Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode III: Revenge of Ikari

Chapter 2 – When Shinji Met Asuka…
August 30, 2004 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

Kyoko and Asuka had arrived in Tokyo–3 barely 10 minutes ago. Because of the new VTOL Oscar had requisitioned for their trip, the ride in had been quite fantastic. Asuka had asked every ten minutes or so if they had arrived yet, which on an eight hour flight had gotten pretty annoying. However, when they had arrived, Asuka had been quieted by awe at the sight of the hole in the ground that was partially covered with a metal lattice, and below was what looked like a massive rolling field with a lake and a large, pyramid looking structure in the middle.

"Momma, what is that?" Asuka asked. "Why is there a huge hole in the ground?"

"Asuka, this is Tokyo–3, a new state of the art city being built over the Geofront." Kyoko replied as they flew over.

"What's a Geofront, momma? Why is it underground?" Asuka asked.

"It's a massive underground structure that can house people. Currently it holds Gehirn's headquarters." Kyoko responded. "We're having our meeting inside there." Kyoko said, pointing at the pyramid.

"Wow, momma, I really like it here! It looks so cool." Asuka said. "How long can we stay?"

"We leave tomorrow night, Asuka. I'm sorry we can't stay longer. Maybe we can come back soon for another visit together." Kyoko said happily.

The VTOL landed near the loop line station and funicular. As they exited the VTOL, Asuka almost fell down, but quickly recovered and caught up to her mother. There were two assistants there to carry the luggage and guide them down to the funicular. On the ride down, Asuka had her face pressed against the glass, taking in everything she could. She intently looked at the detail she could make out on the Geofront floor. When the funicular arrived at the station at the Geofront floor, the four occupants disembarked and were led to the entrance to the Geofront Pyramid.

As Asuka and Kyoko approached, they saw several figures come through the door. One was a tall man with a stern face and glasses, the second was an old man with graying hair and white lab coat the female of the group was shorter than both men, shoulder length brown hair, and slender figure in a lab coat and she was holding hands with the final member of the group, a young boy with brown hair, cobalt eyes, and a very wide smile.

The group approached Asuka and Kyoko as the female of the group called out to them. "Kyoko! How are you?!" Yui shouted, moving a little faster with the boy in tow.

"I'm fine, Yui, how have you been?" Kyoko responded quickening her own pace to see her friend.

As the two groups approached each other, Asuka's shoelace came loose, and tripped her up. She fell down hard, and skinned her knee. "Owww!" Asuka yelled as she felt her knee and saw the blood.

Kyoko turned to see Asuka on the ground. "Asuka, are you ok?" Kyoko asked.

"No, I'm not!" Asuka wailed. "My knee hurts and I'm bleeding." Asuka shouted as she started to cry, clutching her tiny knee.

The young boy broke free of his mother's grip and ran forward. He pulled something from his pocket and opened it. It was a large Band–Aid. The boy applied it to Asuka's knee, and then kissed the freshly applied Band–Aid. When he did this, Asuka's crying stopped, and she looked at him in a puzzled fashion. "What did you do that for?" Asuka asked.

"To make it stop hurting." The boy said, as he reached out his tiny hand. "Do you need some help up?" He asked.

"Yes, please." Asuka sniveled as the boy helped her up to her feet. "Thank you." Asuka said as she smiled at the boy.

"You're welcome." The boy said happily.

"So, what's your name?" Asuka asked him.

"I'm Shinji Ikari. What's your name?" Shinji replied.

"I'm Asuka Langley Soryu, it's a pleasure to meet you Shinji Ikari." Asuka said happily as she hugged him. "That was a thank you for helping my knee feel better."

"I just wanted to help. I don't like to see other people being sad. It makes me sad." Shinji said, blushing slightly. "I like helping others, Soryu–san."

"Well, that makes you a nice person, Shinji Ikari." Asuka said kindly as she grabbed his hand. "Come on, you can help me some more by walking around with me." Asuka said as she pulled Shinji with her towards the adults.

The adults saw the scene as it unfolded and were stunned. Yui however was beside herself. "Oh my God! They are so cute!" Yui squealed. "Oh, I wish I had a camera to capture all this cuteness!"

"Ok, Yui, you need to relax. Shinji's not giving her a ring quite yet." Kyoko said. "Mien Gott, do you want her to move in with you so they can be together all the time and get to know each other better?"

"Oh, can we? That would be wonderful." Yui responded, completely missing Kyoko's sarcasm. Yui then saw Asuka take Shinji's hand in hers. "Oh, that's adorable!"

"Yui, you need to relax, with all this excitement, and you're liable to piss yourself." Kyoko said.

Yui didn't hear what Kyoko had said at all, she was too lost in the fantasy of Shinji and Asuka being a couple. "I know isn't it great?!"

"Clearly you can't hear me over the wedding bells." Kyoko said, and then she noticed that Yui was completely lost in her own world. Kyoko shook her. "Yui? Earth to Yui?"

Gendo and Fuyutsuki were silent on the matter however, and just looked on as the children walked over as Yui gushed over the whole scene. Yui however noticed that there was a sharp prick on her shoulder, and grabbed Kyoko's hand. "Oh my god! When did Oscar propose?"

"Wha…? How did you know?" Kyoko stuttered.

Yui threw her arms around Kyoko and squeezed the shit out of her. "I felt the ring on my shoulder when you grabbed me. You really should wear the stone facing away from your palm, not towards it."

