Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode III: Revenge of Ikari

Chapter 3 – Contact Lost
September 14, 2004 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

"Wow, the kids were on the phone forever." Yui said.

"Yeah, I know, and they really didn't talk about anything." Kyoko replied. "I'm just glad they could talk before tomorrow."

"Why do you have to say that, Kyoko?" Yui said. "You make it sound as though something is going to happen."

"What, I can't have a gut feeling." Kyoko said. "And do they have to have the test the day after the anniversary of Mari's… uh, are we still calling it death, or did we decide on disappearance."

"Oh, who remembers, all I know is the day after your test, we're going to the Alcion Hangar, and doing some tests on that goddamn Core. We're going to get Mari home!"

"Yeah, but let's worry about the test first, huh? We don't want to end up like her do we?" Kyoko replied.

"I know, that's why I've double checked everything, and battened down the hatches on the terminal access for the experiment. I'm not going to let anything happen." Yui said proudly. "I just can't believe it's been six years since that all happened, can you?"

"Not really, it seems like yesterday sometimes when she's staying on that plane to the U.K., and that she was so happy to have told you how she felt… it just doesn't seem fair that she had to be taken away, ya know?" Kyoko said as she breathed deeply. "Just remember, to watch your back, Yui. I don't want to lose you too." Kyoko said in a concerned voice.

"The same goes for you too, Kyoko. We both have our kids to think about." Yui said.

"Hey, Yui, I'm not trying to worry you, my gut feeling could just be gas, but we should be prepared anyway." Kyoko said.

"I know, Kyoko, thanks for the pep talk." Yui said. "I'll talk to you in a few days."

"Bye, Yui. I'll let you know when Asuka and I are coming for our visit." Kyoko said as she hung up the phone.


All Yui heard now was a dial tone. She hung up the phone and sighed. Shinji, after getting off the phone had wandered off somewhere. He seemed to be in better spirits now that he had talked to Asuka. The children had decided on this phone call that they were best friends.

'I have to find Shinji so I can meet sensei out by the lake.' Yui thought as she looked around for Shinji and found him lying on his bed. "Shinji, are you ok?" Yui asked.

"Yes, mommy, I'm ok, I'm just tired is all." Shinji replied, his gaze still fixed on his ceiling.

"What are you thinking about, Shinji?" Yui asked.

"Just when Asuka is going to visit again. We decided what games we'll play when she comes by next time. Something called Pokémon Red and Green, I think is what she said." Shinji said happily. "She says we'll have a lot of fun playing it too."

"I'm sure you will Shinji. Now, can you get ready to come out with me on some errands?" Yui asked. "We're going to meet Uncle Kozo, ok?"

"Sure mommy, I'll get ready right now!" Shinji said enthusiastically.

September 14, 2004 – Lake Ashinoko

Fuyutsuki was looking for Yui. She had called him and asked to meet her by Lake Ashinoko to chat about something important. 'I wonder if it has to do with her contact experiment tomorrow…' Fuyutsuki thought.

He wandered around the lake's edge, and finally spotted Yui sitting on a bench near the shore with a young Shinji playing around at the water's edge. He walked over and sat down next to her. "Hello, Yui. How are you today?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"I'm fine, sensei. I know there has to be a way to bring Mai back, so today isn't a problem for me anymore." Yui said. "Well, to be honest, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow."

"That's to be expected, Yui. It's a very important experiment, and considering the last time something like this was tried, I can understand your apprehension." Fuyutsuki said.

"It's not just that, sensei. It's something Kyoko said when I talked to her before. She had a gut feeling about all this, and I know that it's just a superstition, but I think she might be right." Yui said nervously as she watched Shinji by the water's edge. "We know SEELE tampered with Mari's test, and we're pretty sure they know we know about them. I don't see anything stopping them from doing something to me, or to Kyoko to get us out of the way. To be fair, I only really trust you and Gendo with being near that experiment, because we don't know who's on SEELE's payroll."

"Yui, I think you're overthinking things." Fuyutsuki said. "You just need to relax."

"No, sensei, I'm not!" Yui said forcefully. "I know it may be hard to believe, but just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm automatically overreacting."

