Seeing as how it's my birthday today, here's a birthday fic. From Harvey's POV.


September 3rd.

My Birthday.

Meant to be a joyous day, but all I can think about is SCHOOL.

September 3rd means that SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK, and that no matter how many presents I get or how much time I spend enjoying them, all I know is that SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK.

And we are DEAD.

It's my birthday today, actually. Of course, I'll have a fun day with my friends and family, but tomorrow is such a DOWNER.


So I'll enjoy today, but in the back of my mind, school uniform shopping lurks.

As well as the Headmaster and the Prefects.

I hope we don't run into any Prefects tomorrow at the uniform shop.

Stupid uniform.

All I can be thankful for, is that we're not uniform shopping TODAY.

Because TODAY is MY BIRTHDAY, and I'm not letting anything to do with SCHOOL ruin my day.

School may be next week, but this week is FREEDOM.

Great, Mum's coming into my room.

Look, I know it's my birthday but I want to lie in a bit!

We can never lie in when there's SCHOOL.

Too risky.

Mum's talking, but I'm half-asleep so it doesn't register.

Only when she mentions the word 'today', does my interest peak.

As I stare at her, she repeats the sentence and my whole world collapses.

For my WONDERFUL mother has just told me that we are going uniform shopping… TODAY.

I can feel a scowl come onto my face, and I utter the one word that sums up this whole farce.