Kyoko was having a little trouble breathing from the bear hug she was receiving from Yui. "Yui, he asked me the other day, I said yes. It's as simple as that, it's no big deal."

"Bullshit, it is a big deal…" Yui stated.

Kyoko strained to speak. "Yui, can we talk about this later, you're crushing me."

Yui was beyond excited. "Sure, but you have to tell me everything!"

The children walked over, hand in hand. "Hi momma! This nice boy helped me!" Asuka said. "His name is Shinji."

"We saw Asuka." Kyoko said, pulling out of Yui's embrace. "It's nice to meet you Shinji. I'm your mother's friend, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu. Thank you for helping my little Asuka."

"You're welcome Soryu–sama." Shinji said. "I like helping others when I can."

"Oh, Yui, he's so polite." Kyoko said to Yui then turned to Asuka. "Asuka, this nice woman here is my friend from college, Yui Ikari, and this man is her husband, Gendo Ikari, the Director of Gehirn. You already met their son, Shinji. This other man is my old mentor, Professor Fuyutsuki, the Deputy Director of Gehirn."

Asuka curtsied. "It's nice to meet you all."

Gendo and Fuyutsuki simply bowed a bit in greeting, staying silent. Yui however, was more than vocal enough for the three of them.

"It's nice to meet you too Asuka." Yui said as she stooped down and hugged her. "Oh, you're so cute!"

Kyoko shook Yui slightly. "Hey, Yui, relax on the grip, you're going to suffocate her." Kyoko said. "Yui, we have a meeting to get to, you have to let her go."

"I know, I'm just so happy!" Yui said enthusiastically.

"Alright, sparky, we don't want to be late do we?" Kyoko said sternly, she turned to Gendo and Fuyutsuki. "Where are we having our meeting?"

"In my conference room." Gendo said. "Dr. Akagi will be meeting us there." Gendo turned to the two men carrying the bags. "You two, please take their bags to the guest quarters we've prepared for them on Level B–2."

The two men nodded their heads and entered the pyramid.

"We'll show you where you'll be staying later." Fuyutsuki said. "And we've found a room for the children to play in while we're indisposed."

"Alright then, let's get going." Kyoko said. "Well, lead the way Yui, come along Asuka."

"Sure thing, Kyoko." Yui said as she reached out one of her hands. "Shinji, come on, let's go." Asuka however moved forward at her mother's words and grabbed Shinji's hand again. Shinji had a worried look on his face, and looked between his mother and Asuka several times, torn as to what he should do. "Shinji, it's ok, I don't mind you holding hands with your new friend, just stay close." Yui said, as she squeed internally.

"Ok, mommy, thank you." Shinji said meekly.

The group now walked into the base and took an elevator to get on the Director's level. They walked for a while until they came to a nondescript set of doors, with no indication on the plaque next to the door as for what was inside. Fuyutsuki opened the door to reveal a TV, a small table, and some games and toys in the room.

Fuyutsuki turned to Kyoko. "We outfitted the room the best we could, it was meant to be a lounge area, so we just brought in a few toys for these two to play with. We would have brought them to the daycare center, but a recent flu outbreak has the entire thing quarantined for safety."

"Geez, that sounds awful. How did little Shinji here avoid it?" Kyoko asked.

"I had him pulled out of the daycare because of the instructor's incompetence. So he was spared from the plague that was brought upon them." Gendo said.

"Gendo, stop being so dark and broody, ok?" Yui said admonishingly to him.

"I'm sorry, Yui." Gendo said quietly. "You know how much I dislike that woman."

"I know, you've mentioned it before." Yui said snidely. "More than once actually…"

Kyoko had never seen Yui like this before. She was always so nice to everyone, especially her husband. But now, Yui was being a bit mean to Gendo, but still keeping up a mostly happy pretense. 'I've got to talk to her, she hasn't mentioned anything about this.' Kyoko thought. 'I wonder what he did…'

Shinji and Asuka both looked into the room happily, still holding hands. "Wow, this looks fun, come on Shinji!"

"Alright, Soryu–san." Shinji said as he winced. Asuka had tugged very hard on his arm as she ran into the room. "Soryu–san, don't pull so hard!"

"You'll be fine, you're a boy aren't you?" Asuka said. "Come on, let's play one of those games!"

Fuyutsuki closed the door, and chuckled. "Well, I think if the meeting runs long, we won't need to worry about them."

"I agree sensei, they seem quite happy." Yui said.

"Yeah, Asuka doesn't make friends that easily, it's nice to see her make a new friend so quickly." Kyoko said. "So is there a ladies room here somewhere?" Kyoko asked.

"Yeah, I'll show you where it is." Yui said. "We'll meet up with you in a few minutes."

As the two women walked away from the group, Kyoko started talking. "Ok, Yui, spill. What's up, you seem a little tense today."

"Do you even need to use the bathroom, or was this just a ruse to get me to show you there?" Yui said, arriving at the bathroom.

"You catch on quick, but we still needed somewhere to chat." Kyoko replied. "And you're way out of sorts, I've never actually seen you this angry. Actually, I don't think I've ever even seen you angry." Kyoko said, pushing Yui inside the bathroom and locking the door.

Yui stopped cold. "Look, Kyoko, I'm ok. I had an argument with Gendo a week or so ago, it was about some stuff he did. That's all."

