and focused the blood's power in it. As a result a light purple aura surrounded his hand for just a moment before vanishing into thin air. Megatron narrowed his eyes at it for moment before turning his attention to the sky and asking himself what in world was destiny planning for him and his men.

Little did the Con leader know, a bell rang through the school and swarm of students came out. Majority of the students were girls with a low percentage of boys. They wore similar outfits , but the girls wore skirts while the boys wore pants. Megatron ignored them and look into the sky thinking about what he should do now. All the while, groups of girls spotted him and were shot in the heart from how handsome he was.

"Who is that!?"

"I don't know. Never saw him before."

"I didn't think we found someone who is hotter than Kiba."

"Do you think he came here to transfer?"

"If he does then it will be heaven."

Megatron heard their comments and softly growled, "What is up with humans and their gossiping?"

"Hey you!"

Megatron shifted his head to the right to see three boys who look mad for some reason. One was bald, another had glasses, and the last had brown hair and had his blazer and button shirt open to show his red t-shirt. "What do you want?"

"Get the hell out of here!" the bald one shouted.

"Yeah! We already have one Casanova here we don't need a second!"

"What are you talking about?" Megatron asked as his rage slowly begins to build up. The one thing he hate the most is someone telling him what to do.

"You are a thorn to our dream!" the brown hair boy shouted.

"Your dream?"

"Yes! The dream of getting a harem and becoming Harem Kings!" the brown hair boy shouted with much enthusiasm.

The bald one raised his fist in the air, "Seizing boobs and looking at asses is what make life worth wild!" As the girls were greatly disturbed by this, Megatron was not showing his shock at what he just saw.

"I don't believe it... These three are more pathetic than Starscream."

"So get the hell out of here!" demanded the glasses teen.

"Hmph" Megatron closed his eyes for a second before turning his attention to the scenery.

"Hey! Don't just stand there! Get out of here!"

"I am giving this one chance to leave now. I am not in a pleasant mood."

"""Oh yeah! What are you going to do about it!?""" the three shouted together.

He turned to face them and gave his intense glare which made their blood run cold as their souls slowly began to crack apart by the sound of his voice, "I'll demonstrate how worthless your feeble dreams are and how pathetic you three are as well."

Fury burst in the boys from hearing that their dreams are worthless and feeble. The bald and glasses teen charged and aimed for Megatron's head. Megatron easily caught their punches then slammed their bodies together before tossing them to the side.

"Matsuda! Motohama! You bastard!" the brown hair teen shouted.

Megatron blocked his punch with his forearm then delivered a powerful punch in the guts forcing the teen to fall to his knees clutching his stomach in pain.

"How pathetic" Megatron muttered before hitting him with the back of his hand. As the brown hair teen tasted the taste of dirt, the girls began to gossip about what transpired.

"Did you see that?"

"He took the Perverted Trio like they were nothing."

"Not only he handsome, he's super strong and put them in their place."

"I wonder how big his muscles are?"

"I would love to feel them wrap around me."

Megatron raise an eyebrow at what the girls called the boys, "Perverted Trio, really? That is the most pathetic name I ever heard of."

"There you are Tron."

Megatron turned to the voice, "Ah! Stark, Don."

The girls notice the two newcomers and were stun at their appearance.

"Oh my God! Two more!"

"I feel like I am in heaven!"

"The voice came from the one in purple."

"I wonder why he is wearing an eyepatch?"

"I don't know, but I find it quite cool on him. It makes him cute in his own way."

"Indeed. The one in blue is cute too."

"Why is he wearing visor? Is he some sort of DJ player?"

"If he is then I would love to hear his music."

Ignoring the comments, Shockwave walked over to see the boys on the ground, "What happen here?"

"Just some fools who foolishly attempted to fight me."

"How illogical" Shockwave said with Soundwave nodded in agreement.

The Cons were about to leave when a voice stop them, "Hold it!" They turned to see it was the brown hair boy who got back up, but was shaking.

"I suggest you stand down, boy. Your body is shaking in fear; it knows that you are afraid. Do the smart thing and stand down" Megatron advised while turning his back on him.

"Shut up!" the boy retorted. He ran up and tried to punch him in the back of the head, but Megatron caught it without even looking.

The gladiator slowly turned his head to the boy who began to sweat in fear, "Know your place, child."

Before the boy could say anything, he was lifted up in the air when Megatron yank his arm to the left and spun him around. He let go of the boy sending him flying into a metal fence leading to a tennis court. The boy fell to the ground and groaned in pain while Megatron straighten himself and clutched his hands into fists.

""Issei!"" the bald and glasses teen shouted in unison then glared at Megatron.

He rolled his eyes in annoyance before facing his men, "Stark, Don you two can take care of this."

"Very well" Shockwave nodded along with Soundwave.

"Hey! Our business is with you not these guys!" the bald teen pointed.

"I have no interest in fighting weak opponents. Besides if your ignorant friend couldn't harm me, what chance do you two have? Also, my two... friends here are more than capable of defeating you." Megatron hated acting like a human. Calling his men his friends, though it could be debatable, following the rules of this planet, and dealing with their nonsense. Still he must maintain this charade for now until the day this world is his.

"You think this one eyed creep and emo freak are capable of defeating us!? Yeah right!"

Megatron glanced at his men then to the two perverts, "You fools just sign your own demise." Though Shockwave and Soundwave kept their emotions in check, Megatron could tell they took offense to the nick names. He knew the two for a long time and he knows what they went through before their names strike fear in people. He noticed Laserbeak on a tree glaring at the glasses boy. The one thing that the crow despises the most is when someone treated Soundwave as some kind of freak.