"Yui, I didn't mean that, I just meant that you need to relax, because I will be there tomorrow to make sure nothing happens." Fuyutsuki replied.

"Yes, but, I still won't feel comfortable with Dr. Akagi there." Yui said. "Something about her makes me not like her. And I don't dislike anyone usually."

"Yui, why wouldn't you trust her." Fuyutsuki asked.

"Because, if anything does happen at that test, it will be because of her, I know it." Yui said definitively.

"Yui do you have any facts to back this up? If you do I could tell Gendo and …" Fuyutsuki started.

"No, I don't. Call it a gut feeling." Yui said in a stern voice. "And, sensei, under no circumstances are you to tell Gendo anything about this conversation, or about what I intend to ask you."

"Yui, whatever do you mean." Fuyutsuki said.

"Eventually these monsters will need pilots, correct?" Yui said.

"Well, yes, that is the intention." Fuyutsuki said.

"Then if the test goes horribly wrong and I'm going to be absorbed into the Core, I'm not going to do anything to prevent it." Yui said. "If I'm inside that thing, than only one person can pilot the Evangelion, and that's Shinji."

"Yui, you can't prove he'd be the only one capable of piloting…" Fuyutsuki started.

"Yes, we can." Yui interrupted him again. "The only two theories me and Kyoko came up with are that either the person whose soul was duplicated can pilot, as they would be communicating with themselves. Or, the second option, which is more disturbing, is if a biological offspring is put into the Entry Plug and made to pilot. The soul's maternal instincts would allow a sync between man and machine, and allow someone to pilot."

Fuyutsuki was flabbergasted. "Do you really think Gendo would put Shinji in that monstrosity?" He asked.

"If that was the only option available to him, than yes." Yui replied.

"Yui, those can't be the only two options. There has to be more possibilities." Fuyutsuki asked desperately.

"Unfortunately, yes. The bond between mother and child is so strong, which makes it an unbreakable bond. I guess there could be an exception if the soul and the pilot share a connection akin to true love or some other kind of connection of that sort."

"Gendo could pilot?" Fuyutsuki asked, confused at what Yui was saying.

"No, I love him, but as much as I once did." Yui said sadly. "There is only one other person who could possibly pilot, but that's an impossibility." Yui's face turned very red and tears poured down her face.

"Yui…" Fuyutsuki said. "Who would that be?"

"Sensei, the only other person who I could think of to pilot, would be Mari." Yui said quietly. "She loved me, and told me so before she left, and to be honest, since she died, I think I've started to love her back. I don't know why, but it was just the look she had in her eyes when she told me. It was like she put all her soul into telling me how she felt, and all I fucking did was comb her hair!" Yui stated to break down and cry.

Fuyutsuki comforted her as best he could. "Yui, you can't blame yourself for that. Love is a complex subject no one will ever understand. But there is nothing wrong with her loving you, or you loving her back. Love is truly blind to everything."

Yui laughed. "And here I thought you'd be an old fuddy–duddy about that."

"Well, just because I'm old doesn't mean I can't accept when things are changing." Fuyutsuki said. "Since Second Impact, a lot of misconceptions about relationships and being gay have changed. People have become more accepting of it. I guess when the world is almost destroyed, it really makes people think about and reevaluate things. This time, I guess it was for the better."

Yui dried her tears. "Sensei, you have to promise me this, please." She said softly. "If something does happen to me, if I don't return from that test, I want you to look after Gendo and Shinji for me and to try and find a way to bring Mari home."

"But, Yui, is it really alright that we don't tell Ikari about this?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"If I told him, he would stop me from doing the test outright, and probably get himself killed by SEELE, you'd probably be killed too, and then I'd be forced to do the test by Dr. Akagi as his replacement." Yui said quietly. "I won't let that happen. My decision is for the future, sensei. If I'm absorbed, I intend to stay and help in any way I can."

"For the future?" Fuyutsuki asked, unsure of what she meant.

"I'll sacrifice myself if I must for the future of humanity, sensei, and for Shinji and all future children. I know Shinji will one day be given a heavy burden if tomorrow goes the way I think it will. I just hope he can make the right decision." Yui said.