"It must have been some sort of atrocity for you to not find a silver lining in what he did." Kyoko mused.

"You have no idea, Kyoko." Yui said. "Do you really want to know?"

"I think I can handle it, Yui." Kyoko said.

Yui explained the situation, and recounted everything Gendo had told her. Kyoko was shocked, but not entirely so. Gendo had always found a way to justify his actions, and make the reasons plausible enough to understand. When Yui finished explaining everything, Kyoko hugged. "Yui, I get why you're angry, but you said you understood his reasons, why still hold it against him?" Kyoko asked.

"Did you the catch the part about my brother? The part where he died because of all this?" Yui said. "Or the part about 2.2 billion people?"

"Yes, Yui, I heard you. This isn't the first time anything like this has happened with Gendo." Kyoko said. "He just has a different view of the world than we do. One I don't think anyone could ever hope to understand fully."

"Look, Kyoko, I know you guys dated, and you are in love him, but you don't know how much he's changed since college." Yui said gruffly.

"Did he ever tell you about his parents?" Kyoko asked.

"Just that they died in a car accident. He said he wasn't too broken up about it. Said they had always treated him badly. He was glad they were gone." Yui replied. "Why does it matter, Kyoko?"

"It matters because it matters, Yui." Kyoko said sternly. "Now what I'm about to tell you has to stay between us, got it?"

"Sure, Kyoko." Yui replied eagerly.

"What Gendo left out of that story is that he caused the accident." Kyoko said simply.

"WHAT?!" Yui shouted. "What the fuck are you talking about, Kyoko?!" Yui demanded.

"What I'm talking about is that Gendo had finally had enough of his parents treating him like shit. They treated their dead daughter to all the respect and admiration that should have gone to their living child. Gendo was made to feel guilty for her death. I think that's why he's trying to protect humanity, to put right what he thinks he did wrong. He still blames himself for her death, and he will never let it go." Kyoko said passionately.

"You're telling me he murdered his parents?" Yui asked. "Are you sure you're not high or anything, right?"

"I'm not high Yui. I asked him about it a long time ago, when he looked so depressed on the first of his birthdays we spent together. What he told me was that because they berated him constantly over everything, he learned to close himself off and hate the world, and then he saw how they treated the shrine for girl that never lived, he wasn't even allowed to look at the shrine, Yui! Who does that?"

"What specifically made him murder his parents, Kyoko?" Yui asked. "I get it, they treated him like scum, but that doesn't deserve what he did. Not by a long shot."

"No, it does. What caused it was an argument with his father about his sister." Kyoko explained. "Apparently, his father caught him looking at the shrine and took an umbrella and beat him with it for looking at and besmirching his sister's memory. Gendo yelled back as he was being hit that it wasn't his fault she was dead. His father told him that it was his fault, he stole her life away, and he didn't deserve to live, and that it was all his fault. He told Gendo that he should kill himself to restore the honor in the family and that it was only fair to sacrifice the stolen life his sister had given him. It was then he realized that he couldn't take it anymore. He was actually close to tears, Yui. I'd never seen him like that before, or since. It was awful."

Yui just stared in disbelief. 'I can't believe he went through this, no wonder he never wanted to talk about this stuff, it's sad and depressing. It must bring up awful memories for him.' Yui thought. 'I doesn't excuse what he did, but it still doesn't make sense why he'd want to protect the world.' Yui had a question however. "How did he do it? How did he kill them? I know it has something to do with a car, but what exactly."

"He said he took and a dirt from around the yard put it on a rag and rubbed it on the brake lines to damage them. He also poured a little acid into the brake fluid to make it eat the inner lining." Kyoko explained. "He knew his father drove fast, and enjoyed slamming the brakes, so when the pressure was too much, they lines would fail. He made it look like an accident to keep the suspicion away from himself. He said he felt happy no longer having to deal with their accusations. He wasn't proud of what he did, but relieved."

"Ok, Kyoko, as horrible as that is, I don't get why any of this has any bearing on what he did for Second Impact!" Yui said exasperatedly.

"It's important because he wants to protect the world from bullies like his father!" Kyoko shouted back. "He probably sees his father in that horrible man I'm going to be related to! Yui, even if he did something as bad as this, he still saved lives, and he's still planning on stopping SEELE! So can you stop holding it over his head? He just wanted to try and help, but I mean, if he said it was less deadly than expected, than we should be thankful for that. Plus, did you ever consider that the entire world has shit on him since he was a kid? And yet he still goes out of his way to try and save those that made his life hell. Yui, to be fair, that's more than what most people who go through what he in his broken childhood would ever even imagine doing."

"Why are you taking his side?" Yui whined. "You're my friend!"

"Because clearly, Yui, the one person I thought would understand if he told you something like this was you. But you hate him for trying to protect the world, you hate him for trying to stop them." Kyoko said angrily.

"What are you talking about?" Yui said. "I am on his side! I just hate him for killing my brother! He took the closest family member I had away from me! He killed him! Gendo killed him!"

"No, you're not, Yui." Kyoko said coldly. "You just using that as an excuse. Gendo didn't kill him, the Chinese nuke did. Gendo would never try to hurt you, you even said he tried to avoid involving Shinji at all, but if he was involved, he knew he could handle it, and he did. Whether you want to admit it or not, you're acting cold towards him because you're mad about something else you can't admit to yourself and overcompensating by being extra sugary around others. I noticed it when you were cooing over Shinji and Asuka. You don't want anything to do with him, but you let him back in the house anyway." Kyoko said. "But, what convinced you to let him back in the house? If you hate him so much, wouldn't it be better to not have him in the house?"