"How about we test your theory then?" Shockwave proposed as he focused his attention at the glasses teen while Soundwave focus on the bald one.

The glasses teen tried to punch Shockwave in his blind spot, but it was thwarted easily. Shockwave simply grabbed his foe by the shirt and lifted him a little before punching him in the face. Next he threw him to the ground then picked him up again before throwing him down the hill where he hit a tree.

He stood over the edge and glared down, "Your choice of attack was highly illogical and predictable."

The bald teen charge straight forward delivering a series of punches. The silent Con blocked each blow with his forearms for a couple of seconds until he caught a fist. He tossed it to the side in order grab him by the collar and lifted him a little. He then threw him down to the ground as he slid a little. The bald teen was on his knees for a moment before he was push down by the weight of Soundwave's foot which was on the back of his head.

"Hmph, how pathetic. You two didn't even provide a challenge for them", Megatron mocked as he turned around, "Come Stark, Don, we wasted enough precious time dealing with these idiots."

The two nodded and left their foes to soak in their defeat to follow their leader. When they left the girls began to send text messages and such about what happen. They were able to grab a shot of the three Decepticons before they left so they could show it to everyone.

Later on inside an old building, a group of teens were standing around two people who were sitting on the couch apart from each other. One girl had long crimson hair was drinking her tea while a blond hair male, a short white hair girl, and a long black hair girl stood right behind her. On the other side, a girl with black hair and glasses was sitting while with a group of girls behind her. Each of them had a different hair color.

The redhead lowered her cup and place on the table, "So Sona, I guess the reason for your visit is about the unknown power we felt just a couple of hours ago?"

"Yes Rias, have you determine what or he it is yet?"

"No, you?"

"Unfortunately, not a lot. All we have are rumors and a picture that Momo has from one of her classmates of the three possible candidates."

"Three?" Rias raise an eyebrow.


A white hair girl with blue-green eyes came forward and pulled out a picture of three unannounced visitors that came today.

Rias picked the photo up and narrowed her eyes, "It's one of these three?"

"Yes," Sona adjusted her glasses, "We have no information on them since they not a part of our school; however, rumors has it that the Perverted Trio fought them, but lost miserably. Witnesses overhear the names of these three. The one in purple goes by Stark, the one in blue is Don, and the one in gray is Tron."

Rias sighed as a response, "Why must the boys in this school be perverts?"

"I wish I knew, Rias."

A silent atmosphere filled the room as the blond hair boy chuckled nervously as girls just sigh. Ever since Kuoh became co-ed, perverts flock here like crazy. The boys of the first years had proven to be the worst of the worst especially three in particular, the Perverted Trio. It's nearly been a full year and those three has been nothing but trouble.

Rias sighed before returning her attention back at the photo again, "I suppose you want our assistance on finding these three?"

"Correct. We can't allow an unknown force roam freely in our territory."


"Thank you Rias. Good day." Sona got up and headed towards the door along with girls that were with her.

The long black hair girl notice Rias was still staring at the photo, but her attention was more focus on the teen in gray. She placed a hand over her lips to suppress the giggles, "Ara ara, something caught your interest, Buchou?"

"No time for your jokes, Akeno. This is a serious problem. We must know if these boys are friend or foe. Search the city and if you come across them watch them then report back to me."

"""Aye, Buchou!""" the three shouted.

Back with the Decepticons, they were in a park near the fountain ready to discuss what they discover. Megatron was standing along with Shockwave while Soundwave was sitting on the end of the fountain with Laserbeak on his right shoulder. The silent Con petted his faithful crow as Megatron listen to Shockwave's report.

"What have you gather, Shockwave?"

"This world is exactly identical to the Earth we know except for this city, Kuoh. This city does not exist on the other Earth according to Soundwave."

Megatron narrowed his eyes at him, "What is your hypothesis then?"

"My hypothesis suggests that there may have been a dimensional crack between dimensions that lead us to this Earth from one we know. A portal must have open when you were descending down to Earth while Soundwave must have been brought here by the overlap of the two Space Bridges. For me, a portal must have drag me in and transport me here. The probability of this happening is 0.6743789% by normal circumstances."

"So you're suggesting that there was source behind this?"

"Indeed. I lack the current information on the source, but it is probability that this secondary force being responsible is 99.3256211%."

"I see. Do have an explanation how we turned into young humans?"

"Unfortunately, I do not have a concrete answer for that my liege. For what I can surmise, the secondary source must have created alternate forms for us in order to fit in among the populace. Still this is only hypothesis from the current information I manage to require so far."

"Hmm, Soundwave...", the silent Con faced his leader, "Have Laserbeak survey the area and find us a place of operations. Since we're stranded here, we shall focus our efforts on discovering the one responsible and learn what we can about this version of Earth."

Soundwave nodded and turned to Laserbeak who also nodded before spanning out its wings and flew off. Leaving the three to discussed their next plan of action. As of right now, they needed a place to stay, food, and a few other things. Knockout provided a report on human biology and what they do to take care of it. Also, they needed money to survive and that means they have to work for it. And by that, they need to get jobs.

I always wanted to do a human Decepticon story, but I couldn't pick which one to choose. So I decided to go with my three favorite Cons; Megatron, Soundwave, and Shockwave. All three of them are from the Prime series. Each of one of them will have their own harem. This is the list so far. More will be added later.

Megatron(Tron): Rias, Kalawarner, Tiamat

Soundwave(Don): Akeno, Koneko, Kuroka

Shockwave(Stark): Sona, Tsubaki, Momo