"But, Yui…" Fuyutsuki said.

"Enough, sensei. It's my decision to make, and I'll be damned if SEELE will use Shinji to end the world for them if I can do anything about it." Yui said harshly.

"How do you know all this, Yui?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"I don't, sensei. Just call it a gut feeling." Yui said, smiling at him. "Now, remember your promise, you can't tell Gendo any of this… ever. Is that understood?"

"I understand Yui, I won't tell him, I promise." Fuyutsuki said. "And I'll find a way to bring Mari home."

Yui's response was interrupted however by a scream from the lakeside. Shinji had fallen into the water, and was struggling on the surface. "HELP ME!" He screamed, trying not breath in any water.

Yui ran as fast as she could to her struggling child, and Fuyutsuki was right behind her. She threw her bag down and dove in to the water towards Shinji. The lake's current had dragged him way from the shore, but Yui got to him quickly, before he drowned.

When Yui got to him, she held him closely. "Are you ok, Shinji?"

Shinji was shuttering in her arms and Yui kicked her legs hard to stay above water. "No, mommy I'm scared. Please get me out of the water." Shinji said.

Yui obliged by kicking herself to shore, and she eventually reached shallow enough water to walk out of the water. "Shinji what happened? How did you fall in?" She asked.

"I was playing on the side over there, and I reached to touch a fish in the water, and I fell in." Shinji said in scared voice. "Can we get away from the water now please, I'm afraid."

"Sure sweetheart, I'll bring you home to change out of those clothes, ok?" Yui said sweetly. She then turned to Fuyutsuki. "I have to get him home before he catch's cold. I'll see you tomorrow at the test. Don't forget what I said."

"I won't, Yui." Fuyutsuki replied. "See you tomorrow."

"Shinji, can you walk? You're a little heavy for mommy to carry all the way home." Yui said to the boy as she walked away from Fuyutsuki.

"Sure, mommy, but can I hold your hand on the way home?" Shinji said.

"Sure sweetheart, you can hold my hand on the way home." Yui said as she set him down gently and then grabbed his little, waiting hand.

After a while of walking in silence, something started to bug Yui. So as they neared the entrance to the funicular train, Yui stopped and knelt down beside Shinji and took his hands into hers. She was still really worried about the test tomorrow, and even though she had accepted what may come, she still wanted to be sure of something. "Shinji, I need to tell you something, and I need you to promise to never, ever forget it, ok?" Yui said gently.

"Sure, mommy, you can tell me anything. I promise I won't forget about it." Shinji replied.

"Pinkie swear?" Yui asked.

"Yes, mommy, I'll pinkie swear." Shinji said, sticking out his little finger.

"Ok Shinji." Yui said, as her pinkie wrapped around his. She took a deep breath and continued. "Promise me, that whatever happens to you, and no matter how bad things may seem, that you will always protect the happiness of the people in this world."

Shinji stared at her for a moment. "Mommy that seems like an awful big job for one person." He said.

"I know sweetheart, but if anyone can do it, you can." Yui replied.

"Can Asuka help?" Shinji asked cutely.

"Sure, sweetie, Asuka can help if it makes you feel better." Yui said, smiling widely at the prospect of a daughter in law in the making.

"Ok, mommy, I promise me and Asuka will make sure the world stays happy." Shinji replied happily.

September 15, 2004 – Gehirn HQ, Geofront–01, Tokyo–3

Yui was dressed in her plugsuit and standing near the Link Tube near Unit–01. The plugsuit was a brilliant lilac color, with silver highlights. Yui looked up into the control room to see Shinji with his face pressed against the glass waving happily. Yui returned the wave, and began to double check the hardwire connections to the Core and the Link Tube. Everything seemed to check out, so the only vulnerable piece was the software portion up in the control booth which she had checked not more than an hour ago. Yui breathed deeply to try and relax, but her anxiousness about the test was beginning to take hold. She looked up into the control room again to see Fuyutsuki and Naoko enter.

Up in the control room, Naoko was having a fit. "Why is there a child here? The daycare is on the other side of the facility." Naoko said loudly.