"Well… uh… Shinji did actually convinced me. He woke up one night while I was talking to myself." Yui said.

"You left that part out." Kyoko said. "How did the toddler convince you?"

"He used my own words against me." Yui said. "I told him once that love overcomes all. So, he told me that if I still love Gendo, and that love overcomes all, than I shouldn't be mad at him."

"Wow, he's as smart as Asuka." Kyoko said. "And he's right, but you have to forgive Gendo sometime. You two are perfect together. Don't let his mild to moderate instability ruin the love you two share."

"Fine, Kyoko, you win. I guess I should forgive him. If my best friend and son think I should, than it's the only logical choice." Yui replied curtly. "But as soon at that meeting is over, we're going to talk about you and Oscar, and I'm going to ask you a few things."

"Alright!" Kyoko exclaimed. "That sounds like a fair deal. Now let's get to that meeting before Dr. Bitchface gets aggravated and tries to have us fired again."

August 30, 2004 – Director's Conference Room, Gehirn HQ

"Where are they?!" Naoko demanded. "If they are not here in the next minute, I swear, I will be giving them administrative reprimands!"

"Relax, Dr. Akagi, I'm sure they are on their way." Fuyutsuki said soothingly. "We can't start the meeting without them anyway."

"They better be, Deputy Director, or there will be hell to pay." Naoko responded harshly.

"Enough! They had to use the bathroom, if you must know, so just wait quietly." Gendo said harshly. "We had to wait for you a few weeks ago because you were busy with the MAGI, so please stop being so hypocritical!" Gendo said loudly.

Naoko and Fuyutsuki were both stunned at Gendo's outburst, as were Yui and Kyoko who had arrived just as Gendo rebuked the good doctor. "Well, Gendo, thanks for that." Yui said kindly.

"Yui it wasn't…" Gendo started.

"Hey, dummkopf, take the compliment and zip it. We have a meeting to start." Kyoko said in a joking fashion.

Gendo cleared his throat "Erm… Well, we all know why we're here today. This meeting will go over all of the procedures for the contact experiments." Gendo said. "Now, Yui, you came up with the idea of how to do all of this, so, please take the lead."

Much to Naoko's chagrin, Yui began to speak. "Well, I guess we just need to be sure that these tests go off without a hitch. We don't want to repeat what happened to… what happened to Mari." Yui turned on the projector in the room which displayed Unit–01's upper torso and arms and the link system attachments to its installed Core. "So, we will be conducting the first test with my EVA. We will be utilizing the newest version of the Alcion plugsuit. The suit will be directly linked to this Soul Drive, which will then be linked to the Core." Yui switched the slides to one detailing the Soul Drive. "This will allow us to copy the soul and transfer that copy directly to the Core, leaving the original soul intact. Safe and foolproof, thanks to Dr. Akagi's coding abilities."

"So, Akagi, you sure you coded everything correctly?" Kyoko asked.

"Of course I did. People's safety is at stake. I double checked everything personally." Naoko said. "The code is derived from my MAGI System's Personality Transplant OS, and the coding for that is perfect."

"Oh, well, if it's perfect, then it must be safe for human use." Kyoko said sarcastically.

"Listen, you, just because you think you're smarter than me, doesn't make my work any less accurate or important you blonde bimbo!" Naoko sneered.

"Well, at least I'm not some stupid, uptight bitch." Kyoko shot back.

"Kyoko, Dr. Akagi, is it really appropriate to fight like this?" Fuyutsuki said. However the two women ignored him.

"Uptight, huh? At least I don't parade around like some stupid blonde slut!" Naoko shouted.

Kyoko laughed. "I'm the slut? I hear you have men ploughing through you because you can't seem to find one who can tolerate you for more than five minutes at a time!"

"Well, at least I didn't wait around for six years for some bum to marry me!" Naoko yelled.

"At least mine stayed." Kyoko shouted back.

"ENOUGH!" Gendo roared. "We are trying to make sure all of our plans for the tests in two weeks are finalized, and yet we have two adults arguing about nonsense! Now can you two get through the rest of this meeting or should I just adjourn it to save myself further aggravation!"

"No, I'll just leave, I have other projects to attend to, Director, namely the MAGI." Naoko said, standing up. "Good day, Director, Deputy Director."

"You have not been dismissed yet, Dr. Akagi." Gendo said, still seething. "I will adjourn this meeting, and I guess we'll just take our chances with the experiments. You may leave now, Dr. Akagi."

"Very well, Director." Naoko said as she stormed from the room.

"Well, I'm glad she's gone, now we can get down to business." Kyoko said happily.

"Kyoko, the meeting is over. Work with Yui to finalize any safety measures you see fit. The rest of the work is up to you." Gendo said getting out of the chair. "Fuyutsuki and I have some other work to attend to, if you'll excuse us."

"Gendo, can I talk to you for a moment?" Yui asked politely. Yui eyed the other two in the room. "Privately, if that's possible."

"Certainly, Yui." Gendo said. "Fuyutsuki, please wait for me in my office."

"Very well, Director, just remember you cannot be late to this meeting." Fuyutsuki said as he left through the doors connecting with Gendo's office.

"Kyoko, just wait outside please, I know you won't be able to find my lab from up here." Yui said gently.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Yui. But you're probably right, I would get lost." Kyoko joked s she headed for the other set of doors. "But it's not like this place is easy to navigate or anything. So it wouldn't be my fault."

Yui turned back to Gendo as Kyoko left the room. "I wanted to tell you something before we both got bogged down in work again." Yui said.

Gendo as always, expected the worst. "You've decided to divorce me after all?"

Yui stood there in stunned silence. "Gendo, I never said I wanted to divorce you!" Yui said incredulously. "What gave you that idea?"

"Ever since you let me come home, you've been very cold towards me." Gendo explained. "I assumed that it meant you were going to ask me to leave again, and this time, it would be permanently."

"Gendo, I don't want to divorce you." Yui said. "I wanted to say, I understand why you did what you did, and I can look past it, because, underneath it all, I still love you."

"Do you mean that, Yui?" Gendo asked. "Because I don't think I could bare having to deal with another moment of you being mad at me."

Rather than answer, Yui walked over to her husband placed her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. Gendo looked shocked for a moment and then reciprocated her kiss, once again feeling the warmth in his heart that occurred when he was with Yui. You unlocked their lips and whispered in his ear. "Does that answer your question, Gendo?"

'I feel dumb for even questioning her sincerity.' Gendo thought. 'I really don't deserve someone as forgiving and kind as her. She could have done much better…' Gendo kissed her gently on the forehead. "Yes, it does Yui, I'm sorry I questioned you."

"It's ok, Gendo, I promise I won't leave you. If we can get through this, we can get through anything." Yui said.

"I hope you're right about that, Yui."

August 30, 2004 – Lounge Area, Gehirn HQ

The adults arrived at a door and opened it. Shinji and Asuka both looked into the room happily, still holding hands. "Wow, this looks fun, come on Shinji!"

"Alright, Soryu–san." Shinji said as he winced. Asuka had tugged very hard on his arm as she ran into the room. "Soryu–san, don't pull so hard!"

"You'll be fine, you're a boy aren't you?" Asuka said. "Come on, let's play one of those games!"

They two children heard the door close as Asuka approached the TV and the video game consoles. "Wow there's so much to choose from!" Asuka exclaimed loudly. "They have everything!"

"I guess…" Shinji said. "I don't really play videogames very much."

"You don't play them at all?" Asuka asked. "What do you do with your time?"

"I listen to music, or read." Shinji said shyly. "I'm not very coordinated."

"I could teach you. It'll be fun!" Asuka said proudly. "I'm great at videogames, a little time with me, and you'll be good in no time."

"Ok, Soryu–san, just promise you won't get mad if I mess up." Shinji said.

Asuka laughed. "Why would I get mad? Yelling won't make you learn."

Shinji smiled. "Soryu–san, why don't you pick something we can play?"

Asuka looked up from her perusing of the game inventory. "Shinji, why do you keep calling me "Soryu–san" anyway? Why not just call me Asuka instead?"

"Because it's the polite thing to do. We don't know each other that well." Shinji said quietly. "It would be impolite to do that."

"Why don't you complain when I call you Shinji, Shinji?" Asuka asked.

"Well, I don't mind, I just want to be polite." Shinji said, blushing slightly.

"Don't be so silly, Shinji." Asuka said. "We're the same age, you don't have to be so formal, ya know."

"Ok… Asuka." Shinji said meekly.

"Good! Now let me find us something we can… Mein Gott! Is that really what I think it is?" Asuka picked up what she had been looking at. "What?! It really is Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles."

"What's that?" Shinji asked.

"These two games can be put together to play an entirely different game!" Asuka said excitedly. "And it's for two players, so we can both play!"

"Well, at least we can play it together." Shinji said happily.

"Alright, where is that Sega Genesis… Ah there it is!" Asuka said, as she rushed forward and tripped over an N64 controller.

"Asuka!" Shinji ran over, and in his haste, tripped over his own feet. He landed right on top of Asuka with a grunt. "Are you ok?" Shinji asked wearily as he got back to his feet.

"I'm ok. But my knee hurts again." Asuka said as she got up. "Are you? You landed pretty hard."

"Yeah, it happens a lot, I'm used to it." Shinji said. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall on you."

"You don't have to apologize, Shinji. It was an accident." Asuka said. She looked down at her knee again to see the Band–Aid had been pulled off, and the fresh scab had been disturbed, causing her to bleed again. "Oh no… not again."

Shinji produced another Band–Aid from his pocket, and applied it to her knee again, and he kissed it just like last time. "Is that better, Asuka?" Shinji asked.

Asuka blushed. "Yes, thank you Shinji." She said, as she struggled to her feet, something struck her. "Shinji, why do you carry a Band–Aids with you anyway?"

It was now Shinji's turn to blush. "Well, Asuka, I'm kinda clumsy, so I have them with me for when I get cuts and scrapes from my falls."

"Aww, it's cute you're so prepared." Asuka said. "Come on, let's play the game."

Asuka turned on the TV, and plugged in the Sega. She connected the game cartridges together and turned then turned the Sega on. Sonic appeared on the screen giving a thumbs up, surrounded by the title Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Asuka took the player one controller, jumped on the couch, and selected "New Game" from the menu. "Ok, Shinji, who do you want to play as?"