Fuyutsuki tried to quell her anger. "That is the Director's and Dr. Ikari's son, he is here under the authority of the Director and myself. If that is not good enough for you, then I suggest you call the Director yourself."

"That will not be necessary, Fuyutsuki." Gendo said as he entered the room. "Yui brought him here to witness the future of humanity, Dr. Akagi, please respect that."

"Understood, Director." Naoko said, quietly taking her place at the control console.

Gendo picked up a phone receiver wired down to the test area. "Yui, are you ready to begin the experiment?" He asked.

"Just about, Gendo. I'm running the final checks now. Give me ten minutes for the final preparations." Yui replied.

"Understood." Gendo said, hanging the phone back up. He turned to Naoko. "Begin the computer start up, and prepare so it's ready to begin when she is."

"Yes, Director, right away." Naoko said quickly getting to her task.

"Fuyutsuki, you seem nervous, is something wrong?" Gendo asked him.

"Not at all Ikari, just anxious to see this test over with, and Yui safely away from that beast." Fuyutsuki replied.

"I understand perfectly, I'm worried something will happen, but I know Yui has taken every precaution." Gendo said calmly as he placed a hand on Shinji's shoulder. "Son, in a few minutes, you will see your mother make history, and the future of the human race secured."

Naoko, while she was booting up the computer, inserted a small memory drive into the control console. It held a program to override the safety's if the keyboard command to start the soul transfer was pressed, and after the fact the code would disappear, and no cause for the accident would be found, it was the perfect crime. Naoko was able to do this unnoticed while Gendo and Fuyutsuki were chatting. 'Good, in a few minutes, the fun will begin, and then I can try to get that man's man Gendo all to myself.' Naoko thought. She initialized the new program and got the console ready for the test. The die was now cast.

The phone in the control room rang. Gendo picked it up. "Yes, Yui?"

"I'm ready to get into the Link Tube. I'm going to switch on my mic once I'm inside. Once I close the hatch, begin data recording and have Dr. Akagi fill it with LCL." Yui said as she stretched, preparing herself to be cramped inside the Link Tube.

"Understood, Yui. And good luck." Gendo said proudly. "Would you like to speak to Fuyutsuki or Shinji?"

"Sure, put the sensei on first, then Shinji." Yui replied.

Gendo handed the phone over to Fuyutsuki. "Hi, Yui. We have everything under control here, so just be careful and good luck." Fuyutsuki said.

"Thank you, sensei. I'm glad you could take time out of your day to come watch." Yui replied happily. "Can you hand the phone to Shinji please?"

"Sure, Yui." Fuyutsuki said as he reached down to hand the phone to Shinji. "Shinji, your mother wants to say hi."

Shinji eagerly took the phone and spoke. "Good luck mommy!" He said exuberantly.

"Thank you sweetie, I appreciate it." Yui said. "Now don't worry, I'll only be inside the Link Tube for a little while, so just wait for me, ok?"

"Ok, mommy." Shinji said sweetly. "I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart. Can you please hand the phone to your father?" Yui said politely.

Shinji obliged the request, and Gendo took the phone again. "Yui?" He asked.

"I'm going in." Yui said.

"Understood." Gendo replied. "Begin data recordings, all data points."

Yui clambered into the Link Tube and began her transmission. "For the record, this is Yui Ikari, inside of a sealed Mark III Link Tube, about to commence the Contact and Transfer Experiment for Evangelion Unit–01. Begin LCL flooding."

"Flooding the Link Tube, standby." Naoko said. "Flooding complete. Director?"

"Begin sequencing. Initialize connections." Gendo replied.

"Beginning start up sequence. EVE System is online and linked to control console. Activating EM Stabilization Equipment… plating is at 5% output… A.T. Field detectors… online… A.T. Field Modulators… online… Soul Duplication Unit… online… linking to EVE… completed." Naoko reported. "Biometric sensors… online… life signs are nominal… brain pattern is normal… Power line input is set to direct current, 25,000 Volts, 100 Amps… batteries are disconnected… direct power feed is enabled… all readings are stable… board is green."

"Begin initialization." Gendo said.