"I don't know, who are you going to play as?" Shinji said, grabbing the second controller and crawling up onto the couch next to Asuka. "Why don't you pick first, then I'll pick from who's left."

"I'm going to play as Knuckles, the red one of course!" Asuka proclaimed. "It's my favorite color, and I get to hit stuff!" Asuka seemed very excited, and there was a glint in her sapphire eye that burned like fire.

"Ok, if you're plying as the red one, I'll play as the blue one." Shinji said happily, selecting Sonic as his character.

Shinji and Asuka then started to play through the game and as time went on, Shinji began to play well with Asuka's encouragement. She didn't yell at him or anything, and simply kept encouraging him to do better. Shinji didn't do too well when he was stressed, but being around someone his own age who was nice was actually a good thing for him. Most kids were afraid of him because his father was in charge of Gehirn, so they mostly avoided him. Asuka on the other hand was glad to have a someone to spend time with, as in Germany, she was looked down on because she was of mixed decent, most kids wouldn't play with her, so it was nice to have be with someone who didn't real care or notice she how she looked. For both of them it was nice to have a made a friend. After nine hours of non–stop play, Asuka and Shinji completely beat the game. However, they didn't realize that so much time had passed and their parents had still not checked up on them.

Asuka and Shinji were still sitting on the couch next each other as they finished the game. Asuka tossed her controller gently towards the TV in celebration.

"Wow, Shinji, we completely beat the game! You did a good job too!" Asuka said, patting Shinji on the back.

"Thanks, Asuka, you really did most of the work though, and you told me what to do when I needed help." Shinji said quietly.

"I didn't do all the work, silly Shinji." Asuka said. "But, did you have fun?"

"Well… um… yeah I did." Shinji said, looking up at her.

"Then that's all that matters." Asuka said, poking his shoulder. "Besides, you did do your share. You don't play videogames, I wasn't expecting you to be really good, just to try your hardest. That's all that matters."

Shinji smiled. "Thanks Asuka."

"It's no problem Shinji." Asuka said as she looked over at the lone clock in the room. "Wow, it's so late, I wonder where our moms are?"

Shinji shrugged. "They probably just got busy is all. They have experiments in a few weeks, right?"

"You're probably right." Asuka said. "So, what should we do now?"

"I'm not sure." Shinji said. "Why don't we just sit here and talk."

"I'd like that, Shinji." Asuka said. "So what do you want to talk about?"

"I'm not sure." Asuka said shrugging her shoulders. "Can't we just sit here and enjoy each other's company?" She said as she leaned back against the couch.

"Sure, Asuka, I'd like that." Shinji said.

After a few minutes of silence, Asuka got bored and decided they should talk instead. "Shinji, what do you do for fun?" Asuka looked over at him. Shinji, had started to doze off, so Asuka decided to wake him up. "SHINJI, WAKE UP!"

Shinji jumped up so fast he fell off the couch onto the floor. "Huh?! Wha…?!" Shinji stammered as he picked himself up off the floor. His face was red, and he was breathing heavily. "Asuka, don't scare me like that."

"Sorry, Shinji, I thought you were asleep." Asuka reached out her hand to help him up. "I didn't mean to scare you, I just decided I wanted to talk."

"It's ok, Asuka, I know you didn't want me fall off the couch." Shinji said, as he got back on the couch. "But you could've just shaken me instead."

Asuka hugged Shinji. "I'm sorry Shinji, can you forgive me."

"I said it was ok, Asuka, but if it makes you feel better, I forgive you." Shinji said. "Now what did you want to talk to me about?"

"I can't remember now." Asuka said, shrugging. "But we already played some videogames, so why don't we do something you want to do."

"I'm still not sure what to do." Shinji said as he looked over at her. "But, thanks Asuka, for being so nice to me." Shinji said shyly, as he blushed. 'She's so nice to me even though my dad's the boss. It's nice to have someone to talk to.' Shinji thought.

"Shinji why do you keep thanking me for being nice?" Asuka asked.

"Well, uh, I guess I'm not used to it is all." Shinji said. "Most kids avoid me, or don't really talk to me." Shinji said. "That's why I read, no one can bother me. I'm actually glad my dad took me out of daycare, at least if I'm alone no one can ignore me."

"Why would you say that Shinji…" Asuka looked sadly at Shinji. "Do people really treat you like that, Shinji?"

"Yeah, but that's how it's always been. I'm used to it." Shinji said sadly.

"It's not right though!" Asuka protested. "They shouldn't treat you that way just because you're different." Asuka's eyes started to tear up. "It's just not fair!"

Shinji had a concerned look on his face. "Asuka, what wrong? Are you ok?"

"Wha…?" Asuka said as tears started to stream down her cheeks.

"Asuka, why are you crying, did I do something wrong?" Shinji said. He looked very worried about her. Was it something I said?

"I'm crying because what you said reminded me of home!" Asuka shouted. "Nobody wants to talk to me when I'm home because I'm different."

"Is it your hair?" Shinji asked innocently. "I know I've never seen anyone else with hair like that. It's very pretty, are they jealous of it?" He stammered.

Asuka's crying lessened as Shinji spoke. "That's the only thing you can see that's different?" Asuka asked.

"Well, yeah, that and you're a girl." Shinji replied matter–of–factly.

'I'm a quarter Japanese and three quarters German, and he only notices my hair…' Asuka thought. 'I guess not everyone treats people differently for not being like them…' Asuka dried her remaining tears and spoke. "Yeah, Shinji, they don't like me because of my hair." She said reassuringly.

"Well, that's mean. Just because you look different doesn't make you less of a person." Shinji said as he put his arm around Asuka. "I like your hair, Asuka. I looks nice."

Asuka chuckled and leaned against Shinji. "Thanks Shinji, you're a good friend."

"Wait, this… makes us friends?" Shinji asked nervously.

"Of course it does, silly Shinji." Asuka said. "I'll be the best friend you'll ever have!"

"I'd like that, Asuka." Shinji said.

"Of course you'd like that, I'm the greatest person you'll ever meet!" Asuka said proudly.

Shinji smiled. "Well, then, seeing as you're the greatest, Asuka, what should we do now." He asked.

"I guess we should just keep talking so we don't fall asleep." Asuka replied.

August 31, 2004 – Director's Level, Gehirn HQ

"Fuck, I can't believe we forgot about our kids, Yui!" Kyoko said as the two mothers ran towards the lounge room that had been occupying their children for over 14 hours.

"We were busy, Kyoko. It's not like we left them locked in a car, or forgot them at the store. They're probably still playing games!" Yui responded, trying to keep pace with Kyoko. "We don't want the contact experiments to go to hell, do you?"

"Of course not, Yui!" Kyoko shouted back. "But, still, we're horrible parents for leaving them alone so long!"

"Oh, relax, we're almost there now." Yui replied.

"Yeah, yeah. I really want to get ahold of the arschloch who designed this place, and beat him senseless for making it so hard to navigate." Kyoko muttered sadistically.

"I'd have to agree with you, there are much more efficient ways to lay out a building like this." Yui said as she stopped and looked around. "Kyoko, stop, we overshot the room a bit!"

"Scheisse!" Kyoko shouted.

The two women backtracked to the lounge room, which in their hurry had blown right by. The light was off inside, but the door was unlocked. "I can't hear anything." Kyoko said.

"Neither can I." Yui said as she opened the door quietly in case the children were asleep. Yui reached for the light switch, but Kyoko grabbed her hand.

"Yui, we don't want to startle them if they are sleeping, let's just check on them." Kyoko said. Yui simply needed in agreement.

The two mothers walked carefully over to the couch, which was still partially illuminated by the TV. On the couch they found what Yui would have described, and Kyoko would begrudgingly agree to be, the cutest sight. The two children were asleep, Shinji still had his left arm around Asuka. Asuka's head was resting comfortably on his shoulder, and Shinji's head was resting on top of hers. Both children had smiles on their faces, and they both looked so peaceful.

"Should we wake them up?" Kyoko whispered.

"I don't think we should, they just look so cute." Yui whispered back.

"You would say that, Yui." Kyoko replied softly.

"Well, you can't deny they look cute together, can you?" Yui asked in an excited whisper.

"Shut up, Yui." Kyoko said quietly. "I guess we'll leave them alone, and go get some sleep ourselves."

Yui smiled. "Ok, now let's get out of here without waking them up."

Kyoko nodded in agreement, and the two women snuck silently back out of the room and went to their respective lodgings.

Several hours later, as light came down onto the Geofront through the still open hole above them, Asuka stirred. 'What am I sleeping on?' She thought. Asuka opened her eyes, and realized that Shinji was still next to her, and that she had fallen asleep on his shoulder. 'This is nice, he's so comfy.' Asuka thought as she snuggled up against him.

Shinji stirred when he felt something move on his shoulder. He looked down and saw he was sleeping next to Asuka. His body tensed up a bit, and he started to blush. 'I barely know her, and we fell asleep next to each other, how weird.' Shinji thought. 'But, still, for some reason it feels nice to be next to her.'

The two stayed silent and oblivious to each other being awake until the door opened to reveal Yui and Kyoko. "Good morning kids!" Kyoko called. "Are you awake?!"

"Ten more minutes, momma, I'm comfortable." Asuka groaned.

"No, Asuka, you have to get up and take a shower." Kyoko said.

"The same goes for you, young man." Yui said.

"Please momma, just five more minutes?" Asuka asked.

Yui and Kyoko smiled at each other. "Asuka, you have to get up, and then we can go to breakfast with Shinji and Yui, ok?"

Asuka contemplated the offer for a moment, and then replied. "Ok, momma, I'll get up. But I get to sit next to him at breakfast!" Asuka said as she looked over at Shinji. "As long as Shinji doesn't mind…"

"I don't mind." Shinji said shyly, a slight rosy hue on his cheeks. "It sounds like fun…"

"Then it's settled, we'll all go to breakfast together after the kids shower!" Yui said excitedly. "It'll be a lot of fun!"

"Ok, dial the happiness back from '11' Spinal Tap." Kyoko said sarcastically.

"Alright, Kyoko, no need to be so sarcastic." Yui said.

"Yeah there is, Yui. It's because it's fun." Kyoko said. "See you guys in a little while."

"See you in a little while, Shinji!" Asuka called.

"Bye, Asuka." Shinji said. "Have a fun shower."

"Shinji, you can't say that to a girl!" Asuka shouted.

"Why not? Showers are fun." Shinji said innocently.