Naoko began the sequence. "First stage initialization… active. Electrolyzing LCL… bringing the Link Tube online… connecting Link Tube Systems to EVE System… 12%… 37%… 53%… 79%… 96%… 100%… EVE and Link Tube connection established… now linking Soul Duplication Unit to Link Tube… 34%… 69%… 82%… 100%… Link Tube and SDU now linked… First stage complete."

"Excellent." Gendo said. "Yui how are you doing?"

"I'm doing ok. It's a little weird to breathe through all this LCL though. And when the Link tube turns on, it's such a wonderful light show! Other than that, everything is looking good down here." Yui replied.

"Understood, Yui. We're going to begin stage two now." Gendo said.

"Roger, Gendo. Begin stage two." Yui replied.

Naoko complied with the order. "Beginning second stage initialization… linking SDU with the Core… processing… 8%… 22%… 54%… 86%… 100%… link established… establishing throughput connection from EVE System to the Core… diagnostic programs are online… no anomalies detected… connection at 82%… 89%… 94%… 99%… 100%… throughput connection established… links are all stable, and ready for stage three."

"Good to hear, Dr. Akagi." Gendo said happily. He turned his attention back to his wife. "Yui, any changes on your side? Anything out of the ordinary?"

"Everything's fine Gendo, no anomalies detected." Yui joked. "I can confirm all the readings from the control room, we can begin any time now."

"Are you sur, Yui?" Gendo asked.

"Yes Gendo, I'm sure. Begin soul duplication and transfer process on my mark." Yui said.

"Understood, Yui." Gendo replied, nodding to Naoko, who was ready for the transfer.

"Mark." Yui said loudly, and Naoko activated the copy sequence.

Naoko was monitoring her screen and continued to read out the pertinent data. "Link stabilization at 99% and holding… copy rate is at 25 GB/s… process is estimated to be 2% complete." Naoko reported. "Readings are stable… no change in the subject… hold on, there is a fluctuation in the A.T. Field strength of the subject and in the Core! The Core is trying to overpower the subject! SDU has been forcibly shut down by the Core, and its linking directly with the Link Tube!"

"Increase the EM stabilizers and ATF Modulators to compensate!" Gendo and Fuyutsuki shouted in unison.

"EM Stabilization now at 40%… ATF Modulators focused on lowering the Core's A.T. Field to acceptable levels… no response!" Naoko shouted.


All Yui could hear in thee Link Tube however was static. "Gendo, what's going on, I'm feeling funny…" Yui said in a panicked voice. "Gendo? Can you hear me? Gendo?!" Yui started to sound increasingly frantic. "GENDO, HELP ME, PLEASE!" She screamed. "I was expecting this, but now that's it come, I don't want to go through with it, please someone help me!" Yui cried out.

"EM Stabilization and ATF Modulators increased to 250% output to compensate… no response… the subject's AT. Field is nearing the critical limit… it's past the point of no return! We can't save her…" Naoko said, doing her best to sound surprised. "Cutting the power to the Link Tube…" The large power cord attached to the Link Tube fired a retro rocket to eject, and fell loudly to the floor of the test chamber. "No effect… the Core is supplying enough power to complete the task!"

"Attempt emergency deactivation sequence Omega–055." Fuyutsuki said. "Now!"

"Initiating forced emergency ejection… command failed… it was rejected by the Link Tube…" Naoko said, a note of surprise in her voice.

Gendo cried out, banging his fists against the glass of the control room. "YUI!"

Inside the Link Tube, Yui had begun to calm down as she accepted her fate. She could feel herself begin to degrade into nothingness as her A.T. Field collapsed. "I should have thought this through better…" Yui said, seeing a code flash up on her HUD labeled "Omega–055" and a countdown clock. Yui looked at it and moved her fading hand towards the controls. "I'm too far gone to be saved, Gendo, Fuyutsuki, I'm sorry, but I can't stop what's already been put motion." She keyed in a code to deny access to the Link Tube by the control room before her hand dissolved into the LCL. "Goodbye."

In the control room, Gendo was beside himself "OVERRIDE THAT LOCKOUT, NOW!" Gendo screamed.

"I can't, Director, we've been cut off." Naoko replied.

"DAMN IT ALL, I'LL DO IT MYSELF! OUT OF MY WAY AKAGI!" Gendo roared as he moved to the control console.

However, as he did so there was a brilliant flash of light and then silence. The displays in the control room began to display "SIGNAL LOST." The control room went dead quiet, and everyone had a look of horror on their faces. Gendo fell to his knees and held his face in his hands. Shinji kept looking out the window of the control room, wondering where his mother was.

"Where's mommy?" Shinji asked. When he got no response from anyone, he spoke louder "WHERE IS MY MOMMY!" He screamed.

"She's gone, Shinji, she's gone…." Gendo replied hollowly as he got up and left the control room.

September 16, 2004 – Gehirn Labs, Berlin, Germany

"This is worrying me, Oscar. Why are we in lockdown?" Kyoko asked in a frustrated tone. "We have a babysitter who's been watching Asuka for two days now, and I can't even find out if Yui is ok? What the fuck is with that?"

"Kyoko, I told you, the communication blackout and lockdown is so the results of our test are not skewed by the results of Yui's test in Japan. I'm sure she's fine, but the blackout is my father's order, and I intend to follow them." Oscar replied. "I have some work to finish, so I'll see you after your test. Now, just go get ready for your test, and the moment it's over, I'll bring you a phone to call Japan, ok?"

"Fine." Kyoko said in a huff as she went towards the locker rooms. "Some husband you are! Won't even bend the rules so I can call to see if my friend is ok!"

"We've only been married four days!" Oscar called back. "It's called a learning curve."

"Whatever!" Kyoko shouted back as she slammed the door to locker room with so much force, the sign that said "Frauen–Umkleideraum" fell off the door. Once inside Kyoko began to cry relentlessly. She realized what the order really meant. That Yui was gone, and the test had done it. Her gut feeling had been right.

"Gottverdammt scheißkerl! I knew this would happen!" Kyoko screamed as she punched a locker. "Those fuckers got to Yui, and they're going to get to me too, and I can't even try to stop it!" Kyoko was shaking with rage and fear. "Why, why did this have to happen to us? First, poor Mari gets absorbed by one of those Cores, and now Yui's gone too. She at least had Gendo and Fuyutsuki watching her back, and even they couldn't save her! I'm so fucked, I'm stuck here with my father in law and his evil cousin! My husband is such a naïve idiot, he doesn't even know his uncle is the supreme evil dickbag of the most evil organization on Earth, and that is father is in cahoots with them! Scheisse! Scheisse! SCHEISSE!" Kyoko screamed as she punched a few more lockers to calm herself down, leaving no less than seventeen of them heavily dented.

Still breathing heavily, Kyoko went into her locker to find her plugsuit. She stripped naked and showered quickly before getting not what she deemed was a fancy body condom. "Stupid ficken thing is so hard to put on, who designs this shit anyway?" Kyoko said as she struggled into it.

Once she got the plugsuit on, she activated its vacuum seal and the LS Pack sprung to life. Her plugsuit was colored burnt orange, with a royal blue highlight along the collar bone, and deep red highlights on her breasts that looked like pasties. There were also black lowlights on the underside of her arms and several black stripes wrapped around her thighs that accentuated her curves quite nicely. "Well, a perv may have designed it, but I still look damn good in it!" Kyoko said still checking out her figure. "But regardless of that fact, I'm not going to let myself become a pawn of SEELE. I'm going to fight and keep myself from being absorbed by that ficken thing in there!"

Kyoko breathed deeply and headed towards the test area. There she was met by the massive form of Unit–02, which was in a face down position and partially covered in armor plates. Several long cables ran from the Core of the Evangelion to the massive computer tower looking thing resting on the floor next to its right arm. Cables also ran from this thing to the Link Tube suspended in its cradle above on the back of Unit–02. Kyoko clambered up the ladder to the Link Tube and turned on her microphone.

"Hello? Can you hear me alright?" Kyoko said, her heart pounding in her chest. "I'm entering the Link Tube now."

"Loud and clear, my dear." Dr. Langley said. "We're recording all data points starting now. Ready when you are."

"Roger that control." Kyoko replied. "This is Dr. Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu inside of a Mark III Link Tube, commencing the Contact and Transfer Experiment for Evangelion Unit–02. Flood the tube with LCL."