September 1, 2004 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

Kyoko had come to the room to see if Asuka had packed yet. What she saw however was a half–filled suitcase of clothes on the floor, and Asuka, sitting on the foot of her bed crying.

Kyoko sat down next to her. "Asuka, what the matter?" She asked, wrapping her arm around the shuttering girl's shoulder. "Why are you crying?"

"I don't… want to go… home!" Asuka wailed. "I like it here! I have a friend!"

Kyoko was a little worried about the statement Asuka made. 'Why would Asuka say that? She does have friends right? I guess I'm not always around to notice.' Kyoko thought. "Asuka, what do you mean?" Kyoko said. "You have friends at home, right?"

"No I don't!" Asuka shouted. "No one at home likes me! They don't talk to me because I look different! Shinji doesn't care about that stuff, he's my only friend! He only sees my hair is different and thinks it's pretty! I want to stay here!"

"Asuka, you can't think that way." Kyoko said. "Even when we go home, Shinji will still be your friend, whether you're in Japan or not. Now, we do have a plane to catch, Asuka, and we can't be late."

"But, momma, I don't want to! I want to stay here!" Asuka shouted. "I want to stay with Shinji!"

"Asuka, you can't stay here. You have to come home. I'll miss you if you stay here." Kyoko said as she hugged Asuka tightly. "Besides, you can talk to him on the phone whenever you want."

Asuka stopped crying and looked up at her mother, her lip still quivering. "Really, momma? You promise?" Asuka asked.

"Yes, Asuka, I promise." Kyoko said as Asuka nuzzled her. "Now, you need to get ready to go, so finish packing." Kyoko smiled as Asuka got off the bed and went over to her bag to pack. "Oh, and Asuka, make sure you clean your face. I don't think you want Shinji to know you were crying."

Asuka buried her head in the suitcase, and her face turned the same color as her hair.

A few hours later, Asuka, and Kyoko were being escorted to the VTOL by Yui and Shinji.

"Kyoko, sensei sends his apologizes, he and Gendo are tied up in a meeting. He sends his best, and wishes you luck with the experiment." Yui said. "And Gendo said to just be careful and not get hurt."

"Well, I knew Doc cared, but Gendo saying something nice? What did you do to him?" Kyoko asked.

"Well, I don't think I can say exactly, Kyoko, there are kids around…" Yui said blushing heavily.

"Yui, you dirty girl!" Kyoko said, shoving her friend playfully.

Meanwhile, next to the adults, two children were saying their goodbyes.

"Asuka, I'm going to miss you." Shinji said quietly looking down at the ground.

"I'm going to miss you too, Shinji." Asuka replied, looking just as depressed. "But we're going to talk on the phone, right?"

"Yeah, Asuka, just like our mom's do." Shinji said sullenly.

"Well then, I guess we don't have to be so sad then." Asuka said with a slight grin on her face. "So stop looking so sad."

"I guess." Shinji said, as he rubbed his foot on the ground. "Asuka, before you leave, can we hug again?" Shinji said as he blushed.

"Sure, Shinji, I'd like that." Asuka said as she wrapped her arms around Shinji and pulling him into a tight hug. "I'm glad we met, Shinji."

Shinji reciprocated the hug. "I'm glad we met too, Asuka. I can't wait to see you again."

Yui and Kyoko had stopped talking to see the children hugging.

"Make sure you bring her back with you the next time you come to Japan, Kyoko. The kids are clearly good friends." Yui said.

"I will, Yui." Kyoko said, hugging Yui tightly. "After the contact experiment, we'll come back for a visit, and the kids can play together again."

"I think Asuka would like that a lot. She was so upset to leave. But I promised her she could call Shinji whenever she wanted." Kyoko said.

"Smart idea, Kyoko. Hold on a sec…" Yui took a notebook and pen out of her pocket. She wrote down her phone number and wrote Shinji underneath it. Yui ripped the paper out of the notebook and knelt down next to Asuka. "Asuka, here, this is for you."

"What is it?" Asuka said looking puzzled and not breaking the hug with Shinji.

"It's Shinji's phone number, so you can call him when you feel lonely." Yui said kindly. "Just remember there is a time difference, so you have to ask your mom if it's ok to call."

"I promise, Frau Ikari." Asuka said taking the paper in her hand.

The VTOL was finishing its final prep for takeoff, the fuel lines were being disconnected, and the launch pad was being cleared.

Kyoko looked over at the awaiting aircraft. "Asuka, we have to go now." She said gently.

Asuka looked forlorn when she let go of Shinji. "Ok, momma." She replied. "I guess this is goodbye, Shinji."

"Bye, Asuka." Shinji said quietly. "Call me soon, ok?"

"It's a promise, silly Shinji." Asuka said playfully.

"Aren't they cute together, Yui?" Kyoko said.

"I know, right?" Yui replied as the two started to walk towards the waiting VTOL.

Shinji and Asuka were waiving to each other all the way until the plane's engines roared to life, when Asuka's smiling face and bright red hair disappeared from the window. A tear rolled down Yui's face as the VTOL started up, remembering that her brother would have loved to fly something like this. She saw Kyoko look at the window and smile as dust started to be kicked up.

'I knew she would see it my way eventually.' Yui thought as she smiled widely, holding Shinji's hand as the VTOL took off for Germany. 'I can't wait for these kids to get together and be happy…'

To Be Continued

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