"Flooding it now." The tech said. "Link Tube now full, now cycling LCL oxygenation life support system."

"Initiate the startup sequence control." Kyoko said.

"Beginning start up sequence now, Dr. Soryu. EVE–2 System is online and nominal, link to control console is stable… activating EM Stabilization Equipment… plating is at 15% output. A.T. Field detectors… online… A.T. Field Modulators… online and ready… Soul Duplication Unit is spooling… now online… linking to EVE–2… completed… Biometric sensors… online… life signs show elevated heart rate and blood pressure… but are otherwise nominal… brain pattern is within acceptable tolerances… power line input is set to direct current, 25,000 Volts, 100 Amps… batteries are disconnected… and direct power feed is enabled… emergency power cord separation is on hot standby… all readings are stable… no anomalies are being detected… board is green." The tech reported.

"If anything goes wrong in there, you have permission to do whatever is necessary without orders to stop this test, is that understood Helga?" Kyoko asked.

"Understood, Dr. Soryu." The tech replied.

"Good" Kyoko said. "Begin first stage initialization."

The tech followed her orders. "First stage initialization, active… Electrolyzing LCL… bringing the Link Tube online… Connecting Link Tube Systems to EVE–2 System… 7%… 18%… 22%… 37%… 59%… 77%… 98%… 100%… EVE–2 and Link Tube connection established… now linking Soul Duplication Unit to Link Tube… 22%… 34%… 58%… 76%… 90%… 100%… Link Tube and SDU now linked… first stage initialization complete."

Kyoko watched as the Link Tube came to life in a brilliant technicolor display. Her controls hummed to life and the HUD inside the Link Tube brought up everything the control room could see. Various readings showed in green, sowing everything was in good order. "All readings confirmed. Everything is set for stage one, initialize stage two." Kyoko said.

The tech once again complied with the order. "Beginning second stage initialization. Linking Soul Duplication Unit with the Core… link completion at 20%… 44%… 67%… 88%… 100%… SDU to Core link established… now establishing throughput connection from EVE–2 System to the Core… bringing diagnostic programs online… no anomalies detected in any linked systems… Connection is being established… now at 34%… 58%… 73%… 85%… 98%… 100%… throughput connection has been established… All connections are stable at 100% and ready for stage three initialization."

"How are you doing, Mrs. Langley?" Dr. Langley asked.

"For the sake of my career and for this test, please refer to me as Dr. Soryu, Director Langley." Kyoko snapped. "Everything's fine by the way, all systems are nominal, Link Tube reading math those of the control room. The board is still showing green, everything is a go for stage three."

"Understood, Dr. Soryu." Dr. Langley replied.

In the control room, Keel, who was standing beside him Dr. Langley chuckled softly. "I wouldn't piss her off if I were you cousin, she doesn't seem like someone to be trifled with." Keel whispered.

"Well, in a few minutes, that will not matter." Dr. Langley replied in a snide whisper, which made Keel chuckle again.

"Begin stage three, initialize soul duplication and standby stage four, duplicate soul transfer." Kyoko ordered.

"Understood, Dr. Soryu." The tech replied. "Subject to SDU Link strength at 100% and holding. Copy rate is being clocked at 20 GB/s, process has an estimated time of completion in 2 hours 51 minutes."

"Increase the copy rate to the maximum, 50 GB/s, the processors can handle that. I'd like to not be in here all day." Kyoko said sarcastically.

The tech activated all the SDU processors "Increasing copy rate to 50 GB/s, estimated time to completion now at 1 hour 8 minutes."

"Much better. Prepare download speed for 40 GB/s when soul duplication is complete." Kyoko said.

"Copy that, Dr. Soryu. Link stabilization still holding at 100%… Copy rate is well within normal fluctuation range of ±1.5 GB/s… all other readings are stable, except for your elevated heart rate Dr. Soryu." The tech said. "Wait, there's a spike in the A.T. Field coming from the Core! It's increased its strength over 9,000%! ATF Modulators to 250% to compensate… E.M. Stabilization also increased to 250% to compensate… no effect from either… cutting power generators to test room… initiating emergency ejection of the power cord!" The tech hit the button the console and the large power cord attached to the Link Tube fired its retro rockets to eject, and it slammed loudly into the wall and fell with a crackling thud onto the floor of the test chamber. "The power cutoff had no effect… the Core is somehow supplying enough power to continue functioning at such a high level."

The room fell silent as Dr. Langley and Keel eagerly awaited what was to happen next. All they cloud hear from the Link Tube was static.

The Core and the Evangelion began to glow, and ground began to shake. Inside the Link Tube, Koko was locked in the battle of her life.

"I won't go in there! I am not letting you take me! I have to be here for my daughter. Even if they force her to pilot this thing, I need to be here for my daughter."

Kyoko's own subconscious martialed in front of her as the control screens, HUD, and lighting inside the Link Tube continued to flicker and spasm. "You know you could be of much more use inside the Core than out there, your A.T. Field is even beginning to weaken. If they force your daughter to pilot this thing, and they will, you know that only she can synchronize with your soul, you may as well stay behind to guide and protect her as well. There won't be anything you can do for her out there."

"NO! My daughter needs her mother, I need my daughter. I refuse to be parted from her!" Kyoko screamed.

"Too bad, no matter what you do, a part of you will always be trapped here. The part of you that realizes that you are of better use in here than in that cold desolate world with the idiotic husband you have." Kyoko subconscious replied. "I'll be staying here, while you get to go out there again to face the world as a broken woman. All those dark feeling you've ever had will no longer be suppressed by me. It's time for us to go our separate ways."

"NOOOOOO!" Kyoko screamed.

Back in the control room, things were going haywire as the attempts to save Kyoko failed.

"Her A.T. Field is beginning to collapse! It's fluctuating rapidly! Her soul looks as though it's being split, and the brain wave analysis is showing two signals, not one! She's nearing the point of no return." The tech started frantically typing on the console in front of her. "Initiating emergency deactivation sequence Omega–055. Emergency subject ejection in progress! Clear the room, emergency medical teams stand by!" The tech shouted loudly, a hint of concern in her voice.

She slammed the larger red button and the large hatch of the Link Tube blew clear off, covering the ground with LCL. The seat inside the contraption was ejected and inflatable bags popped open to cushion its fall onto the floor. The emergency medical teams rushed into the test room to Kyoko's ejected seat. There they found her in a catatonic state, unresponsive to any external stimuli. She was now only a fraction of who she was before starting the test, and missing the part of her that truly cared for Asuka.

September 17, 2004 – Undisclosed Location

Twelve monoliths lit up in an instant.

"Good evening gentleman." 'SEELE 01' said.

"Is it a success?" 'SEELE 04' asked.

"Has it all been handled?" 'SEELE 03' clarified.

"Yes, the two major impediments have been handled. One is gone, and the other is a broken woman. Ikari has disappeared, we cannot find him, so he will no longer be a threat. As for the god professor, I doubt he will try anything now that his last two students have been eliminated." 'SEELE 01' replied.

"Excellent, now we can move onto the next stage of our plan." 'SEELE 05' said happily.

"Yes, we are now much closer to instrumentality, our plans will soon come to fruition!" 'SEELE 02' rejoiced.

"Yes, our plans can go on unhindered, and we can take the time to do everything right. We will not make any mistakes! With the Dead Sea Scrolls as our guide, we cannot be fooled or tricked. We are an unstoppable force with the power of God behind us. We can never be stopped! Now, we must ready ourselves, in order to everything properly, we will need time, and with everyone out of our way, we have plenty of time, which is something no one on Earth can say they have enough of." 'SEELE 01' said. "Now, prepare yourselves for the next several months, we will have no contact with each other as we have no need for it. Carry out your portions of the plans as we have discussed them and we can be ready to take over the world within a decade!" 'SEELE 01' was having trouble containing his happiness. "I guess we'll see each other again when the time comes."

And with that the monoliths blinked back into the darkness, awaiting the day their plans would come to fruition.

To Be Continued

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Ok, so the transfer process goes like this. You hit "Ctrl" + "C" and then "Ctrl" + "V" to copy the soul and then transfer it to the Core.

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